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Updated: Aug 20, 2018
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CAUTION:  The FPA caught several forums accounts being used to spamvertise for Eclipse Finance and Top-Binary-Signals.  You can see those threads HERE and HERE.


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Saint Imier, Switzerland,
Nov 15, 2016,
Registered user

Account from 800k to ZERO, no reply to withdrawal requests, no communication!!

I invested 100k and the account went growing up to 800k.
As long as it was about investing, I had daily talk with both TBS and Eclipse. As soon as the investments were done, no more contact, nobody picks up the phone, no reply to the numerouse emails.
I made 2 withdrawal requests: 250k on October 9, 200k on October 16. No reply!
On November 3, i received a letter from the CEO (???) of Eclipse, telling me the account has been hacked (as it always is when people stard to have money and request for money) and my account was empty.
The monthly interests I have on a written agreement, is by far not the one i received. And instead of being charged on the credit card (as agreed) it was added to my account. Numerouse mails also about this interest issue, no more answer when I came to the specific point.
I have answered the mail from the CEO and invited all possible people to look at the threat I opened.
THey own me more than 500k (withdrawal request and interest), my account is empty, and no more contact is possible.
All the needed information here below:

John Banes,
San Francisco, USA,
Oct 25, 2016,

Eclipse-Finance & Top Binary Signals (TBS) are Internatonal Scammers & Thieves!

For all those people who do not wish to lose ALL your money, take heed!

Top Binary Signals & Eclipse-Finance are International fakes and Scammers! They will take all your money and you will never see a dime in return. They took 100K from me and I am now suing them and hoping they stay in business long enough so I can collect!!
Beware my friends, the fish stinks from the head down!!

Good luck,

John Banes
Melbourne, Australia,
May 8, 2016,

I have been MAS client of TBS since Dec 2015. I started with $15K. Roy Webber is my account manager. Before I invested, he said I will be able to withdraw funds within a month. I did not take any bonus. Later, in Jan, when my withdrawal was rejected by Eclipse stating turnover requirement not met, he said it will take another 45 days. Later to make up, he increased my trade size from $75 per trade to $200 and said it will take another 6 months to reach.

On 21st April, I received email from TBS CEO stating my account was "hacked" by cyber crime where my account was wiped off from $57K to $0 and they offered me to invest money where they will charge only 3% as MAS fee.

It's been close to 3 weeks and I have not heard back either from Eclipse or TBS. I have sent several emails, still no reply from them. Roy Webber has stopped responding to me.

I would consider this as 100% scam if I don't receive my money back. Stay away from Top Binary Signals and Eclipse Finance
, Norway,
May 6, 2016,

If the person reading this is considering an investment with this brood of VIPERS!!! Please make no such commitment - for you will surely regret it!

Be under no illusion people this is a most EVIL company of thieves and black hearted villains, and the fact that they come on here like the RABID RATS to defend their quagmire of bullshit and artifice gets me so mad.

They are a sorry excuse for human beings and deserve no place amongst the rest of us! Do me a favour, if you are TBS, when you meet with vengeance for all your evil deeds be sure to think of me and how well you deserve it!



You may have found yourself at their website top-binary.signals.com - where down in the bottom right corner a chat box will be trying to get your attention - if the products and services of their website appealed to you then you would chat with them there in that box.

There in that conversation you would begin to ask them about their products and services whereas amongst their answers they will ask you whether you have Skype and move you to an “Account Manager” on Skype. (THIS IS YOUR WORST ENEMY DISGUISED AS A FRIEND) That account manager will offer you a trial of their Skype trading sessions, a group Skype conversation where you will "see", not meet, but "see" approx 100 people and one trader who in this conversation will send you trading signals.

Most of those "people" are just dummy accounts, they're nobody - and to the somebodies(staff) in this session that is exactly what you are too, you're NOBODY to them.

This my friends, people who have been scammed, and people who will be scammed if they do not heed this !WARNING! - this is the SLAUGHTER HOUSE!!!

You are absolutely nothing to them! They don't care about you, your family, your children or the effects that their actions here will have on you, your job, your life and future! They know what they are going to do and snigger behind their masks, for they will feast upon your corpse, like the evil crows they are.

This is where you get SLAUGHTERED!!

Check it out,

Before the session begins the trader, who goes by many names of which some are “Lucy Larsen”, “Kyoden Hyoshi”, “Katrina Weisz”, "Felix De Vries" etc.. of course no one can be sure who sits on the other end of that name but you can be damn sure its not Lucy, Kyoden, Katrina or Felix. This trader for that session will post a well formulated message (little in the way of grammatical or language errors - something that wins your trust also) on how to use the signals that are sent and then she/he will post the message "Market Open!'

Then…..oh man...then....you will meet the most backstabbing, double crossing wretches you'll ever find!! They go by such names as "Nathan Smith", "Lovely Chambers", "Anchor Investments" and "Hiroshi Godson" (these names will no doubt be changed after reading this or perhaps they're changed periodically).

They are there to appear as clients, like yourself. They’re trading and winning and praising their other counterpart the trader for their superior skills. But these are all staff posing as clients. Its only you and a few others in these sessions that are actually clients!!

These BACKSTABBERS all share the same IP address as the other members of staff incl. your account manager. They wait for any opportunity to appear as a client - both supportive and critical, just as a real client would be - and especially for when you contact them so they may praise TBS/Eclipse and their service and show you pictures of their withdrawals and experiences of good service - confirming in you a sense of trust that this is all legitimate - but its all bullshit and lies and you're being managed!

While all this trading is going on and you're being convinced by the traders skill and the backstabbers lies, you're having an ongoing conversation with your account manager. You two speak about many things, he/she is so nice, attentive, professional, well formulated and so RESPONSIVE(take note of this for later, they're very responsive) but the account manager has one goal......to get you to invest in the Managed Account Service! That, my friend, is your DOOM.

The MAS is where you invest 15k (Micro), 25k (Standard), 50k (Pro) etc... where each level represents better, more favourable, account conditions and after having chosen one of them the traders Skype signals will then be traded for you on this MAS(TRAP) account.

Each weekend you can check your account and all the trades performed on it. All the trades are in harmony with the Skype sessions…every minute…every second….every strike price….it all checks out….and it is also in harmony with the actual market price….so it all appears legitimate...but if you have come to this point then you have already lost the money you invested that brought you there, all those profits are nothing more than numbers on a screen. Your money is gone.

But they're not done with you yet! Oh no they have to bleed you some more!

Because when you invested you accepted trading bonuses and all deposits need to be turned over 35x (and this is fine, other legitimate brokers have the same conditions) - but this is calculated to make you commit more to your account and of course to prolong the scam and delay your reaction. Because you cannot withdraw before the account reaches its turnover - and you quickly realise that your deposit of 15k or 25k had certain trade position sizes as part of its conditions, positions sizes such as: $75, $250 respectively - sizes that would take a whole year for you to reach the required trade volume on your new MAS(TRAP) Account.

But never fear your trusty account manager and the backstabbing wretches are there to tell you that if you invest more your trade size will increase and you'll get to your trade volume quicker. So you do just that, you invest more. You invest another 25k to bring you to the "Pro level" and there it says you will receive an iPhone or iPad and thats exactly what you get in the mail. It also says you'll receive a debit card in order to withdraw a small portion each month, and you get that also. Now you're thinking "Wow, wonderful" they must be honest. - But you are wrong and they are EVIL!

You wait for the turnover to be met......waiting....waiting...waiting......

You notice some people are removed from the conversation on occasion.....that is your future....that is your doom.....you will know what that means soon......you are on the conveyor belt of the SLAUGHTER house....

Soon enough your account is reaching the point where it will meet its trading volume and you may withdraw from the account. At this point your account manager is working very hard to have you commit to upgrading your account to a new level without withdrawing from it....he/she is very committed to “negotiate" on your behalf with TBS/Eclipse to get you the very best deal! But he/she IS TBS/Eclipse and all he/she wants is to prolong the scam and delay your reaction!!

You realise of course that this would mean new trading volume and new waiting period. So you say later….later....and that is what makes you become one of those people that were removed earlier.

You are removed from the conversation that you started in and you find yourself in a new conversation called a "VIP session" - but there is nothing VIP about it, nothing special about it or its service, it’s exactly the same! But it is different in this one particular, that this is the end for you.


This is a control room in order to manage your reaction because you are about to be MURDERED and they don't want your reaction to affect the new victims coming in to the former conversations!!

Suddenly the staff (who clearly know nothing about computers and hacking) claim the website has been hacked and that the accounts have been altered to trade huge trading sizes - my account traded $357000 in one trade - and your MAS account and everyone else here who is an !!!ACTUAL CLIENT!!! has been emptied!

You're DEAD!!

Then as if that was not enough this nest of rats and snakes try to bleed you further!! They offer you the best deal ever, 300% bonus and only 3% profit share - and all the backstabbing, double crossing client posing staff focus in on chatting with you about how their accounts have been emptied too and how the "bad hackers" did all this to them….but they are liars and nothing has happened to them..only you…but hey TBS is sooooo great and they decided they will take that deal reinvest and accept the new deal….but they are taking nothing and investing nothing….but they want that from you! Even after they’ve stolen everything….they’re still prepared to take more from you.

and your account manager........well he/she is far....far.....far away and very very quiet....not so responsive or attentive anymore......not as caring and friendly. They were never your friends…only enemies.…with no compassion or thought for how they have ruined your life and the lives of your children.

You've reached the end in this House of Horrors - you've been SLAUGHTERED.....and they laugh over your bleeding corpse!!

May they all meet with a slow and painful death and the furthest reaches of HELL to torture them eternal for their black hearted savagery!

You would be a fool to commit yourselves to their care!

You have been warned!
Christopher D-L,
Montreal, Canada,
May 6, 2016,

I've been a MAS client since July 2015. I'd been given false information about numerous critical investment information, such as the trade volume requirement before a withdrawal would be allowed. They convinced me to invest more (from $25,000 to $32,500). In exchange, a contract was signed with TBS, a brand operated by Mayfair Asset Management GmbH (Germany). Among its clauses, the contract set a fix trade size of $500 (per trade), a Stop Loss of $10,000 a limit date, May 15th, after which there would be no withdrawal limitations. And most importantly, my contract with them stipulated:

"TBS will insure your investment through Fund Protection and Insurance that in any event your balance will go below 150% of your initial investment due to losses or any unforeseen events your initial investment is fully protected."

On April 22nd, I and other people received a letter from their CEO, Otto Ebersbach, claiming TBS was victim of a cyber-attack: "These attackers gained unauthorized access to our IT system and have obtained access to our Managed Account Service (MAS) algorithms which they have manipulated in order to destroy our company’s reputation. Their malicious manipulations have caused your position sizes to greatly increase and our winning signals/trades were reversed into losing by them switching CALL action to PUT and opposite. This has caused great devastation to the account balances of their victims and on behalf of the entire Top Binary Signals team I beg for your forgiveness for this incident which has been something beyond our control."

When I then logged into my account, I realized that my balance of $230,128.45 had fallen down to $0.45. Furthermore, I realized that more than 20 trades ranging from $4000 to $34,000 had been made on my account, which breaches many clauses of my contract. Not only does that violates the set trade size of $500, but the Stop Loss of $10,000, that was supposed to be AUTOMATIC, hadn't been honored at all. After two losing trades of about $6000 each, no further trades should've been made. Instead, my MAS account continued trading during about 5 more working days, even when there was only $0.45 left in my account!

We victims have contacted TBS plenty of times, either by phone calls, messages on their live-chat support, emails to customer support and account managers, or messages to our account managers on Skype. We'd been told they were working on solving our issue, were having meetings, were working on a compensation plan with the Broker, Eclipse Finance, etc. It's been 2 weeks now, and we stopped hearing from them.

Until proved otherwise, say by a refund of AT LEAST my initial deposit and a small compensation for my time lost (almost a year investing with them), I will consider TBS is a SCAM and will recommend everyone NOT TO INVEST with them.

Thank you
Emilio T,
Florida, USA,
May 3, 2016,

100% SCAM ARTISTS. I used top-binary-signals.com(another Scam) and opened an account with Eclipse-finance for $5500 USD. My account manager was Tony Myers. He tried very aggressively to get me to sign up for managed account services which was a $15k min. I considered it as their managed results were impressive but their signals were impossible to achieve the same results. I should have known right there. I requested to withdraw my funds over two months ago. I still have yet to receive my money. I can never get anyone on the phone at Eclipse anymore. When I previously spoke to someone they stated that my account manager would get in touch with me and assist with my withdrawal. He has gone radio silent for a month now. I call, email, and Skype everyday. I call and leave messages with associates from Top-binary-signals.com everyday as well. Someone needs to get rid of these bastards!!!