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Updated: Mar 8, 2017
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Mar 6, 2017,
Registered user

Maven Investor is big scam !!!!!!!!

Maven Investor is big scam company I deposit $4K noember 2016 via btc transfer, my trader Howard Pearce say to wait until january becouse he trade all my money I waitilng now is 06.03.2017 I deposit $960 last week becouse he want me 2% fees on $48K in my acount for payout $10K, now they want me $1000 more for more fees :) I will not pay any more money becouse I know they are scam and proffesionals liers.
Superior, Wisconsin, USA,
Oct 3, 2016,
Registered user


I am updating my previous review with the events of the last month as indicated in the letter below. I sent this letter to Maven Investor, Donald Carter (the owner of the company), Shuang Wang (the trader assigned to my account), and Corey Smalley ( the person who solicited me to join this company). Donald Carter's email address with the company is no longer valid, but yet he is still listed as the owner of the company. I have been trying to either get my account traded or get my money back for the last month and neither has been done and now I am going to take this to the feds if I do not receive my money back within the next 24 hours.

Dear Maven Investor:

On August 26, 2016, I invested $1000 (1.7260 in Bitcoin) into your company through Donald Carter, the owner of your company. I made a verbal contract with Donald Carter to be in a 10% a day earnings plan for 30 days. At the end of 30 days I would have $4000 and I would move into your regular $4000 beginner plan.

Immediately after I sent my money to the Bitcoin address that Donald Carter provided me, he did a disappearing act and couldn't be reached anymore and his Facebook page was taken down. I wasn't provided with any receipt for my money or any financial contract that a regulated investment company would provide. I went back to the man who referred me to this company, Corey Smalley, and he supposedly got in contact with this Donald Carter and I then received an email from Donald Carter stating that my account was being turned over to a Shuang Wang for trading. That didn't tell me anything because I didn't know who Shuang Wang was or how to contact him. I couldn't even call your company because you have a fake phone number listed on your web page and nothing listed with directory assistance. I found a Facebook page for Shuang Wang, but it was a brand new account that was just created. Finally, on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, Corey Smalley provided me with a phone number for Shuang Wang and I spoke with him and I believe that he does do trading; he seemed to know about the financial markets. On Thursday September 1, 2016, seven days after I sent my Bitcoin deposit, Shuang Wang finally traded my account and posted my deposit and earnings on my Maven Investor account.

Since then I have questioned Shuang Wang repeatedly about why I did not get the 10% a day earnings that Donald Carter and I had agreed upon and had a verbal contract on. The only reason I invested with Maven Investor was for the 10% a day plan for the first 30 days, which was a special investment plan that Donald Carter was running to attract new investors. I expected that same contract to be honored because it is a legal and binding contract, no matter who is trading my account, and Shuang Wang refused to do that. Shuang Wang stopped trading my account altogether after the first day that he traded it and he hasn't traded it since. If he has, he hasn't posted the earnings to my account. Shuang Wang stopped responding to any of my Facebook messages and he has now removed me as a friend and blocked me on Facebook so that I cannot even reach him about my account. I have sent numerous Facebook messages to both Shuang Wang and Corey Smalley and all I get are a bunch of excuses from Corey Smalley. In fact, going back through Corey Smalley's Facebook page I found several posts where people were calling him Donald. I believe he and Donald Carter are one and the same person and that Maven Investor is nothing but an illegal Ponzi SCAM. I have requested that my money be refunded to me at least a dozen times and Shuang Wang has refused to do that. When I talked to Corey Smalley about it, he asked that I give it the full 30 days. I have done that, against my better judgement, and nothing has changed in my account. Shuang Wang still has not posted any earnings to my account and he will not refund my initial investment.

I want my 1.7260 Bitcoin refunded to me, immediately. I feel that your company is nothing but an illegal Ponzi SCAM with unprofessional people running the company and making the trades. If my money is not refunded within 24 hours to my Bitcoin account XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, I will be taking this to the FBI, the SEC, and the FTC to report the crime. I will also be reporting this to the CFTC where Donald Carter is already under investigation for fraud. I will also be making several negative reviews about Maven investor on the Internet. This is not a game, when someone steals $1000 from me, I take it very seriously and I will take whatever steps that are necessary to get that money back. If you refund my money, as I have been asking Shuang Wang to do for the last month, then we won't have any issues, but if you continue to hold my money when I have requested a refund of what I deposited, then you will have to answer to the feds.

Sheila Rasmussen

Aug 29, 2016 - 1 Star I too was referred to this company by a friend on Facebook, Corey Smalley. I then chatted with the owner of the company for about a week on Facebook and everything looked legit including the company website. They got me to invest $1000 in Bitcoin and as soon as I did that, I was blocked from the owner's Facebook page and that is when the red flags started going up. I have done a lot of digging since then and I am positive that this is a scam site and that the friend on Facebook is probably the person running the scam. When I read through everything on his FB page, There were several posts where people were calling him Donald. The owner of the company is a Donald Carter and according to his Facebook page he lives in North Carolina, but Maven Investor is in Washington DC. The address provided for Maven Investor is a office building in Washington DC, but the phone number they listed on their site is a disconnected number in Indianapolis, Indiana. I called 411 for the correct number and there is no listing in Washington DC for Maven Investor. In talking with the owner, Donald Carter, I was told that the trading is done here in the US on several different platforms, however the company is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is actually registered out of Birmingham in the United Kingdom with Donald Carter, a US resident, as the sole owner. In talking with Corey Smalley, he just kept assuring me that this is not a scam, but he wouldn't answer any of my questions or show me any proof of his investments with this company. I have asked for the company phone number so I can call them multiple times and I am just ignored. The next day Donald Carter emails me and tells me he unexpectedly had to go on vacation and that he was turning my account over to a Shuang Wang. This person has never contacted me and I found him on Facebook with a brand new account that was started just yesterday. This person is not listed as one of the traders for Maven Investor, but yet my account was being turned over to him. I went back to Corey Smalley again and demanded some answers and proof that this is a legit company and he just disappeared with out answering me. I suspect that in a few hours or so, he will come back to me with some fake account info for himself that he just created. This guy says that he lives in Staten Island, NY, but I do not even believe he lives in the US base in the fact that when I opened up the company that he works for, documents came up that were in a foreign language and when I translated them they were in a language used bu Russia and the Soviet Union. The other indicator that tells me he is not from the US is that he always addresses me by "Hello Dear" and that is how many people in foreign countries address us here in the US. I don't know how this will turn out now, but I am pretty sure I was just scammed out of $1000. If you find yourself in this situation please report this to the FBI immediately at https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx so we can stop these scammers from hurting someone else.

Perth, Australia,
Jul 12, 2016,

So I was referred to this company a friend on facebook. At first glance they looked amazing. This is too good to be true I thought. Just thinking this made me do some digging. I first asked a senior trader of maven 'Donald Carter' for a Skype session. Just 5mins to chat. Nothing ever eventuated, he denied my requests every time. Same for all the other 'Traders' They have. I soon realized my gut feel of this company was right. They are not legit. Payout proofs was none existent and they were slow communicating proof of withdrawals from investors. never seen a legitimate one anyway. So, I am glad I did not invest in the end. What a scam.
Dane Shorten,
, Australia,
Jul 11, 2016,

This so called trading company is the biggest load of cr**.
These people are absolute human parasites and deserve to rot in hell for scamming honest people out of hard earned money.
I would love to see who is ever behind it in jail and in lots of physical pain