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Jul 6, 2017,

Every time Nick takes over a signal. He ruins it.
Check the history on all the signals he has had in the past.
Those signals were very successful until he interfered.
Stay away.
Karl Wild,
Taiwan, Taiwan, China,
May 12, 2016,

This is an update to my case related to monopolyfx and simpletrader.
Paypal has decided this case in my favor and I got my money back.

2016-05-08 1Star This is additional information to Simpletrader.
Simpletrader has now removed Monopoly FX from the My Signals page and made it nearly impossible to claim the money back via Paypal. On this webpage you could see your subscriptions, the expiry date and the last heart beat. This made it easy to prove if they terminated the service before expiration.
I would call this tricky and dishonest and very closed to SCAM , but for sure it is unethical.

2016-05-05 1Star Simpletrader provides Forex signals from different signal providers which normally is OK. In the near past there was a signal (Monopoly FX) provided which suddenly stopped after a long losing stream. All questions and E-mails to Simpletrader have been left unanswered. They even not reacted to the fact as I wrote to them that I will post this in FPA. Shortly after Monopoly FX stopped, the same signal provider distributed his signals again under the name Steady Mover. Because of many complaints Simpletrader removed it from their selection. It is unfair to their subscribers to allow such signal providers to change the name and appear again. There is a sneaking suspicion that the records of the signal provider was faked. I had direct contact to the signal provider before, but all questions and e-mails are unanswered since he took his signal off. The point is that the signalprovider/ simpletrader did not stick to their contract, because they terminated the service before the period of subscription ended. Now I'm claiming my money back via Paypal and don't get any support from simpletrader, because they also would lose their fee. I had good faith in this company before, but now I would not recommend to make business with them.