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Updated: Sep 10, 2018
3.759 · 3 REVIEWS
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3.759 · 3 REVIEWS
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Grand Central, Cayman Islands,
Jul 29, 2018,


Very misleading system. I have tons of indicator and when I first started using it I automatically lost money. The deal is the the indicator back paints after the trend is already formed and if you are scalping, it is likely you will get into the trade when the micro trend reverse. I don't understand why people in Forex keep trying to cheat people out of making money. The two other reviews on this site about the product are from Africa and they have rated this indicator are the best thing they came across when that is far from the truth. The indicator will lead you to lose money and the descriptions circulating this indicator is far from the truth. Just another marketing gimmick. It is better to get a Semifor indicator and work with that, cause it tells you a reversal is coming. This back painting stuff is just rude and disgraceful.

I watched a video before I got the indicator showing precise entry and exit points. But using it, this is far from that. Trusting it will lead to lose of money.
May 12, 2018,
Registered user

Anything that comes out with Alex Nikovsky name to it is a clear scam. Stay away people! This guy describes his indicator as if the calculations behind it is based on W.D.Gann math principle. Nowhere near it! It's all based on MACD and moving averages, signals go deep into drawdown before coming back into profit or break even. This guy Alex goes onto different forums with multiple accounts and leaves positive reviews on his Golden eagle indicator. He even asks questions as if he heard of the system and leaves links for people to go and have a look to see what they think. Smart marketing but cr** indicator . Shifty the developer behind it too.
Mar 6, 2018,
Registered user

Great product from a great software developer ideal for newbies

I have been looking for a reputable forum to post my review about this guy,his product are exceptional Alex nivosky is a kind of guy who goes the extra mile to make his clients happy excellent support ,very friendly and humble ,all though youll need to put his product into use to see desirable results
iyun Smith,
Greenhils, South Africa,
May 19, 2016,

Hi all, I must admit that I have been waiting for some time now for the opportunity to give a review about this guy. You may have noticed that on his website there are no testimonials. Well, it is because he is for real. You can use his indicators as stand alone and even build your own systems around it! At first I was skeptical. 'Yeah, just another one of those products...' I thought. And, then amazingly my demo account started to grow. I have been with Alex for about six months now and I'll tell you his support it something out of this world, and I really mean it. He is honest, hardworking, humble, friendly and supportive irrespective of his level of professionalism, which is also outstanding. The only 'problem' [LOL] with his methodology of trading is that you just want to keep on pushing yourself harder and harder in your efforts to strive toward perfection, whereas with most other systems I have studied you find yourself in a dead end and eventually give up hope. Alex, I can honestly say that with your help and inspiration I have found the light at the end of the tunnel what my trading is concerned. I think that the trading industry needs people like you more than ever before. People who are open, honest, and have integrity with the sincere willingness to help. Thank you Alex. You are one of a kind.