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Grinta-Invest is a forex broker. Grinta-Invest offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. offers over 40 spot forex currency pairs, index, energy, commodities, gold, silver and oil for your personal investment and trading options.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 200:1
Minimum to Open Live: $250
Established: 2015
Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH96960, Marshall Islands
Contact:, +7-495-1452725
Regional offices:
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Currencies: (40+)
CFD: (20+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
MAM: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill

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succesful forex broker with hundreds of happy clients more then three years in the market


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3.662 · 17 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

United Kingdom,
Nov 13, 2018,

great service, great management

Been with Grinta-Invest for over 2 years. Maintained an average balance of $160K throughout. average of 3.8% per month profit AFTER FEES. Withdrawn over $100K with absolutely no problems whatsoever, always received the money within 2 business days. Michael is a great communicator who's always willing to speak at any time. Easily the best investment service available when it comes to liquidity and consistent profits.
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Big player,
Jul 11, 2018,

I am very satisfied. I use only AOS and 50% yield (brutto)for 9month is very nice. No problem with withdrawal and depozit
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Reply by michael submitted Nov 5, 2018:
That's great news :)

Thanks for the compliments.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
May 10, 2017,
Registered user

I am bindingly do not recommend Grinta Invest, to trust as a business partner as surely declaring Grinta Invest is scam, cheat, tric

I used Grinta service from December 2016 till April 2017 and totally I have 5% lost for my overall investment in 5 months.
Only one good thing is that I have escaped my initial deposit even with this lost. Could be worth.
Many bad things about them:
- They will feed you with offers for different bonuses or credits to your account which not working at all as no different for position lot size opened.
- They not available to provide professional support and clarify your questions regarding bank transfers issues. They just withdrawing your needs and forwarding you to solve/ find a solution alone.
- They have their account with Czech Republic bank and when you withdrawing money from your trade account you will lose 3 – 7% of the amount because this bank using chain of other correspondence banks and do not have straight agreements with other banks to provide transferring with lowest rates.
- Once Grinta understands that you would take your money from them, they will create new rules to take from you as much possible different commissions, penalties and so on. I did 3 transfers with small amounts to different banks to find out pay less commission and when I decide to withdraw all deposit they suddenly create a rule that if withdrawing more than one time per month you will be charged for 4% of the amount.
- Servant Michael from client service assistance is extremely unsolid person and very easy can betray you at an important moment, when I request withdrawal all my deposit he closed my account (I did not intend to close it) and told me that he is the manager and it is up to his opinion how to treat a client… and finally he reject support me says “good bay”. Of course, when you experiencing such approach from the person who keeps your money, - your next wish is to escape your money asap from them.
- Just remember, if you willing to keep your money less than 365 days with Grinta Invest, you will lose any profit and not the fact you will escape your initial deposit as they may do with your money whatever they want without any responsibility and excuses. They wish keep client’s money under a bank deposit conditions, when you withdrawing early of agreed time you not getting deposit interest, that the approach of Grinta as they thinking about them self they a bank. They actually forgot that a bank in such case still will allow less interest.
- Grinta promise 3 – 5% of monthly return, first month was great and they bought my attention and I give good comment for them on FPA site and increase my invest, but after it was waste of time and finally money. Dec + 6.31 %, Jan + 3.4 %, Feb + 2.83 %, Mar + 2.64 %, Apr + 3.06 % = 18.24% minus 30% of grinta performance fee = 12.77% from my deposit I could receive, but dealing with Grinta Invest I have big loss totally.
- Grinta promised me that they very-very shortly becoming registered certified with some authority to be under regulation, - sweet song, they never intend to be regulated, such entity never may be regulated by respective authorities. Also they always telling about they will listed on the stock exchange, but it absolutely empty words, - only to force you to deposit more amount.
Simply what you may do with Grinta Invest is give them your money, they will manage it for their profit and may be you will escape it back from them. In fact you given your money to someone who name himself as Michael and you cannot be sure that this person not will disappear at some moment with your money.
Finally, here is the fragment of email I receive from Grinta:
“I have only one advise for you - In the future, talk less and do more and NEVER complain about a business that still holds your money.... lucky for you I'm an honest person and Grinta-Invest is A VERY HONEST broker. I know of many others that never got their money back, even after making 1000 complaints on all websites online. If you ever plan to bad mouth a service, make sure you got your money back first.
Just a friendly advise.
Michael, Grinta-Invest”

I am bindingly do not recommend Grinta Invest, to trust as a business partner as surely declaring Grinta Invest is scam, cheat, trick and fraud.

Jan 4, 2017 - 5 Stars I am using Grinta arbitrage service last month and have received great return over 7%. Definetely will continue as it is excellent, the drowdown is not exceed even 1% which is good sign the deposit in the safest side. I am receiving gorgeous support from Michael and his service is the best. I am very happy being a Grinta invest client.

Reply by michael submitted Feb 20, 2017 We are very VERY happy to have you hear as a client Sir.

Thanks for the kind words and I hope to continue the great business relationship in the future

Michael D.


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Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Former FPA member Andreicha was asked to provide evidence to support his claims in a thread he started in Scam Alerts.  Information about what evidence was needed was included.  Instead, he ignored the request and made more unsupported claims.

When he was given a deadline by the forums administrator to provide more evidence, he sent a PM asking what evidence was needed.  When he didn't get a response within a few hours, he posted a false claim that the FPA had been bribed and sent a second PM so uncivilized that he was banned.

The FPA recommends against believing anything Andreicha says, since he appears incapable of providing evidence on request and tries to hide this fact with lies and insults.
Reply by michael submitted May 17, 2017:

Good day all readers , I believe the best way to judge this case is by having all proofs in hand.
I have replied to each point of the complaint "Andreicha" made in this thread listed above. I invite you all to check the attached files in that thread where you can all see the client received by Grinta-Invest ALL his funds back + PROFITS (A portion of them). The T&C he was fully aware off are also attached.

I wish you good luck with your other investments online/offline and hope that only good things will come in your future.
Take care.

Sales manager
Russia, Russian Federation,
Mar 16, 2017,
Registered user


They offered to pay only 20% of the profits, referred to the LP. I had to agree. it's finished.

Mar 14, 2017 - No Rating They offered to pay only 20% of the profits, referred to the LP. I had to agree. it's finished.

Feb 14, 2017 - 1 Star Michael Dreamer continues to brazenly lie and come up with new stories. He and his managers never asked me to provide bank details to withdraw my profits. My IP from a Russia, it can confirm the administration of this site. I sent to this Scammers my bank details, let's see if they will give me profit without trial.

Feb 10, 2017 - 1 Star I declare that Michael Dreamer is a liar and a scammer. I really live and am a citizen of Russia. My Documents is genuine. I always answer the questions managers and provided my documents. Manager Andrew called me to the Russian phone number. Really in my Skype indicated country is Syria, but it is not relevant realities. The manager told me that any EA allowed, it is also indicated on the website of these scams. My profit was obtained through trade on the news, and there is nothing criminal. After complaints to Skrill, I returned only my deposit. I also hired a lawyer to get my profit. Scammers must be punished.

Feb 7, 2017 - 1 Star Scammers, profit do not back, I traded with them on MT4, withdrawals do not. Michael Dreamer does not want to talk.

Reply by michael submitted Feb 9, 2017 Dear sir,

Following your complaint here - First thing first, I asked you to contact back your account manager that is and was trying to reach you and the whole group you are with for almost 2 months, but without success. Russian manager tried to explain you and your group that the EA you are working with is not acceptable according to the terms and conditions you signed on.

The fact you and your friends never answered raised some questions at our RISK department that began intensive investigation. The results shocked us ! You are not from Russia, nor your friends. You are from a country supporting terror that is not legal to work with - Syria. The fact that you contacted me few days back on Skype with a Syrian skype details and language showed we were right.

Then, compliance department had another look on your documents (and all your friends as well) and we learned (using external expert) that those documents are also fake. I guess there is a good reason why all you guys were using skrill for deposit. Now, our Russian manager asked you all to send bank details so we can return the money you invested, all you guys refused to do so which is now leading us to think that in someway we almost helped to support terror through you guys. We can't accept that, and refuse to return the money back to skrill.

Don't you think it's strange that a person never answer email/phone and only when his account was stopped suddenly there is communication?

Please sir, tell your friends also to provide the bank details and last month utility bill so we can re-investigate those documents.

Also, we already notified Skrill/Neteller about our findings - fake documents from country supporting terror that is not legal to work on forex industry.

Before you call someone a scam, you should make sure that you are not lying about everything. I expect skrill to block your account also in the next few days.

As for your profits - it was obtained in a way that isn't legal. You were warned not to use EA for scalping during news, and you also signed on "agree to terms and conditions" button prior to your live account opening. We tried to warn you and your friends many times about this kind of trading but no one answered phone/emails so we have to suspend all your accounts.

Please continue the procedure with our Russian manager and provide us with your REAL bank details so we can process the withdrawals. Skril/Neteller is not an option as it's used to transfer funds of terror also and we are afraid that's exactly what you are trying to do.

I hope to be wrong and to solve this matter fast but looks like I'm not.

With respect,

Michael D.

Reply by michael submitted Feb 13, 2017 He said she said sir,

My expert tells me those documents are fake.

Why do you refuse to let us withdraw your profits to your bank? why don't you provide real bank details? Why do you think it's ok that your IP and Skype are from a different country that is assosiated with Terror and it's forbidn to work with?

We also have a lawyer on the case, feel free to use yours while we use ours.

Saying the word scam more times won't help you to get the NOT-LEGAL profits you did. Sounds like the scammer is you sir.

Reply by michael submitted Feb 20, 2017 "Michael Dreamer continues to brazenly lie and come up with new stories. He and his managers never asked me to provide bank details to withdraw my profits. My IP from a Russia, it can confirm the administration of this site. I sent to this Scammers my bank details, let's see if they will give me profit without trial."

We have a team of professionals working on it to find out exactly how and why your profits were reached in a way that is not legal. For now the profits are frozen by the LP's we used (to remind you that you were working on ECN / STP execution).

You will get your results in 3-6 months, most likely negative on the profits but hope is still there.

P.S - They also canceled our profits on the volume you reached, but you shouldn't care about that.

Take care for now sir

Michael D.

Reply by michael submitted Mar 16, 2017 Sir,

We wish you good luck in the future.

Grinta-Invest Support Team

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Durban, South Africa,
Feb 21, 2017,
Registered user

Good Broker,

Excellent broker, the best I have ever had so far, Withdrawals always on time, even on Weekends Micheal helps you when you need his support, he is always there. Grinta Invest is actually a broker in which you can actually make money unlike many others where your stop will be taken out by brokers spread. Spreads in Grinta Invest is low. I really admire this Broker and I hope all goes well for this broker
Limburg, Netherlands,
Jan 2, 2017,
Registered user

The Best FOREC COMPANY IN THE WORLD with amazing results every day....

Fist of all

Happy New year to all the FPA members and all the visitors...

An update for

I am active for 282 days now and the results is still amazing.
You can check myfxbook with the name that I use here to see the live results.

these are my numbers so far..

284 trades in total
267 wins, Gain 51.32%
17 losses
That is : 666.3 pips WON
That is : 21.3 pips lost
History 282 days
Average profit monthly = 4.46%
This month profit = 0.00%
Win Rate = 94%
Consistency and very low DD of 0.39%
Always ends up every week as a winner

These are real numbers on a real live trading account with the best Forex company in the world!

Grinta Invest!!!!!!!

All the best to you all and may the best things happen to you in 2017!

Jun 24, 2016 - No Rating I am Johan and I have a trading account with Grinta Invest.
I use the Arbitrage trading system and its doing an amazing job...
I started with 500 Euro's and added 200 more while it makes consistent profits.

Results and INFO now for 93 days of trading:
The W/L ratio: 78 / 6
In pips : 171 / 3.6
DD : 0.12%
Profit : 15%

For the first time in my 8 years of trading I believe in a system that brings me consistent profit week after week. This system is named as Arbitrage Trading Software.

Michael Dreamer he is the man you need to talk to this guy is amazing he knows where he talks about and he will help you as much as he can what ever the problem may be...

There is a small disadvantage though, because of the consistent profits I like to see higher lotsizes....But the owner od this Arbitrage trading Software are very conservative people...
Maybe its good but we all like to see faster and bigger profits for as long as it is save...

So what is better consistent Save Profits or Higher Profits with more risk involved...

Well that is up to you to answer this question, nobody is the same but I still want to tell people about this one SMALL minus...

Have great weekend all

Dec 29, 2016,
Registered user

Reply by michael submitted Jan 2, 2017:
Dear chinchano_1984 Each positive or Negative view on our company is highly important and helping us in getting better in what we do. As for your compliant - ANOTHER SCAM, BROKER NOT REGULATED, ONLY INTEREST IN DEPOSIT, ONLY NEWS USERS SPEAK GOOD OF THIS BROKER, BAD BAD, WARNING It seems like you were scammed in the past by a broker without regulation and I'm sorry you had to go through that, I myself was scammed twice in the past by brokers. Once as a client and couple of years later as an employee so I know exactly how you feel. I do want to share with FPA members the main issues you raised here with our Spanish desk manager and also with the IB that referred you here for a very specific service of ours that you showed interest in - "The Arbitrage Managed Account" that we are running successfully for over a year now. You asked Mrs. Romero the Spanish sales desk manager to get a free demo tryout of our product. She answered no, not possible. We never tried this product on a demo account sir and not planning to start today. There is a minimum investment amount to join the service and all the clients taking part have invested this or that amount in order to begin and you were offered to do the same. Then, you asked Mr. Romero if we are FCA regulated and she answered no. She also added that we were involved in a process with them in the past but once we understood (recently) that there will be changes in the FCA regulation (No bonuses, no leverage higher than 1:50) we dropped the process with them and continued with other regulators that we were in process with. You asked her to try our "arbitrage managed account" service on demo account again and were refused again, and decided to leave the conversation and ask from the IB that referred you to Grinta-Invest to try the service on demo account. You were refused again for the same reason - the service were never tried on demo accounts and that's not going to change. Then, you removed all of us from Skype and blocked us (Me, The Spanish manager and the IB that referred you here) I guess that after that you wrote your comment on FPA website. I understand you were angry because your request was rejected but I still find your reaction more extreme than one would normally expect. Since you never deposited to your live MT4 account I wonder why you made the decision that Grinta-Invest is a scam broker. If you Google us, I promise you will never find a complaint about our moral when it comes to trading conditions or to withdrawals being delayed. We send the funds to our clients within 24 hours, most time after couple of hours. Another thing sir, there is no rule stating that a broker being NOT regulated = Scam broker. I have learned as at fellow trader and also as an employee in the industry that at the end of the day - it all comes down to honesty of people. Here is a good recent example of a VERY big broker, regulated with a respectable know regulation that have many many clients still waiting to see their funds for months or even years - and here is what FPA thinks about this REGULATED broker (I'll save you the time - SCAM) - Saying all that, our Spanish desk manager also told you that in about 2 months (probably less) we will be fully regulated our-self and in about a week time the regulator would provide us with a document to prove that we are in final process of regulation. I do hope that you will consider changing your comment and who knows, maybe even joining our service as another satisfied client of Grinta-Invest. I wish you only the best. Michael Sales Manager Grinta-Invest
Trevor ndlovu,
Durban , South Africa,
Jul 17, 2016,

Grinta-Invest is the best broker I have ever used. With low spreads and magnificent support 24/7 from Micheal who goes an extra mile in assisting and mentoring clients.

Passive Profits Team,
South Africa, South Africa,
Jul 12, 2016,

I am working as an agent with Grinta invest for approximately six months now and I am very pleased with the service, transparency and efficiency. Payment is super prompt and always on time. Withdrawals are sorted minutes after the request is made

Customer support is always available and easily accessible. I have constant communication with my personal account manager Michael via phone, email, Skype, Whatsapp etc

The Arbitrage forex trading system offered by Grinta Invest is perhaps one of the safest in the industry which offers consistent results.I am most impressed with the outstanding performance, excellent returns with low draw down -the best I have seen in the forex market!
Myfxbook - Third party verified performance data speaks for itself. ....4 percent monthly returns with lowest drawdown still under 1 percent. All trading is on total autopilot. No trading experience or knowledge of the forex market required. Excellent system for newbies wanting to profit from the forex market.

Big thanks to Michael for introducing us to the best money making system we ever tried.
zeeshan ali,
Faisalabad, Pakistan,
Jul 7, 2016,

I have tried and found this broker according to my requirements. The best things I found here are
1. Flexible bonus terms and bonuses on re-depsit as well
2. Instant withdrawal and instant deposit.
3. Supperfast services, always available over live chat and skype
3. The owner michael is very honest and fair person helping and assisting in each matter to his best ways possible.
4. I have deposit and withdraw funds many times and there was within 1 hour withdrawal processed every time.
5 I recommend all of people here to join him and test him. Currently I have no plan to switch as here I find all what I need.