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Updated: Mar 13, 2018
1.589 · 24 REVIEWS
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March 2017:  The Nova Scotia Securities Comission has issued a warning against Kaizen Group International Ltd. / kaizenglobal.com and its owner, Reza Mokhtarian. CLICK HERE to verify.
November 2016:  The Quebec AMF has issued a warning against Reza Mokhtarian's Kaizen Global Network. CLICK HERE to verify.
September 2016:  The Ontario Securities Commission has charged Reza Mokhtarian with criminal fraud. CLICK HERE to verify.  You may also CLICK HERE to read more about this at the FPA.

February 2016: Reza Mokhtarian's other company, Capital Trust Markets, has been labeled as a Scam due to 4 Traders Court guilty votes and threats placed by Reza Mohktarian.  The FPA considers any company linked to CTM to be a Scam.


WARNING:  The Mentor Tips website was created by the founder of CapitalTrustMarkets.  CLICK HERE to see some of what happened to clients of that company.

Reza Mohktarian threatened the FPA.  CLICK HERE to see what sort of abusive, illegal, and unethical threats he used to try to prevent negative information about his mishandling of Capital Trust Markets and lies he told to clients and to the FPA from being shown online.

The FPA strongly recommends AGAINST doing business with Reza Mokhtarian or with any business he is involved in.

Related websites include capitaltrustmarkets.comdirectforexsignal.com, skyventuregroup.com, kaizenglobal.com, mykaizenglobal.com, kaizenglobalnetwork.com, questmarkets.com and more.

MentorTips.com (Reza Mokhtarian)

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1.589 · 24 REVIEWS
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Wami nasher,
UK, United Kingdom,
Apr 11, 2017,

WARNING Kaizen Global his is SCAM MLM system. You will lose all you money with few months of trading.
Jan 19, 2017,
Registered user

Court appearance for Reza F**ing Mokhtarian in Toronto

Finally, the day has come when Reza F**ing Mokhtarian, thief CEO of Capital Trust Markets (what a company name, Jeeez!) has stood in front of a judge in Toronto, Canada charged by the Ontario Securities Commission. (Not a civil trial case!).

He was arrogantly and blatantly messaging in his YouTube video (https://youtu.be/PAzgwug2jKo) to his victims (watch from timestamp 15:00) that they were so stupid that they could not even steal from others... Adding (quoting): "Good for ME!" while driving to the bank with the stolen funds (as stated by this ba**rd).

Well, I hope that we - the SOCIETY - can show him that even though we might be "stupid" to steal from others, but we are powerful enough to give him some time to think about it in a prison cell for a couple of years.

Even if I don't see my stolen funds again, I hope the judge will be on the victims' side and give him the maximum sentence: 4 years and 364 days in a high security facility.

And yes, that will be REALLY-REALLY GOOD FOR HIM! (Especially when he will drop his soap in the shower...)
F, Canada,
Oct 4, 2016,

Reza finally charged with fraud

Reza has finally been charged with fraud over $5000 and will be appearing in court on October 26, 2016. Here are the links for the OSC announcement and a news article covering the story:



Not sure if he'll be doing any time in prison we'll find out after his trial i guess.
Not trading with reza.,
Sep 14, 2016,

His pyramid scheme grows.

No stars.

He's a rip off merchant who expects his 'students' to pay for him and doesn't pay them.
He now has his students running the same scams under millenial millionares, refusetolose and Kaizen. They carry all the same BS pip system and they all have thesame narcissistic attitudes of Reza.
James ,
New York, USA,
Jul 2, 2016,

Reza M. is my mentor. He is the best Mentor I've ever had in my entire life. He is building something that everyone around the world can join and become apart of. I am one of his students and I can honestly say he has helped change my life through his Mentorship program. Anyone can learn this stuff but it takes a real genuine person to remain authentic and transparent. The reason his website and/or organization was a mess at first is because is e a TRUE Entrepreneur and we must all learn from our errors to correct, learn and progress. He continues to perfect the Mentorship platform and I am honored and thankful to be apart of the family.

and if you want some additional subjective observation, I personally believe people that write negative reviews about him are simply competitors trying to downplay him.

Reza is the Truth my fellow beings.

Review Moderation Team Note: Please see a counselor about getting yourself deprogrammed.

The FPA is familiar with some of the people who wrote negative reviews for MentorTips as well as many of the people who reported being scammed by Reza Mokhtatian at Capital Trust Markets. These are real people who experienced real problems with Reza.

Carlos Fuentes,
, USA,
Apr 16, 2016,

I have been a member of Mentortips since October 2015 and all I can say is that this website is a HUGE mess, a HUGE disorganized mess. Reza is ALWAYS late to his sessions, makes a huge fuss over nonsense in social media platform, and is a master at OVER PROMISING and UNDER DELIVERING.

He promised education the day this website came out and has delivered about 10% of his promise to his "loyal" students. My biggest problem with his EDUCATION is that most of it, if not all of it is copied from babypips.com.

Trades given out by Reza are a joke. He claims to be 99% on all his trades but in reality he accepts drawdowns of a swing trader and gives take profit levels of a scalper. Oh, did I mention he tells his students that 10% of your account is a perfectly amount to risk on ONE trade?!

Reza claims to be a GENIUS business man and marketer when in reality his company implodes under the pressure of his PAST FAILURES AND FUTURE LIES. Reza is IMMATURE and DISRESPECFUL towards anyone who even remotely questions a word he says. Reza has hired his father to run Mentortips since can’t run a successful company on his own.

Reza is a parasite that leeches off his parent’s success. Reza claims that when he was eighteen years old, he purchased a DODGE VIPER sports car using his parent’s company card while they were on a month long vacation. A claim like this isn’t shocking as he currently takes money from his “Mentees” providing mediocre service to a motivated group of traders.

All the marketing in the world won’t save this man from the TERRIBLE reputation he has earned over the years. A quick GOOGLE SEARCH on REZA MOHKTARIAN and you’ll quickly realize how much this man screams SCAM ARTIST.
Apr 4, 2016,

I have been following Reza Mokhtarian since June of 2015, and I truly wanted to like the guy. From June through October, I was learning so much from Reza and was also taking the time to learn from sites like Baby Pips and FxStreet. I never cared for his signals since I was growing my demo account with my own trades about 1-3% a month with minimal draw downs and losses. Everything changed when I payed 97$ (Plus a 3$ conversion fee) to join his company MentorTips.

Reza immediately stopped teaching and starting giving out bogus signals because it is lazy and easier. He would keep promising that he would teach us indicators and price action, but the sessions meant for teaching turned into rants about competitors and how "rough" his life is. Even though Reza's signals were only good for 10 pips, I decided that 10 pips is better than no pips and decided to take his trades on a $2000 live account. Honestly, between my trades, Reza's trades, and NFP, I grew my account to $2350 in two weeks using 0.1 lots. Then November came around and Reza's trades started going into greater and greater draw downs. I remember asking about a USD/CAD trade that was in a 90 pip draw down in the chat room, and his mods cussed me out saying that I should have waited to enter and the draw down was my fault. The trade went up to about -70 pips so I closed the trade. That was my first major loss with MentorTips. In December, I lost 256 pips between Reza's sell on the EUR/USD and buy on the USD/CHF. I should have stopped then but I still had faith in Reza. So now it is January and I lose 75 pips on Reza's AUD/USD buy. To keep things on topic, between membership fees and losing signals, Reza Mokhtarian lost me $1344.82. On the bright side, at least I'm not with one of his "choice brokers" cause I would be B-Booked and making Reza more money since he has partnered with the two brokers. For those wondering, I do not take Harsh Japee's trades since I don't trust someone who is payed 13$ USD a session.

The one thing I have noticed with this guy is that the week before payments come through, he always hypes everyone up with promises of MT 2.0, a trade copier, new indicators, a live session, etc. just to keep people from leaving. I fell for this trap 3 times before I canceled my debit card.

At first, I wanted to believe my mentor was kidnapped because he was doing something so revolutionary, that others are afraid of him. But that isn't true. His stories about the kidnapping are inconsistent and he blames that on his concussion. Well Reza, I passed CALC 1 with a concussion perfectly fine, so I call bull c^^^ on that. As of this post, the police have found one male and female related to the kidnapping, NOT 10 Sri Lankens.

If I went to an executive at Goldman Sach's and talked to them the way Reza speaks on a normal basis, security would haul me out of the building in seconds. This guy has a poor vocabulary, acts like a neanderthal, can't type worth c***, has disgusting grammar, treats everyone like they are his inferior, and his language is atrocious. If Reza ever reads this review, he will probably have a live session on how I am an "inbred faggt POS."

"I spend almost all of the membership money on improving MT."-Reza Mokhtarian. Sorry Reza, you are a liar. A few weeks back, you payed your minion KJ $100 to take a shot of hot sauce. Wake up Reza! You have mentees who can barely afford to eat and you are using their monthly membership to pay some nobody $100 to drink hot sauce!?! Reza is an incompetent simpleton. He also spends hundreds of dollars to buy sites like alexpitti.com, tradingfraternityscam.com, and many others. Please do not click the link to alexpitti.com, it is homosexual pornography.

If you glance the terms and conditions, you notice that his mentees have to indemnify MentorTips for losses if they get involved in a legal dispute. Well it just so happens that MT is already in one! Scott Carney, the father of harmonics, has put a cease and desist on MT from using the harmonics indicator. If you are in MT, you know Reza has been promising to re-release the indicator shortly. When this happens, MT will be sued and the unfortunate mentees will have to compensate MT for the losses and lawyer fees. Which will be thousands and thousands of dollars.

I am in no way telling current students to leave MT or telling people to not join MT, I am just sharing the experiences I have had with Reza. Who knows, maybe three years from now when I order a pizza, Mr. Mokhtarian will be delivering it to me in a leased Honda Civic.
Toronto, Canada,
Mar 11, 2016,

Guys I have been in MT for 6 months and just cancelled my membership
You can get the indicators online for free and sessions with more accurate traders
Rezas signals are more like 25% accurate they usually don't execute

He hasn't taught us anything except a few indicators in January all he cares about is recruiting new people now

In 6 months all we've received is 6 modules of forex mastery which are on www.torontoforex.com for free please do your research

He wants people with a "wolf" mentality but we're not allowed to question him or use critical thinking or you will get banned

To anyone thinking of joining please save your money and time and to all the current mentees if you contact your bank and tell them about this scam of a website you can get some of your money back.
Toronto, Canada,
Mar 11, 2016,

Biggest waste of money. Lost hundreds of dollars in membership fees to hear Reza whine and complain everynight. Every session starts with a 30 min rant and his stories just don't make sense anymore. ANYONE THINKING OF JOINING PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. BabyPips.com is your better choice and its FREE.
Jim Beam,
Mar 10, 2016,

Note: I am re-posting my response here to help people to decide if Mentor tips is for them. I have to same I'm that guy that at first gave Reza the benefit of the doubt after i had read all the negative stuff about him before mentortips so its not like i have or had dis-like for Reza before giving him a fair chance to redeem himself after all that negative stuff about his past business dealings.
Reza is so cheap a guy named Taha(periscope: tmzayed) was going to work for him and Taha told Reza he needed to pay for his gas and insurance. Reza gave this guy a fake insurance slip. Reza will go broke from his greed and continues to rip people off. Mentortips is not worth 97$ and reza never shows all his losing trades. Reza is a sells man and manipulator...will not help you get better at forex. From all the crazy stuff around reza happening i think karma catches people sooner or later. Reza is the drawdown king! join mentortips if you want to lose money...not joking either...you will only see reza winning trades and sometime it doesnt hit his entry point and reza claims credit like they were his winning siginals

from a former mentortips member wasted $388 to reza plus the money i lost trading with his BIG drawdowns and four months of saying he is going to make a trade copier, guy has drama all day in his sessions, goes on periscope to defend himself all day. This guy copies babypips claims it his own. Never has shown his own trading account never takes his own trades. RUN far away from this guy and i really believed in him before learning the hard way.

2016-02-18 2 Stars Good marketer
Trades are good some days but also lots of losing trades.
One thing for sure not 99% accurate
He is holding lots of people from joining so the business goes long with steady cashflow if everybody joined up his dropout crash would be like a network marketing companies he always bashes.After couple months people would see its not worth it. maybe his trades will get better but as of now not worth it