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Updated: Nov 1, 2018
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Perth, Australia,
Jul 7, 2016,

Lion Fund is nothing but a scam organisation in cooperation with Knight Capital Brokers to make it look as if everything is genuine.
They are not real traders but Scammers !!!
Even the MT4 platform is a fake. What you look at is not the real trading platform but a copy that is manipulated by the scammers to make it look as if your account is been traded and making profits. This will go on for a month or two and then the whole account is wiped out at once.
When I contacted Lion Fund they emailed me a generic email with a whole lot of garbage as to why the account went into negative like it did.It is basically the same email that they send out to all clients who's funds have been stolen.I have persisted with them to try and get the funds reimbursed and they now refuse to correspond any longer.
As far as the broker the same thing, initially they reply saying that it's a matter to be taken up with Lion Fund and they don't want to know you !!
Sorry to hear that so many have invested including myself and lost the lot !
What I do not understand is why the authorities don't do something about such scams even when they have been reported on so many sites.
We all have their website,phone numbers,emails ect.... but they still continue to advertise and scam people !!
Surely it can be traced who these people are. I wish I had the knowledge to do that myself ! May be somebody can help in this regard.
They deserve to be shut down ASAP and sent to jail for what they are doing to innocent people.
Good luck and God Bless to us all
Kuwait, Kuwait,
Jun 26, 2016,

Lion Fund and Knight Capital is a complete fraud, they advertise false results and they wipe your account in few hours by faking trades. My $10K was 0 in few hours. Never trade with them or deal with them on fund management. Many others had the same experience
Marbella, Spain,
Jun 24, 2016,

Lost €10k in just one night with a Brexit bet. They promise disciplined Money Management. What a joke. No stop loss, no risk management, nothing but gambling. Stay away!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Jun 21, 2016,

This is definately proven a scam fund management. Many victim has loss their money.