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Trade12 is a forex broker. Trade 12 offers the MT4 and Web Trader forex trading top platform. offers over 20 forex currency pairs, futures, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.
2018-08-02:  Global Fin Services Limited (GFS, was wound up in the public interest at the High Court on 16 July 2018 and the Official Receiver is now the liquidator of the company.  This was done because of misconduct by the company.  CLICK HERE to verify.

Despite this, the website continues to operate.

July 2018:  There is now a third FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  Based on this and the regulatory warnings against the company, the FPA now considers and all related companies to be a scam.

The FPA recommends AGAINST doing business with Trade12.

November 2017:  There is a second FPA Traders Court Guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with Trade 12 until these issues are resolved.
June 2017:  The UK FCA has issued an unauthorized firm warning against Global Fin Services Limited operating as Trade 12.  CLICK HERE to verify.
May 2017:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with Trade 12 unless this issue can be resolved.

March 2016:  Consob has issued a warning against Trade12.  CLICK HERE to verify.

October 2016:  The FPA would appreciate it if Trade12 employees would stop spamming the forums. CLICK HERE to see examples.
April 2016:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum to Open Live: Unknown
Established: 2014
Address: Ajeltake Island-Majuro, MH 96960, Marshall Islands
Contact:, 18886834913
Regional offices:
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, WebTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (20+)
CFD: (220+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Unknown
Deposit Methods: VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, CASHU,, PaySafe Card, Skrill, SWIFT, UnionPay, WebMoney, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, CASHU,, PaySafe Card, Skrill, SWIFT, UnionPay, WebMoney, Yandex Money

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0.941 · 64 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Australia, Australia,
Jun 24, 2019,
Registered user

Trade12 Bank

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Hi every one that has been scammed by Trade12
I have also been scammed and lost over 108K to these con artists.
I am now trying to get my funds back by using mychargeback not even sure this company is a scam yet, but have started recovery with them.
Can anyone advise who trade12 bank is and what country the bank is in.
I am going to try recover whatever funds I can from the bank directly.
If any one can advise.
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Singapore, Singapore,
Jun 11, 2019,
Registered user

Total scam, you will not get your money.

Guys, don’t ever try this company. You will not get back even your full deposit amount. Full scam. Reach out to my email, i will provide full details of how they will cheat you including all the broker names. I know atleast 6 of them . I have friends who has similar experience.
Forex Peace Army
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Canada, Canada,
Jan 22, 2019,
Registered user


Stay away from TRADE12 as they are still holding to my $17700 UScurrency from the last two years without any reason. Anybody can call 437-925-7202 and i m ready to prove with proofs that TRADE12 is a SCAM
Kiev, Ukraine,
Jul 9, 2018,
Registered user

Do not invest even 1 dollar in this fiction !!!
My id 1065481986
I lost about US $ 12,000.

In June 2017, I called a man on the mobile phone +380633195310, who was introduced to the company "Trade 12" and offered me consulting and training for work on the stock exchange. The phone number from which the person was calling was with the code of Canada, I did not remember his name. I agreed to this offer.
After that, several of the men who came from the technical support of the Trade 12 company called me and, according to their instructions, I opened my personal office and installed on my computer programs TRADE12 and MT4. E-mail Technical Support for Trade 12 - Trade12 Support <>.
In order to install Trade 12 and MT4 software on my e-mail from Victor Knyazev (e-mail -, detailed information was provided for the installation of the above-mentioned comprehensive software (a copy of the letter is attached).
Based on the MT4 program, all registered brokers operate. I could work on the basis of this program only through a broker - the company "Trade 12".
To start work on the stock exchange it was necessary to replenish the account and therefore 06.06.2017 I transferred from my personal account number 5168 ............ 84 and 41 ............ 03, opened in PJSC CB "Privatbank" 100 $ to the account 1065481986, specified in My personal account, and 21.06.2017, was $ 500, after which I called the girl, who introduced Evgenia Firsova to the mobile phone, and said that she is a broker of Trade 12 and will teach me and help make money on the stock exchange.
Phone number of Evgenia +16139279767 (WhatsApp)
login skype evgenia.firsova
After about two weeks, several times a day, Evgenia called me to the mobile and told me what positions on the stock exchange should open what I was doing.
After some time, Evgenia said that I needed to earn more to transfer money to the account, since there were few $ 600, which were already listed by me.
June 22, 2017, I listed $ 1,100, and June 30, 2017 - another $ 500, but Evgenia said that this is not enough, you need to transfer more money, cites examples of rising stock prices. Following the proposals on the stock exchange, I noticed that Eugene's forecasts were valid and therefore, on July 13, 2017, I listed $ 1,580. She opened a warrant to buy NIKE shares, which brought me $ 573 profit. Eugene promised that in a week I will be able to earn about $ 600-800.
In the twentieth day of July 2017, Evgenia once again began to say that it was necessary to transfer more money to the account, cited examples of the growth of prices for shares of various well-known companies. So she suggested and insisted that I replenish the account for the purchase of shares of the company Apple.
On 07/25/2017, I listed $ 1,000 to buy shares of Apple. 07/25/2017 Evgenia has opened 2 orders and recorded a profit of $ 339. But these funds on the account was not enough, according to Evgenia, so she insisted on adding up to $ 2,000, which I did 2.08.2017year for normal work on the stock exchange. On the same day, Evgenia reserved for me the shares of the company Apple, opened the order and recorded a profit of $ 1204.5. 3.08.2017 she has yet opened a warrant for the purchase of shares of the company Apple and recorded a profit of $ 553.50.
I want to note that before each purchase of a stock lot I signed an electronic document (a copy is enclosed) and I was surprised that the purchased item automatically opened in my profile, although to login to my personal office I needed to know a login and password that was known to me only. .
After that, my financial broker analyst Yevgeniya disappears on a business trip and I'm called by the assistant of Evgenia - Andrey Karnauh (phone +16139279758 Skype andrey.karnauh). He tells me that now, according to their data and situation in the market, good signals that will bring profits. We with him together we open on 08/04/2017 a warrant for SELL Silver xagusd for 5 lots. After a few hours, the market changes direction and instead of profit, I get an increase in losses every hour in my account. I wrote to him in Skype that he would do market analysis and provide me with reliable information. To this he told me that there is nothing terrible about this. But when the minus was already about $ 4,500, then Andrew said that it was necessary to open an order on BAy 5 lots in order to "put in a lock" and did not increase the minus account. At the same time, I corresponded with my Evgenia broker WhatsApp messenger, asked what to do next, because the minus grew, what was the answer to that Andrew is a qualified specialist, he knows the situation on the market, and there is no need to worry.
3-4 days later, my broker Evgenia returned. August 22, 2017, Evgenia called me and told me that the quarterly reports of the companies have already passed, and therefore need to work in the foreign exchange market. In the period from 22.08.2017 to 24.08.2017, she chaoticly opened various currency pairs for profit.
4.09.2017 Evgenia got through the program TeamViewer, which I pre-installed on my PC, from a letter received from the company TRADE12, and closed a profitable overdrive (23232228) in size of 5lots by xagusd and a lossy warrant (23200275) xagusd in size of 2.5lit. Then he immediately opened the warrant for BAU 2.5 lots by xagusd and thus put in a lock the minus operation on SELL by xagusd.
4.09.2017 Evgenia called me and told me that we are now temporarily stop working in the foreign exchange market and we are going to work on indices. On the same day, Evgenia comes to me on the PC through the TeamViewer program in the MetaTrader4 program. After that it finds the chart of index VIX-SEP17 and opens 6 orders (23378935,23378938,23378942,23378945, 23378946,23378949) in 0.2 lots on BAU. In a telephone conversation Evgenia tells me that this is the best option for earnings at the moment, and says that I'm not worried that for each order minus $ 1,100. On the following day, 5.09.2017, they conduct the process of expiration of these 6 orders and close with a profit of $ 100 for each order. Then Evgenia calls me and says that I'm worried for nothing. And immediately opens again 6 orders (23389004, 23389008, 23389009, 23389011, 23389012, 23389016) of the VIX-SEP17 index by 0.2 lots each. September 6, 2017 they expedite orders and close with a profit of $ 190 for each order.
09.6.2017 Evgenia opens again 6 orders (23401325,23401322, 23401327, 23401330, 23401329,23401331), while 7.09.2017, only 1 order is closed, and leave five unclosed warrants.
09/08/2017 Eugene calls me and tells me that open orders under the VIX-SEP17 index need to be spurred but not enough free margin, and offers me to replenish the account for $ 3,300, as they said the bank has calculated the spread (commission) and now the minus in my account has increased twice. To what I replied that I do not have such funds unfortunately, then Evgenia sends me to risk manager Katerina Orlova (tel +16139279761, Skype: e_orlova_1). On the same day, Katya calls me and tells me if I do not fill up the account, then I can lose all my money and income received during all the time, so I need to replenish the account to save money.
As of September 8, 09 and 14, 2011, I replenished an account for $ 3300, and they only closed 2 orders (23401325 and 23401327). Order 23401325 is closed on 14.09.2017 and the order 23401327 is closed on 18.09.2017. at the time there were 3 closed orders.
09.19.2017, Katya calls me and says that the bank has again extended the spread (commission) and I now need to refill the account for $ 3700 again to close 3 orders.
09/20/2017 I will replenish the account for $ 3700 and they only close 1 order (23401329) September 25, 2017. Since 20.09.2017, I asked Katya every time when they closed other orders, for which they received an answer: maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
09/28/2017 after agreeing to deduct $ 1,000 to repay a loan in a bank, Katya calls me and shouts in the handset and tells me that I drove the money because the bank has once again extended the spread (commission) and now I need to top up the account for $ 7500, what I said that I have no money, I do not give credit to the bank. Before that, I made a screenshot of the terminal where the total amount of damages of $ 9,125 was indicated on orders 23401330 and 23401331. According to the rules of the contract for cooperation of Trade 12 and the client, they had to close them automatically. But they increased the minus to $ 1,7025, immediately close them and fix these losses to me. After that, I realized that the traders 12 somehow manually changed the prices for the given VIX-SEP17 index for taking over my money.
All the positions on which I put the money, as I understood, did not appear on the real market at all, but worked on the internal program, besides the third parties had access to my personal office, although, as I already mentioned, the login and password were known only to me.
In total I was transferred $ 14,730, of which $ 2,450 was returned to me with the appointment of payment "Return of the goods".
As a result of unlawful actions, I caused a material damage of $ 13,730, as $ 1,450 were reinvested on my account, immediately after receipt. 1000 $ I was able to withdraw at the last moment to repay the loan received in PJSC CB "Privatbank".
6.12.2017 I applied to the bank of PJSC CB "Privatbank" for the procedure of returning my funds CHARGEBACK. 12.12.2017 I addressed a letter to Trade12 on termination of the broker obedience contract. After that, I received from Trader12 a response to the threats and accusations of fraud in me if I did not cancel Chargek's procedure at the bank. I did not agree with their proposal to cancel the chargeback procedure. After that, they began to paint my door at the address of residence and paint the male genitals with a black paint. Also, print postcards, allegedly selling poor-quality PC components that I have never sold in my life, and scatter these postcards in my porch from the first to the fourth floor.
Men also called on my phone and asked how much intimate services are available. Employees of Trade12 appeared on the site to advertise the provision of intimate services to a girl and indicated my phone number +38063 3195310.
In addition, the employees, having received my personal information earlier, began to register me at other sites that provide brokerage services, thus violating the Law of Ukraine No. 2297-VI of 01.06.2010 "On Protection of Personal Data". Without my consent, they have registered me with more than 15 broker companies. After registering, I call the workers of these 15 companies and offer cooperation that I do not need.
30,01,2018 -500$, 6,02,2018-550$ 9,02,2018-1,100$ I received a response from PRIVATBANK for refunds from TRADE12. But all the other 9 applications for CHARGEBACK's repayment have been lost, besides, the employees demanded me $ 500 for each transaction, in case of losing the arbitration by charging.
During this time, I found out that the website was registered by GLOBAL FIN SERVICES LTD. Registration number 09836699 in the UK, whose director is a citizen of Ukraine Victor Prudky

After that, I created several Russian-language sites to counteract these rogues.
I lost about US $ 12,000.
This is a real cuisine from the deception of uninformed investors!

At the moment, TREID12 brokers blocked my account of 1065481986 as early as December 2017, and in the beginning of 2018 I blocked my personal account at
Brokers Katya Orlova and Evgeniya Firsova blocked me in Skype and in Watsap, so I accidentally did not write them, did not require a refund.

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Belarus, Belarus,
May 28, 2018,
Registered user

DO NOT TO COOPERATE WITH TRADE12!!!! I started working with them in August 2017. A representative of their company, allegedly from Germany, called me on my mobile. In my naivety, they still persuaded me to work with them. I won't tell you for a long time but for 6 months I invested $ 10 000$ in this company. I traded not myself, but with the help of their analyst. Everything was good, we allegedly even "earned" $4000 profit, I really could not get enough, began to make plans as I will spend these money)))) at the end of January 2018, their analyst opens with me 2 transactions on oil, which go sharply to minus about $ 2500!!! In tears, trying to contact an analyst, because the connection they have one-way, they can call you and you can not!)) He start to reassure me, he said «was the movement of the market, nothing, we will wait, everything will go up, I know and bla bla bla…» in General, minus went to 5000, then again to 2500, the analyst puts them in the "lock", but I suspect that and close all transactions in the negative on the same 4000, that we earned, it turns out the account only money that was made by me. Later I learned that this "kitchen" and not the company, do not bring the transaction to the real market, I demanded the money back. Only $ 2,000 was withdrawn. The rest of the money is naturally not withdrawn under various pretexts. Already 3 months do not withdraw money and stopped responding. You decide whether to risk working with this office or not.... But I think they're stealing deposits. If they were a normal company, they'd withdraw the money. Their purpose is your Deposit.. I know a lot of the victims at their hands! No one will earn you 20 % of the Deposit monthly, as they promise))) do not believe . Now explain why trade 12 Scam
1 Trade12 does not have a license and does not have a regulator that a real broker company must have
2 Trade 12 was on Marshalovich Islands. What it means?, and the fact that this is an offshore zone and the funds from there is impossible to withdraw, and accordingly all disputes between you and the company will be subject to the laws of the Marshall Islands. In your country, no one can protect you
3. Trade12 has one-way communication, you can never reach them. German, canadian and other numbers, it is nothing but a miracle of modern technology-IP polyphony, that is, they call you from Ukraine, and you break through the number of Canada for example.
4 Trade 12 do not WITHDRAW MONEY
5 The company that owns and operates the Trade12 website is a subsidiary of Exo Capital Markets Limited, Global Fin Services Limited, which misleads the working address of Estonia, does not have a license to provide investment services in Estonia and therefore does not have the authority to provide it
The company is registered in the UK at the last of the addresses 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
The police in these cases are not on your side. Be vigilant! This applies not only to trade 12.

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Munich, Germany,
May 17, 2018,
Registered user



First I thought this platform is a serious one that gives good advice and creates great possibilities for investing. By now I'm totally frustrated. My withdrawal requests are in the status "cancel" since FEBRUARY. They try to make you believe that they support you and you can trust them. I was able to withdraw smaller amounts but by now they REFUSE TO WITHDRAW and send dubious agreemtents I should sign.

WRONG ADVICE for a product that didn't exist anymore sits in the account and it is not possible to sell blocks everything. I doubt that the machine is real at all by now.

I want to withdraw my money since 02/07/ and 03/17/2018.
The balance on my account is more than 300'. Serious money.

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New Zealand,
May 4, 2018,
Registered user

Beware: trade12 , John Ray, Ellaine Ferreira, Sam Lexis. names will have changed by now..
I lost >$500,000. They produce impressive but believable gains (which we now know are fabricated on a mirror platform, running slightly off real time to make them seem incredibly smart)..
They will let you draw out small amounts to build your trust..but never anywhere close to your total investment.. when you do try to draw your initial capital ... they will put you into "long trades" that block your withdrawals then crash your account... pass you onto fake "finance dept" then "recovery dept" always offering to "help you out"....
No one makes money that invests in trade12.. they even offer to get you in contact with others that have tripled, quadrupled their portfolio... if this is you do get to talk to these "referrals" ... ask them one question. " have you successfully withdrawn an amount exceeding your total investment..... the true answer will be NO.. the only reason they give you these people as "referrals" is because they still believe their portfolio is actually real.. DO NOT ENGAGE TRADE12 ... happy to talk to anyone that has concerns
My comments reflect the Kiwiflyers experience down to a tee.
These guys need to be located, stop & tried
Please make contact if you are interested pursuing this cause, victim numbers must prevail freezing there funds, assets with the interest to recouping invested funds.
Respond via this web site to gain my contacts

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Australia, Australia,
May 1, 2018,
Registered user

Trade12 scam

Beware: trade12 Ben Meny, John Ray, Ellaine Ferreira, Naniia Moss.. names will have changed by now..
I lost 50,000. They produce impressive but believable gains (which we now know are fabricated on a mirror platform, running slightly off real time to make them seem incredibly smart)..
They will let you draw out small amounts to build your trust..but never anywhere close to your total investment.. when you do try to draw your initial capital ... they will put you into "long trades" that block your withdrawals then crash your account... pass you onto fake "finance dept" then "recovery dept" always offering to "help you out"....
No one makes money that invests in trade12.. they even offer to get you in contact with others that have tripled, quadrupled their portfolio... if this is you do get to talk to these "referrals" ... ask them one question. " have you successfully withdrawn an amount exceeding your total investment..... the true answer will be NO.. the only reason they give you these people as "referrals" is because they still believe their portfolio is actually real.. DO NOT ENGAGE TRADE12 ... happy to talk to anyone that has concerns
Almaty, Kazakhstan,
Apr 27, 2018,
Registered user

Pls assist to withdraw only deposit, I have no any open deals and no any signed contract.

Issue escalated to Traders Court Dana Shakirova vs | GUILTY
Let me introduce myself, I’m a client of your customer Trade12 LLC, my name is Dana Shakirova acc. # MT4 Id 1065493486
Please be aware once that Trade12 LLC is a scammer. I have strong proves and reasons to say that. I have an account with this company from the end of 2017 after long time convictions and calls from this company and deposited in all 10100 $ (Ten thousand and one hundred dollars) with the aim to get trader’s level and more prevelege to earn.  I was assured by an agent all the time, that I could get money back when necessary. The broker Nikita Yanovsky who run me from the first day stated that we’d trade on stocks WITHOUT RISKING, my deposit’s safe and he’d earn with me his comission. During our first days of work, he displayed me good trading on Apple. I cashed out 200$ (two hundred dollars) in order to check withdrawal system. And checked it was gone from terminal day by day but came to me almost a month.  Later there were regular deals on gold, silver and metals. Then there annual reporting period started, when all traders became more active and mainly made money according to Nikita’s words. That’s why there were plenty of suggestions on trading with good positions and quota that I couldn’t cover with my deposit, so Nikita required to cash in, I had to search for additional fund and investors all the time we worked. He said there is a referral program on which I can bring another clients and have my bonuses in 30% of deposit. However it won’t be cashed but support to increase my buying power. Ok I said, I was trying advertising and presenting among friends and companions. So Nikita Yanovsky and his main boss Nikolay Prasnevsky helped to increase my profit to 2000 $ (two thousand dollars).  I was so happy, planned to use it.
However there appeared Dropbox’s wayout to IPO, my broker Nikita suggested to make profit on it, of course with additional investing of 13600$ (Thirteen thousand six hundred dollars). He was informed by me that I would have funds only in summer, then could only make deposit, but he insisted on cashing in, working with investors and sharing profit with them. I was under pressure again for about a week, as he tried to urge me. So I didn’t take it. However he booked shares in spite of my unreadyness, my last words were I’ll try to look for fund but don’t promise. (there is confirming call record.) There have been a lot of my lost nerves and stress on my health. Nikita said there might be Bank’s commission in amount of 15000$ (fifteen thousand dollars) for these booked shares if I wouldn’t deposit needed amount 13600$ (Thirteen thousand six hundred dollars). That moment balance on my account was 12012 $ (Twelve thousand twelve dollars). Nevetheless on 23d of March, when this deal was successfully settled and the broker Nikita said Bank didn’t take its comission neither from my account, nor from him. He said keep calm, be quite. It’s OK. Happy news I thought and greatly pleased Nikita for that. For 23.03.2018 I had 3 open deals.  
The next day Nikita called me in the evening and said we should work on statstics, and emailed me a contract to be signed. I said I had to get acquainted as I was enough cautious after what was experienced. That was a doubtful contract. There were several points that confronted my interests.  That’s why I rejected it. Our relations became worse. They made me sign. I have been refusing all the time and suggesting any other wayouts to work and settle. I had 2 partners ready to invest. They were not interested in them. I said pls withdraw me my profit 2000 $ (Two thousand dollars), then I will sign this contract and work with agent. They refused me in this too. Then I was tired of all this. (There were family troubles, Nikita was known about them, I’ve informed him and asked for help, but no, he is not as human being, he’s like a robot without feelings and even a heart absense who needs just deposit and investing).
After all I decided to end up and withdraw only my deposit. I closed one deal with profit and 2 deals with loss.  On 16th of April I applied for withdrawal, and I got a reject by reason as if I have a contract with them. I have no any contract signed. I emailed them about it. But there was no reply. On 24 th of April I applied for the second time, rejected again with the same reason. 
I beg you, if it’s in your eligibility please, force Trade12 to pay back my deposit only. 

Thank you in advance.

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HJ Lombard,
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Mar 8, 2018,

A total scam! Fraudulent practices. Untrustworthy! Stay away! is trap. Avoid them at all costs. Save yourself untold heartache and losses! Regardless of what they claim, they lie! I have had only one traumatic experience in all my life and it was Scam artists that will create reasons to prevent you from withdrawing funds, once you have made deposits you can kiss your money good-bye. Trust experience. I have just that!
Reply by Trade12 submitted Mar 13, 2018:
Hello HJ,

My name is Lily, I'm from Trade12, and I would like to further assist you regarding your concern.

It would be of help if you elaborate this matter via email or

We would also like to ask for your MT4 ID so we can have your account checked with the respective department.

Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Kent, United Kingdom,
Mar 5, 2018,
Registered user

Stay away from Trade12 if you want to keep your money.

I started with trade12 in July 2017. Under £5000. A broker called Andrei gace me 15 winning trades inn a row and I was making good money. At this point I was 'rookie of the season' (i.e. a big sucker!). I parted with more money and made profitable trades. I was then told my winning trades would be removed unless I deposited £27,000 to take the account to the next level. I did. Then I was transferred to a broker called Richard Wilkie, who seemed nice at first. I traded the money up to £142,000 and was told most of it was going to be taken back. They took over £80,000 of profitable trades from my history. I have all the screenshots of before and after proving the profits were removed. I am now trapped in a contract and cannot get any of my money back. I have been a real sucker and have been scammed by these unregulated thieves. I have tried to contact them for information or a change of broker 6 times in the last month and twice in the last week. Nothing ever happens. Has anyone heard of a guy called 'healthytrader' who has offered to get my deposits back, or is he a scammer too? Any advice or comments would be welcome.

Jan 6, 2018 - 1 Star A friend recommended Trade12 to me as he was getting good signals. In August 2017 I deposited £2000 and was introduced to a broker called Andrei, who taught me two analytical tools and gave me 15 correct trades in a row and no losing trades. I was impressed. I deposited more money and was called 'rookie of the season' for getting my balance over £10,000 mainly by trading all within 1 month. I was transferred to a broker called Richard Wilkie in October. Since then Richard has given me 2 sets of trading signals that were correct and no other signals. Here is where it gets bad. I saw the volatility of BTC and started doing short term trades making good profit. He contacted me saying 'I cannot authorise those trades - stop trading on BTC'. Then he contacted me to say some of the trades were scalps (their website recommends scalping as a legitimate form of trading) as they were under 1 minute, he said the legal department would look at my account and possibly take away my recent winning trades but leave the losing ones. He said If I topped up to expert account then the scalps WOULD BE ALLOWED on the account and no money would be taken. I got into serious debt to find £27,500 to top up the account and all seemed well. I confirmed with him that trades over 1 minute duration would not be regarded as scalps and were OK. I made good profit of over £80,000 in two months and put in a withdrawal request for a 5 figure sum. It was rejected by him, saying you are playing with the big boys now. I was worried so I took screenshots of every page of my account history showing every winning and losing trade. Then one day my account balance dropped by over £80,000. The money was just taken. When I contacted the broker Richard he said the winning trades have been removed from my account history, and they had been. This went against what he had earlier said to me. I contacted their help centre to report the money being taken and to request a new account manager. Since then I have only been allowed 1 withdrawal of £540. All other withdrawal requests have been ignored so far. I have not got a new account manager. My current account manager does not contact me. I still have a balance of £36,000 and I am making a small profit every month. I do not believe I will see any more of my money. I have been in contact with a firm of lawyers in Israel who are members of the Israeli bar association The firm is Edith Millet Bar-Oz, they told me that trade12 was a scam, they told me that the platform I am using was a dummy platform and not connected 'live' to the real world, this explains the removal of the profit on my account so it is now at a level equivalent to my deposits, they said my real money went into a different account and was then transferred to the 'parent owners' of the company. They further said they knew these owners by name and could put me in a courtroom in Israel in front of the actual person to get my money back. Sadly I have only tens of thousands of debt and cannot afford to recover my funds. ALL TRADERS BEWARE, trade12 seems fine on small balances, once you deposit larger amounts things always seem to go wrong. I will keep soldiering on, trading and trying tomake small withdrawals. I count all my deposits as 'lost', every dollar/pound I can get back will be a bonus.
Reply by Trade12 submitted Mar 13, 2018:
Hello TraderDavid888,

My name is Lily and I'm a representative from Trade12; I'm here to provide you assistance regarding your concern.

I have read your statement, and I would like to further look into this matter.

Kindly provide me your MT4 ID/number so I can have it checked to our respective department.

We are looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
CALGARY, Canada,
Feb 23, 2018,
Registered user


TRADE12 IS A TOTAL SCAM. Extremely poor customer service, will not allow withdrawals, and cannot be trusted.
Montreal, Canada,
Jan 24, 2018,
Registered user

Not deal with them

Hello trade 12 is good before they get your money but after get money the service droop unfortunately,
I have 2 accounts with them and i can't make withdrawal, i trayed reach my broker he is always online but never answered me i send lot message to customer support they answer me always we send ticket to department for contact you but i never received call i said i have 2 accounts but 2 months without brokers what i do?
Kiev, Ukraine,
Jan 15, 2018,
Registered user

Evidence of fraud for $ 26 000

Please see my evidence of fraud and screenshots in addition to my review:
1) On 21.08.2017 my balance is 27181,37 doll. and no open deals

2) 21.08.2017 i gave a request to make withdrawal 20200,00 doll.
Initially, 21.08.2017 the request was confirmed in my office

3) After, that day 21.08.2017, Trade12 cancelled it, referring to an unknown "liquidity provider"

4) And the fraud.
Later, after cancelling my withdrawal, on 25.08.2017 i wrote an application for
termination of the contract with a request to return only the deposit of 20200,00 dollars.
After that, on 28.08.2017, the "broker" Trade12 intervened on my trading platform and placed 2 transactions № 23129275 and 23134457 which were closed as early as July 2017. And for these 2 deals, Trade12 has artificially increased my "losses" by a factor of 10, so as not to withdraw my funds. As a consequence, from my balance of $ 27181,37, Trade12 returned only $ 1135,03 and $ 26046,34 (taking into account the profit) appropriated itself.

Dec 28, 2017 - 1 Star My account in Trade12 was № 1065458877. Worked with the company from 24.03.17 to 25.08.17. Trade12 stole my $ 26 000.
My situation is the following.
As of August 21, 2017 on my account was 27,181.37 dollars (including profits). I had no open deals, and I applied for id 32908 for a withdrawal of $ 20,200.00 (deposit only). Initially, this application was confirmed in my office (I attached a screenshot), but after a while they canceled it, referring to an unknown "liquidity provider" (a screenshot I attach). Later, on August 25, 2017 I wrote an application for termination of the contract with a request to return only the deposit of 20,200.00 dollars. After that, on August 28, 2017, the "broker" Trade12 intervened on my trading platform and placed 2 transactions № 23129275 and 23134457 (the screenshot I attach) which were closed as early as July 2017. And for these 2 deals, Trade12 has artificially increased my "losses" by a factor of 10 (I attach a screenshot), so as not to withdraw my funds. As a consequence, from my balance of $ 27,181.37, Trade12 returned only $ 1135.03 and $ 26046.34 (taking into account the profit) appropriated itself. Negotiations with Trade12 on voluntary return of the deposit did not yield anything.
Thanks to the Chargeback (Visa) procedure, I returned some of the funds.
Jan 9, 2018,

I've been working with them for 5 months now and I lost about 10 grand because of their meddling. When they sense that you're not depositing money they gonna persuade you to open a profitable trade, with a promise of reversing it once you deposit some more money. They try to put the blame on you for unsuccessful trades,even though they are the one who suggested it. Never trust this broker.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jan 2, 2018,
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Big time scammers

Hi I have an account with trade 12. My account number is 1065488470. I had invested 2500$ in all. I had made a loss of 2000$ earlier and after investing another 500$, I made a good profit of over 516,938$ in all. I have requested for withdrawal on 14th Dec and until now I have not received a proper reply. Only getting informed that it is under process. I am wondering if I am duped with Trade 12. Now Trade 12 is informing that I have done scalping activity which is illegal as per them, this was not notified to me earlier by any of the account managers, only when I asked for withdrawal then they are informing this. I have send so many emails to Support but no reply, they are not bothered with your account. once you have made profit, they take away all that. Trade 12 is cheating people and scamming them of their hard earned money. I will really appreciate if Trade 12 helps me with my withdrawal and I will remove my comments. Thanks Prakash
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates,
Dec 26, 2017,
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Trade12 the biggest scammer

South Africa,
Dec 19, 2017,
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Scammed by Trade12 impossible to withdraw.

I also traded with Trade12. I put $200 into my account and was offered a bonus which I refused. I was trading with a Trade12 consultant that made money for me - in fact he doubled my account. He constantly try to persuade me to put more money into my account. I said that I want to withdraw my money first and then I will decide. The consultant then dissapeared - he never answered his mails and till this day I am unable withdraw my money not the original $200 or the profit. They just ignore all my requests . So anyboby thinking of dealing with Trade12 be careful you will be scammed!!!
Simferopol, Russian Federation,
Dec 14, 2017,
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My name is Aleksandr Goncharov MT4 Id 1065481318
Loss of 22600 $
Trade12 - company is a fraudster.
I started working with this company in early June. Their broker who introduced himself Renat Zoryanov gave me advice when and what warrants (transactions) to open. At the same time under various pretexts he did not give me the opportunity to withdraw funds using psychological manipulations when my deposit was about 19000 $ and the profit of 5000 $ I informed him that I would not invest any more and I want to withdraw some of the funds, at that moment the broker found a lot of reasons and said that I I can not at the moment do it. I confirm that the description of my history, as well as all the documents submitted by me, is proof of my words. (there is an audio recording of the conversation)

The broker advised me on 07/24/2017. open a warrant for Brent - sep17 oil. The broker knew that I do not understand anything about the trade, I could not know when the September futures would expire, as a result, the oil deal was frozen at -1700 $ and for about a week did not bargain and I could not close it myself. The broker called me and said that I need to invest 5,000 US dollars and sign a contract for the execution of which it is necessary to work out 300 lots, the broker assured me that this is a standard procedure with this there will be no problems and with it we will work out this contract (the Treaty is attached), the oil deal needs to be explored, the broker will find a liquidity provider and re-sign this order, asked the platform not to enter during the day, the deal miraculously turned from -1700 $ to + 45 $. As a result: the broker partly helped me, and I had to work out the rest of the contract for 300 lots without having any experience, according to my calculations the contract was worked out, but the broker changed the conditions that were not even prescribed in the contract, as a result the contract was not completed. Under the terms of the agreement, oil expiration on MT4 has returned and currently is not traded, and swaps are awarded every day, I can not close the deal on oil by myself. Trade12 are scammers, here are the proofs presented by me personally. (Link to video As it turned out, this is one of the ways how they deceive their customers Trade12.

I referenced the Terms and Conditions. I found the following: Terms and Conditions, Section 10. Duties, guarantees and customer acknowledgments "When the contract / asset expires, the inability to close any open transactions associated with it will lead to an automatic exit. Thus, open trades will be closed accordingly, the account may be exempt from automatic withdrawal if it is assumed that it has good reputation and status. In this case, you can switch to another liquidity provider.
I told my broker that by their agreement, my deals should be closed at the last market price, since my balance had no growth. But he did not give me any explanations.

At the moment, I have 12244 $ (screen 1) left on my account. In the withdrawal of funds, they refuse me, I can not withdraw my money. (screen 2). History of account detail (screen 3). The history of my deposit (screen 4, screen 5).

I want to show you how Trade12 deceives customers. Here's the real price of oil on 23.11.2017 time 22:07 Brent-jan18 (63.88) (screen 6), but the price they have on the platform MT4 23.11.2017 time 22:07 Brent-jan18 (61.70) (screen 7). The price is not true. I believe that this proves that Trade12 is a fraud. They manage the client account, I am sure that these methods are aimed at zeroing the accounts of all Trade 12. Customers. I think that this organization is not afraid of justice, as it is carrying out its scams in the territory of other countries.

I conducted an investigation and found out that is not recommended by regulators of many countries as an over-the-counter broker. OTC brokers are banned at the legislative level in the US (organizers can get a prison term for fraud). The Italian financial regulator CONSOB banned the activities of Trade12 and in the country after numerous appeals of deceived customers.
The Australian financial regulator and the Cyprus regulator also banned trade.
One of the regional Canadian financial regulators, the Securities Commission of British Columbia, warned the citizens of the region about the illegal activities of another over-the-counter broker. (Screenshot),_owned_and_operated_by_Exo_Capital_Markets_Limited_and_Global_Fin_Services_Ltd_/

Since there is no regulator in this fraudster, there are no levers of pressure, they allow you to lie so deceitfully and deceive people, they know that the client gives the last money and, under the pretext of making money, is forced to take a loan, driving him into a debt hole. I ask you, if it is within your power, please, force Trade12 to return the stolen funds.

Thank you in advance.

Contact Email
Putrajaya, Malaysia,
Dec 10, 2017,
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Before deposit they will call u everyday after deposit and earn profit to withdraw they will ignore u


So after 1 weeks of my withdraw is not processed i decide to open new thread..
This is my story..

On 29 November 2017 I deposit $350 (They promise to give me 100% Bonus) MT4 id: 1065492518

After I deposit, my account manager call me to follow their instruction to open trade on Crude Oil but I told him that I want to trade my self. So I ask when my I well get my bonus. He said will give my bonus if i follow their instruction in trading. Since i`m having my dinner and no Laptop in front of me he said he will call me on Monday. So while waiting him to contact me i tried to open position on BTCUSD i noticed that they block me from trade BTCUSD so i found that they also have ETHUSD. So I trade on ETHUSD and I manage to get profit $1,209.13 make my balance from $350 to $1,559.13.

So on 1 December 2017 I requested to withdraw $350. I contacted customer support they told me
"Usually it takes 3-5 business days for the Finance department to approve the withdrawal request. However, time may varies."

So I wait for it but it never happen..

On 4 December 2017 I try to contact my account manager through WhatsApp he online and read my message but never reply. Suddenly I check my MT4 account I noticed that ETHUSD also been disable. I no longer can open position on ETHUSD and all ETH and BTC. So I decide to request to withdraw another $700 on 4 December 2017. I also web chat why I can not trade on BTC and ETH he told me my account manager will contact me.

Since then Everyday I contact them through web chat to follow up my withdrawal and asking about my account manager.. Everyday he give me the same answer
"I understand. I already sent a request to the finance department in regards with your concern."

So todays already 5 request they send to the finance department still no action taken from them and no one from Trade12 call me.
and I decide to open this thread to share my experience about Trade12.

I hope Trade12 is not a scammer and will withdraw my profit..

Jun 1, 2017 - 1 Star First i received call form Trade12 to deposit.
They called me almost 5 times every days until i deposit.
After deposit my account manager call me for the first and the last.
I trade for my own and manage to get some profit.
I feel happy and request for withdraw my profit.
My withdraw was approved by the system.
Trade12 told me the withdraw process take 1-5 days.
Until now i still did`t receive my money.
I contact them using online chat. They keep ask me to wait for finance department to email me. But the finance department never contact me at all. So i decide to write some review here. I hope people out there please stay far far away from TRADE12. This company not honours with their business.
Dec 6, 2017,

i clearly asked them multiple time to confirmed if i have to spend my own money if i want to start this trade. and they told me, it was FREE as i was still a student. they say that it was totally free for me. when i agree to it, it ask me when can i have any money in my account . i was like very shocked! they told me it was free. why must i have to pay to started the trade??
Novosibirsk, Russian Federation,
Dec 1, 2017,
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of the fraudulent actions of a brokerage company Trade12

At the moment the balance on the account number 1065488972 in the company Trade 12 is positive and amounts: 29,921.34 USD (twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty-one dollar thirty-four cents).
Withdrawals can be made for the following reason (terminal in the withdrawal section produces the following) :
Note: For a withdrawal request to be granted, please close any open positions on your trading account.
The reason for the refusal, evidence of grave violations of the rules, 12 Trade, as the expiration on oil futures contracts, for the identification number of the cl-dec17., listed in my terminal, was produced 17.11.2017 year, and therefore the terminal Trade12 does not reflect the real prices on the global exchanges. These contracts are open CFDs in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Policy, Section 10 Customer responsibilities when a contract/asset expires, failure to close any open trades related to it will result to an automatic exit. Thus, open trades will be closed accordingly. An account can be exempted from automatic exit is provided it is presumed to be in a good standing and stature. In such case, the option to transfer to another liquidity provider is feasible.
I have repeatedly appealed to Trade12, with the request to unblock my account, and to allow at least part of the money. My letter to the mail were ignored. I also spoke with the same letters in the parent company Exo Capital Markets Limited mail The above actions of the Trade 12 are fraudulent, the company is trying to usurp my money and just brazenly ignores my treatment of the return of cash under account number 1065488972. I enclose links to my proceedings
Raffaele P.,
Nov 27, 2017,

TRADE12 - avoid them as the plague - part 3

TRADE12 - avoid them as the plague - part 3. My name is Raffaele P. - Account 1065192479. I bring you my experience. Trade12 is a scam company that practices the so-called "PONZI" method, in practice investments do not exist and the company with the money of new "investors" covers some of the oldest customer withdrawal requests. The accounts do not exist! It's all virtual! I paid over 100,000 EUR and my account is worth over 1 million EUR! Everything is very nice, but actually not having active investments for about 6 months TRADE12 constantly rejects my withdrawal requests. For 6 months no account managers of the 4 I know, respond to my mail. The scam switchboard, support, live chat, and all the offices you know do not find my mails and phone calls. They blocked me in the investments to get me picked up and they did not give me money because my account really does not exist, it's just virtual, while the only real money is my payouts. The proof is that TRADE12 keeps me calmly locked in the investment because in reality it does not get useful from the trade commissions, but only robbing customers of their payouts! Avoid them! Avoid them! Avoid them like the plague

TRADE12 – evitateli come la peste – parte 3
Mi chiamo Raffaele P. Account 1065192479. Vi porto la mia esperienza. Trade12 è una società truffa che mette in pratica il cosidetto metodo “PONZI”, in pratica gli investimenti non esistono e la società con i soldi dei nuovi “investitori” copre una parte delle richieste di prelievo dei clienti più vecchi. I conti non esistono! E’ tutto virtuale!
Ho versato oltre 100.000 EUR ed il mio conto vale oltre 1 milione di EUR! Tutto molto bello, ma in realtà pur non avendo investimenti attivi da circa 6 mesi TRADE12 respinge continuamente le mie richieste di prelievo. Da 6 mesi nessun account manager dei 4 che conosco, risponde alle mie mail. Il centralino truffa, il supporto, la chat live, e tutti gli uffici conosciuti non riscontrano le mie mail e le mie telefonate.
Mi hanno bloccato negli investimenti per farmi prelevare e non mi danno i soldi perché in realtà il mio conto non esiste, è solo virtuale, mentre gli unici soldi reali sono i miei versamenti. Controprova è il fatto che TRADE12 mi tiene tranquillamente bloccato negli investimenti perché in realta non trae utili dalle commissioni di trade, ma solo derubando i clienti dei loro versamenti!
Evitateli! Evitateli! Evitateli come la peste!
jean dulude,
montreal, Canada,
Nov 27, 2017,

scam by trade12

Here is the strategy of our trade12 friends:
They ask you in principle that we will make a profit that everything is safe and that you can withdraw at any time. These constantly ask you to add funds and (for God's depots they are effective) to allow them to use your money to make profits for trade12. When you want to withdraw your money only the money you have invested will be paid, these will keep your profits under false pretext.
Any kind of event breaks their commitments. Opening of transaction without your authorization (no event report showing that it is serious). Error executions, data falcification to make you wait more during withdrawal. It will ask you to redo requests for a false error system. Their brokers keep hold of your money in their own volume interest, as these authorize whether or not you can make a withdrawal. The terms and conditions are never respect you will have to arceler for settlement it is said sorry every time, but you will be the only ones to lose money because these risk nothing. See my balance sheet: deposits of 19100 withdrawal of 18100 pofits 13820 untouchable. 11 weeks of yield loss, while these without putting any investments will have made 13820

Nov 14, 2017 - 1 Star Following a request for trade12, I decided to test and learn about this type of trading. Worst experience of my life
These sell me the idea of ​​participating in a pre-market under written promise of income.
The title does not perform as planned but we realize a lower profit. In another case the title on which pre-market must be done is not the one on which they open a trade again the revnu his least.
I make two retreat requests that have been painful but have worked.
Afterwards: here are highlights of the events:
Broker Peter Johnson opens trades without my authorization
Refuses to close trades when money is lost.
Intervention of the famous Julien Dubois who lets us believe who saves our lives while this one pushes us more. They use my account without authorization and make me lose money. I'm trying to get out of this adventure and lie about it.

Their site mention Security (False), withdrawal within 5 days (False), Scam (True)
Nov 22, 2017,
Registered user is SCAM

I was deceived by the Trade12 company . Trade12 declares transparent services, maximum client protection, etc., but intentionally misinforms clients with the aim of getting their hands on more and more of customers money.
Nov 9, 2017,
Registered user

SCAM company. If you'll give them your money, it will be the last time you see it!

Issue escalated to Traders Court Jarovna vs | GUILTY
Stay away from this company!!! They Scamed me for 20000$!!! They simply deducted 20000$ from my balance, with no any clear explanations. After 2 weeks of conversations, many many letters to support, no one person from Trade 12 had explane me where my 20000$ hadgone. They said I lost it by fair trading. But if it is true, I should have negative trades with minus 20k. But I don't have.
They complicated me, and simply stole my money from my balance. Please, follow my thread:
Trade12 is a SCAM. Don't trust them! Check the real revews before taking any decision!!!

Nov 1, 2017 - 1 Star Have deposited some funds, made some trades and was even able to withdraw funds. But now I have negative deposit. The broker said me to open deals on SP500, after that the price fall down, and I get huge loss. After he suggested me to sign an agreement which advise me to make additional deposit of 5000$ and making 75 lots. I signed an agreement, actually didn’t know what I am doing. During one month I was doing the deals and rich the number of 75 lots. Nobody has assist me, they said you have to do your deals on your own, although I said them before I have no experience and need assistance. They said Ok You had done well, your agreement is closed. But later they called me and said your deals on SP500 get back. The reason is not enough deals (2 lots). So now I need to transfer additional 10k in order to make another trade which will allow me to close the existing trades and make huge profits.
I advised my broker previously that I will not be making any further deposits, as they keep requesting this, however he put me in this situation anyway.
I see no way of getting my money back. I invested 22000$. Now it is almost 1500$. And do not know what to do. Please if someone had this situation, write how did you solve this problem.
Please follow my thread:
Nov 5, 2017,
Registered user

A real "kitchen" without regulation and licenses

The company deceives customers. Services that are marked on the site are untrue. There is no NDD, only "forex kitchen". Fictitious orders, non-market prices and the lack of a license to operate as broker.
Raffaele P,
Italy, Italy,
Nov 4, 2017,

DO NOT TRADE 12 Like the Plague - part 2 . Responding to Lily of TRADE12

DO NOT TRADE 12 Like the Plague!
I am an Italian client and I must admit that I was robbed by TRADE12! ... Reply to Lily of Trade12.
Since August, nothing has changed!
For some days, the Italian switchboards - call centers, are out of service and you can’t even get caught by your Cypriot call center!
My account is 1065192479 and I'm always waiting to get my money! Cursed on the day I signed up with TRADE12. I've made hundreds of complaints and no one is able to answer my questions. The reason? You are a scammer!
These days I was contacted by your company iforex24 (you are always in trade12). I explained that I could not sign any contracts because I was cheated by another company that did not allow me to withdraw my money and that I was worried about losing everything! You have explained to me (as iforex24) that you would have put your lawyers in charge to demand Trade12 all my balance excluding the bonus, that there was no reason to withhold my own payments and all the profits that any lawyer would have I easily got my belongings and, more importantly, their legal office because it was a relationship between companies (maybe meant to be among the scammers!).
Does not he find comic all this? You are so greedy that you have tried to cheat 2 times the same customer!
I was confident of Trade12 and I was cheated. But this is a commitment for me, if I do not get all my belongings anywhere in the world, and with whatever name you turn, I will always ask for my fears! All interlocutors, if their name is true, will be personally denounced: Mr. Christian Schimd, Mr.Andrea Tiberi, Mr. Tommaso del Vecchio for example.

Nov 4, 2017 - 1 Star TRADE12. EVITATELO COME LA PESTE!
Sono un cliente Italiano e devo ammettere di essere stato derubato da TRADE12! … Rispondo a Lily of Trade12.
Dal mese di Agosto non ‘è cambiato nulla!
Da qualche giorno i centralini Italiani sono fuori servizio e non’è possibile nemmeno farsi prendere in giro dal vostro call center cipriota!
Il mio account è il 1065192479 e sono sempre in attesa di prelevare i miei soldi! Maledetto il giorno in cui ho sottoscritto con TRADE12. Ho effettuato centinaia di reclami e nessuno è in grado di rispondere ai miei quesiti. Il motivo? Siete dei truffatori!
In questi giorni sono stato contattato dalla vs. società tramite iforex24 (siete sempre voi di trade12). Ho illustrato che non potevo sottoscrivere nessun contratto perché truffato da altra società che non mi permetteva di prelevare i miei soldi e che ero preoccupatissimo di aver perduto tutto! Mi avete spiegato (sempre come iforex24) che mi avreste messo a diposizione i vs. legali per richiedere a Trade12 tutto il mio saldo escluso il bonus, che non vi era motivo di trattenere i miei stessi versamenti e tutti gli utili prodotti, che qualunque avvocato avrebbe facilmente ottenuto le mie spettanze ed a maggior ragione il loro ufficio legale in quanto trattandosi di rapporti tra società (forse voleva dire tra truffatori!).
Non trova comico tutto questo? Siete così avidi che avete tentato di truffare 2 volte lo stesso cliente!
Ho avuto fiducia di Trade12 e sono stato truffato. Ma questo è per me un impegno, se non otterrò tutte le mie spettanze in qualunque posto del mondo siate e con qualunque nome vi trasformerete sarò sempre a richiedere le mie spettanze! (tutti gli interlocutori, se il loro nome è veritiero, saranno denunciati personalmente, non sarà per voi un problema, ma per qualcuno si. Christian Schimd, Andrea Tiberi, Tommaso del Vecchio…ad esempio)

Aug 8, 2017 - 1 Star DO NOT TRADE 12 Like the Plague!
I am an Italian client and I have to admit that I was robbed by TRADE12! In March 2016 after I was registered on to attend some webinars. I received several phone calls from trade12 to convince me to benefit from their services. A quick internet search and my inexperience did not make me realize that the company was really unreliable and I made a first deposit of EUR 1,000 for which I was granted a 2000 EUR bonus. I leave other unnecessary details and we get to the point! My Account Manager (Mister Tommaso del Vecchio), after several successful transactions, has convinced me to step up to "intermediate user" and later "VIP User" in order to benefit from discounts advertised on the site and for reduced spreads More investment advice! Before making any further payments I tried to withdraw part of the balance (30K Eur). I was contacted by the Account Manager who told me that not to close the active business I could not go below a certain margin of guarantee and that I could take 20K Eur. This happened and this convinced me that Trade12 was reliable ! But…. Unfortunately it was all a comedy.After making further payments and transferring to another account manager (Christian Schimdt), because mister Tommaso del Vecchiowas no longer in Trade12, they invited me to make further payments to increase my investment capability! Result: Christian Schimdt for a month did not reply to my mail, phone calls and Skype contact. Strangely, I threatened everything and after a month I was contacted by Dr. Andrea Tiberi said to him "in charge of the operating room" apologizing for the disavowal and promising me every necessary assistance! My account thanks to my commitment grew up to EUR 900K! Despite the amount of the bill, Tiberi like the previous account managers required me to take advantage of payout promotions and further increase the payout. This time I refused and here I suggested a series of "OUTSIDE THE MARKET" operations and all wrong!
I managed to recover the critical operations and increased my balance up to 1400K Eur. At this point I requested by email "authorization" to withdraw 50 K Eur / Month for 4 months, in order to purchase a ' Apartment and do not take all the number in a single solution so you keep the margins abound. I was told "no problem my dear, but today I'm not in the office and I'll be back next Monday." Reassured by that email I made my request through the site. It's been 40 days since then and no more feedback from that time.
At that time I was clear. They had to make me lose everything, so I had nothing to withdraw. My payments are real money, while my balance is fake money! Did you understand the system? My contact request was sent to all known addresses + Italian support + international support. We sent hundreds of mails and calls to the call center + dozens of chats to online support, but no responses, (all documentable). I started researching and verified the following: The street where the company registration office is located is a quiet, popular house! There are no operational headquarters in London that can be traced back to society! People with whom they talk "do not exist in social". No one is able to talk to them directly and there is no threat that can frighten a consequence as (if TRADE12 exists essentially and not a fake), there is no regulated company and therefore no authority is required by the customers! DO NOT TRADE 12 Like the Plague!

Sono un cliente Italiano e devo ammettere di essere stato derubato da TRADE12! Nel Marzo 2016 dopo essermi registrato su per partecipare ad alcuni webinar ho ricevuto diverse telefonate da trade12 per convincermi a fruire dei loro servizi. Una veloce ricerca internet e la mia inesperienza non mi hanno consentito di capire che la società è veramente inaffidabile ed ho effettuato un primo versamento di 1000 EUR a cui mi è stato riconosciuto un bonus di 2000 EUR. Tralascio altri particolari inutili ed arriviamo ad fatto! Il mio Account Manager (Dott. Tommaso del Vecchio) al verificarsi di numerose operazioni conclusesi positivamente mi ha convinto a salire di livello “utente intermedio” e successivamente “Utente VIP” allo scopo di fruire degli sconti pubblicizzati sul sito e relativi a spread ridotti e maggiore consulenza sugli investimenti! Prima di effettuare ulteriori versamenti ho provato a ritirare parte del saldo (30K Eur). Sono stato contattato dall’Account Manager che mi ha spiegato che per non chiudere le operazioni attive non potevo scendere al di sotto di un certo margine a garanzia e che poteva farmi prelevare 20K Eur. Ciò è avvenuto e questo mi ha convinto che Trade12 fosse affidabile! Ma…. Purtroppo era tutta una commedia!
Effettuati gli ulteriori versamenti e passato ad un altro account manager (Christian Schimdt), perché Tommaso del Vecchio non era più in Trade12, mi hanno invitato a fare sempre ulteriori versamenti per poter aumentare la mia capacità di investimento! Risultato : Christian Schimdt per un mese non ha risposto alle mie mail, telefonate e contatto Skype. Furibondo ho minacciato ogni cosa e dopo un mese sono stato contattato dal dott. Andrea Tiberi a suo dire “responsabile della sala operativa” scusandosi per i disservizi e promettendomi ogni assistenza necessaria! Il mio conto grazie al mio impegno è cresciuto fino a 900K EUR! Nonostante l’importo del conto, Il dott. Tiberi come i precedenti account manager mi richiedeva di approfittare delle promozioni sui versamenti e di incrementare ulteriormente il versato. Questa volta ho rifiutato ed ecco che mi suggerito una serie di operazioni “STRANAMENTE CONTRO MERCATO” e tutte sbagliate!
Sono riuscito a recuperare le operazioni critiche ed ho incrementato il mio saldo fino a 1400 K Eur. A questo punto ho richiesto tramite mail “autorizzazione” a ritirare 50 K Eur/Mese per 4 mesi, allo scopo di effettuare l’acquisto di un’appartamento e non prelevare tutta la cifra in un’unica soluzione in modo da mantenere i margini abbondantissimi. Mi è stato comunicato “ nessun problema mio caro, ma oggi non sono in ufficio e torno Lunedì prossimo”. Rassicurato da tale mail ho effettuato tramite sito la mia richiesta e da allora nessun riscontro! Sono passati 40 gg e da allora più nessun riscontro.
In quel momento mi è stato chiaro. Dovevano farmi perdere tutto, in modo che non avessi nulla da ritirare. I miei versamenti sono soldi reali, mentre il mio saldo è rappresentato da soldi finti! Capito il sistema?
La mia richiesta di contatto è stata trasmessa a tutti gli indirizzi conosciuti + supporto italiano + supporto internazionale. Inviato centinaia di mail e telefonate al call center + decine di chat al supporto internazionale on line, ma nessun riscontro, (tutto documentabile). Ho avviato ricerche ed ho verificato quanto segue: la strada in cui è Ubicata la sede per la registrazione societaria è una tranquilla villetta popolare! Non esistono sedi in londra operative e riconducibili alla società! Le persone con cui interloquite "non esistono nei social" . Nessuno è in grado di parlare con loro direttamente e non esiste minaccia che possa far temere una conseguenza in quanto (se TRADE12 esiste in sostanza e non sulla carta), non'è una società regolamentata e quindi nessuna autority la obblighi versi i clienti!

Reply by Trade12 submitted Aug 11, 2017 Hi Raffaele,

My name is Lily from Trade12. I would like to request for your MT4 details so we can forward it to the Risk Department and look further into your account. Kindly send me a PM here in forexpeacearmy so we can investigate your withdrawal and trading history as we want to understand the reason you could not make this withdrawal and see what possibly had happened.

Moreover, since you have mentioned that you have upgraded your account, we would like you to understand that there are certain terms and conditions covering your case and we would like to discuss it with you thoroughly on how it was applied to your account.


Lily, Trade12
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 4, 2017,
Registered user

100% SCAM Thieves Liars Criminals

Absolutely and Totally Straigt SCAM ,Thieves and Liars!!

I deposited $14,000 and they won't let me withdraw.

If you need more info just follow my thread:
New Zealand,
Sep 22, 2017,


I received a random call from a lady with an American accent (I live in New Zealand) saying I had signed up with the website a couple of months ago, and asked if I wanted a secondary source of income through online trading. I have never been interested in online trading, I had never visited the site, and never heard of it. She tried to reason that I may not remember everything I've done a few months ago, and went through the spiel again. I told her I wasn't interested and dismissed her. A short bit of research led me here. The fact that they had my contact info without my knowledge leads me to believe they are operating unethically, and need to be stopped.
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 15, 2017,
Registered user


TRADE 12 are absolute con artists. When you need to speak to a broker and need to get permission from him to withdraw your money, if should be evidence to STAY WELL AWAY FROM THEM. The scheme of the company is to get as much of your hard earned cash to play with and trade with as possible and stall for as long as possible when you want to get your money out. Everything will go great until you try to get your money out and then you will find yourself in a web of lies and excuses as to why you cannot withdraw your money.

It is a complete scam please stay well away from Trade 12 and learn from our mistakes.
Reply by Trade12 submitted Sep 18, 2017:
Hi Crypto11285!

This is Lily of Trade12. We were able to receive your reviews about the company and I would like to ask for your MT4 ID so we can start the investigation on your concern the immediate time possible.

We need the MT4 ID for us to check your account history, trades, as well as review the calls between you and your broker. Moreover, your concern will be forwarded to the concerned departments so we can give the proper resolution on your case.

Rest assured that we will help you on this all throughout.

Awaiting your response.

Lily, Trade12
Republic of Ireland , Ireland,
Aug 31, 2017,

No no no!

Just got a call from canidian number +1 647 198 6663, insisting that I had registered with them or that a friend had. Refused to actually tell me where they had got my number and half of my name, and didn't like when I said no one had registered it and they had bought my information. As the rep was speaking, I was googling and said I had no interest in working with a scam company, as is cited in many places online. Then began speaking over me to sign me up to prove it's not a scam, saying "no no no no no" when I said I didn't want to work with scammers, telling me I was acting like a ten year old because I wouldn't believe him and was choosing to believe all the poor people who have reportedly lost money with them and that I was the one missing out, not them! Seriously Trade12, if you're in the business of scamming people at least retain some semblance of professionalism. Or better still get a proper job
Sembawang , Singapore,
Aug 30, 2017,
Registered user

Looking for my money.

My name is PALASH CHANDRA NATH. I have account in trade12. I don't know actually what to say. About 6 months ago I have requested to withdraw 100 US but they didn't send to my account for about one month's. After I chat with them and send them mail for several times abut my problem. They said they already informed to financial dept . But u didn't get any response. Then I decided to withdraw all of money from account and request for withdraw. I didn't get my still now. I chat with them more than 20 times and I send them email for about 15 tomes. They just give answer we already informed to financial dept. At last I call to their office number and they also reply same. I don't know what's the problem. I am still waiting for my money. Besides I send them my bank details more than 5 time. I didn't get any reply from them. Now my question is will they give my money or not. My account number is 1065437276.
Reply by Trade12 submitted Sep 8, 2017:
Hi Palash Nath!

This is Lily from Trade12. Thank you for providing us your MT4 ID in advance. We have checked with the Finance Department your $200 USD withdrawal and it has been approved. Kindly wait for it to reflect on the system within 24 hours. The withdrawal will be received within 3-5 business days.

Should there be anything else I can assist you with, please let us know.

Lily, Trade12
New Zealand,
Jul 27, 2017,
Registered user

i have been trading with trade12 and was instantly very suspicious so i have compiled a large amount of evidence, such as recording all my phone calls and video recording all my on screen activity of the broker having access to my desktop through anydesk. After much work i managed to get a few IP address. Screenshots of everything. Communication has been very patchy with my broker, struggling to get in touch and not replying to emails. I have not agreed to any of the bonuses that they have offered me. i requested a withdrawal which my broker tells me has been accepted but it still says on my account status "initial" which means it has not been accepted. It says it take 1 business day to process a withdrawal request and they have already well exceeded this time! i have asked on many occasions including recently to be put in touch with the financial department but i get the same answer "i will get them to contact you" and they never do!

i will keep you all updated on how it goes from here.
so far 1 star

Jul 25, 2017,
Registered user

Working for Trade12

After reading some of the reviews here guys, I couldnt agree more to what you are saying, but unlike you guys, I work for this Scam Broker.

The offices and the call center that manages this broker are situated in Tirana, Albania and are called Digital Markets. Hundreds of young girls and boys work for this so called call centers and make hundreds of phone calls towards diferent leads with the hope of creating any new accounts and convincing people to ivest. Everyone working on this company knows that trade12 is not licenced and that every penny that commes in goes straight to the Israeli owners, but nobody really cares.

Leads are taken from and other ghost trading companies. Most victims are Italian people. I worked for that market for a few months and I cant believe how easy is to convince those people, I'd say fast money is something they cant resist.

The company is very well organised. We have people that invite clients to hear smth abt us, people that convince clients to deposit, people that reply to reviews and make positive reviews, people that act as very professional agents "that in fact are only big inexperienced liars"

The call center is managed by an Italian called Luca that motivates agents with vouchers, gifts, Iphones amd some times trips depending on the amount invested.

I have a Big advice for you guys, STAY THE FU(K AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Jul 24, 2017,
Registered user

Trade12 scammed me. Started trading in march 17 with 250$. Short after they wanted me to deposit more. I agreed in 100$ but instead they took 2640$ from my visa. When I asked for a withdraw my manager wanted my login, so she could take over my account. The next morning they CHANGED MY OPENINGPRICE in my 3 open positions, so I lost everything in a few minutes. Thought it was a mistake but they did not answer my e-mails any longer. Suddently someone called me to get my cardinformations. Thought they would give me my money back but they did not. Lost about 3500$. When I traded my accountmannager was angry when I traded by myselv and got profit. The adviced she gave me failed.
Reply by Trade12 submitted Aug 3, 2017:
Hello there Janne!
I am Lily from Trade12 and knowing your issue with Trade12, particularly with your account manager is something that caught my attention. I would like to help you with this, but before we can proceed, we have to verify some information and we need your account details and full name. Once the details are given, we assure that we will assist you all throughout the process
Talk to you soon. Thanks!
Jul 23, 2017,

TRADE12 scammed me skillfully even the banks could not take action against them.

I ws contacted by Trade12 on 22May2017 and the broker managed to gain my trust. So i started to deposit money and started trading based on advices from the broker. I did make some profits and the broker started to ask me to deposit more and more to trade US index, S&P 500, shares and European market. I told the broker that i was using borrowed money from credit card and that i need to withdraw by 20Jun2017 to repay the bill as i do not have much additional cash. She assured me that she would make sure i do not lose a single cent of my deposit as she would only give me confirmed profitable signals. So up to 15Jun2017, i have deposited around USD7000 plus. At that time, my account had a profits of around USD6000. I told her i would like to initiate the withdrawal request, but she managed to talk me into depositing another USD3000 plus to trade more in order to increase my profit before the withdrawal. She told me i could start requesting for withdrawal on 16Jun2017 and i would get my money by 20th or 21st June 2017.

The trade that day went wrong and she told me to lock it. Then she asked me to deposit more in order to break the locked trade safely and to avoid being charged double for exiting the locked trade. I didn't understand why would i be charged double for existing the locked trade as i am new in trading, i just followed what she said and deposited another USD3250 as i was panic and blank. She said the unlocking process would be done by her side and i should not touch my account at all while they help me to unlock.

One day later, she asked me to deposit another USD1750, saying the margin in my account was not enough to cover the unlocking process. At that time, i have deposited USD14k plus, my account has bonuses around USD7k plus, profits around USD7k plus, and the locked trade was at minus USD8k plus.

I couldn't deposit more as i have no more credit in my cards. I asked her to get Trade12 to fund my account first and to deduct the amount from my profit omce the position is unlocked. After all, she said the Trade12 team is 100% confident in unlocking the trade and my account would not lose a single cent, including the USD7k plus profit. But she said that was not possible. That was on 16Jun2017 (Friday). After that weekend, on Monday, i saw the locked trade was gone, with a profit of USD200 (two hundred) but a loss of USD30k plus. And my account was at minus USD11K plus. I demanded an proper explanation from the broker but all i got was that the market was too volatile and my account did not have enough fund to support while they were trying to unlock my trade.

The next day, the broker called me again telling me that she could help me to revive my account with all my previous deposit, profits and bonuses back to the level before the lock trade thing happened, as long as i deposit USD2800. Again i asked her to get Trade12 to fund it but she said it could not be sone in this way as my account was with the liquidator, and the liquidator wanted to see that i myself funded my account. I told her i have nothing left to deposit anymore. She kept asking me to deposit for the next few days. Then on 23Jun2017 (Friday) she email me a credit agreement asking me to sign it, telling me that Trade12 would lend me money to revive my account. The amount this time was USD3800. It didn't make sense as she told me before that Trade12 could not fund me and the amount was not the same.

I then contacted Trade12 via live chat, email and Trade12's facebook page, demanding for a proper explaination on the whole matter, especially on the double charge issue and how come the locked position would close by itself when it was "locked", but to no answer at all.

Few days ago i checked my account and saw that is has been zero by Trade12 and all my money were gone. I am left with nothing but a huge debt on my credit cards, waiting to be taken legal action by the banks at anytime.

So please everyone stay away from Trade12. They are very skillful in luring you to deposit more and then make you lose everything when you want to withdraw. However, if you account does not have much money, something like less than USD1k, they might process your withdrawal so that you would trust them and would deposit more the next time.
Reply by Trade12 submitted Aug 3, 2017:
Hi there!
This is Lily from Trade12. Knowing your experience with your broker is something out of the ordinary. May I ask if this is already settled, and I hope it is. If it is not yet settled, kindly provide me with your full name and details of your account so I can work on your concern the soonest time possible. We assure that we will assist you all throughout the process.
Brisbane, Australia,
Jul 21, 2017,
Registered user

Trade12 Scammers stay away from luc and company

Been scammed by Deposited US $56500 and its been over 3 months and haven't received anything back yet. Going to hire an lawyer to get something back.

Jul 20, 2017 - 1 Star Scam company. Not approving my withdrawl request. Never take their call guys. Stay away. At the start they will be very nice and professional but as soon as you will request you to withdraw more than deposits you will be done in no time.
Reply by Trade12 submitted Aug 3, 2017:
Hi Puregold 17. My name is Lily and I am a representative of Trade12. May I ask how your issue with the company is at the moment? If your concern has not been settled yet, kindly provide me with your account details and full name so I can assist you with your pending issue and further look into your concern about the company and your broker. We assure that we will assist you all throughout the process
Jul 18, 2017,


Good morning,
As many of you, I've been scammed by Trade12. I've received a call after I registered to it's quite strange, I wasn't able to register an account on if I didn't accept to be contacted by Trade12). So, they called me and asked me if I was a newbie or an expert. I told them that I was a newbie and that I was looking for information about the world of trading, and they answered me that they could help me learning something more about trading, I just had to make a deposit of 100$ on their platform to create an account and to receive the assistance of an account manager that should have helped me. They also told me that I was able to take my money back at any time("It's like having these 100$ in your bank,no-one will touch them" they told me) because I had these 5 free operations(without risking my money) guided by my account manager and then I could choose if remaining with them or taking back my money.
While I was on the phone with them I quickly looked for some information about trade12 on signs them in the reliable brokers) and on Google, where, I don't really know how, I found a forum on which they told that Trade12 was a good broker. So, I decided to make the deposit of 100$ and to create an account with them. They told me that in the next days I would have received a call from my account manager and closed the call.
After I closed the call I looked for further information and, unfortunately, just then I read on many forums that they were scammers.
So, when I received the call from my account manager I told him that I didn't want to stay with them anymore because they weren't regulated(In Italy the CONSOB has also written a warning about them, in which is told that they can't operate in Italy) and he told me that I was wrong and that I had to call the support. I called the support, and they told me that I would have been called by my account manager(What?). Later, my account manager called me again and told me that he had talked with the financial department and that I only had to confirm my documents and to request a withdrawal. I sent my documents, they confirmed them and then I requested a withdrawal of 100$.
Well, I've been waiting for a month, and they still have my money. I've called the support many times and they always tell me that I have to wait an email from the Financial Department...
Beware, don't trust them.
Reply by Trade12 submitted Aug 7, 2017:
Hello Ferdinando!
I am Lily from Trade12. May I ask how the status of your concern with our company is? Kindly let me know your account ID and full name so we can check against our system. You can send me a personal message here in forexpeacearmy and rest assured that we will assist you all throughout the process.
Talk to you soon.
Haran, Canada,
Jul 4, 2017,

Sham Sham, stay away

Got a call from this apparently UK Headquartered company, insisting I had registered with them to receive a second income. Sounded dodgy straightaway, It was a call center with lot of chat and music on the background. Two Filipino accented women talked to me,
The first was apparently the account manager, who was being prompted from the background and was repeating after the first person, I could hear both their voices. When asked, she said the call was being monitored for quality assurance purpose (Face Palm). Then the second was a senior account manager. Sent me an email with the website and how to download the trading software.

Wanted to search a bit about the company and lone behold, lead me here.

Number I got the call from: +44 20 3425 7777.

Hope this helps
Jun 26, 2017,
Registered user

Broken Trades 12 is villainy.
Deposit into account.
Do not allow to withdraw.
Please notify fbi promptly.
Pretoria , South Africa,
Jun 15, 2017,

My money is gone

I joined this organisation and started trading 2 years ago , when I wanted to withdraw my profit (large sum ) , they told me it would take 3 days , I've contacted the company on so many occasions and my broker won't give me answers regarding this , sadly it has been 3 months and I still haven't received my profit
Sadly I am a student and put my faith, trust and lots of money in this company
Jun 15, 2017,
Registered user

Withdraw problem. Scam broker

Dear traders stay from this scam broker. I could not withdrawal my money I make many request but never procssssd. They are looting clients money. I am glad I invested a small amount. They are not withdrawal even minor amount. It shows they are scammer

Jun 2, 2017 - 1 Star Unfortunately I deposit 300 USD in my account and I lost only. 0.55 cents I deposit 300 and receive 276 USD in my account. After that I tried to withdraw money and I made a withdrawal request of 299.45 but it was no process. Then I made two withdraw requests of 269 plus 39.45. That was not approved too. My balance is 299.45 and my equity is 276.15 and I have no open trade. I send many emails but in response they always apologize. In my opinion they are scammer, liar and have no business ethics. My money has gone please stay away from this bul*** broker.
Jun 15, 2017,


I received a call from a representative of this company. The call was from the UK. The representative had an African accent. When I asked the agent where did he find my phone number, he answered that I might have subscribed to a financial opportunity on a website or with my bank. When I asked which bank gave him my info, he was unable to answer clearly. He said that he has a list of the Canadian bank with whom they work. Instead of coming back on the phone with his list, he passed the phone to another representative (also with an African accent). The other representative told me that the company is working with National Bank of Canada, Desjardins and a third bank (I do not remember the name). At this moment I knew that this was a scam. I am aware that bank does not give your personal info to prevent fraud. Furthermore, the bank will always ask your permission to give your personal information to a third party or to transfer you to another company. I am confident that I NEVER subscribe to any financial opportunity on the internet. The representative asked me to create an account with them. I told them that I would prefer to wait, have a time of reflexion and discuss this opportunity with my husband when he will come back from work. I am not the type of person taking a decision with precipitation without knowing all the terms and conditions. At this time the representative starts to be rude with me. He was putting pressure to make me create an account with them. I told the agent that I will keep my position no matter what. He was intimidating and made me feel bad because I did not want to give any of my information (name, email, etc.). The second representative tried to manipulate me saying that my husband would be pleased if I take the initiative to make a significant amount of money very quickly. I was supposed to understand that it was unnecessary to talk to him about this affair. He also told me that he was working for nothing with me. I was wasting his time as I understood his complaint. After an argument of 15 min with the representative, he finally left me. They wanted to force me to do something I did not want to do instead of respecting my choices. I found these behaviors very unethical and unprofessional. There is a lot of reviews out there, and they are there for your instruction. Consider them seriously. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM !!!!!!
May 29, 2017,
Registered user

Scam stay away ,please be carefull try to convince you to put money again again.again....
United Kingdom,
May 23, 2017,

Just been shouted at by a trade 12 cold caller

Just been cold called by this business asking if I want to make a secondary income from automated trading. Never signed up with them, requested that I was removed from their call list in line with DPA laws and was met by an irate sales woman shouting over me.

Based on this experience, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole and I'll be making a formal complaint.
Canada, Canada,
May 19, 2017,
Registered user

Awful scamming company

Stay far away from Trade12 and their scamming company. The reviews don't lie - they are awful
England, United Kingdom,
Apr 24, 2017,


This company keeps on cold calling me insisting I had registered with them to receive a second income. Sounded dodgy straightaway, and lone behold a search lead me here.

Limburg, Netherlands,
Apr 23, 2017,
Registered user

Fake trades, +25 days waiting for money, fake lawyer ...please stay away

I can't say about the real behavior of this company as I canceled my funding after I read these reviews...
I was lucky as they did not accepted my money yet so it was done within seconds..

When ppl have to wait for 25 days after a withdrawal request then I know something is wrong.

When I see some fake so called lawyer wants to help ppl to get their money back and you can guess that he/she is from then this has big RED flags in my eyes...

unauthorized trades ..>>>>now I know they are scammers for 100% sure...

At first I don't want to rate this company because I don't have the same experience then these ppl here....
But after reading these reviews that I know that they are scammers...

Please ppl stay away from this company

Good luck to you all that are still waiting for their money...
A. O. ,
Leeds, United Kingdom,
Apr 19, 2017,

Weekly phone calls applying pressure

Signed up for an account during a chat with a friend about his experiences but never got around to doing anything with it. Then the phone calls started. Every week a different member of their customer service team would ring me to try and convince me that I should deposit, saying it was "risk free" and "automated".

The last customer service rep I spoke to was extremely friendly and persistent (hello, if you're reading this), so I had her speak to her superior about removing me from the call list, but he said that in order for the calls to stop I'd have to use my account. At which point, I asked whether the number they had called me from was the only number they use (they said yes), so I thanked them for their efforts and told them I'd be blocking their number.

Lesson of the story? They seem to think that simply because you signed up for an account, they have the right to consistently ring you to attempt to pressure you. Don't sign up.