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Updated: Dec 17, 2018
3.3 · 9 REVIEWS
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3.3 · 9 REVIEWS
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Moscow, Russian Federation,
Dec 13, 2018,

4 stars broker

You can trade here. Brokers deserves 4 stars.
Withdraawal as it should be - no delays.
Platform works well.
Rivne, Ukraine,
Dec 13, 2018,
Registered user

great news feed

Good webinars, great news feed and a large selection of assets of all the facilities offered by this broker came in handy for me. I am always aware of what is happening in the world and depending on the situation I can switch from currencies to commodities or indices in time. By the way, that's why I made good money on oil falling!!!
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Nov 25, 2018,

My opinion...

I've been trading on Utrader not for a long time and I have no question to this broker so far. I switched from the start account with $300 deposit to a silver one with $3001 deposit, but I don’t intend to dwell on this. This broker has only 5 types of accounts and privileges are of course added as the deposit grows. I want to get to the vip account with $100001 deposit. There are nice privileges like the highest priority type when withdrawing money and VIP hedging tools. And in general it boosts self-esteem. I don't like that this broker has very strict bonuses working off terms. But I personally don't use bonuses at all. It only relaxes.
Russian Federation,
Oct 19, 2018,
Registered user

Work with them

I've been trading on Utrader for quite some time and have no claims to the broker. It performs all that it claims and trading goes safely and comfortably there. When you're not sure about the broker, trading doesn't go well either. If you have any doubt, it is better to leave such a broker (even if the suspicions are unfounded). I'm sure about Utrader, because there have never been any big problems. Funds withdrawal is done quickly, trading platform responds to each click. Trading brings me a good contribution to the budget and I can afford many things that were previously unavailable.
Oct 12, 2018,

Impressions about the Utrader broker

I think it's a nice broker. I like its trading platform. There's a detailed textbook on the website, but everything is intuitively clear as well. There're many assets to trade with and you can choose the necessary expiration time. Funds withdrawal is done well, sometimes even quicker than it's said.
Aug 29, 2018,

Utrader is standart broker

Utrader is quite standart broker. It won't impress you with something supercool. I used to trade here couple months ago. But i moved to umarkets after i changed my trading strategy. Can i recommend utrader? Yes, but please check the terms and trading conditions firstly. This rule always helps me to choose brokers correctly.
Limassol, Cyprus,
Aug 14, 2018,

The broker does pay

Utrader is the first in the popularity ratings and to be honest I haven't seen such negative reviews about it as here.

I have a positive experience. Utrader attracted me with high percentage of payments with respect to my former broker – 85% of payments in contrast to 60% on Alpari. And Utrader has much more contracts, i.e. this broker is more suitable for working with binary options. The timing of the withdrawal is the same in both companies – a few hours.

Being a newcomer in binary options I came to Utrader in order to learn long-term trading in practice, and I find its terms quite suitable. I didn't use bonuses and manager services.
Jan 6, 2018,
Registered user

this is an update of my case with utrader. I screenshots my withdrawal request on the 4th january 2018 and i can see my 4 withdrawal request. Then when i check again on the 6th january 2018 they have changed my withdrawal requests with only 3500 USD and they cancelled all my withdrawal request,
They are definitely big scammers! DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY WITH UTRADER

Jan 4, 2018 - 1 Star This is an update from Utrader, someone so called Belle Sullivan called me say that she will return me all my money to the 4 cards that i use to do the deposit. But she said she will start with USD2500 (which is the lowest amount on my withdrawal request) and so I asked her for a timeline for the 4 cards, as in when are the dates that i will see my money in my each cards. After that she ignored my email.

Dec 28, 2017 - 1 Star They are definitely scammers, I invested USD14250 on 20th October 2017 and found out that they are not regulated and i might lose all of my money from all those tradings. So, i decided to do withdrawal of all the USD14250. They told me that i must submit all the documents that they need to proof my identity and so i did. But they have not return my money till now.
DO NOT put your money with utrader.
Jack Washington,
Russian Federation,
May 24, 2017,
Registered user

Scammer - uTrader.

Scammer - uTrader.
Hello. I want to share my sad experience with uTrader.

Registered in February. Replenished the account for 1000EUR, after which my financial analyst Artyom Rostovtsev called me and as I understood it, then he processed me and made me agree to the bonus and his deals. I greatly regretted this. In the aftermath of work with the analyst, slowly but confidently, I lost money earned on my own strategy. Thinking back, I decided to withdraw the profit and then it all started ......

I made a withdrawal request. The request was canceled due to: Insufficient funds on the balance sheet. You have been credited with the bonus, the bonus and the profit received is not subject to withdrawal until the necessary trade turnover is created.

After that, I sent a letter: "I intend to fulfill the terms of trade and would like to know the remaining amount."

The response from the company was the following: "You need to create a trade turnover in the amount of 20 000 EUR, at the moment you have opened transactions for the amount of 19 065 EUR."
After meeting the terms of the agreement and creating the necessary trade turnover of 20.000 EUR, I left a request for withdrawal of funds. A day later the application was canceled due to: "Your application for withdrawal was canceled on agreement with your personal financial analyst."

But I did not negotiate with anyone and did not cancel the application. After that, I pricked up my ears and this time left an application for withdrawal of my deposit in the amount of 1000EUR. The application was also canceled with clarifications that only my financial analyst can confirm the conclusion.
Then followed a series of calls from the financial analyst of the company uTrader Artem Rostovtsev. The intelligible reason for canceling the request for withdrawal of funds, he did not name, referring allegedly to our personal agreement with him, which was not. In the conversation, he was assertive, the conversation led unprofessionally and aggressively, insisted on continuing to trade in his analytics and directions. According to him, if I open transactions for the amount of 500EUR, then in a week I will be able to earn more than 7000EUR and without any problems to withdraw all the funds. I declined his offer.

After verbal tricks and psychological pressure, I realized that my account wanted to merge, and insisted only on getting my deposit back, referring to the Agreement posted on their site.

All my applications were canceled, including the withdrawal of the deposit.

I wrote to the regulator CROF to which the broker belongs, unfortunately, no answer has yet come. As it turned out, they are also scammers and cover each other.

I still can not get my money.

If anyone knows how to help me, please help.

Мошенник - uTrader.
Здравствуйте. Хочу поделиться печальным опытом с компанией uTrader.

Зарегистрировался в феврале. Пополнил счет на 1000EUR, после чего мне позвонил мой финансовый аналитик Артём Ростовцев и как я понял уже потом обработал меня и заставил согласиться на бонус и его сделки. Я об этом сильно пожалел. В последствии работы с аналитиком медленно но уверенно я терял заработанные на собственной стратегии деньги. Одумавшись, я решил вывести прибыль и тут всё началось......

Я сделал запрос на вывод средств. Запрос был отменен по причине: Недостаточно средств на балансе. Вам был начислен бонус, бонус и полученная прибыль не подлежит снятию пока не создан необходимый торговый оборот.

После этого я отправил письмо: "Я намерен выполнить условия торгового оборота и хотел бы узнать остаточную сумму."

Ответ от компании был следующий: "Вам необходимо создать торговый оборот на сумму 20 000 EUR, на данный момент Вы открыли сделок на сумму 19 065 EUR."

После выполнения условия соглашения и создания необходимого торгового оборота в 20.000 EUR я оставил заявку на вывод средств. Через день заявка была отменена по причине: "Ваша заявка на вывод была отменена по договорённости с Вашим личным финансовым аналитиком."

Но я ни с кем не договаривался и не отменял заявку. После этого, я насторожился и в этот раз оставил заявку на вывод своего депозита в размере 1000EUR. Заявка также была отменена с разъяснениями, что только мой финансовый аналитик может подтвердить вывод.

Далее последовала череда звонков от финансового аналитика компании uTrader Артёма Ростовцева. Внятной причины отмены запроса на вывод средств он не назвал, ссылаясь якобы на нашу личную с ним договорённость, которой не было. В беседе он был напорист, разговор вёл непрофессионально и агрессивно, настаивал продолжить торговлю по его аналитике и указаниям. По его словам, если я буду открывать сделки на сумму 500EUR, то через неделю смогу заработать более 7000EUR и без проблем вывести все средства. Я отказался от его предложения.

После словесных уловок и психологического давления, я понял, что мой аккаунт хотят слить, и настаивал лишь на том, чтобы вернуть свой депозит, ссылаясь на Соглашение, размещенное у них на сайте.

Все мои заявки были отменены, в том числе и вывод депозита.

Я писал в регулирующий орган ЦРОФР к которому относится брокер, к сожалению, никакого ответа до сих пор не пришло. Как оказалась, они тоже являются мошенниками и всё друг друга прикрывают.

Я до сих пор не могу вывести свои деньги.

Если кто знает как мне помочь, прошу помогите.
United Kingdom,
Mar 21, 2017,
Registered user

Utrader - SCAMMERS!!!!!!

Disgusting individuals who rob honest people I have hundreds of messages were they told me I was able to withdraw my funds a lot which I built myself when I had the 12,500 which was my original investment I wanted to walk away they wouldn't let me with drawn and ended up making me trade until I lost then they blocked me

Mike Johnson Jessie James nick Gordon

Stay away crooks

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