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Formerly Easy-Forex.com

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EasyMarkets is a forex broker. Easy Markets offers the EasyMarkets platform and MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. EasyMarkets.com offers over 60 forex currency pairs, cfds, commodities, shares, indices, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.

February-March 2017:  Numerous suspicious and fake reviews received for Easy Markets, including one fake submitted from inside the company's offices.

July 2016:  Reviews for Easy-Forex merged into EasyMarkets review page.

A company owned by BlueCapitalMarkets.com. Related sites include BlueBullCap.com.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum to Open Live: $100
Established: 2001
Address: P.O. Box 53742 Limassol 3317, Cyprus
Contact: support@easymarkets.com, +357 25 828 899
Regional offices:
Regulators: ASIC #246566, CySEC #079/07
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, easyMarkets App, easyMarkets Web Platform
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (60+)
Cryptocurrencies: (3) Bitcoin, Ethereum
CFD: (45+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, AstroPay, BPAY, FasaPay, Giropay, iDEAL, JCB, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, SOFORT, UnionPay, WebMoney, WeChatPay
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, AstroPay, BPAY, FasaPay, Giropay, iDEAL, JCB, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, SOFORT, UnionPay, WebMoney, WeChatPay

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EasyMarkets.com profile provided by easyMarkets, Mar 15, 2016

easyMarkets is an award winning global broker with full access to 300+ financial markets on our innovative and easy trading platform.

Company Overview

With over a decade of trading expertise and 100,000 fulfilled clients in 160 countries worldwide, easyMarkets will tick all your boxes whether you are a new or experienced trader, affiliate or introducing broker. Trade 300+ markets including currencies, commodities, metals, vanilla options and indices from one place without the jargon, complicated offers and confusing terms! Welcome to the exciting world of trading.  Welcome to easyMarkets.

  • 300+ Tradable Instruments

  • Award Winning Platforms

  • Low Fixed Spreads

  • Global Presence

  • 24/5 Dedicated Support

  • Established 2003

  • Exciting Promotions

  • Client Fund Safety

  • FREE Training & Support

Our group of companies through its subsidiaries is licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (Easy Forex Trading Ltd-CySEC, License Number 079/07), which has been passported in the European Union through the MiFID Directive and in Australia by ASIC (Easy Forex Pty Ltd- AFS license No. 246566).


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2.941 · 164 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

United Kingdom,
Dec 12, 2016,
Registered user

I came across EasyMarkets through a search engine comparison site. They have gone beyond my expectations. Though I am still new to trading, I have received a first class service so far. I can pick a phone and call them and they will be available any time. I am very mean with my reviews but ...well done though its early day. So good so far. The ease use of their platform makes a novice trader feel like a pro.
Hem, Sri Lanka,
Dec 7, 2016,

Excellent Broker with GREAT Customer Support

Best broker for me. I am from Sri Lanka. I have been trading with Easy-Forex since June 2016. So far, I made profits and I was able to withdraw them as well. I am a very happy client with easy-forex. The greatest satisfaction I get frequently is their customer service. In my experience, most of the time I send them a mail explaining my concern, I will get a call them within few hours and directly address my concern. I made withdrawals 3-4 times now and I did not face any delay in processing them. Last withdrawal I received today.

Easy-Forex you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

If anybody think my comment is not genuine, I would like to share proofs with them privately. Easy-Forex deserve this acknowledgement.
Mohammad ,
London , United Kingdom,
Dec 6, 2016,

I am Mohammad kareem Sadree I have live treading account with easyMarkets Rahol teach me how to do risk management del cancellation is very useful.
Dec 2, 2016,
Registered user

Steal Cancelation

Steal Cancelation

easyMarkets are trying to promote a new product – Deal Cancelation. Is it worth it?

Ever since 2014, easy-forex, now easyMarkets, have been trying to sell its customers ‘Options’. It hasn’t worked. So, easyMarkets has now repackaged trading in Options and called it deal cancelation. All deal cancelation is doing is selling an Option to cover the specified period of 60 minutes.

easy-forex Options were provided from the Technologies company ORE. easyMarkets now use ORE to provide deal cancelation:

Extract from website:

‘dealCancellation© Option is an ORE patent pending under the patent “Easy Cancellation Option” application number 62334455.’

How much does it cost? You will never know how much it costs because the cost is variable due to being based on volatility.

dealCancellation – Terms and Conditions:

‘4. The fee calculation is based on the realised volatility of the selected

It is expensive. You will even get charged the conversion rate.

Deal Cancelation FAQs:

‘Due to exchange rate fluctuation, the amount to risk, once converted back to the trading account’s base currency, may be different when the deal is cancelled or closed.’

Remember that you are not protected by a regulator outside the EU or Australia if you trade with easyMarkets.

Extract from the Deal Cancelation Terms and Conditions:

‘Risk warning: Forward Rate Agreements, Options and CFDs (OTC Trading) are leveraged products that carry a substantial risk of loss up to your invested capital and may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure that you understand fully the risks involved and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Our group of companies through its subsidiaries is licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (Easy Forex Trading Ltd - CySEC, License Number 079/07), which has been passported in the European Union through the MiFID Directive and in Australia by ASIC (Easy Markets Pty Ltd - AFS license No. 246566)’

Nov 21, 2016 - No Rating In 2014, after a poor performing 12 months, the easy-forex (now easyMarkets) CEO, Michael Konnaris, was relieved of his post and Nikos Antoniades, the CFO, was installed in his place. Nikos Antoniades had held the appointment of CFO for only 3 months before the promotion and had been the Deputy CFO at the company for 7 years prior to that.

He was installed on a cost cutting agenda. Budgets were slashed to reduce the monthly deficit. Marketing and promotions and expenditure was drastically reduced, many staff were made redundant and the company social events, something for which the company had become renowned, were cut to two events per year. Most importantly, investment in all global regions other than China ceased completely. Areas other than China were supposed to generate new deposits from their existing clients database. As a result, a senior member of the sales team resigned.

Nikos Antoniades idea was, instead, to created an in-house sales call centre to generate new interest. At first the call centre was only generating interest from new clients then for experienced Relationship Managers to take over and persuade them to deposit. However, over time, the benefits of maintaining the call centre did not justify the cost. They had to find a way to make it more profitable. So, it was then imposed upon the call centre that they now had to generate deposits.

It continued to struggle and a call centre management expert was hired in an attempt to turn things around. However, this did not work. In August 2016, after months of dispute with the company, the call centre manager resigned. It would seem the grand project had failed. easyMarkets now plan to close their call centre, rendering the staff redundant. What does that say about the state of the company?

Nov 9, 2016 - No Rating Is easyMarkets making false claims of being regulated?

easy-forex is in the process of rebranding as easyMarkets in the hope it will attract clients to the fading brand. They make the claim that. However, in their marketing literature they appear to be misleading their clients on a number of important areas. easyMarkets claims they are a ‘CySEC and ASIC regulated brokerage’. The claim of regulation is obviously intended to alleviate the fear that clients and potential clients may have of entrusting their money to the company. This is, therefore, a powerful claim to make and may influence thousands of clients to feel they are safe to deposit their money with easyMarkets or easy-forex. Therefore, it is important to explore the accuracy of this claim.

To establish the truth behind the claims, we have to examine the structure of the group of companies. ‘easyMarkets’ and ‘easy-forex’ are not themselves the names of companies but are purely trading names. The group of companies are connected yet sufficiently separated to provide a number of advantages over its clients. The parent company is ‘Blue Capital Markets Ltd’. This company is registered in Cyprus and provides the services for the other companies in the group, such as sales and back office staff. Easy Forex Trading Ltd is the company that contracts with all the clients from entities (countries) regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and is registered in Cyprus. Easy Forex Pty is the company that contracts with all clients that are regulated by the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC) and is registered in Australia. However, there is another company that contracts with all the remaining clients, the vast majority of clients. Its name of this company is EF Worldwide Ltd. This company is registered in the offshore tax haven of the Marshall Islands and, as a result, is not covered by any regulator.

The CySEC regulated company Easy Forex Trading Ltd exclusively handles clients from European countries. That means that no clients who are resident in countries outside Europe have the protection of CySEC regulation if they trade with easyMarkets or easy-forex. The ASIC regulated company Easy Forex Pty exclusively handles clients from Australia. That means that no clients who are resident outside Australia have the protection of ASIC regulation if they trade with easyMarkets or easy-forex. Therefore, all clients who are resident outside Europe and Australia have no protection from any form of regulation. This applies to the vast majority of the clients of easyMarkets and easy-forex who happen to be from China and the Middle East. If you are trading with easyMarkets or easy-forex and you live in China or the Middle East, you are trading without any form of regulatory protection.

easyMarkets and easy-forex operate separate websites for separate regions, each of which contains subtle differences. Clients in Europe will see a different website than clients in China and the Middle East. When a client registers an account on the Chinese and Arabic websites, they agree the terms and conditions of a contract with the unregulated company registered in the Marshall Islands, EF Worldwide Ltd, and not the CySEC regulated company Easy Forex Trading Ltd. This system has been constructed specifically to minimise the potential issues generated by regulation and is contrary to the interests of its clients in China and the Middle East. This information is contained within the contract, which is called the ‘Client Agreement’, on the website. However, many clients will not read the detail of the contract and will have otherwise read articles that they have been exposed to that make claims like ‘CySEC and ASIC regulated brokerage easyMarkets …launched a new feature on its trading platform…to better help manage risk.’ Clients will believe that they are protected by CySEC when they are not. They are deliberately being mislead.

The potential implications of this system are severe. The regulators provide safeguards for the protection of clients’ money and ensures the company’s operating practices are fair, which are not obligations without regulation. That means, for example, the company does not have to hold client’s funds separately to its other capital and they could, in theory, use the money to fund other aspects of the company, such as staff and other operating costs, a practice that is strictly forbidden for CySEC regulated clients. If the company were to be declared bankrupt, clients from China and the Middle East could lose their money. Additionally, if a client were to feel they were cheated in some way, there is no regulator to ensure a complaint is dealt with properly. It is purely a matter for the company what action, if any, they take to resolve any complaint from a Chinese or Middle Eastern Client.

easyMarkets and easy-forex are operating a façade where they create the illusion of one single brand but, in reality, clients are treated very differently depending on the country in which they live. It would appear that they want everyone to believe they are protected by regulators who are watching over their conduct in order that clients feel confident to deposit their money. However, their claims are inaccurate. An accurate statement should, instead, read ‘Brokerage easyMarkets, registered by CySEC in Europe and ASIC in Australia but not regulated outside these areas …launched a new feature on its trading platform.’

easyMarkets and easy-forex may claim that they will follow the practices of the regulator for all clients. However, if you are a client from China or the Middle East or outside Europe, would you really feel confident depositing your money knowing that it is not protected.
Forex Peace Army
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London, United Kingdom,
Dec 1, 2016,

My name is Jonathan, I have recently opened an account with EasyMarkets. And I must say that my first lesson with Rahul was extremely helpful. I recommend everyone to try and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. It has helped me as a beginner to take my first step towards trading. I am so grateful for finding EasyMarkets and Rahul. Good luck to whoever persues this.
Nov 28, 2016,

I am Major. Hamad from Kuwait.
This trading signal is very easy to understand. Deposits and withdrawals are also easy making. Platform and charts are easy to use. Quick customer care. So comfortable to open account. Hearty thanks for Easy Market and specially Nadai for all her efforts.
amit indore,
pune, India,
Nov 24, 2016,

My name is Amit Indore. Rahul trained me and it was very helpful. Easymarkets I highly professional company and I like what they are doing for beginners.
Pretoria, South Africa,
Nov 15, 2016,
Registered user

I'm very much happy about the warm welcomed by the staff members of easyMarkets as they are very professional and diligently doing their work to the fullest, well done easyMarkets for the job well done in trading and the good service teaming you give to your clients!!!!
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 14, 2016,

Excellent service by mr Rahul. He helped me a lot I'm Very pleased about there customer service
Durban, South Africa,
Nov 10, 2016,

I received an excellent customer service from Tina. She swiftly managed to assist me to open an MT4 account & transfer funds between my accounts. GREAT STUFF!
Oct 11, 2016,
Registered user

Thank you easymarket

I have started trading with minimum knowledge of trading and results at the begining where overwhelming. But I have ran out of luck and lost my account. I believe I am not the first one and not the last. I didnt give up and desided to study markets before I come back for revenge. Few monts after studying on my own I was still in the dark. Could'nt figer out what moves trend lines up or down. Technical analysis, news releases somtimes makes no sence at all. But after few training sesions with easymarkets helpfull staff things started to clear up on how to trade the right way. So hopefully with continiuos training sesions I will be back trading and make some nice profit. Thank you easymarket!
gauteng, South Africa,
Oct 11, 2016,
Registered user


great customer service reliable and friendly and very very helpful . Thank you so much to Rahul Gaikwad
UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 11, 2016,
Registered user


As per my experience this easymarket company is good for beginers and excellent customer relationships and guidance they are maintaining.
east london, South Africa,
Sep 25, 2016,

come guys et an ea linked

Lots of promises out there to et free ea if you change your broker. I have no need to chane EF has been exceptional for me, my only wish is can they also et some ea subscribed to them as in Sakura
Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom,
Sep 15, 2016,

Profit trades cancelled

I open account with easymarkets and start trading. After some trades easymarkets only cancel my all profit trades not loss trade. I complain to easymarkets and waiting for reply from last 2 weeks. all traders who are joining easymarkets, I would recommend you to stay away from scammers.
Reply by easyMarkets submitted Sep 22, 2016:
Following consultation with our Complaints department and Customer Support Department we are unable to locate a record of this trading account, client or complaint. We would encourage clients to get in contact with us directly including a client id number so we can look into this and provide an accurate response.
Sep 13, 2016,

I agree with many people here, because:

1. Internet platform, MT4, perfect mobile trading.

2. Very fast withdrawal.

3. Fast execution.

But the best is support, I'm trading 20 years, most of time with EF, now only with Easymarkets , I was try many others but never leave EF.

No reason to change.
Mexico, Portugal,
Sep 12, 2016,
Registered user


Easy Forex is the biggest scam artist I have encountered in all my years as a trader!!!

I am currently opening a civil case against them as they do not resolve my matter.

The are thieves are stealing $7000 from me!! Please be warned not to join or even think about joining this broker. If you are with them I would advice changing immediately!! I was not aware of how awful they are until speaking to other traders that have experienced issues with them.

It all started on Thursday 1 September before NFP on Friday, I was having endless problems with there server and sent my account manager Nicolas a message allow with a video that I kept being disconnected from there server although my other trading accounts at other brokers had no issues.

This matter was never resolved and then the VIP account manager, who I find out is not even licensed!! Calls me and I explain the situation I have been having , once again they promised to attend to the matter and this was never done.

Finally Friday comes and I trade before NFP, while trying to close my position at a profit they will not close at all, the market kept going down and it was then at a $1957 loss as I could not close my position and the market is very volatile at those times. I contacted the infamous unlicensed Bharat and told him the problem I was having that I could not close my postion and now it was at a loss and I will not close it and accept such as loss for something that is not my fault. I got told he would attend to it but this was never done. Eventually the account went into a margin call at - $7000 on the postion.

I then contacted Bharat and get told there is nothing he can do and I must accept the loss of $7000!!!! At the same time he still has the nerve to ask me to make a redeposit and they will give me a good bonus do I can trade again. I was so upset about this incompetent "account manager" That I put the phone down, after that they ignored my emails endless till I got told to email the complaints department.

I emailed them and after over 1 week of endless arguing they refuse to give me my money back and tell me to accept the full loss of - $7000 and want to blame it on the fact that I use a Top of the range macbook pro and faulty Internet connection as the cause. Even though I have proof of everything and reporting the problems days before and the loss at -$1957

All my years trading I have used mac, I trade with multiple brokers at once and never experienced such problems, also how is it that all my accounts where online except Easyforex, even with sending them Video proof of this where they can see all the accounts are online but they want to STEAL my money like the fraudsters they are being, now they want to blame it on my hardware aswell.

Please stay aware from easy forex, they are the biggest scamers out there and are taking innocent people out of there hard earned money.

Now that they refuse to resolve my matter so I am pursuing it legally and will also open a lawsuit against them incompetence, for my loss of income and for being assisted by unlicensed personal.

Please beware guys!

Best Regards

Rui Ribeiro

Happy trading!
Reply by easyMarkets submitted Sep 14, 2016:
We have consulted with our team regarding the alleged incident referred to by the client.
Indeed we have thoroughly checked the trading logs and have consulted with Metaquotes who have agreed with our findings.
There was an issue with the connection which is unrelated to the MAC or PC that the client is trading on but relates instead to the internet connection itself. easyMarkets is not responsible for any losses resulting from a poor internet connection and this is clearly stated under Section 10 paragraph 2 of our terms and conditions.
We have communicated with the client throughout this situation however we will not compensate for loss of earnings or other claims.
Noor mohammed khan,
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 1, 2016,


EASY-Forex wast broker i ever had been.with and ever since iJjoind with them i Dont see a need of checking out on other brokers when it comes to Deposit and withdrawals.they have been so good.they also help whenever needed,they never hesitate to help my best wishes with them.
Melbourne, Australia,
Aug 24, 2016,

Excellent support, great service,

Excellent support, great service, I opened my account 3 months ago, so far so good, no problems at all.
Gothenburg, Sweden,
Aug 24, 2016,
Registered user

best trader

When i was new member in easy-forex i received a lot of help from Elias Skaf in my mother language, he helped a lot on how to trade online and where to find and navigate arround even i got a lot of addvices on how to Think and what to read to understand how the maket works Before trading.
Mihai Constantin,
Craiova, Romania,
Aug 23, 2016,

I have been trading with a lot of companies for last 5 years, a friend of mine told me to try Easy Forex some time ago and I won’t regret, man, was he right? I have not found better service and fast and swift replies anywhere else, I consider myself as an experienced trader but still I have my doubts sometimes, they are always there for me, helping me with the technical levels, upcoming news etc.

The deposits are instant and so are the withdrawals, never had any difficulty until now, I have recommended this broker to many of my friends and will continue to do so. Keep it up Easy FOREX!!!!!!
Omer Bulgak,
Mardin, Turkey,
Aug 18, 2016,

I love the NFP contest on Facebook- I won 300 USD by guessing the right amount. Also they always respond every time I have a question. No problems from here.

Howick, South Africa,
Aug 18, 2016,
Registered user

good to be in business with these guys

Easy Markets was the first broker I ever had been with, and ever since I joined with them, I don't see a need of checking out on other brokers,when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, they have been so good... They also help whenever needed, they never hesitate to help!
Cairo, Egypt,
Aug 14, 2016,
Registered user

Excellent Broker that makes it fun to trade

I’ve been trading with Easy Forex for about 6 years , and for me I found them the best broker I ever dealt with , they have accurate quotes , stable system , fast withdrawals and excellent customer service , all my withdrawals came on time without any unjustified delay , However they have very tough restrictions regarding arbitrage and they don’t allow it just like all the brokers , So if you like playing twisted games in order to make easy money that you don’t have the right to have , you are not welcomed there but if you enjoy trading the right way , using whatever method in analyzing the market or use EA , I think Easy Forex is the right place for you.
Leonard ,
Amsterdam , Netherlands,
Aug 11, 2016,

Great personal service!

First week of trading with easyMarkets : I'm a relative novice in trading forex, although I do have some recent experience in trading by hotforex trough metatrader 4. Now it wasn't my intention to start trading directly with easyMarkets when I opened my account here, I just wanted to see if it was as good as the reviews were saying. And then the telephone calls started coming in, my client relationship manager Karol was there at my service. And what a service! He helped me through my first week day by day, smiling! And now I'm curious to where this will take me. Thanks to the bonus I'm compensated for some beginners mistakes. Which is very useful. The trading is easy from their website, although I'm not very comfortable with the mobile version of the site just jet. By accident I pushed the wrong button and stopped one of my trades. And it hasn't happened jet, but I can see myself making an accidental trade easily from the mobile site too. That aside I'm very happy with the service that I'm getting with my trading, from their site as well as in person by phone. I'm feeling comfortable trading here with Karols advice.
Gauteng, South Africa,
Aug 11, 2016,

i just opened my trading account with easy-forex, the experience i have so far is amazing , their response and support is excellent. love them
Aug 11, 2016,
Registered user

very good Broker, helpful, free training and market updates. Many good offers. Fast withdraw and easy, no hiding fees Best and easiest web trading page, easymarkets.com if someone wants to trade, use this broker very safe and account managers are helpful, always easy to have contact with. Thank you easy-forex.com (easymarkets.com), I will never change to another broker
ho chi minh, Viet Nam,
Aug 9, 2016,

Hi there. My account is datma2009 , which i have been traded for 6 years there. Honestly , i haven't got any problems about WITHDRAW AND TAKING PROFIT to my own account. for my view EASYFOREX should get 3 stars
Akbar Ali,
Ilford, United Kingdom,
Aug 7, 2016,

Old scammer with new name

Easy Markets is a still scammer with new name. Easy markets should pay to clients instead of changing their trading name. It does not matter that you scam people first then change trading name from easy forex to easy markets. Just pay profits to clients everthing will be ok.
Reply by easyMarkets submitted Aug 16, 2016:
easyMarkets has been established since 2003, we have thousands of clients and unfortunately a few do not appreciate our rules being enforced, especially in terms of unauthorised trading behaviour. The vast majority of our clients respect and adhere to our rules of trading and it is this majority that contribute to making us a well-respected broker. We are committed to dealing with each enquiry or complaint as effectively as possible and provide private responses to each and every trader who reaches out to us. We do not however respond to threats or requests to share private or confidential information via public forums. Each complainant on Forex Peace Army has been contacted privately and we will therefore not enter into further debates.
Jhelum, Pakistan,
Aug 6, 2016,

Scam broker EasyScams

Easy Markets is scam my friend is struggling to get money back from them. I would never suggest easy markets to any one. When you lose money they will be happy, when make profit easy markets will bring some unauthorised activity and dont pay profit. You get only initial deposit back in profit case.
Uzma Qadir,
Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan,
Jul 29, 2016,

One senior member from easymarkets Mr Bharat Ghori contacted me and looked into my issue. And he resolved my all issues regarding my profits.
I got my profits, and happy.

2016-07-28 1StarHello every one.
My Easymarkets ID: 4416614
I have an issue with Easymarkets.com
All case details here.

I want to complain at ASIC and CySEC where Easymarkets.com claim to be Regulated and Licence.

Where to proceed complain at ASIC and CyCES require broker internal complain reference number.
First easymarkets provided incorrect Ref#, I asked easymarkets.com for this correct Ref# again.
First they did not reply. I told ASIC about that.
Last day after long time easymarkets called me said why you need this. You will get nothing out of this. Ask compliance dep for this. I emailed again.
Today again easymarkets.com called me and said.
"we offer account in Europe, we do not offer forex account in your country Pakistan. You can not get Ref# to complain at CySEC or ASIC."
I said then why you given me account?
He said, "You opened account here by yourself. We not asked you to open account."
My this message is to those who are not European or Australian.
Please think twice if you plan to open account at Easymarkets.com.

Your money will not be safe nor you will be able to complain against them.

2016-06-15 1Star I join trade in easymarkets.com.
My user is usmilati8760@outlook.com.
and start trade crude oil during rate $37.
Then 3 tades buy from duuring 42 rate. I close one trade at 45 rate and
Balance near 1200. and other 2 trade I add take profit 48 rate.
Then after when I see there is no open trade in webtrader. All disappeared.
I ask easymarket where is my trades?
First they said <>. I said i not did so.
I ask again and again. But easymarket not accept.
When I said I complain of you.
Then they email me this

I ask this is my account there is no my another client. Tell me who my other client where is opposite trade?
For this they no reply.
I ask again and again where is give me. then they this reply


then they threat me this

One at easymarket.com said complain at complains@easy-forex.com
I complain there they also did same. No solution.

And now my account balance shows as
My balance for trading $744
My Bonuses $225

All profit trades disappeared.

Please help how to case against them?

Sri Lankan,
Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka,
Jul 21, 2016,

I have been an affiliate for easy-forex during the last 10 months. Account manager used to call me frequently. Then I introduced 2-3 clients and they were doing their trades. After Brexit, 2 of my clients were facing this type of a situation, where there was a problem in earned profits and reported about an unauthorised trading activity. My account manager personally spoke to me and explained myself and clients,what had really went wrong in the clients trading activity. Considering all facts into consideration, risk management department of easy-forex cancelled some trades of the clients. but at the end, not all trades were cancelled. They allowed clients to enjoy the profits of those trades. If easy-forex is a SCAM BROKER they would have easily cancelled all the trades and return the original investment. But they only cancelled the trades which they found violation of their terms. I do not know the real technical findings, but my suggestion is that if easy-market cancel trades without any finding, they would have cancelled ALL trades and cancel ALL profits. Therfore i believe that they have done based on some finding and they acted according to that and cancelled only the affected trades. Therefore I personally recommend Easy-forex to be one of the GOOD FOREX BROKERS at present. I admit they have many restrictions for trading, I also undersatnd that those restrictions has been placed in order to maintain a genuine trading relationship with the company with traders. I personally RECOMMEND Easy-Forex To be a Very Good Broker.
Akhtar Hussain,
Lahore, Pakistan,
Jul 19, 2016,

many clients reporting that easy forex is not paying there profits. FPA should take action against easy forex. it is not possible that all traders are wrong. and company representative giving same answers to everyone.

Review Moderation Team Note: The FPA does not take action solely based on reviews. Anyone wanting action against a broker must also come forward in the forums and follow the procedures for presenting evidence. The details are here...

Reply by easyMarkets submitted Jul 20, 2016:
Mr Hussain we have not received any reports of clients following our trading terms and conditions and not receiving profits. easyMarkets does not permit unauthorised trading activity and therefore any profits made in such a way will be voided, something which is clearly stated in our trading terms. We encourage clients to speak to us directly to resolve issues as we are unable to disclose individual details on public forums. easyMarkets
mohamed alghedefe,
jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
Jul 1, 2016,

The entry of $ 10 thousand dollars was achieved profits of 16 thousand Reject process of withdrawal of profit and they said you will get your 10 thousand only and will be canceled deal profit was deducted from my account 16 thousand unlawfully

my user: saudi222
Reply by easyMarkets submitted Jul 14, 2016:
Dear Mr. Alghedefe As you have been informed, your trading activity was an infringement of our client agreement with you. The terms clearly state that you cannot engage in unauthorised trading activity such as opening two simultaneous positions on the same market in opposite directions minutes before the markets close in order to take unfair advantage of market gaps while using our risk-management tools. We offer premium risk-management tools like guaranteed stop loss and negative balance protection to better protect serious traders. As you violated these terms we cancelled both your deals and have returned your funds to your trading account. We will be happy to assist you in future trading activity to ensure it is fair, compliant and satisfactory for both parties. Thank you easyMarkets
Muhammad Afzal,
, Pakistan,
Jun 16, 2016,

easy forex not paying money to traders. easy forex is a scam broker. please do not use easy forex. they stop many traders payments. even no reply from company employees.
Reply by easyMarkets submitted Jul 13, 2016:
A member of our team has contacted you privately and provided a detailed explanation regarding your account and subsequent actions that have been taken. The rules relating to Unauthorised Trading Activities are clearly published within the Client Agreement which is available to view on our website and we strictly adhere to them. easyMarkets
Farhan Jamil,
Jhelum, Pakistan,
Jun 7, 2016,

Hi there...
I had account with easy-forex.com.
Easy Forex user name: farhan23
I withdrawal $1000 --- 3-Dec-2014 from my easy forex account to my Bank Alfalah bank account.
My bank asked me for source of funds I told easy-forex is sender and my trading account is with them.
Which my bank rejected saying wire SWIFT sender details incomplete and also sender is not Easy Forex and will return money back to sender.
When I asked easy forex for transaction. they provided me receipt.
After my bank returned this $1000 back to sender.
and till now easy forex do not reply if I ask again and again, they say keep patience, our finance department is checking. And we will contact you soon.
I have provided copy of my bank that funds are returned to remitter.
Its now more than 18 months and easy forex still asking to wait.
Tariq Amjad,
Lahore, Pakistan,
May 31, 2016,

Easy markets is a scam brooker,, there is nothing good with easy forex. easy forex cancel my trades where i make profit. easy markets will not give you profits. you get only your deposit back if make profit if you lose money they pretend that they feel bad but they become happy when cliemts account hit to zero. easy markets cancel my profit 1170 dollar. many traders are complaning same thing here im not only one person please avoid easy forex or so called easy markets both companies are same and both are scam.
Reply by easyMarkets submitted Jul 14, 2016:
Established in 2003, easyMarkets is a regulated broker with satisfied clients around the world. The rules relating to Unauthorised Trading Activities are clearly published within the Client Agreement which is available to view on our website and we strictly adhere to them. We are unable to comment further on this specific case due to confidentiality. Thank you easyMarkets
, Pakistan,
May 26, 2016,

Really like their Web trading platform - very simple and easy to use. Client support is also very friendly. Submitted my first withdrawal request recently and received the money within 5 days without any issue. Would certainly like to continue trading with them.
Ajay kumar,
craiova, Romania,
May 26, 2016,

One of the most reliable brokers I ever traded with, never had problems with withdrawals. Spreads little more but worth it. Highly recommended.
Vitor Livingstone,
Pernambuco, Brazil,
Apr 25, 2016,

I'm currently having big problems to withdraw the profits I've made with the No Deposit Bonus promotion. They are making my account verification process a hassle, they are creating barriers that do not exist to prevent me to withdraw some money. I contacted them several times and I am still waiting for a resolution to this issue.

After much heartache, my documents were accepted and my account was verified but they are still preventing me from making withdrawals. They say there is another check to be made, then another and another... And then they give any excuse to delay simple things for the next day or week.

Everything is perfect in my account, in all aspects, and in no time they claimed some kind of irregularity in my trading but still they are keeping things difficult for me.

If necessary, I have chats, emails, screenshots, account statements and more to prove for any one that they are acting like a big scam. ( Contact me! )

I want what is rightfully mine! US$ 125.30 of profit made with the US$ 25 of bonus.
Download My Statement here
> https://mega.nz/#!hlVlWIia!sgAtpDvWfn0LaPr_F3FPZbkoUuYzrrejerMmSAIzme8

This is not everything. It is just the beginning of my complaint against easyMarkets / Easy-Forex!
Reply by easyMarkets submitted May 6, 2016:
As easyMarkets is a regulated broker, we strictly adhere to compliance procedures. In this case the client did not comply with our requests at first, causing a delay in processing. Once the client complied with our procedures, we credited his account with any monies owed and closed it to prevent further trading. We consider this to be a conclusion to the matter.
Hamza Bilal,
Karachi, Pakistan,
Apr 20, 2016,

Very good client support service with relationship manager. very helpfull staff. High spread, Fast execution. islamic account is best.
Ehsan Butt,
Jhelum, Pakistan,
Apr 18, 2016,

Trusted broker, I have been working with this company since 2012. I have trading account and IB account as well. in both side Im a happy client.
Elisha James,
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 13, 2016,

EasyMarkets.com is the first online trading platform I've used and I have to say I'm absolutely delighted with it. Intuitive and simple to use, it's made it easy for me to trade, even as a relative beginner.
Brno, Czech Republic,
Mar 26, 2016,

so I need to update my previous review. finally i`ve got my profit money but it was all the process about 2 weeks.

2016-03-11 1Star Again one scam company. I earned profit with no deposit bonus and from tuesday 8.3. i`m in withdrawal process but still any response for my questions, nothing. we are talking about 4 days in the moment. my account number 4352528.
Rahim yar khan, Pakistan,
Jan 15, 2016,

Easy-forex are good broker I am impressed with their client support . they are working good in forex trading business. specially account set up is fine for beginners. Feel good with easy-forex.
Lukasz Andrysiak ,
Borzecin maly , Poland,
Dec 25, 2015,

Withdrew $5,000 profit!. Excellent Polish team, market updates, videos and promotions. Not many brokers are supporting the Polish market properly like these guys. Also I tried their new beta trading platform www.easymarkets.com ! Really easy to use - these guys take it to another level!!
Matloob Hussain,
Jhelum, Pakistan,
Dec 23, 2015,

my issue has been resolved with easy forex. it was totally misunderstanding. my previous account manager left the company thats why i have been unable to contact them, now a new account manager assigned to my account. I have received my payments and have no issue with easy forex now.

2015-12-12 11Star I have account with easy forex, when I earned $600 they hold my account start investigation about my account. and its nearly 2 months now investigations havent completed yet. and no reply.

2015-12-08 No RatingI created an affiliate account with Easy Forex and placed banners to my website. everything was ok for about 2 months. when I earned $600 commission and time comes to make payment they asked me do you know your clients? I said no, I dont know my clients. after that they said we are investigating your account and will let you know about decision. Its more than 1 month now they havent completed there investigation and not even replying to me.
karachi, Pakistan,
Dec 12, 2015,

They have agood client support and that is what makes traders trust the broker more. i made account with then and tested with $100 and immediatly i got a personal manager to support me . Good Easy Forex
UK, United Kingdom,
Dec 8, 2015,

I have been delighted with how easy it is to trade on easy-forex, even for a relative novice. The training tools were particularly useful, especially the trading simulator and the videos for learners. The account set up was simple and I was impressed with how easily the bonus worked. A great platform.
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Dec 7, 2015,

I have seen them giving some no deposit bonus for new traders and that is a good thing by any broker to attract new clients. I also tried with that bonus but could not make any profit of it but their platform was good for trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Easy Markets regulated?

EasyMarkets group through its subsidiaries is licensed in 2 countries.

  • Easy Forex Trading Ltd: regulated in Cyprus by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC, License Number 079/07)
  • Easy Markets Pty Ltd: regulated in Australia by ASIC (AFS license No. 246566).

Is Easy Markets legit and good?

Is Easy Markets legit?

  • EasyMarkets holds Australia ASIC license and Cyprus CySEC license.

Is Easy Markets good?

What is the minimum deposit for Easy Markets?

Easy Markets requires a variable minimum deposit depending on the account types.

  • Standard account: the minimum is $100
  • Premium account: the minimum is $2,000
  • VIP account: the minimum is $10,000