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Updated: Nov 21, 2018
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Frankfurt, Germany,
Nov 19, 2018,

Returns and more are as advertised by Nordhill Capital team.

I have opened an account here recently because their brokerage CHARTER PRIME is now regulated and before was a SV company. So far they have good returns and it matches their myFXbook.

The company seems to be very focused on Chinese clients but does answer emails relatively fast and trades almost everyday. Nothing to complain about and withdrawals are fast. Good company.
Theo K,
Marseille, France,
Mar 19, 2017,

I am investor in several managed account programs
This program is very consistent team
Steady returns, no big pop, no big loss
Happy investor.
Liam Brown,
Nsw, Australia,
Feb 28, 2017,

Satisfied client.

Gday FPA Readers--

Opened Managed Traders Account March 2016.

Most months have been profitable, about 2-3 losing months. Very reasonable.
Trades are mostly short term. Close fast, etc. Pleasing.

Emails/phone calls do reply reasonably fast.

Broker also has fast support that they use for the aggressive program that I am utilising at moment. They have two choices of brokers as well.

Good company, I feel like I can trust these people.
United Arab Emirates,
Dec 4, 2016,
Registered user

Not bad, getting better, very good support.

Hi all, Ive used Nordhill since March 2016 and its not been an easy ride for the last 6 months. With a slight up-tick in month 1 since April the performance has been sub-par. In retrospect the algorithm they employed in both HyperFX (my old product) then SharkFX was not able to cope with the USD/GBP/EUR volatility and appears to have caused the issue. Since Mid October I've been using their new managed service HawkFX and its been trading very well. In fact I'm almost back at parity with my original investment. While its never great to see less than optimal performance I'm not shy to see negative trade and negative months. It is reassuring in a day an age where Ponzi schemes in FX pop up all the time.
WA, Australia,
Oct 2, 2016,
Registered user

Poor over 6 months with 10.5% equity losses

Unfortunately I cannot recommend Nordhill Capital. I have had $6000 USD in two of their performance accounts, both of which under performed. I am now at a 10.5% draw down in equity and am likely withdrawing my funds now. I expect some draw down but I have had consistent losses over the last 6 months. I have screen shots of my account performance that I will try and add to show everyone the poor performance and prove I'm not making it up.

The sad thing is they have made about $500 profit from me as they take a 30% cut of all profit trades. No risk, only reward for the Nordhill traders.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Dec 21, 2015,

Hi guys, I met the representatives of Nordhillcapital at Dubai Menaforex on November 26th and I found very interesting their managed accounts, you can have a look at the website: nordhillcapital.com

It's very transparent, they provide myfxbook verified accounts, you can invest in 3 different systems and the client can choose what type of investment best fits for him/her: Low risk, Standard and Agressive, you can also diversity you risk, you can put a portion at Low risk, another portion at Standard and another portion at the Agressive mode, respecting the minimum amount required.

Also the client can choose which broker he/she want to put the money: SFX Markets, Hantec Markets and Swiss Quotes, but if you have a preferred broker, you can submit a request and they can check if it fits on their trading style.

What I liked the most is the fact that you choose your broker, send your funds and then, when your account is opened and ready to trade, you'll send your login credentials and sign the LPOA with Nordhill and they'll trade on your behalf, just like I used to do as a money manager, so your capital is always at your control, the only way to lose your capital is if the company trades badly, a part from that, your capital is always under your control, you'll request withdraw direct to your broker, not to Nordhill.

I've been to many forex events and this is the first time a managed company shows up for this type of event. If you think that other companies i.e Exential, UTmarkets, Smartforexfunds, Sterling (busted), MMA Forex (busted) that are targeting people in Dubai have ever been to a place like that, to me it's a light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps the first company I've heard about that looks serious enough.

The Head office is in Riga, Latvia and, they have representative offices in Singapore, Shanghai and Larnaca.

You can also check the FPA Perfomance here: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/managed_forex_performance/nordhill_capital_hybrid_fx/real

I'm in contact with the representatives that I met in person in Dubai, if I get further informations about this company, I'll post here.

Meanwhile, if anyone has further informations, please post it here. If I missed something or is incorrect, please let me know.

Take care everyone!!