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Updated: Oct 13, 2018
2.221 · 41 REVIEWS
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June 2016 - May 2017:  Large numbers of suspicious and fake positive reviews submitted for SuperForex.


SuperForex is a forex broker. Super Forex offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platformSuperForex.com offers over 100 currency pairs, cfds, indices, energy, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.221 · 41 REVIEWS
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Sep 25, 2018,
Registered user

Superforex.com runs a scam by altering Contract size on oppened orders.

Here is what happens to me:

I've opened number of positions on UsdTry and UsdZar over last month. I keep all those positions opened till now, I didn't close any orders.
While I've been opening orders over time I've noticed that Contract Size on those pairs was changing quite dramatically so I calculated my position size accordingly. What I recently discovered is that Superforex.com is applying those contract changes backward to already opened positions. As Contract Size was reduced dramatically (from even 10000 down to 500) that means my opened positions were reduced up to 95% in value! Without them even notifying me about that!
This is a cheeky scam, it's not easy to notice those changes as orders appear unchanged (Volume, Open Price, Spread remain unchanged) and they can possibly do it even on short term orders, as I'd think most traders don't verify if profit on orders was calculated correctly. They didn’t sent me any daily reports in period of time when they made most Contract Size changes, which might be part of this scam, to make it even harder to spot it.

After I've realized what they're doing I've asked them for explanation, at first, they tried to ignore me, and after few days of arrogant emails from their support they finally admitted they scammed me, but they think it's all right and I need to deal with it:

"The contract size has been cancelled by liquidity providers on their side, and this changes was made by them. You can trade at this trading instruments or you can close this deals and choose other trading instruments for your trading."

This is a clear scam, I know I'm not the only one they scammed this way, I'll explore what actions I can take, as they clearly changed trading rules retrospectively, which is unacceptable. Stay away from them!
Reply by Superfx_official submitted Oct 12, 2018:
Dear BartForexer,

We investigate your question again and we notify you that changes at trading instrument has been done by liquidity provider and late this trading instrument temporary has been closed for trading.
At this very moment we are working on this problem and soon this trading instrument will be available for trading again.

If you have any further questions, we are always happy to help you.
Have a nice day and a successful trades with SuperForex.
hyd, India,
Sep 17, 2018,

good broker

i opened A/c in superforex 6 months later for no deposit bonus but i was not traded
untill this month .last 15 days iam started trading in no deposit a/c .i withdrawed now 10 usd .everyting (support . withdrawl.payment system.platforms ) and trading condtions also good, .n
RSA, South Africa,
Sep 6, 2018,
Registered user

superforex is not a bad broker at all

I thought Superforex was a scam broker but they are not because my issue was fixed

Aug 24, 2018 - 1 Star SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!I don't recommend this broker, it showed me flames. I deposited my money via neteller, I wanted to make a withdrawal they said I can't make a withdrawal because their system for withdrawal is off-line and is been a week now
Reply by Superfx_official submitted Sep 7, 2018:
Hello dear tsakzer. Thank you for you review. We are glad that you solved the problem and once again, we apologize for the current situation. We hope that this misunderstanding will not affect the attitude towards our company.
Aug 29, 2018,
Registered user

Open orders with incorrect date

3 trades opened on the 10th and 14th of August in USDCHF and closed on the 23rd, but they were open on day 23 or day 24 but not day 10 or 14 by the expert, only one order was opened EURCHF with profit.
I think this type of error is related to market maker.
The expert advisor is not programmed to keep order for so long open, is an expert commercial advisor selling on the website of www.mql5.com and does not use arbitrage.
This caused the loss of more than $ 1000 in my account. and the bonus.
The same configuration I have in Alpari, several orders were opened the same day and it was the most profitable day for me.
At Alpari I also have the advantage of a daily statement of operations which would make it easier to prove the error that occurred in Superforex's MT4.

I know it is difficult to prove because I do not have daily transaction statements from Superforex, but I would like a deeper check on the opening date of the orders with the manufacturers of MT4, also see the USDCHF pair move before closing the orders in negative and would probably have occurred stop out before shown at day 23.

I hope the Superforex team can help me because the mistake was not mine or my expert advisor, the manager did not respond satisfactorily by doing a more thorough study on the opening of trades.

At the moment what I can indicate is that take care when operating with the Superforex broker as long as this type of error is not corrected and there are no satisfactory answers from the Superforex team.

I await a solution from Superforex.
Account 189593
Reply by Superfx_official submitted Sep 7, 2018:
Hello dear Roberto. Thanks for your feedback. We want to remind that according the paragraph 9.1.7 of Public offer Agreement our Company is not responsible in any actions of Experts Advisers.

9.1.7 If the customer is attracted by partner, the Company under any circumstances is not responsible for any of the Partner actions committed by him\her in violation of this Agreement, or beyond the authority granted by the Company.

faris almizan,
Aug 22, 2018,
Registered user


This BROKER is a fraudsters could not withdraw money from them. They deal with EA seller www.forexwinnerea.com I bought this EA and then they asked me to rent a VPS and then they told me that I was only working with this superforex broker. When I opened an account with this broker, he sent me the EA. found it to be Hedge. The results are not the same on their website www.forexwinnerea.com When I called them, no one answered. And then asked to withdraw the money they told me you can not withdraw the money . you have to trade 10 lot
Aug 8, 2018,

I think their Customer Support is cool. A day before I had an issue with my withdrawal to PayPal. I began to suspect them in dishonesty, but it appeared that I made an error with my account details. As soon as we fixed it I got my funds back.
Aug 5, 2018,
Registered user


They claim that no requotes when trading. That's a huge lie.
When volumes rise and there is price volatility, it's nearly impossible to get rid of/buy something because of requote.

Be wary
Reply by Superfx_official submitted Aug 9, 2018:
Hello Max'68,
Thanks for your feedback. We ask you to provide our support team with the confirmation of the appearance of requotes and also do not forget to indicate your account number. Without this information, we can not treat your feedback as real.

We also want to remind, that we do not have a requotes and in case of any questions, you should first contact the support department and they will help to solve your problems individually.
Leo Tseng,
Taiwan, Province of China,
Jun 20, 2018,
Registered user

Super Forex is really a Super SCAM

Hello everyone

I also have the same problem with Merike

Super Forex just wants to take away your money, they won't let you take profit away

When I want to withdraw my profits, they use some reason to deduct my money directly

In addition to deducting all my profits directly, the losses of the company’s transactions are also fully calculated on my account.

So, my initial deposit is also deducted

Super Forex is really a Super SCAM
Reply by Superfx_official submitted Jul 25, 2018:
Hello, dear Leo Tseng! Thaks for your feedback.

We want to inform you, that some violations were found while checking your trading history, that is why the correction been held and your withdrawal was cancelled and turned back to your trading account. These is the point of the Public Offer Agreement, according to which the cancellation was procedured - points #3.16.9

Also SuperForex grants access to all the major trading platforms in the world. Our users may benefit from a brief Forex training course by opening a free demo account and learn the basic steps of managing their funds on the foreign exchange (FX) market.

# 3.16.9 In extreme cases short-term queues lasting less than 180 seconds can be cancelled if they are found to be abusive.

In order to avoid adjustment in the future, the company SuperForex recommends you to read the terms of the Public Offer Agreement.
Everything was done strictly according to the standards of International Legal Agreement and under IFSC regulation.
Estonia, Estonia,
Jun 17, 2018,


SCAM BROKER! They cancelled all my wininngs.

They have so called "copy trading" program. So i deposited 100 dollars, i joind few people. Made around 1000 dollars per day.

Tried to cash out, then withdrawal was cancelled. They took off most money by saing it violates their terms (3 min minimum trading time).

So they took off unfair traded money and left 220 dollars. So i made manual trade and won, balance was 340 dollars.

I made cash out and they cancelled it and no response to email anymore. Also live chat dont answer.

Dont use this broker, they wont pay you any winnings.
Reply by Superfx_official submitted Jun 26, 2018:
Hello, Merike! You see, the Master's deals, that you copied, were also cancelled, as far as they were held with breaking rules mentioned in the Public Offer Agreement.
The whole sum for cancellation is similar for master and the follower(as far as deals are copied).
So our actions were absolutely correct.
It is all written in the Public agreement, that you should have read while opening your trading account.
So, it is quite understandable , that it is not a pleasant situation, but no one is guilty here.
You decided to choose that very Master to copy his each and every deal. It is quite obvious, that trades can be possitive and negative so their copies are the same.
That's why we always strongly recommend our customers to read all the agreement attentively.
Hope, we have cleared everything out now.
Good luck to you and have a good day!
Durban, South Africa,
Jun 14, 2018,
Registered user

Super fores is not a scam

I stand corrected super forex is not a scam, i had a problem with my funds not appearing on my account,
Super forex fixed and my account manager i was very helpful looking forward on working with you superforex

Jun 11, 2018 - 1 Star I made a deposit with my credit card via megatransfer they deducated the funds from my credit card but the funds never appeared i got an email saying i must wait 1 hour, i waited after 2 hours i had a live chat with them they said it can take a day its been more then 2 working days waiting fot my funds to appear, super forex is a scam guys beware of this broker they only want to steal our money