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Updated: Aug 28, 2018
3.31 · 3 REVIEWS
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3.31 · 3 REVIEWS
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maui, USA,
Aug 26, 2018,
Registered user

A great indicator available FREE on line

First of all ….this indicator anD MORE IS available totally free ONLINE SO YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY $ 88 TO gEORGE THE SCAMMER.

Second....this is a excellent indicator and I agree with using MTF indicator as extra tool for best entry in time frame 4 hour.

Perth, Australia,
Aug 12, 2018,
Registered user

simple to use and very good value

I have been trading Imagine 2018 and have has a very good experience with this version using fxr forxfreedom CCI mtf bars with it. These multi time frame bars show trend across time frames up to monthly. Using it correctly, it enables you to easily identify pullbacks and when they have completed; you also avoid being caught in the smart money stop runs. Best to use for swing trades on H4 in the direction of the high time-frame freedom CCI mtf bars

Mar 2, 2018 - No Rating I continue to use the Gold version in conjunction with a number of several confirming strength trend and momentum indicators. Have tried just about everything out there with very little success. This works just fine for me in the combination.

May 10, 2017 - 4 Stars Used it for several years with good results. His trading style is much too aggressive for me and would lead to hefty draw-down. I do take multiple positions using an EA. With sensible risk management, the results will be good I prefer having fewer signals, but ones that are more accurate so I use the H4 charts. I still maintain that it is very good value.
Florida Traders LLC,
Florida, USA,
Oct 29, 2016,
Registered user

A Glimmer of Hope Dashed by Dishonesty

Forex Signal 30 Extreme was provided by my broker as a default to MT4. After extensive back testing and hundreds of demo trades, contrary to the vendor's claims, I can report the indicator does re-paint, so back testing is worthless. I did find however, that in conjunction with a support/resistance indicator, the results are promising.
Emboldened by the positive results, I was compelled to purchase the latest version, called 2016 Forex Signal 30 Platinum. I saw several negative reviews regarding the vendor, Muh Ikhsan aka George Kent, but for the asking price of $88.00 USD, I decided to gamble. This is what you get for $88.00.

1. The download links were for tutorials, videos, 2014 version of Gold Forex Edition
a. A program to unzip RAR files - My security (Norton) software blocked the
file with the warning the program was "Unsafe"
b. How to install MT4 Build 600 video
c. Old Version 2 of Forex Signal 30 "All Version"
2. There is no download link for the 2016 Platinum Forex Signal 30
3. The following statement copied from the download page, describes how to get
the product that was purchased and paid for.

* To Get The Forex Signal 30 version 2016 please send your MT4 account number to muhikhsan1@gmail.com includes your membership username, password, and type "Request Forexsignal30_Platinum_2016" in subject.

There is no disclosure as to why Mr. Ikhsan would want your MT4 account number.
Why would Mr. Ikhsan use a bait and switch tactic to obtain MT4 account numbers? I sent an email to Mr. Ikhsan complaining about the lack of disclosure and the the bait and switch ploy. He immediately responded, reiterating that I would have to provide my MT4 account in order to receive the 2016 Forex Signal 30 Platinum version. After a second request for relief and my threat to file a Paypal dispute, Mr. Ikhsan continued to refuse to explain why he wanted my MT4 account number. So, for $88.00 you do not get what is advertised. I suspect Mr. Ikhsan intended to provide a trial version of the 2016 FX SIgnal 30 Platinum and then start charging a monthly subscription. A monthly subscription might be acceptable, if the indicator actually worked, but due to Mr. Ikhsan's deceit, I would be reticent about continuing to deal with him. Another possibility, the indicator is not transferable and would only work on one MT4 account. So, would you have to buy duplicate indicators for your demo account and the live account. Then, if you change brokers, you would be required to purchase additional indicators for the new accounts. Mr. Ikhsan refuses to shed any light on these legitimate questions.

I decided to take the hit and allow Mr. Ikhsan rip me off. I downloaded all of the old versions of the indicator. It appears there are actually several separate indicators, none of which I was particularly impressed with based on historical review. Mr. Ikhsan claims his indicators do not re-paint.

So, in our world of fraud and deceit, there was a glimmer of hope that an indicator would actually be successful real-time. I will stick with the old Forex Signal 30 Extreme in conjunction with my support/resistance indicator.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ikhsan appears to be dishonest and I recommend that FPA members and guests avoid sending him money on his web site www.ForexSignal30.com
Forex BigDog,
Tennessee, USA,
May 28, 2016,

Seller states that trading system gives dozens and dozens of forex signals daily. I purchased the system with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to find out two weeks later, the trading system only showed one signal during a two week period. Contacted seller and asked if system was having issues and he stated that the system did actually give only one signal during the two week period, but he makes many trading entries that are not due to signals which I found deceiving. I tried to contact the seller who goes by George Kent in Arizona to find out he didn't even exist and that the seller is actually from a middle eastern country. I contacted the seller again and requested a refund and he stated that he now has a new guarantee rule where one needs to trade the system for five weeks. I checked out the seller to find that he has multiple complaints for fraud and being deceiving with fake statements and is slammed on facebook for poor support and many complaints stating they didn't receive their purchased system. Also, proof of only one signal during a two week period is shown on several charts posted on facebook. I also noticed that the seller is removing negative statements made by disgruntled buyers on facebook. I recently seen a very bad review on a forex forum stating that the seller is refusing refunds. Buyers are also disputing purchases on other websites and Ebay and Paypal is working currently on disputes for fraud. It is clearly impossible to double one's trading account in days as this seller states. I strongly don't recommend this system and it does not work as stated by the seller. Proof is shown on facebook that was posted by seller. Traders need to be aware of this seller. If he was honest, why is he hiding his true identity and claiming to be George Kent from the United States? We need to red flag this seller and educate traders to not buy systems that are too good to be true.