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Updated: Sep 13, 2018
1.217 · 6 REVIEWS
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1.217 · 6 REVIEWS
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Sydney, Australia,
Sep 11, 2018,
Registered user

The account managers/brokers/analyst only work for themselves. They do not protect anyone's investment. They do not care about risk management. They plus big trades from anywhere $10K to $50K per trade & when trades go bad they ask for more money to recover the loss. This is never ending & the investor is the victim. Example when they place 4 trades of $20K each & only 2 comes in the money, they are happy because they have made their commission from the winning trades but investors lose as the 2 wins do not cover fully for the 2 lost trades.
Alcochete, Portugal,
Jun 6, 2018,
Registered user

Terrible!!!! Never work with them.

Lost hundreds of thousends of Euros with them through different people taking "care" of me!

Dec 4, 2017 - 1 Star I work with 365 Binaryoptions since the 21st of December 2015. The big problems for me are 2:
- each time there is a good opportunity they ask for money (lots of money). In fact they do not trade (or help to trade or advise to trade) in special situations with the funds available. We always have to put more money.
- some times the person contacting you (and during all this time I had already about 10 people dealing with me) gives you "bonus" without your request, just to make the account higher. The fact is that each bonus to be canceled needs an amount of trading of at least 40 x the bonus!!!! (which motivates you to trade). DO NOT ACCEPT IT !!!

I had invested with them during these years more than 350K€ (yes, all my money and unfortunately more than MY money which putted me in big trouble!) They are very persuasive! All their promises never came to a "happy end" and I lost it all!
Recently I was in such trouble that they agreed (with a lot of pressure from my side) to withdraw 23,000.00 Euros which could pay only 1/2 or one of my credit cards. Even so, they made a mistake and send about half to the wrong credit card, contrary to my instructions!
I have been trading Forex Binaryoptions on CCI + Bollinger bands (together) following their instructions and using 2 screens and I have been losing. My account is now 4,000.00 Euros!!!!
When this amount is finished, I will abandon the "boat".
I lost a lot of money with them on the BREXIT and on BITCOINS for instance (and not only) following their advise.
In conclusion: put the money YOU want and not what they want.
They try to be "helpful" and I have been trading with them with help (certainly not always positive as said previously) but obviously I would never restart again with them.
Jan 24, 2018,
Registered user

Do not even start trading with them.

365binaryoption are a slick clever team of fraudulent scammers headed up by account managers with special skills at lying and putting you through to "top trading experts" good at bragging about their skills before they lose all your money in 10 minutes.Then the account manager comes back and pretends to be shocked and able to rescue you if you just put more money in your account. They make money from losing yours - so you win a bit and then lose a bit and slowly go more and more down into total losses. As you lose they slip a "bonus" into your account because you are "special" to them. But the bonus keeps you trapped into trading and never getting anything back. And they keep making their cut of your winnings. Of course this means they dont care if you win anything because just as soon as you deposit your money is whisked away as fast as they can manage - which keeps you in traumatised victim mode hoping that your account manager does really and truly like you and will help you financially recover. Really their job is to keep you trading - using their money (bonuses) or yours.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 17, 2017,
Registered user

Not able to withdraw money from their website withdrawal link.

Not able to withdraw money from their website withdrawal link.

I have deposited 250$ beofre and broker called me to deposit 1000$ so he can place me on Bitcoin. And he told me that once I make profit on that he will return my full money. But now he is not contacting me and also not replying to my messages.
Now, I have over 1800$ in my account and i want to withdraw, but they have disabled withdrawal link on the website and I withdrawal tab doesn't work.

I have emailed their support center and they informed that they will arrange for withdrawal but reading reviews seems that they will arrange for withdrawal.

Pls. advise how can I get my money back and I would suggest not to go with this broker.

London, United Kingdom,
Aug 26, 2017,
Registered user

I joined 365binaryoptions.com in June this year. No i would not recommend them to anyone. They are only interested in you using up every piece of cash you have available. They talk fast, talk over you and are very agressive. I have joined a chargeback company to see if I can get any help to get my funds back.
Stockholm, Sweden,
Sep 1, 2016,
Registered user

Warning!!! Scam Broker of a different type!! Subtle fraud, dangerous and very unprofessional after deposit.

Warning!!! Scam Broker of a different type!!

365binaryoption.com claimed to have a safe CCI martingale (or hedge as they call it) strategy which the account manager claimed has only gone to the 8th level once in 11 years when used right and that he had see, and he had many clients making loads of $$$ with this and not wiping out their accounts.

Needed 10K deposit to learn and use the strategy. Broker assured me that this was safe and that if it ever did blow the account when used right, he would credit my money. During a training session with the broker, the strategy went to the 9th level and blew the account.

Broker refused to keep his word and wanted me to deposit another 10K. Finally when I couldn't reason with him, I told him I would go to traders court at FPA and also do a chargeback, he told me he had a big legal department and that it would cost me more than 10k if I went that route. He said the calls were recorded, but when I asked, he was unable to provide me with the recordings and denied saying so. He also refused to give me the name and number of a person from the legal department, and said there are many. Also couldn't tell me how many. He also referred to the situation as "fun" many times.

My advice, stay away or withdraw your funds while you can. Their strategies and training are not as safe and as good as they present them, and they have no level of professionalism to continue long. I don't think they are as big and established as they suggest and I think they survive off the turnover volume of their clients capital until the account eventually gets wiped out. Also would expect them to write good reviews about themselves now that they are aware of this forum. The people I had contact with went under the names of David Morgan and Jack Stefan.
Aug 22, 2016,

Don't go with 365 binary option

Leah hill will tell you your wasting your time with $25 trades let's make some real money get you to put your life saving in makes you win offers you vip status 4 months later quick kill she put 4 big trades on.... They all go down... Gone... Next David the account rescue manger calls you saying she has been suspended for bad practices he ask you to deposit more money and he will get your account back.... Complete fraud were talking about 6 figure sum.. My name not given as I fell so stupid I fell for this...BE WARNED