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Updated: Sep 6, 2022
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CMSTrader is a forex broker. CMS Trader offers the MT5 and Web trader forex trading top platform. offers over 35 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, commodities, cfds, gold, bitcoin and stocks for your personal investment and trading options.
May 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with CMSTrader until this issue is resolved.
August 2016:  The UK FCA has issued an Unauthorized Firm warning against  CLICK HERE to verify.
February 2016: The Ontario Securities Commission has issued a warning against CMSTrader.  CLICK HERE to verify. 
January 2016:  Pandorx Ventures Ltd, formerly CMS Ventures Limited (NZ Registration number 5472141) was removed from the New Zealand Companies Register. CLICK HERE to verify.
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1.697 • 44 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

CANADA, Canada,
Jul 10, 2018,

I have account with CMS, when I login to my account I found that they opened a position XAU/USD, quantity 7000 with margin call. I called my account Manager called Hani , more than 5 times. As usual he did not reply to my messages or answer my calls, then I called the company and after 30 mins. I called them as a new customer then someone answered my call and I explained to him what happened, he told me that he will contact my account manager and ask him to call me but no one called. During this time the position closed with loss of 6517 US$. I sent an email to the company but no one replied to my trails of emails and reminders. Later on I sent massage to Hani and I asked him to investigate that. I received a call from someone whose name is Mohammad Abdullah and he told me they are investigated and sure that I'm the one who opened the position. When I asked him to send me a letter confirmed that with IP address to open case in court, but he refused to send me the letter. After searching online I found that there was so many victims who complained that this company took their money in different way. The company is not registered in the UK or Canada and there is a warning to deal with them because it is scam company.
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Moscow, Russian Federation,
Feb 10, 2018,
Registered user

Please help me get my money back

Please people help me get refunded i really need my money back from cmstrader. I tried calling them the whole weekdays but they not responding to any of my call
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

I started searching a broker with fixed spreads and no overnight fees and google guided me to CMS. After opening a demo I got a call from Matthew Parker and had a very good long talk to him. He was asking what I'm searching for and how long I trade. After that he sent some signal examples via email and 2 of 3 were todally right. I joined a few days later with a very small equity of 500€. After that my account manager (Chris Miller) contacted me and told me to get a training in technicals and fundamentals. We had one phonecall a day and also an uncomplicated contact through the day with WhattsApp. He offered some possibilities and we opened a few positions. This guy is a real pro and all positions hit takeprofit over night. The account growed for a week until I made a big mistake by my own and opened two positions with a different instrument. These two went against me and I lost my profits again. For me this was an eyeopener to do more practice and switch back to demomode. After I told Chris why I want to get my money back he didn't complain and after a short explanation he understood very well and withdrawed my 500€ back. I mean, he spent so much time for me and helped me alot and I was running away. He was also some kind of "psychologist" for me when I was freaking about my money and was always very kind. Talkings to him were like a cure for me as a beginner and the results we had together spoke for themself. Soon I will be back with real money after practicing in demo a few months and then I want Chris miller to be my account manager again.
Pongola, South Africa,
Apr 24, 2018,
Registered user

Scammed by CMSTRADER

Issue escalated to Traders Court Tau1984 vs | GUILTY
Early February i was called by David from Cmstrader with an opportunity to invest in forex with good promises.Then i deposited $950 to activate my account after that i was called andmy account was handed over to Mr.Steven Black to be my account mamager.In two weeks he told me he had made $3000 on top of my capital.Then the problem started when he ask me to put in more $15000 that was a red flag for me.and i discoverd that they are the scammers.Then i sent a withdrawal request and he told me that he stopped trading for me and i won't get any money back until i put in more $15000.He said he will send my money in 3-5 working days.until then he is not responding my emails and whatsup messages.if my money is not trading what is still doing with CMSTRADER.its a scam and i want out i have told him several times i want out and he is not responding
South Africa,
Mar 13, 2018,
Registered user

hi!I have been SCAMMED by CMSTRADER.

I gave my numbers to,and got a call from “Joseph” from CMSTRADER.After long persuasion to invest and they will trade my fof monthsk I have investedsouth around $150000.Now when I want to withdraw just $20k,they stopped responding.I have tried all means of communication nothing.PLEASE PLEASE HELP.II just want my capital.
Dec 1, 2016,
Registered user



I open an account with cms trader account number=514762 on 26-09-16 and i deposited 500 USD and in between i make trades and when i saw the bad reviews at FPA about CMSTRADER I decide to withdrawal i make a withdrawal request on 26/10/2016
I try many times to contact them but the always told me we will transfer you query to finance after 1 week the balance is deducted from my account of 470 USD but after 1 week i did not get the balance in my card i contact bank they told me that they did not send the fund yet in my card i again contact them but they always told me that we send the fund but i did not receive the fund this is and now cmstrader they hang-up my call when i told him my name or account ID 514762 I request you to FPA to contact them about this case
Vikram S
Sep 6, 2018,


CMSTrader scammed me with $10000 . They have rejected withdrawal request twice without any reason and are not taking any calls.
I was scammed by their broker/agent Joseph David, Cell number# +44 7440 903321.
Jul 5, 2017,
Registered user

As you can find in a lot of threads, they are a scam broker.
Took my money, saying a lot of good things and then in the end when I really needed the money due to personal issues they went silent.
I have called them and emailed them, was told I would get the money back but still nothing.
It's been over 2 weeks now, were withdraw should take 3-5 days, and I'm slowly losing hope.
Chargeback is my only hope at this point!
Zagreb, Croatia,
May 15, 2018,
Registered user

Cms are theives

They are theives , beware of Jospeh , he calls himself an account manager , but he is just a theif , this company stole 3000 dollars from me , and wincharge back can't help because it's less than the minimum they need. I'm tracking the money with my bank and trying in any other way to expose them for what they are , theives
Mar 28, 2018,
Registered user

My trainer would always give me FOMO all the time and always ask me for money

When CMS trader contacted me, they told me that if I deposited $2000 they would trade for me and I would have the money back within 2 weeks. They gave me a trainer who then asked me to add $10,000 to my account. I told him I didn't have that amount. His name is Alex Cooper. I would also trade for myself. In November when bitcoin was around $19k he encouraged me to trade more than one bitcoincoin to make more money. He always talks to you as if you are about to miss out a once in a lifetime opportunity. Afterwards bitcoin sunk. He then advised me to borrow money from friends or from a bank. He was proposing that I borrow $20,000 and he said that he was 110% bitcoin was going to jump up and if I don't get this money soon I will be missing out on a very big opportunity to make $100,000. I obviously did not listen to that, I ended up just avoiding communication because he was very pushy and really demanding of money all the time. It turns out that bitcoin fell down even further so I would have lost more money if I had listened. I am yet to withdraw my money and I do not have any hope that it will be easy. I was not impressed with his requests and actions. They were very unproffessional. I suspect that they give a client a demo account and maybe use their trades in personal trades as I cannot understand why someone would encourage you to lose money so quick and easy.
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