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Updated: Nov 1, 2018
2.176 · 5 REVIEWS
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2.176 · 5 REVIEWS
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Stockholm, Sweden,
May 21, 2018,
Registered user

Navin (forex watchers / urban forex) the best teacher in my opinion

Hi, i can not believe to see so bad reviews about Navin, Urban Forex or Forex Watchers. I am a student (MPA, 4CB etc. ) and i have to say that there is nobody out there who teaches the logic of trading! Of course he will not give you a strategie because you gonna fail anyway, if you don´t understand the logic and can answear WHY you should trade and most important when and WHY not to trade. He is also giving free Webinars on regulary basis, and let me tell you, I look forward to every single one of them, i would even not mind to pay because the information is gold worth. He is in my opinion the best teacher you can get TODAY. You will not become a education for free. So ask yourself, what would it be worth to pay for a Forex education!? Knowledge does not come for free. If somebody have interest, you can attend to the next live webinar for free at urbanforex.com i guess from there everybody can make there own opinion about Navin;-) I am anyway so happy that i am his student and my trading becomes with every step of the way better :-) With all the best to everybody - Angelika
Dec 25, 2017,

That is my experience and opinion about Forex-Watchers and Navin after 10 month.

Before you allowed to join Forex Watchers you have to purchase first several courses from Navin.

After you finished his MPA course he makes you to buy his 4CB than his MADR and finally his WTOTAY course.
On the end you have spend $1,492 for all his courses.
If you still have some specific question you don’t get an answer, instead he will ask you to join his ForexWatchers Elite Community or his 1on1 couching that would be again $1,495 - $5,495 for the elite community or/and $20,000 - $35,000 for his 1on1 couching

He is teaching nothing new, everything what he shows you can find for free in the Net. He only gives everything a new fancy name and tries to let it look like he has developed something new or special. He gives also no specific entry method, no proper concept, nothing.

I saw at the member’s area people who asking for refund but everybody has been refused. So don’t think that he will refund you if you don’t like his course as he promises.

If people leaving some bad comments at his FB or You Tube he will delete it.
Trust only the reviews here at FPA or any other independence sites which he can not manipulate.

So, in my opinion he is only a good salesman trying to sell as much as he can to finance his silly show-off Trips around the world, flying 1.class and hang up in 5 Star hotels just to show everything on You Tube or his FB sites. No serious mentor would do that.

Now he is even announcing a new version of MPA V2 for 2018, does he really believe all his victims buying his BS again?

I highly recommend stay away from Navins courses. Don’t waste your time and money.

If you want to learn Price Action search here at FPA or any other forex sites to find a serious mentor who will teach you PA for free or at least for a fair price to become successful.
Dec 15, 2017,
Registered user

Urban Forex and MBP

Do not waste your time and Money

Urban Forex and Navin looks good team BUT they are really not ( expect Robert )

i Wanna to deliver u my opinion and the truth for each new trader before wasting TIME effort

The time as you will wait 7 weeks as this course released every week 10 - 15 min short Videos So you will wait and wait till the end till u find the truth

r courses I waste my time and my needed.l money for nothing, during course he will sell u another to master then another then another, he not directly force but he indirect tell u u should , then after 7 weeks he tell u come and buy 4cb ( 6 months course ) with over 900 $ to change ur way !!!!!!

MPA, Core basic , motivation,
A lot of USD I lost without anything

No strategy no plan nothing, expect good veidoes will make u happy but never make u trader

Really I feel sorry for wasting my money wiz u and did not forgive Urban forex

I with i got my money back

fake pls avoid them
Hong Kong, Hong Kong,
Mar 22, 2017,
Registered user

Hi Tom, Thank you very much for your candid review of your recent experience with our course at Urban Forex. Your feedback is extremely valuable to u

Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for your candid review of your recent experience with our course at Urban Forex. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, as we strive to improve with each and every customer. I greatly appreciate your comments about aspects of the customer support and the 30 day money back guarantee.

Fees were always fully refunded if a student withdraws from mastering price action 30 days after the course start date.

I'm very sorry to hear you had a negative experience with our customer support. We treat our customers like we treat our family members and we response within 8 hours. I would like to refer here to our Facebook-Reviews: https://www.facebook.com/pg/urbanforex.official/reviews/?ref=page_internal

I hope that I can convince you to change your mind about our mastering price action course. Please reach out to me directly at info@urbanforex.com if you would be willing to give us a chance to turn your experience around. It would be such a pleasure to welcome you back to our community!

With much appreciation,
Robert Zach
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Hello Robert,

If you have access to a Forex-Watrchers.com email address, please click "Is this your company" and register a new account as a company representative.

Otherwise, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to get in touch with us.

FPA Review Moderation Team
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 21, 2017,

Price Action Course

I would avoid this company. The support is terrible and Navin doesn't reply to my questions in the Price Action Course nor will he give me a refund within the 30 days policy.
, India,
Mar 1, 2016,

Navin course is well structured and explained complex things in very simple way. His free materials and Udemy course is useful for beginners in Forex. It is simplified the terms so it is easier to understand). But when I want to rate about Forex Watchers website/course which cost 15,000$/annum. Frankly saying I am very disappointed with that. Course is useless for that cost. Nothing is explained new in that(Other than the free materials). After we pay our money no attention given to my learning. We joined Forexwatchers after seeing or doing research about Navins free stuffs. But in FW, he didn't even taken a single live webinar or come to chat room in my 4 months. Only a guy named Praven did daily analyses. He is also a trainer or learning forex. No valuable activities in that site. I don’t recommend any one to join FW. No worth for money