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Updated: Oct 16, 2018
4.281 · 14 REVIEWS
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C7 Traders is on the Investor Alerts List of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. CLICK HERE to verify.

C7 Traders would like it noted that their main company is licensed in Vanuatu and says the warning is against some of their subsidiary companies.

The FPA notes that the warning lists the website www.c7traders.com itself, as well as offices of C7Traders subsidiaries in Singapore, London, and Belize.  We hope C7Traders can work out their issue with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

C 7 Traders is a forex broker. C7Traders offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. C7Traders.com offers over 30 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, commodities, cfds and bonds for your personal investment and trading options.


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C7Traders.com profile provided by C 7 Traders, Feb 2, 2016

C 7 Traders is a leading brokerage, using an award winning social platform for simpler and smarter trading. STP model with EURUSD starting from 0.7 pips. Execution <1sec with no requotes. Search, Copy, Earn. It's that simple.


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4.281 · 14 REVIEWS
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Aug 23, 2017,
Registered user

Excellent STP brokerage! The support and administrative staffs are very responsive and knowledgeable on any technical or account administration enquiries raised. Trustworthy and never have any issues with them on funding or withdrawal.
Singapore, Singapore,
Jul 20, 2017,
Registered user

Good Execution No Delay

Extremely reliable STP brokerage with a helpful team. Experienced little to zero delay to trades even on news release. Just the kind of brokerage I am looking for.
Singapore , Singapore,
Jun 27, 2017,
Registered user

Excellent broker with STP execution

Excellent broker! Staffs are knowledgeable and helped me out a great deal! Spreads are also competitive. Fast and efficient funding all done within the day itself. Pure STP setup is something I look for too. Definitely recommend.
Singapore, Singapore,
Jun 22, 2017,

Solid Broker

Excellent brokerage with good signals offering. Never had an issue with funding/withdrawal. They even provided STP proof of my trades. Just the brokerage I need.
Jun 20, 2017,


C 7 Traders has been listed under Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Investor Alert List.


Open an account with them at YOUR OWN RISK. Beware!
Reply by C 7 Traders submitted Jun 22, 2017:
Hi John

As extracted from the website of MAS, the Investor Alert List provides a listing of unregulated persons who, based on information received by MAS, may have been wrongly perceived as being licensed or authorized by MAS.

Despite our Company's best effort to illustrate our overseas license across our website and conversations, clients might still have wrongly perceived given our Singapore presence.

However, as stressed by MAS, the fact that a company is listed on the IAL does not necessarily mean that it has breached any of MAS’ regulations, but rather to notice clients to avoid misrepresentation. Therefore, clients should not be worried about this piece of information as IAL mainly serves to warn clients not to deal with overseas brokers. However, given the context of today's FX industry, dealing with overseas brokers does not necessarily mean that it is unsafe, and it is not uncommon for clients to open an account with overseas brokers given the advantage of higher leverage and better trading conditions.

The Company is in the midst of acquiring a NZ/FCA license. However, even with the obtainment of a large regulatory license, our listing in IAL will still remain as the Group has a support office in Singapore. However, we view that having a physical presence will provide greater assurance to clients, as compared to other overseas brokers such as FXCM/Pepperstone that do not have one. Standing from the point of a client, I would prefer to deal with an overseas broker with a physical presence (Despite IAL) as opposed to an overseas broker without a physical presence (No IAL).


We thank you for your feedback and welcome any additional queries.
Dec 1, 2016,
Registered user

I have never written any review for brokers before, c7 traders is definatly one to is worth my time and effort to write one ..

c7 trader,

good points
1. low and consistent spread.
2. Excellent customer service
3. Consistent trading result for their on board traders.
4. Provides auto untagging, once the traders loses 20% of the account. ( this is a very important feature for taggers like me.) some forms of capital protection for me.
5. STP
Singapore, Singapore,
Jul 4, 2016,

The support and customer service by C 7 is top grade! the people are so friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and despite me asking lots and lots of questions, sometimes dumb questions, they are very patient enough to answer all of it. Thumbs up to C 7 and her staffs! well done! love this trading platform! Keep up the good work C 7 =)
Tan Kim San,
KL, Malaysia,
Jul 3, 2016,

Attended their exhibition booth at MVEC today, very helpful and friendly staff. Took about half an hour to explain copy trading to me as I'm very new to this but they were very patient. Will visit their office in Singapore soon. Thumbs up!
Alvin ,
, Singapore,
Jun 18, 2016,

Good office setup with education seminar and brokerage services center in a single location.

You can even live trade with them there.
Fred Lee,
, Singapore,
May 27, 2016,

I just had a different experience with their so called CX or undercover gangster.
First, the system was bad. 2 trading issues in 2 days.
EURJPY, price freeze more than 6 hours until i alerted them.(u might say, omg they dont know? yes they dont know!).
USDJPY, cannot trade on mobile. but i can trade on laptop for that pair only. seriously...

had a suggestion feedback on their system. their so called CX took it personally and was belittling customers and he is getting angry(how i wish i can copy the chat for all to see).
So this CX(or some big title) is just not seeing the picture. small company, small people with big ego. u access ur own risk
Reply by C 7 Traders submitted Jun 1, 2016:
Hi Fred, We have a strong stance against cyber bullying and we chose not to entertain you since your comments were neither constructive nor helpful. The context of the chat was that Fred doesn't understand how the platform calculates the trader's PNL and instead of asking politely, he insisted that we are cheating and hiding information.You may refer to the chat taken from our chat log below. Fred: "nobody knowsnthat. newbies wont know. ur just pushing the gd trsders away and sinking all the newbie funds into a lousy trader. ur company will die. trust me" C 7 Traders ?Hey Fred, I don't understand your hostility. It's nice that you bring this up and I thank you for that. But to be mean is really uncalled for.? Fred: ?lol. how am i mean. look here if u cant take suggestion, i am ok? C 7 Traders: ?This is not a suggestion. I don't see anything constructive about it.? Fred: ?looks like u dont have much cx exp. ok i put it straight? C 7 Traders: ?CX doesn't mean we take whatever nonsense the customer throw at, if it's constructive and you have a really good suggestion on how we can work upon, I'd gladly consider it and thank you for it. Saying the company will die is neither constructive nor helpful.? As seen, Fred was behaving in an offensive and rude manner and has nothing constructive in his ?suggestion?, hence we deemed that he is merely out to find fault. With regards to EURJPY, we noted that there was an error with the price feeds from our Liquidity Provider and have rectified the issue; we thank you for alerting us. While it is impossible to eradicate occasional technology failure, we are working our best to minimize such downtime and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Fred: ?how come eurjpy is freeze? C 7 Traders: ?Hello Fred. Give me a moment to check that out. Hmm, seems like there is some technical faults, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Fred. I will get my team to look into it now.? Fred: ?its been a while? C 7 Traders: ?I see, thanks for alerting us. We're engaging our feeds provider now. Sorry for the inconvenience.? Fred:? more like from 6pm onwards. eurjpy is a major pair.? C 7 Traders: ?Yes I understand. We're sorry that you're experiencing this issue.? Lastly, with regards to USDJPY, we are unable to assist you as you have made no attempts to seek help for it. After the chat, we investigated immediately and did not spot any issues. We have not heard of similar complaints from other users too. Hence, we conclude that it could be a user specific problem and we are happy to investigate the cause with your assistance.