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Updated: Jun 18, 2018
3.41 · 7 REVIEWS
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3.41 · 7 REVIEWS
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sussex, United Kingdom,
Jul 19, 2017,
Registered user

gntfx power trader let me know what is happening with you please

I opened an account with the flipside 16 months ago, i was very happy with the profits they were making, i made 3 withdrawals and had no problems and as i am coming up for retirement i emailed the team and asked if i could keep the min. of 20,000 dollars in my account and withdraw any profits over this amount, they emailed the next day telling me its your money and you welcome to keep 20,000 and withdraw any amount you wish, i thought great just what i wanted to hear so i made a withdrawal 4 weeks ago but haven't heard anything from them since, i have emailed them several times but no response, also i haven't had any more signals, any one having the same problems
Janos Steiner,
Jan 5, 2017,


11. 01. 2015, opened an account Power Trader
I asked for a withdrawal 5 times
always arrived thank you
5 stars
East Sussex, United Kingdom,
Dec 27, 2016,
Registered user

Update to my previous review .......

Update: This 'offering' is now being marketed as FXTurtleTrader.com please avoid unless you want to lose your money!

Oct 21, 2016 - 1 Star I totally agree with Appalled and schlaepfi

Brian Thomson, GNTFX, FlipSideFX.com and anyone guise/name they operate under should be avoided, as you'll never see your money again.

I am posting this message in the hope that I prevent others from experiencing the emotional roller coaster I have been through.

A brief explanation of my experience is below:
When I opened my GNTFX PowerTrader account I categorically stated I only wanted to see the same trades as the published FlipSideFX.Com trades and nothing else whilst accepting there maybe a little slippage.
I saw my modest investment double in the first 3 months, so I requested a withdrawal, only to be told there were open positions which I couldn't see (a GNTFX fudge!) which were taking up margin.
I waited another 3 months, saw my account had now doubled again, so requested a withdrawal and received the same response, however, this time I managed to get some details of the trades which were open.
I continued to see weekly gains and my account in theory grew to more than 7x my original deposit; however, these alien swing trades were still in the background and therefore no funds were able to be withdrawn.
As the alien swing trades were long positions taken on the GBPUSD pair at ridiculously large size, especially for a swing trade, the day of the 'Brexit' referendum results wiped out not only all my account's gains but 97% of my original deposit too, so effectively a 99.6% drawdown!
Nairobi, Kenya,
Oct 21, 2016,

Excellent trader. Conservative but precise!

I have been trading with flipside for 6 months and the experience has been unimaginable. My portfolio has really grown and I currently hold three different accounts for different projects that I am undertaking. I have also done a withdrawal during the period and the experience was good. The support team is always very responsive and are able to handle any issues highlighted very professionally.
I would recommend the trader to anyone who wants to build their portfolios in a very low risk environment and at a good pace.

nairobi, Kenya,
Oct 10, 2016,
Registered user

flipsidefx and gntfx legitimate

I posted a 5 star comment a few months ago(mkuria) . I would like to vouch for GNTFX and Flipsidefx to everyone out there in regard to latest comment. I have learnt used flipsidefx on demo and it's amazing. I opened an powertrader account with Gntfx with Brian as trader. I can freely share the trading statement with anyone on request since April to confirm the profits have been up trending. Brian is a great, cautious and conservative trader. I have made a withdrawal as well well reflected in statement.

Feb 24, 2016 - 5 Stars Update. Flipsidefx got back to me. they had email issues. they are not a scam. Apologies for my earlier statement. They are great and legit.

2016-02-23 1Star I made a purchase of flipsidefx a week ago. I think I have been scammed. more details to follow. be careful
Oct 9, 2016,

Not unless you were trading manually at the same time flipside trading for you. What I know with flipsidefx, the stop loss is very small, and therefore the drawdown. I suspect probably you were trading manually at the same time. For the long time I've traded with gntfx, they have never had problems with withdrawal.
La Paz, Bolivia,
Sep 25, 2016,

STAY AWAY, 100% scam

Hello, I want to change my 5 star rating to 1 star. Flipsidefx and Brian Thompson is 100% scam, stay away from this guy, do not invest into his managed account program through scam broker GNTFX. Flipsidefx and GNTFX are hompages from the same people. I made high profits on my powertrader account, an average of 12% per month, but when I tried to withdraw profits, the broker wrote: Not posible because your trader has open trades... Brian Thompson stopped replying to emails, and the brokers comments are 100% lies. STAY AWAY from Flipsidefx and GNTFX Powertrader. At least, I could recover part of my inital amount with a first withdrawal, but I lost money with them and do not believe that you will see a dime of all amazing profits, they do not exist.

May 17, 2016 - 5 Stars My experience with Flipsidefx, Brian Thomson and GNTFX is very positive. I bought the manual system and I invested into the managed programm through GNTFX-Powertrader. After 6 months I made a withdrawal request and I received the money to my bank account. The customer service is very good, Brian replies well to all questions. The performance of the system is amazing, of course, not 100% winning rate, but very profitable.
UK, United Kingdom,
May 11, 2016,

The FlipSideFX strategy is based on a 'custom' trend indicator combined with Moving Average Envelopes.

The results presented by Brian Thomson are not real. The system generates many more signals than he publishes and as the majority of those missing signals are losers the profitability of the system is not achievable.

The GNTFX Power Trader offering is also a false hope. The trades published, both in the Demo accounts or your Live account, if you've been foolish enough to fund one, are only one side of the picture. Brian is also opening 'swing' trading positions which appear to be being traded without any Stops, so if you attempt to withdraw any of the alleged profits, you are told there are open positions which are consuming the available margin and therefore monies can't be withdrawn at this time.

Please don't get taken in by this SCAM. I have & I now don't expect to see any profit from my venture with Brian, GNTFX or FlipSideFX.

Obviously, if anything changes for the positive and I am able to reverse my opinion, I'll be more than happy to change my rating.
, USA,
Jan 21, 2016,

I am just recently trying this out. Great communication, will see how it performs.