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Updated: Aug 6, 2018
1.528 · 8 REVIEWS
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BerndaleCapital is a forex broker. Berndale Capital offers the MetaTrader 4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. BerndaleCapital.com offers over 60 forex currency pairs, stock indices and crude oil for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.528 · 8 REVIEWS
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Innsbruck, Austria,
Aug 3, 2018,
Registered user


I have made a request for repayment on 07/24/2018 and until today no reaction. conditions are not as advertised
WA, Australia,
Jul 30, 2018,
Registered user

Don't invest with Berndale

TLDR Money held with Berndale Capital. Trading through associated company FBTrading. You might not get your money back. 3.5 out of 5 stars for performance of trading platform over 8 months (just over 13% return). 1 out of 5 stars for return of funds. I only wanted the return of $6k and it's taken well over 2 months (not the 48 hours as detailed in the request form). At the time of writing still no return of funds. Full account below.

Full details:
Berndale Group Pty Ltd (ABN: 16 113 616 032) holds the licence and sub companies hold the funds / supply the trading software.

Initial request for closing account sent on 26 May 2018. 28 May reply asking to use an online link to close. This link said return of funds around 48 hours.

8 June I was asked by FBtrading (FB) why I'm closing account. General reply of concerns that a return of around $81 after the fund was drawn down around $1800k (without a downside limit) is too great a risk for the return. I felt pressure in trying to be kept as a client.

11 Jun sent email confirming discussion with FB rep as requested.

25 June I sent a follow up email.

On 27 June email sent asking for the following:-
A utility bill showing your current address.
A bank statement showing your current address

6 July I provided this.

Follow up phone call.

I was advised that Fbtrading is a separate business from Berndale capital. An email arrived around December which had Berndale logo in the signature which suggests overlap.

No follow up phone call. Will look to ASIC next.
cyprus, Cyprus,
Jul 27, 2018,
Registered user

blocks communication, does not process withdrawals, and is lying on the phone and emails - don't do the same mistake I did believing it is a legit company. All while the CEO posts pictures of his shiny blonde girlfriend, boat trips and McLarens on his Facebook. If you see howmany threads exist on FPA about Berndale what comes to mind is: Well done Australian Regulator
Melbourne, Australia,
Apr 19, 2017,
Registered user

Best broker but none!

I have been trading with Berndale for approximately 8 months, after having multiple accounts with many brokers both here and internationally I have to say I am truly amazed with the service I have received from Berndale.

Not only have they been a pleasure to deal with, but the amount of money I have saved in relation to spread has been unbelievable.

I would highly recommend berndale to anyone who is looking at trading that wants the best service and the best spreads.
Altona Melbourne, Australia,
Apr 9, 2017,

Berndale Capital Review

I have had an account with Ferndale Capital for over 8 Months i have now closed it, as I stated a new venture due to health reasons and late trading I can't Continue, How ever so far my experience and customer service has been great they have always helped and assisted me with the platform and withdrawals are always proceeded on the same day. When my health improves I will defiantly be back.
, Ghana,
Mar 27, 2017,

Broker Planted 1lot trade on my $200 account

I saw the red flags from forex peace army but I didn't listen, I paid the price in $200 ️loss.this broker said Scalpers are welcomed.After I started running my ea without any success, I noticed I had become a nuisance to this brokers servers due to several order requests.They(The Broker Bendale Capital) simply put a 1 lot pending order on my account for AUDUSD, it got triggered boom....80% if my deposit become theirs. Big bucket shop.....please please please stay away.

If broker will like to Dispute this, I'm willing to provide my logs and screenshots..

Reply by Berndale Capital submitted Apr 11, 2017:
Hi Kuei,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review regarding your trading experience.

Unfortunately, we cannot verify your identity, as we have no clients from Ghana. If this is a mistake and you are able to provide more information, we can certainly look into this matter further.

We would never trade on a client's behalf, and can assure you this has not been the case.

Kind regards
The Berndale Capital support team

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 15, 2017,

Berndale Capital seems to be a Good and Promising Broker...

This broker looks legitimate. I asked them about the negative reviews found here and they emailed back clarifying the process they follow to verify and then effect withdrawal requests. Their withdrawal page on their website also looks very reasonable. I went ahead and opened a new account with them and the account opening process was very smooth and along the way their chat was very supportive. I will be funding shortly and begin trading and will further add a comment here providing my live trading experience with them. I will also be testing a withdrawal too.
California, USA,
Jan 18, 2017,
Registered user

I already said my goodbyes to my money. Criminals. Yeah yeah , one day the CEO will be spending time in a cell. Laugh now, but karma will catch up.
Melbourne, Australia,
Oct 11, 2016,
Registered user

I can confirm a very negative experience when it comes to withdrawing money from this broker. It's clear their business strategy is, "delay and prevent clients withdrawing money as much as possible", whether this takes the form of never calling you back to verify a callback, and poor customer service from their CSRs. When you want to withdraw, all you get is "why".

Also, poor form from the CEO who I finally got through and spoke to personally (the gatekeeper it seems to withdraw your own funds), prying into why I need to withdraw my funds when I stated "for other investment purposes" and then trying find out what my investments are, then when I didn't want to disclose my investments, playing the victim card, like I'm the bad guy for not telling you.