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Updated: Mar 6, 2018
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tel aviv, Israel,
Mar 6, 2018,

bed experience

I also lost allot of money with them
Joe was pushing me to put my money even i told him i don't want to take a riskey steps and he promised i won't be dissapointed that i just need to put more money for the action and after doing this action i could take the money back in profit , he just pressed and pressed on me again and again till he succeed to convinced me to trust on him and to give him my card details, after the investment guided by him i just lost almost everything, and then i couldn't get him again by email or phone he was like disapeared
i think the feeling is like someone put his hand in your pocket and use you
i think if he had wanted he could help to stablized my acount again but he doesn't care about it
London, United Kingdom,
May 1, 2017,

Appalling Company

Poor trading selections by DGI.
Under pressure to invest more funds with them from day 1.
Appeared almost a complete reliance on www.investing.com trends/outlook with little trader insight demonstrated
No replies to emails sent by me with queries
I have lost a fair amount of money on my Account and whilst I accepted that there were inherent risks in such trading, I was obviously relying on guidance from DGI to set out a trading strategy which was not forthcoming. Playing the law of averages whilst relying on third party indicators and keeping one's fingers crossed is not a trading strategy.
My Account manager, Joe Harris, described as: "Senior Account Manager and Trading Expert" had limited knowledge and in reality he relied solely on www.investing.com
He will say that trades were placed with my knowledge etc, however I was relying on guidance from them.
Christchurch , New Zealand,
Dec 20, 2016,
Registered user


I went through DGI MARKETS, I was promised to be trained up step by step and I would win thousands every week, all i needed was usd$250 as soon as I signed up It was suggested I needed at least $1,000 as NO one trades with $250 so I cashed up my holiday pay and also got a overdraft to make up $1,100. I had some training I started trading on my own and did well had a few wins then I had a bad night and lost a lot of money, I was worried i would loose all of my money so I contacted DGI Markets to help me so I wouldn't lose all of my money. I had a new trainer he contacted me every few days.He would tell me what was happening and suggested what to put on I now have lost all of my money It feels like it was done deliberately. The trainer has disappeared, with no contact NOTHING, I was treated unfairly as I was suppose to be trained to make money not lose all of it. I now have to pay back my OD. I was very sceptical and I had good reason to feel this way,
London , United Kingdom,
Aug 18, 2016,

This DGI market is the biggest lay ever.

They convincing you to deposit a lot of money and promised you that the risk is minimum and you can't los money at all but make big profits and it's true the first few Tim's but later you lose everything and even if you want to take whatever money left in your trading account it's impossible they won't let you and they claim that is a bonus. I'm extremely disappointed and I'm gonna looking for my legal rights

May Livne,
Raanana, Israel,
May 16, 2016,

No way to release funds from their system. It was blocked and I can't take out the rest of my funds.
Their system is VERY slow and I lost money a few times because of that.
Customer help is not helping...