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Updated: Sep 7, 2018
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Bill Green,
Kansas City, USA,
Jun 28, 2016,

These guys are awesome! I wish I would've known about them when I started 2 years ago! Thanks for everything APA Zones!!!!!
Brandon DeLima,
Hawaii, USA,
Jun 28, 2016,

After going through many different trading software providers, and educators, I was very fortunate to come across APA zones. The past 3 years with them have been great, as I have been able to fine tune my plan with APA methodology. I did not only grow my business and trading plan, but also psychologically as a trader. APA zones is not only about the trading but also the psychology of the trader, which is the most important. They have a brilliant balance between the utilization of indicators to support systematic trading and the discretion needed to stay dynamic in the market place. Simple and systematic trading. They also offer a mentorship program that takes you from beginner to advanced trader. A mentorship program that is really one on one instruction. This is so important to have in the beginning. A solid mentor showing you the way and asking you questions that you may never consider. Questions that can save you a huge amount of time and money in the long run.

I am very grateful to be part of the APA community. I highly recommend any one, beginner or advanced, to consider APA zones as you embark on your trading journey.
Gary C,
Texas, USA,
Jun 28, 2016,

APAzones is a great product for trading any market (stocks, futures and forex), it provides clarity on where the market has been from the lower to higher timeframes which is important when trying to understand what the market is doing (trending or moving sideways). Along with their training, which is a eye opener on how to read price action which further validates the APAzones. The team is very helpful and provide ongoing guidance via webinars and examples of what they are seeing on a daily basis. I highly recommend them to novices as well as experienced traders (day, swing or longterm traders).

Gary C.