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Updated: Aug 6, 2018
1.223 · 17 REVIEWS
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May 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty votvote against this company.  The FPA recommends CAUTION dealing with OptionStarsGlobal.com unless this issue is resolved.

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2016-0962016-04-26Mike777 vs optionstarsglobal.comguilty


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1.223 · 17 REVIEWS
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Jhb, South Africa,
Aug 4, 2018,

I hate binary whoe heatedly thanks to option stars

These people will create hatred ia person I despise optionstar whith passion more especially Richard and that roxana Carter
Apr 1, 2018,

Scammers with no moral

Scammers from Israel, backed by Bulgarian staff. Real owner is a guy called Gal (Gal Communications Israel). Established as E&G Finances, Sofia, Bulgaria. It's their platform, that will be closed in a few months. They have a new one, called Cryptopoint.com same guys same methods just not binary, but CFD on cryptos. No money will be returned, maybe only initial deposit for a few luckey ones who do a chargeback (min 2000eur). Accounts burned, people hussled, they are common thieves. Fake names, no real traders, just some middle east and east european bunch of liars selling false financial advises. Absolutely terrible people. Probably criminals too. AVOID OPTIONSTARS AND CRYPTOPOINT ITS THE SAME COMPANY!
Warks, United Kingdom,
Feb 28, 2018,
Registered user

Help, lets fight these and get justice

I too have been a victim of www.optionstars.com, the classic build your trust and account level up, they use anydesk to access your account and execute trades so fast you don't know whats going on. - After my suspicions were raised I watched two trades they made on the "live" platform, and also had it live on a legitimate website, they must manipulate their figures to work in their favour as the figures were different to the other reputable site!, then soon as the trade ends in a loss [surprise surprise] the figures go back to normal and it looks like you have just missed out! - then you get the old routine of put more money in to resolve! DON'T complain, raise a chargeback open a Section 75 claim and get your money back. If anyone has any names and addresses of the owners or CEO plz post in the forums thread linked to this page.  We've got to fight these and get justice!
Nov 4, 2017,
Registered user

Stay away. OptionStarsGlobal is a scamming company that steals your money.


I can share following (bad) experiences with optionstarsglobal.com
I opened an account there to trade binary options. I am a trader since 2010, so I would
call myself an advanced trader. When I got the "obligatory" call from one of their account
managers (he introduced hisself as James Morra) I clearly told him from the beginning
that I am an advanced trader and dont want any strategies or bonuses from his company.
I also clearly stated that I expect all necessary communication to be done via Email. My personal account manager, Mr. Morra, was very offending because he did not want to respect my wish to be contacted just via Email as I dont have the time to talk on phone.
He literarily told me that he is not working for a dating website so he will not write emails or books. I told him that he should respect my wish as client but he refused...

Then I started trading and gained profits (476,- EUR).
I decided to make a withdrawal of my initial deposit of 250,- EUR.
That withdrawal request was placed by me on 9.10.17 on their platform. Their terms and conditions say that it takes up to 7 business days for them to process the withdrawal. After that time passed my request was still in status "pending" so I started asking them questions (in chat and via email) why it was not processed yet.
They told me I should not worry as it will be processed really soon but still has to be reviewed.

So I waited another couple of days (until 19.10.17) and tried to check the status again.
I was not able to log in my account anymore. It was blocked. Right after that I went to the support chat to request a full explanation of their actions as I NEVER received any notification about them blocking/closing my account (as there was not even a reason for that apart that I made 476,- EUR profit).
All together I sent them several emails and had several attempts via support chat to solve this as I still have no idea why they just closed my account without any reason.
Nairobi, Kenya,
Sep 18, 2017,
Registered user

i consider this brokerage a SCAM by every sense of the word.

Having engaged this broker for the last three months in efforts to have my money refunded, I have now come to a definitive conclusion that it is a TRUE SCAM dealer.

When I first joined FPA back in June, I suspected that such was it's status, after discerning certain things that did not seem quite right in the dealings.

After trading for some time by being thrown from one "account manager" to another, I demanded for my money refund, and even quite clearly put it that they could keep the profits.
It was than that very cunning games were embarked on by one Benjamin Thomas( I doubt it is his real name anyway!) . He turned me in to a pauper in a flash!

Having followed the FPA guidelines on, first engaging them for at least three times, it has eventually dawned very clearly that I have been scammed!

I will be providing the progressive details on my case, that I am proceeding to file on the Forex Trades Court.

Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Jun 14, 2017,

Big scam

I find that this company is a BIG SCAM!!!
If You are smart You don make any deposit to this scam OptionStarsGlobal.
What ever they manipulate the pips and you loose the money what ever hard er you are try , no chance, is a win and loose situation, they win the money.
May 16, 2017,
Registered user

Illegal actions from optionstars / optionstarsglobal

Optionstarsglobal blocked the access to my trading account. (since 5th of may)

It took me some fighting to withdraw my initial investment of € 1000

There was still €800 on the account, they would not let me withdraw that profit
and after some emails. the just blocked access.. The live chat tells me that a
account manager will call me about the matter, but guess what.. they are not calling

I see that optionstars.com is regulated by sysec, and that optionstarsglobal.com is not.... But they use the same platform, same employees.. ?

It is quit a hassle to file a complain at the sysec website..

Somebody had any tips ?

Queensland, Australia,
Apr 14, 2017,
Registered user

There is no doubt they are Criminals

I have had the same experience as other people on this site. This happened to me one night where I was instructed to trade in a certain way. So I lost $21,000 that night, it was designed to "kill off" the account. So they must pocket the money. This has caused significant affect to my health and bank account and now practically homeless
Walton on Thames, United Kingdom,
Feb 17, 2017,
Registered user

Surprise surprise

In January 2017 I have traded with them a few weeks .Jason Creed was my personal manager.He gave me a few trades and My balance was £580 from my original deposit of £500.He got sick and i decided to trade and lost about 180 and then i decided to withdraw my remaining £393 as i red a few negative reviews here and in the net .
For my huge surprise they sent back the original £500 which is more then unbelievable as i was expecting they will mess around and i won't see my money anymore .So thanks Jason for your help as i think you arranged it somehow.
UK, United Kingdom,
Feb 15, 2017,


This is the single worst company I have ever dealt with. After speaking to a couple cocky and condescending brokers I requested that I not be contacted any further.

I have since been called from over a dozen numbers (so it’s a pain to keep blocking them) and received emails from over a dozen different reps as well. I deleted my account, requested that I never be contacted again and one and a half years on they are still harassing me.