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Updated: Jan 23, 2023
Trade12 is a forex broker. Trade 12 offers the MT4 and Web Trader forex trading top platform. offers over 20 forex currency pairs, futures, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.
2018-08-02:  Global Fin Services Limited (GFS, was wound up in the public interest at the High Court on 16 July 2018 and the Official Receiver is now the liquidator of the company.  This was done because of misconduct by the company.  CLICK HERE to verify.

Despite this, the website continues to operate.

July 2018:  There is now a third FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  Based on this and the regulatory warnings against the company, the FPA now considers and all related companies to be a scam.

The FPA recommends AGAINST doing business with Trade12.

November 2017:  There is a second FPA Traders Court Guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with Trade 12 until these issues are resolved.
June 2017:  The UK FCA has issued an unauthorized firm warning against Global Fin Services Limited operating as Trade 12.  CLICK HERE to verify.
May 2017:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with Trade 12 unless this issue can be resolved.

March 2016:  Consob has issued a warning against Trade12.  CLICK HERE to verify.

October 2016:  The FPA would appreciate it if Trade12 employees would stop spamming the forums. CLICK HERE to see examples.
April 2016:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum to Open Live: Unknown
Established: 2014
Address: Ajeltake Island-Majuro, MH 96960, Marshall Islands
Contact:, 18886834913
Regional offices:
Prohibited countries: Show all >>
Trading platforms: MT4, WebTrader
Web Trading: ✅ Yes
Mobile Trading: ✅ Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (20+)
CFD: (220+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities

Trading Conditions

EAs/Robots: ❔ Unknown

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, CASHU,, PaySafe Card, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, CASHU,, PaySafe Card, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney, Yandex Money
* Please check broker website for more information
1 • 64 REVIEWS

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Australia, Australia,
Jun 23, 2019,
Registered user

Trade12 Bank

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Hi every one that has been scammed by Trade12
I have also been scammed and lost over 108K to these con artists.
I am now trying to get my funds back by using mychargeback not even sure this company is a scam yet, but have started recovery with them.
Can anyone advise who trade12 bank is and what country the bank is in.
I am going to try recover whatever funds I can from the bank directly.
If any one can advise.
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Singapore, Singapore,
Jun 11, 2019,
Registered user

Total scam, you will not get your money.

Guys, don’t ever try this company. You will not get back even your full deposit amount. Full scam. Reach out to my email, i will provide full details of how they will cheat you including all the broker names. I know atleast 6 of them . I have friends who has similar experience.
Forex Peace Army
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Bhullar saab
Canada, Canada,
Jan 21, 2019,
Registered user


Stay away from TRADE12 as they are still holding to my $17700 UScurrency from the last two years without any reason. Anybody can call 437-925-7202 and i m ready to prove with proofs that TRADE12 is a SCAM
Kiev, Ukraine,
Jul 9, 2018,
Registered user

Do not invest even 1 dollar in this fiction !!!
My id 1065481986
I lost about US $ 12,000.

In June 2017, I called a man on the mobile phone +380633195310, who was introduced to the company "Trade 12" and offered me consulting and training for work on the stock exchange. The phone number from which the person was calling was with the code of Canada, I did not remember his name. I agreed to this offer.
After that, several of the men who came from the technical support of the Trade 12 company called me and, according to their instructions, I opened my personal office and installed on my computer programs TRADE12 and MT4. E-mail Technical Support for Trade 12 - Trade12 Support <>.
In order to install Trade 12 and MT4 software on my e-mail from Victor Knyazev (e-mail -, detailed information was provided for the installation of the above-mentioned comprehensive software (a copy of the letter is attached).
Based on the MT4 program, all registered brokers operate. I could work on the basis of this program only through a broker - the company "Trade 12".
To start work on the stock exchange it was necessary to replenish the account and therefore 06.06.2017 I transferred from my personal account number 5168 ............ 84 and 41 ............ 03, opened in PJSC CB "Privatbank" 100 $ to the account 1065481986, specified in My personal account, and 21.06.2017, was $ 500, after which I called the girl, who introduced Evgenia Firsova to the mobile phone, and said that she is a broker of Trade 12 and will teach me and help make money on the stock exchange.
Phone number of Evgenia +16139279767 (WhatsApp)
login skype evgenia.firsova
After about two weeks, several times a day, Evgenia called me to the mobile and told me what positions on the stock exchange should open what I was doing.
After some time, Evgenia said that I needed to earn more to transfer money to the account, since there were few $ 600, which were already listed by me.
June 22, 2017, I listed $ 1,100, and June 30, 2017 - another $ 500, but Evgenia said that this is not enough, you need to transfer more money, cites examples of rising stock prices. Following the proposals on the stock exchange, I noticed that Eugene's forecasts were valid and therefore, on July 13, 2017, I listed $ 1,580. She opened a warrant to buy NIKE shares, which brought me $ 573 profit. Eugene promised that in a week I will be able to earn about $ 600-800.
In the twentieth day of July 2017, Evgenia once again began to say that it was necessary to transfer more money to the account, cited examples of the growth of prices for shares of various well-known companies. So she suggested and insisted that I replenish the account for the purchase of shares of the company Apple.
On 07/25/2017, I listed $ 1,000 to buy shares of Apple. 07/25/2017 Evgenia has opened 2 orders and recorded a profit of $ 339. But these funds on the account was not enough, according to Evgenia, so she insisted on adding up to $ 2,000, which I did 2.08.2017year for normal work on the stock exchange. On the same day, Evgenia reserved for me the shares of the company Apple, opened the order and recorded a profit of $ 1204.5. 3.08.2017 she has yet opened a warrant for the purchase of shares of the company Apple and recorded a profit of $ 553.50.
I want to note that before each purchase of a stock lot I signed an electronic document (a copy is enclosed) and I was surprised that the purchased item automatically opened in my profile, although to login to my personal office I needed to know a login and password that was known to me only. .
After that, my financial broker analyst Yevgeniya disappears on a business trip and I'm called by the assistant of Evgenia - Andrey Karnauh (phone +16139279758 Skype andrey.karnauh). He tells me that now, according to their data and situation in the market, good signals that will bring profits. We with him together we open on 08/04/2017 a warrant for SELL Silver xagusd for 5 lots. After a few hours, the market changes direction and instead of profit, I get an increase in losses every hour in my account. I wrote to him in Skype that he would do market analysis and provide me with reliable information. To this he told me that there is nothing terrible about this. But when the minus was already about $ 4,500, then Andrew said that it was necessary to open an order on BAy 5 lots in order to "put in a lock" and did not increase the minus account. At the same time, I corresponded with my Evgenia broker WhatsApp messenger, asked what to do next, because the minus grew, what was the answer to that Andrew is a qualified specialist, he knows the situation on the market, and there is no need to worry.
3-4 days later, my broker Evgenia returned. August 22, 2017, Evgenia called me and told me that the quarterly reports of the companies have already passed, and therefore need to work in the foreign exchange market. In the period from 22.08.2017 to 24.08.2017, she chaoticly opened various currency pairs for profit.
4.09.2017 Evgenia got through the program TeamViewer, which I pre-installed on my PC, from a letter received from the company TRADE12, and closed a profitable overdrive (23232228) in size of 5lots by xagusd and a lossy warrant (23200275) xagusd in size of 2.5lit. Then he immediately opened the warrant for BAU 2.5 lots by xagusd and thus put in a lock the minus operation on SELL by xagusd.
4.09.2017 Evgenia called me and told me that we are now temporarily stop working in the foreign exchange market and we are going to work on indices. On the same day, Evgenia comes to me on the PC through the TeamViewer program in the MetaTrader4 program. After that it finds the chart of index VIX-SEP17 and opens 6 orders (23378935,23378938,23378942,23378945, 23378946,23378949) in 0.2 lots on BAU. In a telephone conversation Evgenia tells me that this is the best option for earnings at the moment, and says that I'm not worried that for each order minus $ 1,100. On the following day, 5.09.2017, they conduct the process of expiration of these 6 orders and close with a profit of $ 100 for each order. Then Evgenia calls me and says that I'm worried for nothing. And immediately opens again 6 orders (23389004, 23389008, 23389009, 23389011, 23389012, 23389016) of the VIX-SEP17 index by 0.2 lots each. September 6, 2017 they expedite orders and close with a profit of $ 190 for each order.
09.6.2017 Evgenia opens again 6 orders (23401325,23401322, 23401327, 23401330, 23401329,23401331), while 7.09.2017, only 1 order is closed, and leave five unclosed warrants.
09/08/2017 Eugene calls me and tells me that open orders under the VIX-SEP17 index need to be spurred but not enough free margin, and offers me to replenish the account for $ 3,300, as they said the bank has calculated the spread (commission) and now the minus in my account has increased twice. To what I replied that I do not have such funds unfortunately, then Evgenia sends me to risk manager Katerina Orlova (tel +16139279761, Skype: e_orlova_1). On the same day, Katya calls me and tells me if I do not fill up the account, then I can lose all my money and income received during all the time, so I need to replenish the account to save money.
As of September 8, 09 and 14, 2011, I replenished an account for $ 3300, and they only closed 2 orders (23401325 and 23401327). Order 23401325 is closed on 14.09.2017 and the order 23401327 is closed on 18.09.2017. at the time there were 3 closed orders.
09.19.2017, Katya calls me and says that the bank has again extended the spread (commission) and I now need to refill the account for $ 3700 again to close 3 orders.
09/20/2017 I will replenish the account for $ 3700 and they only close 1 order (23401329) September 25, 2017. Since 20.09.2017, I asked Katya every time when they closed other orders, for which they received an answer: maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
09/28/2017 after agreeing to deduct $ 1,000 to repay a loan in a bank, Katya calls me and shouts in the handset and tells me that I drove the money because the bank has once again extended the spread (commission) and now I need to top up the account for $ 7500, what I said that I have no money, I do not give credit to the bank. Before that, I made a screenshot of the terminal where the total amount of damages of $ 9,125 was indicated on orders 23401330 and 23401331. According to the rules of the contract for cooperation of Trade 12 and the client, they had to close them automatically. But they increased the minus to $ 1,7025, immediately close them and fix these losses to me. After that, I realized that the traders 12 somehow manually changed the prices for the given VIX-SEP17 index for taking over my money.
All the positions on which I put the money, as I understood, did not appear on the real market at all, but worked on the internal program, besides the third parties had access to my personal office, although, as I already mentioned, the login and password were known only to me.
In total I was transferred $ 14,730, of which $ 2,450 was returned to me with the appointment of payment "Return of the goods".
As a result of unlawful actions, I caused a material damage of $ 13,730, as $ 1,450 were reinvested on my account, immediately after receipt. 1000 $ I was able to withdraw at the last moment to repay the loan received in PJSC CB "Privatbank".
6.12.2017 I applied to the bank of PJSC CB "Privatbank" for the procedure of returning my funds CHARGEBACK. 12.12.2017 I addressed a letter to Trade12 on termination of the broker obedience contract. After that, I received from Trader12 a response to the threats and accusations of fraud in me if I did not cancel Chargek's procedure at the bank. I did not agree with their proposal to cancel the chargeback procedure. After that, they began to paint my door at the address of residence and paint the male genitals with a black paint. Also, print postcards, allegedly selling poor-quality PC components that I have never sold in my life, and scatter these postcards in my porch from the first to the fourth floor.
Men also called on my phone and asked how much intimate services are available. Employees of Trade12 appeared on the site to advertise the provision of intimate services to a girl and indicated my phone number +38063 3195310.
In addition, the employees, having received my personal information earlier, began to register me at other sites that provide brokerage services, thus violating the Law of Ukraine No. 2297-VI of 01.06.2010 "On Protection of Personal Data". Without my consent, they have registered me with more than 15 broker companies. After registering, I call the workers of these 15 companies and offer cooperation that I do not need.
30,01,2018 -500$, 6,02,2018-550$ 9,02,2018-1,100$ I received a response from PRIVATBANK for refunds from TRADE12. But all the other 9 applications for CHARGEBACK's repayment have been lost, besides, the employees demanded me $ 500 for each transaction, in case of losing the arbitration by charging.
During this time, I found out that the website was registered by GLOBAL FIN SERVICES LTD. Registration number 09836699 in the UK, whose director is a citizen of Ukraine Victor Prudky

After that, I created several Russian-language sites to counteract these rogues.
I lost about US $ 12,000.
This is a real cuisine from the deception of uninformed investors!

At the moment, TREID12 brokers blocked my account of 1065481986 as early as December 2017, and in the beginning of 2018 I blocked my personal account at
Brokers Katya Orlova and Evgeniya Firsova blocked me in Skype and in Watsap, so I accidentally did not write them, did not require a refund.
Belarus, Belarus,
May 28, 2018,
Registered user

DO NOT TO COOPERATE WITH TRADE12!!!! I started working with them in August 2017. A representative of their company, allegedly from Germany, called me on my mobile. In my naivety, they still persuaded me to work with them. I won't tell you for a long time but for 6 months I invested $ 10 000$ in this company. I traded not myself, but with the help of their analyst. Everything was good, we allegedly even "earned" $4000 profit, I really could not get enough, began to make plans as I will spend these money)))) at the end of January 2018, their analyst opens with me 2 transactions on oil, which go sharply to minus about $ 2500!!! In tears, trying to contact an analyst, because the connection they have one-way, they can call you and you can not!)) He start to reassure me, he said «was the movement of the market, nothing, we will wait, everything will go up, I know and bla bla bla…» in General, minus went to 5000, then again to 2500, the analyst puts them in the "lock", but I suspect that and close all transactions in the negative on the same 4000, that we earned, it turns out the account only money that was made by me. Later I learned that this "kitchen" and not the company, do not bring the transaction to the real market, I demanded the money back. Only $ 2,000 was withdrawn. The rest of the money is naturally not withdrawn under various pretexts. Already 3 months do not withdraw money and stopped responding. You decide whether to risk working with this office or not.... But I think they're stealing deposits. If they were a normal company, they'd withdraw the money. Their purpose is your Deposit.. I know a lot of the victims at their hands! No one will earn you 20 % of the Deposit monthly, as they promise))) do not believe . Now explain why trade 12 Scam
1 Trade12 does not have a license and does not have a regulator that a real broker company must have
2 Trade 12 was on Marshalovich Islands. What it means?, and the fact that this is an offshore zone and the funds from there is impossible to withdraw, and accordingly all disputes between you and the company will be subject to the laws of the Marshall Islands. In your country, no one can protect you
3. Trade12 has one-way communication, you can never reach them. German, canadian and other numbers, it is nothing but a miracle of modern technology-IP polyphony, that is, they call you from Ukraine, and you break through the number of Canada for example.
4 Trade 12 do not WITHDRAW MONEY
5 The company that owns and operates the Trade12 website is a subsidiary of Exo Capital Markets Limited, Global Fin Services Limited, which misleads the working address of Estonia, does not have a license to provide investment services in Estonia and therefore does not have the authority to provide it
The company is registered in the UK at the last of the addresses 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
The police in these cases are not on your side. Be vigilant! This applies not only to trade 12.
Munich, Germany,
May 16, 2018,
Registered user



First I thought this platform is a serious one that gives good advice and creates great possibilities for investing. By now I'm totally frustrated. My withdrawal requests are in the status "cancel" since FEBRUARY. They try to make you believe that they support you and you can trust them. I was able to withdraw smaller amounts but by now they REFUSE TO WITHDRAW and send dubious agreemtents I should sign.

WRONG ADVICE for a product that didn't exist anymore sits in the account and it is not possible to sell blocks everything. I doubt that the machine is real at all by now.

I want to withdraw my money since 02/07/ and 03/17/2018.
The balance on my account is more than 300'. Serious money.
New Zealand,
May 4, 2018,
Registered user

Beware: trade12 , John Ray, Ellaine Ferreira, Sam Lexis. names will have changed by now..
I lost >$500,000. They produce impressive but believable gains (which we now know are fabricated on a mirror platform, running slightly off real time to make them seem incredibly smart)..
They will let you draw out small amounts to build your trust..but never anywhere close to your total investment.. when you do try to draw your initial capital ... they will put you into "long trades" that block your withdrawals then crash your account... pass you onto fake "finance dept" then "recovery dept" always offering to "help you out"....
No one makes money that invests in trade12.. they even offer to get you in contact with others that have tripled, quadrupled their portfolio... if this is you do get to talk to these "referrals" ... ask them one question. " have you successfully withdrawn an amount exceeding your total investment..... the true answer will be NO.. the only reason they give you these people as "referrals" is because they still believe their portfolio is actually real.. DO NOT ENGAGE TRADE12 ... happy to talk to anyone that has concerns
My comments reflect the Kiwiflyers experience down to a tee.
These guys need to be located, stop & tried
Please make contact if you are interested pursuing this cause, victim numbers must prevail freezing there funds, assets with the interest to recouping invested funds.
Respond via this web site to gain my contacts
Australia, Australia,
May 1, 2018,
Registered user

Trade12 scam

Beware: trade12 Ben Meny, John Ray, Ellaine Ferreira, Naniia Moss.. names will have changed by now..
I lost 50,000. They produce impressive but believable gains (which we now know are fabricated on a mirror platform, running slightly off real time to make them seem incredibly smart)..
They will let you draw out small amounts to build your trust..but never anywhere close to your total investment.. when you do try to draw your initial capital ... they will put you into "long trades" that block your withdrawals then crash your account... pass you onto fake "finance dept" then "recovery dept" always offering to "help you out"....
No one makes money that invests in trade12.. they even offer to get you in contact with others that have tripled, quadrupled their portfolio... if this is you do get to talk to these "referrals" ... ask them one question. " have you successfully withdrawn an amount exceeding your total investment..... the true answer will be NO.. the only reason they give you these people as "referrals" is because they still believe their portfolio is actually real.. DO NOT ENGAGE TRADE12 ... happy to talk to anyone that has concerns
Dana Shakirova
Almaty, Kazakhstan,
Apr 27, 2018,
Registered user

Pls assist to withdraw only deposit, I have no any open deals and no any signed contract.

Issue escalated to Traders Court Dana Shakirova vs | GUILTY
Let me introduce myself, I’m a client of your customer Trade12 LLC, my name is Dana Shakirova acc. # MT4 Id 1065493486
Please be aware once that Trade12 LLC is a scammer. I have strong proves and reasons to say that. I have an account with this company from the end of 2017 after long time convictions and calls from this company and deposited in all 10100 $ (Ten thousand and one hundred dollars) with the aim to get trader’s level and more prevelege to earn.  I was assured by an agent all the time, that I could get money back when necessary. The broker Nikita Yanovsky who run me from the first day stated that we’d trade on stocks WITHOUT RISKING, my deposit’s safe and he’d earn with me his comission. During our first days of work, he displayed me good trading on Apple. I cashed out 200$ (two hundred dollars) in order to check withdrawal system. And checked it was gone from terminal day by day but came to me almost a month.  Later there were regular deals on gold, silver and metals. Then there annual reporting period started, when all traders became more active and mainly made money according to Nikita’s words. That’s why there were plenty of suggestions on trading with good positions and quota that I couldn’t cover with my deposit, so Nikita required to cash in, I had to search for additional fund and investors all the time we worked. He said there is a referral program on which I can bring another clients and have my bonuses in 30% of deposit. However it won’t be cashed but support to increase my buying power. Ok I said, I was trying advertising and presenting among friends and companions. So Nikita Yanovsky and his main boss Nikolay Prasnevsky helped to increase my profit to 2000 $ (two thousand dollars).  I was so happy, planned to use it.
However there appeared Dropbox’s wayout to IPO, my broker Nikita suggested to make profit on it, of course with additional investing of 13600$ (Thirteen thousand six hundred dollars). He was informed by me that I would have funds only in summer, then could only make deposit, but he insisted on cashing in, working with investors and sharing profit with them. I was under pressure again for about a week, as he tried to urge me. So I didn’t take it. However he booked shares in spite of my unreadyness, my last words were I’ll try to look for fund but don’t promise. (there is confirming call record.) There have been a lot of my lost nerves and stress on my health. Nikita said there might be Bank’s commission in amount of 15000$ (fifteen thousand dollars) for these booked shares if I wouldn’t deposit needed amount 13600$ (Thirteen thousand six hundred dollars). That moment balance on my account was 12012 $ (Twelve thousand twelve dollars). Nevetheless on 23d of March, when this deal was successfully settled and the broker Nikita said Bank didn’t take its comission neither from my account, nor from him. He said keep calm, be quite. It’s OK. Happy news I thought and greatly pleased Nikita for that. For 23.03.2018 I had 3 open deals.  
The next day Nikita called me in the evening and said we should work on statstics, and emailed me a contract to be signed. I said I had to get acquainted as I was enough cautious after what was experienced. That was a doubtful contract. There were several points that confronted my interests.  That’s why I rejected it. Our relations became worse. They made me sign. I have been refusing all the time and suggesting any other wayouts to work and settle. I had 2 partners ready to invest. They were not interested in them. I said pls withdraw me my profit 2000 $ (Two thousand dollars), then I will sign this contract and work with agent. They refused me in this too. Then I was tired of all this. (There were family troubles, Nikita was known about them, I’ve informed him and asked for help, but no, he is not as human being, he’s like a robot without feelings and even a heart absense who needs just deposit and investing).
After all I decided to end up and withdraw only my deposit. I closed one deal with profit and 2 deals with loss.  On 16th of April I applied for withdrawal, and I got a reject by reason as if I have a contract with them. I have no any contract signed. I emailed them about it. But there was no reply. On 24 th of April I applied for the second time, rejected again with the same reason. 
I beg you, if it’s in your eligibility please, force Trade12 to pay back my deposit only. 

Thank you in advance.
HJ Lombard
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Mar 8, 2018,

A total scam! Fraudulent practices. Untrustworthy! Stay away! is trap. Avoid them at all costs. Save yourself untold heartache and losses! Regardless of what they claim, they lie! I have had only one traumatic experience in all my life and it was Scam artists that will create reasons to prevent you from withdrawing funds, once you have made deposits you can kiss your money good-bye. Trust experience. I have just that!
Reply by Trade12 submitted Mar 13, 2018:
Hello HJ,

My name is Lily, I'm from Trade12, and I would like to further assist you regarding your concern.

It would be of help if you elaborate this matter via email or

We would also like to ask for your MT4 ID so we can have your account checked with the respective department.

Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,