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Vomma is a forex broker. Vomma offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. Vomma.org offers over 30 forex currency pairs and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


July 2017 WARNING:  Vomma.org is offering what they claim is a $100 no deposit bonus.  It's really 100 cents (ONE DOLLAR) on a cent account.  To be able to collect an entire dollar, Vomma is requiring clients to post a positive comment.

The FPA considers any review about this offer which does not mention that the reviewer is compensated to be the same as a hired non-client review.  All such reviews are set to Zero stars.  The FPA is disappointed that traders will provide a fake opinion just to collect $1.  The FPA is also disappointed that Vomma.org is willing to be so unethical and to break the laws of many countries by paying for good reviews.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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0.604 · 18 REVIEWS
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Jan 26, 2017,
Registered user


My account number with vomma is
2132514851 I have $63.19 in my account. I requested for withdrawal when i noticed unethical behavior about this SCAM broker. But they refuse to pay me my money. They said i cannot make withdrawal. FPA, please come to my rescue. Don't allow this SCAM broker to take away my money. Fellow traders, please don't open account with them not to talk of making deposit/trading. VOMMA IS A SCAM BROKER!!!
Aug 10, 2016,
Registered user

THIS SCAM !!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU WIN DONT PAY!!!!SCAM !!!! DONT DEPOSIT!!!!!!!!!!! 
Aug 9, 2016,
Registered user

My account number :21211554567899 Now I use the No-deposit bonus of $ 100 Vomma (https://vomma.org/en/promo/ecnnodep). With that, the profit and the bonus can be withdrawal. But trade restrictions - only 0.01 lots. This promotion is well suited for testing broker.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Another person ready to throw away ethics and spam for $1.

Per FPA policy, another 0 Star paid review for Vomma.
Ashley Neal,
Oakland, CA, USA,
Aug 8, 2016,

I barfed up this vomma spam on another broker's review page.

This is one of the best trading sites. Awesome. https://vomma.org/en/promo/ecnnodep.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Once again, someone is so desperate to get one whole dollar that he threw away his ethics and spammed.  In this case, he spammed onto another broker's page.

Paid reviews are illegal in the US and many other countries.

indonesia, Indonesia,
Aug 7, 2016,

I think vomma is a good broker because they give $100 ECN account and you can trade and I thingk this is a good opportunity to trade with vomma https://vomma.org/en/promo/ecnnodep.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Another paid review in a desperate attempt to collect $1.

Per FPA policy, this review gives Vomma another well-deserved Zero star rating.
serawak, Malaysia,
Aug 3, 2016,

Don't open an account with vomma trading, (vomma.org) don't even deposit. They are Scammers and liars.
They will continue asking for documents when you want to withdraw and even if you send the right documents they will reject them..SCAM VOMMA TRADING
Singapore, Singapore,
Jul 29, 2016,

This Broker is a cheating and Scam company. After deposit they will never pay you. Keep away from this cheating broker Vomma Trading.
Yinmin Chen,
Fujian, China,
Jul 29, 2016,

is a good customer service,and too many people have received the 100$ free bonus,the link is https://vomma.org/en/promo/ecnnodep.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed. This is a paid review, so is set to Zero stars.

Yinmin is lying. No one got $100. They got 100 cents labeled as $100, if they spammed a forums or reviews site about the promotion.
Ashley N,
California, USA,
Jul 26, 2016,

Vomma is one of the best trading companies ever. Highly recommended.https://vomma.org/en/promo/ecnnodep

Review Moderation Team Note: Wow. You decided to try to put your paid Vomma advertisement on another broker's review page.

We've gone ahead an moved it to Vomma's page. We hope you enjoy the $1 you'll get for spamming.

Filip ,
Blansko, Czech Republic,
Jul 18, 2016,

Now I use the No-deposit bonus of $ 100 Vomma (https://vomma.org/en/promo/ecnnodep). With that, the profit and the bonus can be withdrawal. But trade restrictions - only 0.01 lots. This promotion is well suited for testing broker.

Review Moderation Team Note: Filip, you obviously didn't bother to read the warnings in Special Notes on this page. You also didn't read the terms of this "$100" offer. If you did, you would know that your $100 is really only 100 "units" on a cent account. How does it feel to have sold your credibility for one whole dollar?

This is a compensated review without disclosure of compensation. Per FPA Policy, the 5 Star rating on this review has been set to Zero Stars.

The FPA is saddened that Vomma.org continues to use unethical methods to try to improve its rating.