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Updated: Oct 9, 2019
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Consumer Reviews

Vredefort Freestate, South Africa,
Feb 13, 2017,
Registered user

Make use of Practical Pips It will give you pease of mind.

I Daan Sanepoel want to testify that I recommend Practical Pips, highly.
Glenn Howell was a passionate, knowledgeable, kind and patient Facilitator during the Samurai Scrooge course.
His methodology to teach trading mechanical versus discretionary was an eye opener. He has convinced me to trade the Samurai method, instead of been a Scalper. In the course I was thought to be disciplined and to have the right attitude. The right mind-set and stick to his rules to be prosperous, thanks Glenn.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Feb 7, 2017,
Registered user

All you need to become a pro trader!

I have been a member since 2014 and must say the level of detail one gets is top notch! If you are serious about trading this really is the way to go.

Since 2016 we have been on the live trading room which is a TREMENDOUS boost as one can get mentorship and discuss strategies and possible trades.

Even in a very shaky market the signals are doing well.

Highly Recommended!
Pretoria, South Africa,
Jun 5, 2016,

I absolutely love! I have been a member for over a year now and I am up over 70% on their signals! I missed one so should have been more :)

They take a lot of time explaining all the trade setups we take, and it is very educational.

Along with the signals there is a live group where we do intraday trading on their unique Flow system. Also making good profits with very low risk taken.

Lastly you get access to a new trading strategy each month! This is brilliant and one can expand your own trading skills with these!

Marc Forman,
Middletown, USA,
May 17, 2016,

Hello, My name is Marc from Indiana United States I've been learning different trading since I was about 14 years old. Since, I have done many things in my 57 years. I've traded stocks, options, bonds, private placements, oil & gas and mining ventures just to name some and there are probably more. I just recently in the last year started looking into forex trading and trying different strategies from many self proclaimed forex geniuses.

Let me back up a minute, my grandfather as my mentor since child hood told me I need to maintain a couple of very good subscription services that after some time you could tell were honest, straight forward and the best in the business. So I have one newsletter I read on one of the best overall world markets guys in the business and have been reading his work for about 25 years. Now it gets even better and this is where comes into play.

Honestly meeting these guys is like walking into a self mining operation. Follow the steps make money, my kind of deal. My friends know I am a no BS guy who says it like it is and quite frankly people that don't irritate me.

Anyway Glenn and Brad from Practical Pips are awesome! They are personable and take pride in their work, they are not just there for the easy buck from subscribers. I really don't know how they deal with the likes of me as I ask lots of questions and want to trade constantly. They always respond in reasonable time with patience for my lack of forex knowledge. They trade a variety of strategies of which I try to be involved in at least 2-3 at any given time. I am not sure where I am however in the just the last 2-3 trades here in the beginning of may I am up around 500 pips. Now that being said no body in the world pics all winners and if they say they do they are lying. Glenn advertises 70% win rate is what I recall from first looking at their web site and I tell you they are probably a little better than that when I count all strategies that I have been trading with them. Bottom Line these guys are the real deal, in all my years of investing these guys are the best service that I have known even above the one I spoke of earlier. My Grandfather would call them extremely rare. And I almost forgot the price monthly is worth the education aside from the great signals.

Heads up, 500 pips a month is pretty easy, if you just follow the daily instructions.

Just one more thing I am not sure how you can ask me things from this site but if there is a way please feel free to do so. I write this review because I felt like these guys deserve more recognition growing themselves and helping others in the Forex World. So I am just a dude from Indiana, very real, who just believes in the service.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps someone!