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Updated: May 11, 2017
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pakistan, Pakistan,
May 9, 2017,

they are just cheaters they will only playing with your money as well as they earn good commission from yours account then your account will blown soon.there need is only to earn commission from your account.
they dont care abut your capital.
so please be care full about this fraud.mr chris cooper is also cheater.
Rob Gee,
KZN, South Africa,
Oct 11, 2016,

Warning: Guaranteed to lose!

A warning for anyone thinking of trying UFS. You are guaranteed to lose with these guys. Unfortunately we have learned this the hard way. Their systems are relatively unsophisticated averaging strategies. As the market moves against your position, you keep entering with ever increasing position sizes. Under 'normal' market conditions it is extremely effective and profits are regular and consistent. When the market moves hard you will be blown up. It is as simple as that.

UFS make their money from a cut of each trade's spread. Their systems are brilliant for them as they generate hundreds of trades. For the client funding the account, it is just a matter of time before your account will be blown up.

You have been warned.
Reply by Robot_trader submitted Oct 27, 2016:
Dear Rob,
I read your review and feel a bit disappointed about it since it does not reflect what actually happened.
1. Your initial account size was $3245 allowing you to trade up to three uncorrelated pairs as we prefer as default settings.
You traded 11 pairs from which four were correlated with the GBP!
2. Our EAs are only developed for currency pairs and gold which was mentioned to you
Besides too many pairs you traded Oil and Natural Gas as well!
3. We warned you by email (all filed) on the 22nd of July and 31st of August to reduce your number of pairs and stay away from the GBP, since Brexit made this market extremely volatile.
You did not adjust anything!
4. On the 7th of October the Flash crash occurred causing a 6% drop in the GBP.
Your account went from profit into a minus $5763 to be collected by the broker!
5. You traded 34.23 lots meaning we made $342!
6. If we would pay you $5,000 you would remove this review.
Its absolutely normal to be disappointed if you see your profits disappear in seconds but to put the blame on us, is unfair. If you would have used our default settings or taken our warning emails seriously you would still be in profit. Many times we see that greed pops up after making ridiculous high profits in a trading account and this case is not different. Starting with the minimum amount, selecting too many correlated pairs in the most volatile market puts your money at risk.
Im asking you kindly to share your investment password here so you can publicly share your account info to see who is right and who is wrong.
We made a case file of this matter which can be submitted upon request. This includes a full account history, deposits, withdrawals and email correspondence.
Robot trading or forex trading is risky as we explain very clearly on our website. We never claimed to have developed the holy grail, since if it would be that easy, we would all do it. Forex trading including EA trading is a profession and should be approached as such but since many do see it as a hobby, sites like these flourish. We make an effort to remove common pitfalls of manual trading and how to guide a robot through rough markets. I am not going to explain how great our EAs are, but allow me to share our transparency, hoping you will do the same.
I am not used to publicly discuss matters like these, but felt obliged to my team and company. I will respond but only in case you share your investors password or else its pointless.
Chris Cooper