Updated: Nov 13, 2022
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London, United Kingdom,
Jan 20, 2017,

No 90% success rate, no guaranteed profits, no money back, no communication

After taking's signals for a month this is what I have achieved:

- On my demo account I took 35 trades. 14 were losses, 21 wins. My loss here is -£88.8
- On my live account I took 30 trades. 18 were losses, 12 wins. My loss here is -£138.86

On their website they state that their success rate is around 91%.
-£88.8 + -£138.86 = -£227.66
14 losses / 21 wins
18 losses / 12 wins
This is definitely not ”success”. And definitely not 91%.

As they say they guarantee profits and money back if someone does not make any profits in the first week, I contacted them through their website. The automated message said they'd get back to me within 24 hours. After a couple of days as I have not heard from them, I e-mailed them on all 3 e-mail addresses they have. Two of the e-mails came back with an error message (maybe those e-mail addresses do not even exist?) and I never got any reply to my third e-mail either. At the same time I also messaged them on WhatsApp, again: no reply after nearly a week.

So to summarise my experience:
- they do not have 90% success rate, I just lost money with them
- their money back guarantee does not exist
- it is impossible to communicate with them
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Jun 6, 2016,

Worst Forex Signals ever, they have charge me two times extra on my credit card. Do not use their signals and never give them your credit card info. Worst customer service ever.