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Out of business
Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Scam Warning

On page 2 of THIS THREAD the FPA has seen evidence linking Scala.Trade to OptionRally.  The FPA already considers Option Rally to be a scam.  Because of the apparent connection between the companies, the FPA also considers Scala Trade to be a scam and warns traders not to do business with the company.

Scam Warning

Website is down. One less scam company in business.

Recent User Reviews of Scala.Trade

SA, Australia,
Sep 4, 2016,
Registered user

This company is a scam

I was talked into deposit of $3,200.00 with a promise from there accounts manager that they would match this amount so the trades would not lose and at the very worst I would come out even. Well my $3,200.00 was lost on there advice and when I tried to find out why I hit a brick wall. I have placed trades the exact same trade with Scala & another broker & Scala lost but the other won explain that DON'T GET CAUGHT OUT SCAM
Jeddah , Saudi Arabia,
Aug 14, 2016,
Registered user

I started with optionrally with my retirement fund with hopes to intense it. Was in constant contact with my account manager Ziad al Ali who then in April disappeared. When I tried to withdraw my money I could not and then got a call from someone stating that Ziad Alali moved to scala. Ziad Alali wrote me an email stating that the agreement is for him to move to scala and bring his vip investors and asked me to move my account to scala. I refused. When I checked my account after that it was only 200 dollars. I sent him an dmIl with others from optionrally threatening I will file a law suit. A week after that my money was back on the account but I can't withdraw it and no one is responding at all since June.
United Arab Emirates,
Aug 6, 2016,
Registered user and Option Rally are both scam

I originally invested in Option Rally and few months later was asked to transfer my money to their new platform I requested closure of my account few weeks after that and after a period of silence I received a call with new passwords to access the platforms only to see that 90% of my money was lost to trades. I requested a detailed statement of the trades and they were dated two months after my withdrawal request, all conducted in 3 consecutive days. I am being "advised" by company representatives at the moment to sign a paper in order to close my account at receive whatever is left of it. They have also contacted other traders asking them to convince us to close accounts and that they would be receiving 1000$ for every account closure. and option rally are both scam.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 3, 2016,

Original Investor of OptionRally, been recommended via a friend, after 3 months of investment with Optionally, I was internally transferred into another company called ScalaTrade. As soon as transferred document's signature was sent to ScalaTrade, they cut off all contact from their office and was unable to withdraw anything for the past 3 months. OptionRally refuse to respond to the request and claim they have nothing to do with ScalaTrade.
Once I had informed Interpol and Dubai Police, ScalaTrade place large sum of losing binary bids on my account on my behalf saying these money were lost during trades. Now I have only approx 3% of the original funding in my account.
Received a call from an unknown number yesterday (number has always been unknown), been told by them that its best to sign this new document and close my account, otherwise I will lose that 3% of money also.


You Can see more information via this link:
Safiatou Yabre
Ottawa, Canada,
Jul 3, 2016,

Chris Daniel, scala broker made me lost my life time saving. Useless broker.

After making me lose all my saving, they asked me to go borow money and trade