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Updated: May 23, 2019
1.687 · 43 REVIEWS
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May 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with CMSTrader until this issue is resolved.
August 2016:  The UK FCA has issued an Unauthorized Firm warning against CMSTrader.com.  CLICK HERE to verify.
February 2016: The Ontario Securities Commission has issued a warning against CMSTrader.  CLICK HERE to verify. 
January 2016:  Pandorx Ventures Ltd, formerly CMS Ventures Limited (NZ Registration number 5472141) was removed from the New Zealand Companies Register. CLICK HERE to verify.
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About CMSTrader.com

CMSTrader is a forex broker. CMS Trader offers the Sirix web trader and Mobile trader forex trading platform. CMSTrader.com offers over 60 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, commodities, cfds, gold and stocks for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.687 · 43 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

portsmouth, United Kingdom,
Sep 21, 2017,
Registered user

I fully recommend this company to any new trader

I would like to thank Mr.Alex Cooper for his professional advice, Mr.Cooper has proven to myself that he is an expert in the trading industry...

Fully recommended

Aug 1, 2017 - 5 Stars It is Excellent service.
I have never got a better service than CMS TADER since I started trading , SIMPLY they are a great......
My account manger Mr. Alex Cooper helped my a lot to make a profit , he is contacting me every single day, advising and explaining what is going in the market which help me to take the right decisions. Many thank for every one is working in CMS TRADE.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 17, 2017,
Registered user


once i got a call from MR. Michael Taylor , one of the signals analyst for cmstrader. He explained the kind of services they provide in terms of signals . I opened a small account of $2000 and got daily signals from Michael. He told me about the success rate of their signals of which i decided to try out . He kept to his promise and sent me daily trading signals , and it helped me a lot in my trading . Anytime i had problems and questions , i would ask him on WhatsApp, which he would readily reply to. I have worked with some companies but i must say that Michael Taylor is a very nice person who cares about his clients and keeping an eye on them . On the other side my account manager Stephan Hill was such a great account manager who kept teaching me about each and every type of the market moves even took care of my other account which was opened here locally without account manager and helped me a lot to get out of some bad positions i put my self in when i was trading without an account manager . I would really recommend CMSTRADER for new traders who want to learn and start making profits out of their money .
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 7, 2017,
Registered user

Trading Experience with CMS Trader

I have been dealt with different broker for almost two years and unfortunately I lost plenty of money, then decided to stay away from the trading market. One day Michael Taylor contacted me and convinced me to open trading account with his company CMS Trader and he promised to take care of me by sending a regular signals and keep an eye to my account, . By using his signals I returned back my capital within a week because of his signals accuracy (84.2% ). Having said that and from my experience I advise every beginner to open a trading account with Michael Taylor and his team. In addition the withdrawal approval and processing is not taking more than 5 days which is very fast comparing with other brokers company.
United Kingdom,
Jul 27, 2017,
Registered user

Im just new to this Trading,but luckily enough I've found my self under the wing of Alex Cooper,he's a very patient man,and has explained everything to me in great detail as we've gone along,and each session I've learnt a wee bit more,and I look forward to the day when I've got his insight into the ways of the market,and can Trade successfully on my own.I would thoroughly recommend CMSTraders,because of the service and integrity of what they offer,I've even been able to withdraw some of my Profits,which a lot of my friends seem to have trouble with their Brokers..I'll be sticking with CMS.
Jul 21, 2017,

At least they behave like spam company. At the beginning they demonstrate you that you can win and you started trust them. But later they give wrong advices and at the end you are the loser. Don't know why people doesn't inform police about it as what they do is criminal. Actually this I going to do and will see if police can help to close them for ever.
Jul 17, 2017,
Registered user

CMSTrader.com is a scam company
They got my telephone number from some investing web page. I have been called by mother figure Linda Ferguson, older lady, softly spoken, sound to be very honest, she promised old class service and NOT to demand more money than my first deposit. She did call me for about 3weeks few times a day. After I did open account with them $400 Chris Miller call me we open position and I did win all the time call( few times a day) his message always like this: how much more money you can make, if you deposit more money. I did first $5000 and than up to $10000 I have got some wrong advice my account went to $1000 Chris MIller all time demand more money, he did so by stick and carrot method. He ask me where I live, check my house location by Google Maps, suck lots information about myself and my family what I am doing for living and so on. He show me screen shoots of account of Benjamin Broun, which seems to be manger or something at CMS, Balance of that account is about 2 mln dollars. Everything to show how they are good and honest. Every freshman like my self is lost in forex, when my account went wrong way he MIller, stop replay on my email, like what to do hedge or close position and so on. Account from 10000 went down to 1000 than he (Miller) called me and deposit another $10000 at least and I will help to recover your losses. They bad, mercy less, hart less people they lie, they said one thing and doing another
Jul 5, 2017,
Registered user

As you can find in a lot of threads, they are a scam broker.
Took my money, saying a lot of good things and then in the end when I really needed the money due to personal issues they went silent.
I have called them and emailed them, was told I would get the money back but still nothing.
It's been over 2 weeks now, were withdraw should take 3-5 days, and I'm slowly losing hope.
Chargeback is my only hope at this point!
United Kingdom,
Jun 27, 2017,
Registered user

A Regulated & Unique Broker

First, before I go on about the benefits and why CMS Trader is a great choice let's get the conspiracy of Forex Brokers being scams out the way. If you are on this site looking for reviews and come across scam reviews don't pay it any mind.

Forex is a legitimate source of income for many individuals in the world and it is a very profitable one as well. Though, a lot of new traders see it as an easy get rich quick scheme which it is not. When you decide to invest money into a Broker it is your job as the retail trader to educate yourself. Learn trading strategies, learn trading psychology, learn about timezone, currency pairs and etc. If you are not going at of your way to become knowledgeable and truly aware of what the Forex market can offer or perhaps take away then you shouldn't of even bothered.

Forex trading and trading in general is science that is logical and takes time/ commitment to become adept at. Regardless of the broker you choose you will always have the same results if you aren't willing to devote yourself.

Now with that out the way; CMS Trader in my opinion deserves 5 stars. For one they are a *REGULATED* broker. It is very important when you decide to invest into a broker that they are regulated by an external entity such as CySEC (mainly CySEC). This is because, there is a possible that you can be scammed by an unregulated broker; I know what I'm saying now reads oppisite to the disclamer above however everything above is referring to regulated brokers, if the broker is unregulated then you are risking your money. Though that is not the case with CMS Trader, despite being marked as risky or unregulated according to the FCA, CMS Trader is actually under going regulation procedures by making a contract with CySEC which means for all intents and purposes CMS Trader is a regulated broker.

Usually, when you find a regulated broker that is all you really need however CMS Trader does go the extra mile. From my experience, I had entered CMS trader at the base of $500 which means that I simply was given the minimum perks. Though, I found when I was in need my personal broker had helped me through a situation where I needed to withdraw funds quickly and because I explained my situation she decided to rush a withdraw for me. Which in CMS trader is not an offered perk unless you invest over $5000 I believe.

This shows that they are a flexible broker willing to cater to the needs of the individual rather then treating their traders as one big mass. Which means, beginners to Forex who need help will probably receive different benefits to perhaps a veteran trader. Apart from that however, there is also the Sirix Station; which is the trading platform. I like how simple Sirix Station is however I do not believe it was intended for those who like to use deep technical analysis as they do not support add-ons such as Meta Trader platforms.

Overall, a great broker and would especially advise that you join this broker if you are a beginner to Forex.
Jun 22, 2017,
Registered user

I found CMS TRADERS very professional, helpful, honest and reliable. They have helped me achieve results beyond my initial expectations. They listen and respond quickly. Their trading system is excellent and the people are good.

Compared, to the not so good experience I had with some notable forex brokers, CMS TRADERS stand out as the best.
They provide useful insights and information from time to time and this guide me to make good trading decisions which result in profit.

With some other popular/notable brokers, you are just like a number and no one to attend to issues promptly. At CMS, you get attention , which helps a lot.

CMS Traders makes you feel like you are in a strategic partnership for mutual benefits and this count a lot towards success. It doesnt feeel good to just be a number in any organisation. It si my opinion that CMS TRADERS are committed to the success of their customers/clients!!

I will recommend them without any reservations so far.
I wish they will keep up the good work.
I have no doubt that with their excellent service, they are growing fast

On the whole, they are truly professionals

Auckland, New Zealand,
Jun 22, 2017,
Registered user

Professional Brokers

CMS trader team has the best professional approach towards relationship handling. I have been trading with them for few month now. My account manager / Senior Broker Nadia Nicholas has a very professional approach and skills to train and guide a new trader, very exceptional and very good. I will highly recommend CMS trader as a trading partner. I have made good progress with my account and have learnt good trading skills. I have heard horror stories with traders and most of them is on the withdrawal issue. I have tried a small withdrawal with CMS and i did get my money in the bank account