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Updated: Dec 17, 2018
2.965 · 156 REVIEWS
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February-March 2017:  Numerous suspicious and fake reviews received for Easy Markets, including one fake submitted from inside the company's offices.

July 2016:  Reviews for Easy-Forex merged into EasyMarkets review page.

A company owned by BlueCapitalMarkets.com. Related sites include BlueBullCap.com.

easyMarkets is a forex broker. easy Markets offers the easyMarkets platform and MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. easyMarkets.com offers over 110 forex currency pairs, indices, commodities, cfds, vanilla options, as well as gold, silver, and other metals for your personal investment and trading options.

EasyMarkets.com (was Easy-Forex.com)

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EasyMarkets.com (was Easy-Forex.com) profile provided by easyMarkets, Mar 15, 2016

easyMarkets is an award winning global broker with full access to 300+ financial markets on our innovative and easy trading platform.

Company Overview

With over a decade of trading expertise and 100,000 fulfilled clients in 160 countries worldwide, easyMarkets will tick all your boxes whether you are a new or experienced trader, affiliate or introducing broker. Trade 300+ markets including currencies, commodities, metals, vanilla options and indices from one place without the jargon, complicated offers and confusing terms! Welcome to the exciting world of trading.  Welcome to easyMarkets.

  • 300+ Tradable Instruments

  • Award Winning Platforms

  • Low Fixed Spreads

  • Global Presence

  • 24/5 Dedicated Support

  • Established 2003

  • Exciting Promotions

  • Client Fund Safety

  • FREE Training & Support

Our group of companies through its subsidiaries is licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (Easy Forex Trading Ltd-CySEC, License Number 079/07), which has been passported in the European Union through the MiFID Directive and in Australia by ASIC (Easy Forex Pty Ltd- AFS license No. 246566).


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2.965 · 156 REVIEWS
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Dec 14, 2018,

Very easy to use, good for beginners...

The app's user interface is very simple and straight forward. Everything is quick and fairlt easy to understand even for beginners.

The in-app tutorials about how to use the app are very simple, brief, and straight forward. But the explanation of some very key trading options is not explained clearly. You might lose some money accidentally if you do not understand the difference between their easyTrade option and their day trade option.

They do offer to call during account verification where I assume they explain certain features of the app that are not clearly explained in the tutorials but I was in the process of changing my cell service so my number was temporarily offline. So I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Customer service is helpful, quick, and very easy to get in touch with via Messenger. They offer a good top up bonus when you add funds to your account.

They do not charge fees but they do apply a spread although I consider it a high spread. If you have a VIP account the spread is smaller. Generally, this platform is a good beginner platform. My first time doing any kind of trading and the experience seems okay.

I would rate this 4.5 stars simply because the core trading options were not explained on the tutorials so I ended up losing $200 even though my trades made a profit. Lol. But since they gave me a $300 signup bonus, the loss wasn't really out of pocket so I guess I will give them the extra star for a 5 star review.

My advice: Do a few trades with around $100 risk or less just to figure things out a bit then try with more once you have the platform figured out. Don't try to make money off of small trades, you won't unless you have a VIP account. Try to go for swings in the market.
HK, Hong Kong,
Dec 14, 2018,

stay away from this

This is big scam broker in hongkong. Once they steal from traders we do not forget this. Always say that trade was "unauthorised activity" but actually they are marketmaker who fixes trade to not be in your favour. Choose another broker- go away from here.
Nov 26, 2018,

I never looked back after experiencing the shady business

I never looked back after experiencing the shady business with easymarkets. Easymarkets is out of business and started to cheat all the affiliates. It was happening since beginning but I just found that recently.
Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Nov 27, 2018:
Dear Kumar,

We always appreciate feedback from our clients as it helps us get better at what we do and enhance their trading experience with us. Unfortunately, we cannot locate a trading or an affiliate account with the details you provided. If you are a client of ours and you are facing any issues in regards to your account, please contact cs@easymarkets.com with more information and we will get in touch with you in order to provide you with any assistance you may require.
Nov 11, 2018,

I wish i never knew about this scam broker. too much price manipulation. tested with my account and friends account... just confirmed that easymarkets is a scam thing...
Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Nov 13, 2018:
Dear Rahul,

We value feedback from our traders as it gives us the chance to become better at what we do. Unfortunately, we cannot locate an account with the details you provided. If you have an account with us, please email cs@easymarkets.com with more information and we will contact you asap in order to discuss this further with you.
Nov 6, 2018,

Price manipulation

Joke broker that steals money from traders... and make them lose the capital by price manipulation.
Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Nov 9, 2018:
Dear Ashish,

We pride ourselves on our products, services, trading conditions and the high quality standards we maintain. Unfortunately, we cannot locate an account with the information you provided so as to understand what exactly you are referring to. If you are a client of ours and you are facing any issues in regards to your trading account please contact cs@easymarkets.com with more details so that we will get back to you and assist you asap.
Craiova, Romania,
Nov 1, 2018,

Easy Markets is the best.

I have a lot of experience with many different companies, but i have to say that Easy Markets has one of the fastest withdrawls and my account manager is very helpful and professional, I wish there were more companies like them. 5 stars for them.
Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Nov 9, 2018:
Dear Marius, thank you so much for taking the time to submit your feedback regarding your trading experience with easyMarkets! We wish you all the best!
Lahore, Pakistan,
Oct 31, 2018,
Registered user

I am referring to your company and i did trade your options, if you down know my first trade was option, and if you are saying I never got my balance to 1000, then let me explain, as you stated i deposited 500, got a bonus and profit and all combined are above 1000, i can prove it at any moment, secondly once you remove trade that doesn't appear in account history, so dont be so smart, because now traders are as smart as brokers.

Oct 26, 2018 - 1 Star I am not referring to Vanilla option, you liars, I am referring to you easytrade option, which you trade on this link

secondly you said my balance never reached 1000, how funny is that, and where do i extract my history when you have already deleted those trades?
I was only able to withdraw last 250 dollars of profit, remaining all you had removed before I could withdraw, your trade execution department is shit, they removed all the trade and your live support has no reply, they called me several times and did nothing just made commitments that all trades will be credit back to my account very soon, lastly how could you say my balance was never 1000?
which my intial deposit was 500 plus 250 of bonus and profit of over 1000, let assume you say I never had 1000 USD, then lets do a calculation, could share the account history of my trading account, and let FOREXPEACEARMY do the calculation :)

Further to this, they left their link to contact them, so they can request me to change my review here, which i dont want, i need neither of money now, but just want to let people now they are fake, so dont think i will ever contact you, and if anyone from your company going to try contacting me I will record the call or email and will forward to FOREXPEACEARMY, this company is fake and blackmailers.

Oct 21, 2018 - 1 Star Yes indeed I made a profit, but you have removed more than 1000 dollars of profit and i lost alot on your option which is totally a fraud, they have fake pricing on option trading and their managers are excellent lairs, never think of trading with them.

Oct 15, 2018 - 1 Star This is one of the worst companies I have traded over last 8 years of my experience, they have highest spread, extremely high swap, worst of option trading, worst of support, they are fake, when you start to earn money they will start deleting your trades and will make you stop business with them soonest after your equity is less than your deposited amount, they wont support you anyways, they will keep on lying and make future commitments which they will never honor, they are fake stay away from them

Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Oct 18, 2018 Dear Hamza,

Thank you for coming to us with feedback as we appreciate this from all of our clients. We were surprised to receive this feedback from you though. It is unfortunate that you feel this way about our trading conditions, especially after seeing that your trading activity with us has been profitable until now and that you have successfully withdrawn your profitable balance. You mention regarding high spreads but please take into consideration that our spreads are always fixed spreads regardless of the market volatility and this makes it clear to you from the beginning the costs that you will be paying by opening your trade. You are also referring to options trading, which as we can see from your account, you have not had the opportunity to try with us. Just a reminder that our customer support team is available to you 24/5 to resolve any inquiries you may have in regards to your account as we always want to ensure that our traders receive the best possible service. You can contact us through Live Chat, email and phone. Please find here our contact details https://www.easymarkets.com/eu/about/contact-us/

Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Oct 23, 2018 Dear Hamza, as we can see from your account, you were solely trading on MT4 platform in which we do not offer Vanilla Options trading, so you have not had the opportunity to trade Options with us. Please consult your Account History on your MT4 platform as this will confirm that you have not traded Options with us.

The full amount of your profit was successfully withdrawn by you. You can confirm this from your Account History. Furthermore, there was never a balance of USD1000 available on your account for us to have debited. These facts that you have stated, do not describe your experience with us as per your account history. Maybe you are referring to an experience with another broker? Please note that we are here to provide you with the best possible service so please help us understand what issues you are referring to, as we are unable to see this from your account history.

Please do contact our Customer Support team and will go through your Account History together and analyze your trading activity.

Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Oct 30, 2018 Dear Hamza, as per our previous comment, you never traded on our web platform, in which Options trading, including the easyTrade option are available. You have only traded on our MT4 platform. Therefore, you have not had the opportunity to trade on our easytrade platform so as to provide any feedback.

Please understand that what you describe does not represent your trading experience with us and kindly ensure that you are not referring to your trading experience with another broker. I do suggest that you revisit your Account History information so that you can confirm that a deposit of USD500 was never made on your account, as you state. Here you will also see that there was never a profit of USD1000. A kind reminder that we are always at your disposal should you require an analysis of your trading account to be sent to you in case you are not able to download. If you wish to contact us we will be happy to go through your account history together and clear up any misunderstandings.
Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Nov 2, 2018:
Dear Hamza,
Please understand that our clients’ best interest is our number one priority and we are here to help you resolve any misunderstandings. Further to our records, a deposit of USD 500 was never made on your trading account, neither a profit of USD 1000. Your trading activity was solely on MT4 platform where Options trading is not available. Please do send us any information you may have that is showing the opposite.
Inam ul Haq,
Multan, Pakistan,
Oct 30, 2018,

This is most unfortunate that I have to raise complaint against easymarkets and one of your manager whose name is Bharat, I have referred number clients to your company and was having extremely good time, but Mr Bharat who is one of their manager has stopped my referral bonus for client referred in the month of July & August for which I was supposed to have received commission 3 month back, but despite of number reminders and commitments form your team side, I am still not getting my referral amount.
Initial I was using my own referral link to refer my friends, then manager gave my his link to use to refer friend, using which i gave alot of new clients to your company, now I am awaiting for referral amount for 4 accounts from last 2 months and 2 weeks back he told that you will not get any referral commission, Bharat is name of manager who has stopped my amount, he is in corrupt practice and stealing my money by giving his own link instead of letting me use my own referral link, he is not only stealing my money but giving an impression that your company is fraud. If easymarket doesnt release money soonest that will prove that company is also involved in corrupt practice and bullshiting people around, now they have recently added that referral commission in not valid for people from Pakistan, but they are supposed to pay for July & Auguest, and they did this because they knew I am going to raise case against them on this website
Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Nov 6, 2018:
Dear Inam,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have located and investigated the four accounts you are referring to. Unfortunately, all four accounts were subject to unauthorized trading activities. Please consult our Client Agreement in regards to Unauthorized Activities:

“7.2. ‘Unauthorised Activity’ means any act, including but not limited to:

g. Churning. Churning means excessive trading aiming to generate commissions. While there is no quantitative measure for churning, frequent buying and selling of securities that does little to meet the client's investment objectives may be construed as evidence of churning.

i. Multiple Account Operation. Clients may not trade using the accounts of others or allow others to trade using their account.3 Evidence of this activity includes (i) accounts operating from the same location, (ii) using/indicating the same IP address, (iii) multiple accounts displaying the same deposit and withdrawal patterns, or (iv) accounts showing similar or identical trading patterns. Where this activity is discovered, the Company reserves the right to close the affected accounts and all related open trading positions.”

Also, be informed that as per clause 7.2. j of the Client Agreement: “the Company reserves the right to take the appropriate action in circumstances where the terms and conditions of this agreement have been breached. The consequences of breaching one or more of the conditions, deemed as ‘unauthorized activities’, could mean the suspension or closure of trades, the return of funds, and/or the suspension or closure of your account.”

Please click on the following link for the Client Agreement https://static.easymarkets.com/assets/assets/view/20171116-easyMarkets%20client-agreement-int-en.pdf for further clarification.

Kindly understand that due to the above-mentioned reasons, and as already advised to you over the phone, you are not qualified to receive any referral credit for the specific accounts.

As per our Refer a Friend Terms on our website:

“We retain the right to disqualify a trader and to withdraw the Bonus in total, if there are reasonable grounds that the offer is being abused/manipulated in any way, including the use of an IP address that does not correspond to the identification documents of that client.”

Please consult our Refer a Friend Terms on the following link https://static.easymarkets.com/assets/assets/view/20180320-refer-friend-terms-int-en.pdf

We remain at your disposal should you require any further clarifications regarding this.
Oct 17, 2018,


MISLEADING SPREAD RATES...... I DO NOT EVER TRUST THIS BROKER AGAIN!!! I used to trade with this broker once and also with another broker by getting fx signals from third party. The moral fact was, all the trades executed on easymarkets ended up with loss but the other broker account ended up with profit (only a few were loss).

What I learn't is that this easymarkets broker is just a scam broker with too many hidden fee and spread rates.
Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Oct 19, 2018:
Dear Khilesh,

We appreciate feedback from our clients as we always strive to enhance their trading experience with us. Unfortunately, we cannot locate an account with the details you provided and we would really want to contact you in order to ensure that our trading conditions are clear to you. We believe in transparency and we proudly offer you fixed spreads and no additional commissions or fees when opening a trade. Unlike variable spreads, fixed spreads are set by the broker and do not change regardless of market conditions or volatility. Therefore, it is always clear to you what spread you will pay even before opening a trade. Just a reminder that we are at your disposal 24/5 for any assistance you may require so please do contact us in order to provide you with all clarifications you may need.
Please contact cs@easymarkets.com with more information so that we will get back to you asap.

Central America, Panama,
Oct 5, 2018,

At every turn there is a niggly charge---day traders are charge for holding over to next day; spreads appear reasonable but when you see the cost it does not match the opening price; every now and again they arbitrarily make an unexplained "renewal" charge; they provide bonuses but do not account why they are periodically diminished; trade records are poorly presented----The personnel are pleasant and helpful but they are just operatives with little discretion.----I have had an account with them since I started trading two years again. They are not a bad outfit but the whole operation is not as customer friendly as they like to make out.---As a beginner I have learnt a lot from them but it is now time to move on.
Reply by The easyMarkets Team submitted Oct 11, 2018:
Dear Nigel,

Feedback is very important to us so we thank you for taking the time to submit your review. We would really like to get in touch with you in order to explain in detail the renewal/rolling fees and the terms and conditions of bonus promotions. However, we cannot locate an account with the details you provided so kindly contact cs@easymarkets.com with more information so we can get back to you and discuss this further.

In the meantime, please note that information in regards to renewal/rolling fees is clearly stated on the Client Agreement: https://static.easymarkets.com/assets/assets/view/20171116-easyMarkets%20client-agreement-int-en.pdf When you choose to extend a day-trading position to the following day, your position will be subject to a renewal/rolling fee, at a rate and time specified on our website.

Moreover, bonuses are provided by easyMarkets for trading purposes only. Therefore, when clients request to withdraw funds from their trading accounts, any bonus amount is deducted from their free balance as it is nonwithdrawable. Of course, clients may be offered additional bonuses, depending on our current promotions. Please consult our General Trading Credit Rules: https://static.easymarkets.com/assets/assets/view/20170129-general-trading%20rules-global-en.pdf

From your easyMarkets account, you can monitor your Account Statement, Monthly Report, Activity Log, Open and Closed Trades. Please advise if you require any assistance on how to locate those reports from your account and we are happy to help you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you in order to contact you and ensure that this information is clear to you. We wish you a great day!