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Updated: Nov 22, 2018
1.524 · 7 REVIEWS
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GKFXPrime is a forex broker. GKFX Prime offers the MetaTrader 4 and Mobile forex online trading top platforms. GKFXPrime.com offers over 5 forex pairs, equities, indices, oil, commodities, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.524 · 7 REVIEWS
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Cyprus, Cyprus,
Nov 20, 2018,

I see 6 negative reviews about this broker and I just want to write about my experience.

I guess this group of companies has GKFX UK with FCA license but they offer only 30 leverage at this moment, so I found GKFX BVI and they offer 400 leverage with the same trading conditions and they accept EU clients. I think if they are the same group of companies, they care about their brand name.

I made deposit 28 of August 2018 by Skrill 3000 USD (I could not deposit EUR by Skrill unfortunately). I was trading until end of October and I earned 4240 profit during this time. I decided to withdraw 3000 USD to Skrill.

I made first withdrawal request at 2 of November, they didn't process it for 14 days in total. And they didn't answer on my email from 13 of November about withdrawal status. I was writing to accounts@gkfxprime.com and registration@gkfxprime.com.

I made an another withdrawal request at 16 of November 2018 (3500 USD) and I got payment by the same day.

Then I made 3740 USD withdrawal request at 20 of November 2018, I also got money by the same day.

Maybe they missed my first withdrawal request, maybe they had some holidays, maybe they work when they want to work, I don't know what happened first time, but they payed all my money without problems when I made 2 new requests, and they emailed me also with payment status from payments@gkfxprime.com "Dear Client, Processed. Best Regards, Gkfxprıme Payments".

So, this is about my experience with this company. I will not give any recommendations about this company, just use your brain, understand all risks before you make deposit. You can trade with GKFX UK but 30 leverage and you will be protected by FCA.

Also, I was trading on fixed spreads account and I can say, they have very high spreads on some forex instruments, GBPAUD 100 pips, CADCHF 80 pips, NZDCAD 180 pips etc, but they have good spreads on USDJPY 13 pips, EURUSD 18 pips, EURGBP 13 pips. So be attentive and check spreads before you open a position. This is not the best account for making small trades.
Jul 20, 2018,

SCAMMER. Not paying No Deposit Bonus profit by accusing client using 2 IP to create account/ trade
Micheal Parade,
Selangor, Malaysia,
Mar 13, 2018,

scam broker..payment are late till 2month..

This broker has no regulattion.

Seriusly guys, too risk to put money on this scam broker
Ogun state , Nigeria,
Feb 5, 2017,
Registered user

Yet to receive my withdrawal since the 13th of January 2017 after several mails to gkfxprime.com

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I made deposit of $1000 some years back into my account number 40180 with GKFXPRIME.
But current balance now about $181.
I made withdrawal of $180 from my account since the 13th of January 2017 and my account is yet to be credited. Meanwhile my MT4 account number 40180 has since been debited on same day. As l write at today 6th of February 2017 l am yet to receive my money. I have sent about six(6) different mails on different days to payments@gkfx.com, accounts@gkfxprime.com and support@gkfxprime.com. None of them is yet to reply my mails. I am really upset with these slothful and appalling attitude of these firm called GKFXPRIME.
I need my money as soon as possible. And l would go to any length to get my money back, both spiritually and physically. To before warm is to before harm.

Name: Nsikan Ekwere Usen
MT4 account number : 40180
Kingsley ,
Ogun state , Nigeria,
Jan 31, 2017,

Terrible appalling scammers. Bastards.

Graboswski, Germany,
Dec 28, 2016,
Registered user

I dont can understand how GKFX can open an Broker that ist offshore without any regulations. Dont open an account because your MONEY is not save!!!

Sep 30, 2016 - No Rating GKFX Prime is scam, they are not registred and holds her branch in BVI. I will never open an acoount by GKFX Prime
LAGOS, Nigeria,
Aug 18, 2016,
Registered user


BIG SCAMMERS....JUST RUN.If you doubt me then deposit a reasonable amount and try withdrawing it.you will wish you took my advice,They have no contact number.You will write with no reply coming.All my friends who joined have same issue.we are still fighting to get our hard earned money for over a month now.JUST TAKE MY ADVICE...THIS IS SCAM BROKER AND THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN.

But my money must be paid.

Aug 12, 2016 - 1 Star GKFX IS A BIG SCAM BROKER.THE BIGGEST I HAVE SEEN.They are the worst i have ever seen in forex,they have refused to reply my emails and to pay my money,i have sent dozens of emails no single reply.i have also been trying and trying to reach their customer support for over 5 weeks now but always no operator available,Please if anyone has money there you better start asking for it,They are just the worst i have ever seen,take a look at their website,you can easily tell.i don't know what made me take the risk without properly checking these facts rigth at thier website you can see how crookish they are.cant imagine what made me place a deposit with them,now i have been trying to withdraw my money and its been fruitless.I will fight them to the end to get my money.No matter how long it takes.I just want to use this to warn people to be careful with this BIGGEST SCAM BROKER EVER know as GKFX.How can a brokerage not have a phone number valid phone number tp reach them with,if you try the listed numbers all you get is a ring forever.If you call the UK office they will tell you they are not the same entity as GKFX PRIME,Yet GKFX PRIME USES THIER BANNERS AND FLYERS TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS LIKE ME and yet you say they are a different entity,what BS.For 5 years i have been trading,This is the worst i have ever seen,They just take your money and you cant reach them soon as you deposit then ask for a withdrawal.I will make sure they are exposed and they MUST pay me my money.PEOPLE BEWARE OF THIS BIGGEST SCAM BROKER GKFX.This experience has thought me alot.GKFX PAY ME MY MONEY!!!...my login is 39524.YOU guys have decided to hide and not returning emails and with all the fake numbers that never go through and if you call the UK number they say the not same entity.i don't care,all lies,GKFX JUST PAY ME MY MONEY!!!!