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2017-05-16.  The owner of Secured Options and Inside Option has been arrested.  Charges include aggravated fraud, misrepresentation, false accounting, forgery, extortion and blackmail. CLICK HERE to confirm.

The FPA considers this to be sufficient evidence to confirm that both companies are scams.


June 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  They FPA recommends caution dealing with secured optionns unless this issue can be resolved.

Website is down.  Company seems to be out of business.

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1.345 · 17 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Putra Runtuwene,
Vancouver, Canada,
Apr 11, 2016,

I have difficulties withdraw my funds from a binary options broker called SECURED OPTIONS. Two weeks already I request it, one of the so-called account managers called me and try to offer me a good result or something, but I told him I do not want it, I just want my money back. Since that, many excuses and they even canceled my request by cited the minimum withdrawal amount is $500 while in their Terms & Conditions page ( says $250:

"11. Payment procedure

securedoptions finance department supervises every withdrawal request submitted. Identification documents must be submitted for any withdrawal. There is no fee relating to withdrawal by credit card, but any withdrawal by wire transfer will be charged with the amount of $25. The minimum withdrawal amount for Credit Card and Wire Transfers is 250 according to the currency of the original deposit. When a withdrawal request is submitted, securedoptions may take up to 3 business days to process the request. When your application is approved please wait for 5 to 7 additional days before seeing your funds in your account."

There is something not right with this broker. Any comments?
Singapore, Singapore,
May 15, 2016,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Tommisu vs | GUILTY
On 8th April, I was directed to a Binary Trading entity SecuredOptions by signing up ignorantly with an automated trading software called CopyBuffet. Within minutes of opening and placing a deposit of $900 in the trading account, I received a call from a phone operator from SecuredOptions. As it was the weekend, the operator informed me that my account manager will be talking to me the following Monday. Sure enough, come Monday, a James C. Bennet who claimed to be the trader assigned to manage my account, rang me up.

James talked, inquired and dig deeper into my financial status and convinced me to pump in another $5,000 so that he can show me his capabilities to make money. Thus, we started this so called Account Manager/Client relationship with $8,793.50 starting fund (I traded and made some profits over the weekend).

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, James made a series of 5 trades with 100% winning streak and brought the account up to $11,358.50, bringing a handsome profit of $2,565 or 29%. At this juncture, he assisted in a $1,000 withdrawal back to my credit card which was received within 3 days, in order to prove that the withdrawal process is totally legit.

In addition, he kept selling the idea of getting me into a VIP trading group, managed by a Ben James, which promises higher returns with lower risk. The minimal entry to this group is a $100,000 injection from my end. When he learned that this is beyond my financial status, somehow, he said that the company will make an exception for a valued client like me, and will allow entry with just a $50,000 injection. He managed to hypnotized me into injecting an additional $10,000 while we brainstormed along the way on how to come up with the rest of the money. At this point, my total “investment” stands at $15,900.

He threw out suggestions to garner the remaining funds, such as;
1) Borrowing money from my family members, relatives, friends or colleagues;
2) Taking up personal loans from banks or credit companies;
3) Transferring my ongoing investments and fixed deposit into the trading account;
4) Mortgaging my house;
5) Selling my car etc.

As we are exploring the possibilities along the way, he continued to execute another big winning trade and brought the account up to a nett $23358.50 (minus away the $1,000 withdrawal). At this point, I made it very clear that with my current financial status, $15,900 is the maximum I am willing to risk for the next 6 months. In addition, I will start to make regular withdrawals from the trading account. That is when things started going downhill.

The next trade that was placed after this conversation was $3,000 on GOLD. And it was a loss, ending his 100% winning streak for the past 6 trades. The account was down to $20,358.50.

We had another conversation and I made it very clear to James again, that there will be no more money going into the account from my end. Then I requested for a 2nd withdrawal of $1,000 on 4th May. The withdrawal was approved, but then the money was nowhere to be seen as of 16th May. I have requested SecuredOptions to trace this missing fund, so far there is no reply on their end.

The grand finale came on 11th May. This was after all the conversations of me not pumping any more money on my end, and the money need to starts flowing back to me. James placed a total of 4 trades at the exact same time, with 2 of them being on the same commodity. This move involved an “All-in” kind of action, total of $19,121 injection into the trade and almost emptied out the account, leaving only $237.50 balance.

Not surprising, 3 out of the 4 trades were losses. The only winning trade, which I believed happened only by chance, kept the account alive with $7,449.50.

The method of the last 5 trades has shown an unprofessional, fraudulent, manipulative and reckless trading behavior and attitude adopted by James C. Bennet. There is a black and white statement stating that all stagnant money in the account, not involved in any trades, is insured. My suspect is James C. Bennet, or SecuredOptions, is trying to get all money out of the account onto the trading floor, so that minimal money is being tied to this clause. And they are trying to get most, if not all, the money to end up as losses, so that no payout is necessary from SecuredOptions.

I have dropped a black and white email to SecuredOptions so called “Compliance Dept.”, “Accounting Dept.” and James C. Bennet to stop trading on my account immediately. Right now, I am asking to close my account and asking for a refund of $7,449.50 + $1,000 (the 2nd withdrawal which is still lost in translation). Still pending reply from SecuredOptions.

All contracts, email correspondences, deposit and withdrawal records, trading records are available for verification.

A warning to all:

SecuredOptions, or the so called Mr James C. Bennet, should be more accurately labelled as a scam artist rather than a trader/account manager. He/They will convince you that you have found a winning formula in making passive income. He/They will smooth talk you, connect with you, share life experiences with you to bond with you and gain your trust. He/They will give you advice on how you should take more financial risks rather than living like the rest of the world. He/They will tell you how stupid it is to keep money in the bank and earning meagre returns. He/They will gradually and gently coax you to part with whatever money you have, and even going for money that you do not have. All the while, showing that he/they is more than capable in making profits with your account.

But the moment when he/they found out that you have been completely milked dry, things will suddenly take a turn for the worse. Any successful withdrawals (if any) that you have enjoyed so far, suddenly seemed plagued with problem and money is not getting back to you. Trades placed from this moment onward, more often than not, will result in losses. You will see your account $$$ dropping drastically.

Right now, I am giving SecuredOptions the chance to clarify this matter and refund the $8,449.50 due to me. If nothing is moving after 1 week, I will resort to go through governmental and legal channels. Even if I failed to get me money back in the end, I will make sure SecuredOptions will be blacklisted and labelled as scam on as many forums and review websites as I could possible reach.
Kay McNaught,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
May 18, 2016,

Be careful when you open an account with Secured Options. What is written in their term and condition is not the same in practice. In addition you will find difficulty in accessing your account because they have the habit of changing your passwords without letting you know. When you want to close your account they make sure that there is no money left in your account.
Gerhard Buttler,
Bad Dürkheim, Germany,
May 27, 2016,

The business model of Securedoption is extract as much money from the clients. At first you see a video about a supersoftware. This programm generates every day more then 1500 €, the gained trades are more then 90% and you can start in the next hour.
If you have entered your data,the broker from Securedoptins calls and offers special trades. If you deposit € 5,000 to your investment account, you're taking part in an insured trade and earn at least € 1,000 in one week. After a week your money ist lost and the balance shwows 0. The broker has not traded, in the banking historry you can read "no positions" The name of my broker is Frank Schuster and he is not a broker, he is only a thief.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Jun 3, 2016,

I have similar experiences with all reviews already mentioned.
Passwords changed.
withdrawals cancelled.
Persistant communication to deposit more funds.
Be carefull.
, United Kingdom,
Jun 15, 2016,

I did what I thought was due diligence prior to opening an account - to no avail.
After I paid the money - I sent off my documents as requested and "compliance" keep telling me that my account cannot be verified and they want more information from me, which they know I don't have!!.
I paid $250 and lost $200 in the first day! I cannot "close" my account or withdraw my money from it until the account is verified (therefore more losses) and they won't verify it !!!
I have repeatedly asked for them to confirm who they are regulated by and under which Jurisdiction and they refuse to answer. They won't respond to my emails, "live chats" or phone calls so we are stuck in a never ending loop!!!
London, United Kingdom,
Jun 23, 2016,


I was scammed out of by these crooks. My story as below,

They are Thieves... BEWARE OF THIS, same story for me too, Kate Miller and Jennifer Richards are the two of the gang of Crooks. I can't believe that such a sophisticated SCAM / FRAUD / LOOT these crooks are doing. Isn't there any way to stop these guys, no law and order for them, wow, just can't believe it. Thank god I figured it out (though a bit late) and I am about to lose out £250 now. They don't want to refund it. Same story, Jennifer keeps telling me contact Accounting department on email and they aren't responding. Account had £300 plus money and someone put 30 automated transactions to bring it down to £200. Neo2 software guys are partner of the gang of crooks..... I will do what I can based on my skills, will try to make sure spreading the word all over so Other are not duped by these CROOKS....... I will make sure that this site gets maximum visibility and hence save others.
UK, United Kingdom,
Jul 31, 2016,

They took took all of my $16500 through losing trades. Then asked for more money!
My case is almost identical to those listed in this thread. I have written evidence of reassurances that my capital was safe and that the company is regulated. Both of these things turned out not to be true. My account manager gave numerous reassurances that all would end in profit, it did but for Secured Options!
The real breaker was when they put down 6 trades. These trades were for my entire balance and I expressed concern. I called up expressing a concern and my account manager sounded very worried. The next thing I knew my trades were all sold and the account manager moved off the account. I then had contact with a new manager who said he would recover the account. It would cost me 10k and he guaranteed a return of 28K. So on a investment of $16500 +10K they were offering a return of 28k. You don't need advanced Maths skills to see that is a crazy offer.I did not pay the 10k and currently have a balance of $19 on account after an initial investment of $16500.
I have emails, Skype transcripts and I only wish I had recorded the aggressive calls asking for more money.
Please please please do not give this company a single penny, dime or shilling. You will lose your money, be it this week next week or a few months down the line.
australia, Australia,
Aug 15, 2016,

Stay away from these brokers. They will ask you for all your money, they will churn it and leave you with nothing. You do not have control!
United Kingdom,
Aug 24, 2016,
Registered user

I have been working with secureoptions for quit some time, they have always put my well being infront and i have no complaints what so ever. I would recommend others to join them
Victoria, Australia,
Aug 27, 2016,

Ongoing scamming, lies and misdirection

This company presently hold $140,000 USD of my money they use the term insured trades, at no time have i had a bonus which you have to turn over so many times to withdraw( this is normal in the industry) i used only insured trades, when i when to withdraw funds they refused, with the sum of money involved i am thinking about taking them to court for theft i will see how things go
Sep 13, 2016,
Registered user

SCAM Binary

On 15th Aug I deposited USD 500, i spoke to a lady named Emily Miller. Later that evening, another guy called me, and ask me to deposit another USD 500, I told him why should I put in another 500 when i've just put in. He said there is a an opportunity to grab now about the iPhone 7. I just told him not interested. 2 Hours later another guy named Ben Klein called, introduce himself as a top broker with Securedoptions, saying how much he has made for his clients and how he can do the same thing with me. He ask to do a financial goal check, asking about my credit cards, my houses, etc. Then he mentioned about the 10,000 USD package saying that this package will suit my financial goal if i want to achieve it. I did a skype call with him few days later, and i told him i'm not interested, and i would like to do my own trade using your software under the spot follow. So he pass my details to his colleague, David Fisher, saying this person can handle my type of account which is USD i said great thats what i wanted. He called me today, talking about the opportunity about iphone again, saying i missed out on it, telling me there is a plan if i deposit 5k USD i will get 3750 cash right now, and if i deposit 10kusd i will get 7500 cash again, trying to entice me with money. I told him i just want to trade with my 500, he then said he doesn't like the way i talk, i offended him, he wants my card details so he can do a check to see if how i deposited my money. Saying my account is a fraud and i'm doing money laundering. What a joke!!

For those who are reading this, DO NOT JOIN securedoptions!
Vancouver, Canada,
Oct 18, 2016,

Warning!!! Scam!!!Do not Sign up with securedoptions unless they have paid their traders.

Just today, I cannot login to my account, says wrong password eventhough I have not change the password. I tried to use the forgot password option and they sent me a new one which also didn't work. This happened only today after I requested to withdraw. I have submitted a withdrawal request two weeks ago and only found out that withdrawal was cancelled by them without notifying me of any reason, only found out a week later. Then I resubmitted another withdrawal request and emailed support and accounting department, these is where my account login access was denied. Still hoping to get a response from them. was provided to me when I signed up for NEO2 software.

What actions can we take to get our money back. Thanks!
Zurich, Switzerland,
Dec 9, 2016,
Registered user

My Experience is great with them

i started trading 5 years back and no i am very well groomed in this field and here is my first review regarding securedoption . i started secured option year back and got good amount from trading which shows positive sign for this company but their might be issue happened with some of guys but i am fine with them. No worries as they withdrawal the cash in few days but its okay for me . More over their services are very professional . i love their knowledge database which is very great and helps to get learn some thing new from trading . i recommend you guys.
WOLVERHAMPTON, United Kingdom,
Jan 18, 2017,
Registered user


I HAVE BEEN WARNING PEOPLE FOR A LONG TIME ABOUT THIS GANG OF CROOKS AND THEY ARE STILL GETTING AWAY WITH ROBBING PEOPLE. Why cant Forex peace army stop them that is what you are there for.I am sorry i have lost all faith in your organisation total waste of time.

Dec 21, 2016 - 1 Star Warning DO NOT trade with this gang of thieves . There whole system has been set up to rob the public. What i cant understand is how they are getting away with it, surely the police and government are aware of these BASTARDS.

Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note

Are you feeling well?  Can you see the rating on top of this page?  Can you see the warning about the Traders Court guilty vote?  You have been a member of the FPA since May of 2015.  That's long enough to know that it takes 3 Guilty cases or some sort of major regulator action for a company to get a Scam Label.

The FPA has done more to warn members about the dangers of binary options than any other forex site on the web.  Didn't you notice all the low ratings, Traders Court cases, and Scam Labels against so many binary companies in the time you have been a member? 

You've made complaints in Scam Alerts and posted in other people's case threads, so you should be fully aware of these things.  Why didn't you open a thread in Scam Alerts?  You could have gotten advice from fellow FPA members and might have been able to recover your money.  Why didn't you file your own Traders Court case?  If you had, then Secured Options would need to pay you or would have ended up one step closer to a Scam Label.  This would have made more people aware of the problem and could have saved others from placing money there.  Instead you seem to expect the FPA to take action without following established procedures of offering help in the forums, evaluating evidence and voting.

The FPA does not have artillery.  We also do not have teams of commando accountants to break down the door of companies and do audits.  Do you expect the FPA to order a broker to close down?  Would you expect a scam broker to obey such an order?

The FPA is not the police.  Instead, the FPA relies on members like you to take action to try to help publicize scams and warn their fellow traders inside the FPA and to file complaints with police and regulators.

We would hope that joining in May of 2015 would have given you plenty of time to learn to read the reviews first.  Instead, after complaining in the forums about other binary brokers, your review of December 2016 shows that you deposited with Secure Option before checking the reviews for it.  Why didn't you check the reviews first?

Should we have assigned an FPA member to stand by you and force you to look at reviews before depositing?  Should we have written you a personal message advising you to not deposit with any binary broker?

We have lost all faith in you as a person who cares to take simple actions to protect your own money or to help protect other FPA members.
London , United Kingdom,
May 24, 2017,
Registered user

Victim of 'online trading options company 'SECURED OPTIONS>COM

I invested with 'Secured Options last June 2016 and lost my money, couldn't find any help here in Uk with the inept incompetent pretend 'Action Fraud ' squad or FCA , LSE, Consumer organisation or the Gambling Commission as they were not registered with the later! Glad Israel and Canada and the USA have woken up to this Internet Options SCAM at last! Well done you guys! If any body has any idea how I can now proceed to try and get my money back pleas write it down here, TA!

Your article gave me hope Simona Weinglass well done ! can you help the people in UK that have been scammed like me? Be most grateful for any help as I lost all my savings last year in June to them the dreaded 'Secured Options' gang! Told me all deals were covered by insurance therefore no losses wold be incured! What a lie that was, then fell for the 'Bonus' trick whereby one had to put 20x the amount of the bonus back into the future dealings or loose all your money like me, also suffered from terrible admin from these people. Hope they get put in jail for a very long time!
Kilie Gini,
South Africa EC, South Africa,
May 26, 2017,

It was not what was advertised

I traded with you but can't get back my money. You impossible information from me in order to get back my money. Now it is more than 6 months trying to get back my money. Your email address is not working