NPBFX review: Regulations, Platforms, Trading Instruments and Broker Ratings.

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Updated: Apr 17, 2024

What is NPBFX?

NPBFX is a forex broker offering the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platforms. offers over 30 forex currency pairs, gold, silver, oil and natural gas for your personal investment and trading options.

Please read NPBFX Reviews below and share your live trading experiences with this broker.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 1000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $10
Established: 1996
Address: NM Financial Solutions Limited, 27 Old Gloucester street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom
Contact:, +44 800 069-84-70
Regional offices:
Regulators: SVGFSA #24454, FC #
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, NPBFX Trader
Mobile Trading: βœ… Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (35+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (5+) Gold, Silver, Oil, Other Commodities

Trading Conditions

EAs/Robots: βœ… Yes
News Trading: βœ… Yes
Scalping: βœ… Yes

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

ZuluTrade: βœ… Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, FasaPay, Local Bank Deposits, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro, Neteller, Ngan Luong, Qiwi, Skrill, WebMoney, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, FasaPay, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro, Neteller, Ngan Luong, Qiwi, Skrill, WebMoney, Yandex Money
* Please check broker website for more information
2.341 • 18 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of NPBFX

Kaliningrad, Russian Federation,
Sep 7, 2023,
Registered user

NPBFX copytraders lose everything in 3 minutes

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
These guys draw impressive trading history and invite other traders for copy trading (through the use of 3rd party trader with unique software). Once you deposit funds, they lose everything in 3 minutes. To be honest I saw this scamming scheme for the first time. But it's an experience... Stay away from this broker
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Pakistan, Pakistan,
Sep 1, 2023,
Registered user

Big scam.. Widraw not processed after 5 days.. Still waiting

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I saw some good remarks about this company on this website and trust pilot.. I deposited 20 usd to test.. Deposit processed within 2 minutes. I made 2 dollars profit.. Tried to widraw.. And guess... 5 days.. No widraw.. Tried support everything bot and not responding there. Please never invest here..
My account number. 35312
Widraw among 22.04 usd
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Cairo, Egypt,
Mar 14, 2023,
Registered user

The best broker ypu deal with

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I would like to write my experince with NPBFX company
The company provides very fast withdrawal process and provides much cooperation to its clients
I recommend anyone who wants a very good broker
Go to NPBFX and open a real account
fr, France,
Dec 14, 2022,
Registered user

Updating a previous bad review

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I wanted to update a previous bad review because I've been able to withdraw money at the end of the day. As they are from Russia, they faced some difficulties to handle it, but the withdrawal came, quite late, but it came so I can't complain.

Jul 26, 2021 - 1 Star This is so far the worst broker you can deal with.

I've made a withdrawal request, it's been a week that's pending, no update yet.

I've reached out to their customer service, I spoke with a Russian agent that does not speak English and very rude.

I guess the only way to get my deposit back will be to call my bank and open a chargeback.

If I can give you an advise, run far away from these scammers, there are lot of trusted brokers around.
Medhat M Metwally
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 26, 2022,
Registered user

Sc broker

Service use: Other Length of use: 3-6 Months
I got scammed because of this broker showing fake results on Myfxbook
This broker allowing members to change their trades history and showing profits
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New Zealand, New Zealand,
Feb 13, 2022,
Registered user

Funds not able to be located

Service use: Other
I set out below my correspondence with the NPBFX broker - and the some correspondence from Fort Financial Services a broker that closed down. I have not traded with NPBFX - but you will see by the correspondence either Fort FS or NPBFX (or both) are not telling me the truth - still don't know what the answer is - still can't locate my funds.

I still don't have a believable explanation.

Martin Rees

Mark Miller (FortFS) said:
Dear Forex Peace Army forum users!

My name is Mark Miller and I'm an official representative of Fort Financial Services company.

I will be glad to answer any questions and help you with any concerns.

Let me introduce our services:

Hi Mark Miller from Fort FS

You can see by the correspondence below that the Nurasyima the representative from NPBFX broker I have corresponded with has told me that your company has not forwarded the balance of my funds to the NPBFX brokerage. Can you please advise which party is lying is it Fort FS of the NPBFX brokerage that is lying. I just want to locate my funds.

Kind regards
Martin Rees

From: Nurasyima <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2021 3:35 PM
To: M Rees
Subject: Re: FW: FW: FW: Balance transfer

Sir from our side npbfx only provide you services. we just getting details from fort and we dont not responsable about you balance at fort so regading you fund we only give you bonus and try to convice you make deposit trade with our broker. thats all, fort tell you that you balance already transfer with our broker, but we didn't receive any balance from fort we just get details from their. and again i tell we dont not responsable about you balance. sorry sir i also cannot do anything about that.

Have a good Christmas to sir and have nice day.

On 12/20/2021 12:19 PM, Martin Rees wrote:

Dear Sir

Please explain the nonsense that is being told to me?

The agreement that I entered into clearly states that the balance of my account would be transferred to the NPBFX brokerage, yet the manager at that brokerage states that you did not send them the funds from my account.

He has advised that he has put some funny money funds in the equivalent of a demo account that can not be withdrawn as its “funny money”.

I will give both of you one last opportunity to explain where my funds are. If they have not been transferred to the NPBFX broker then you need to return them to me.

Please advise why the NPBFX broker states that you have not transferred my funds. Alternatively as you still have them you need to return them to me.

I will get extremely annoyed and take legal action if you continue to ignore me – that is what caused the trouble in the first place – that means your first defendant and NPBFX broker is second defendant if the litigation starts due to your inadequate explanations.

If I start down that track it will not be any good for anybody but the lawyers.

I have had lawyers contact me in the past couple of months offering their services against unscrupulous brokers.

However with the lack of transparency by both of you and the misleading approach you are taking to a simple transaction it seems the legal option is probably the best option.

As I said I will not wait for a reply that never comes and legal action is the next step if the matter is not satisfactorily resolved.

Have a good Christmas.

Kind regards
Martin Rees

From: M Rees 
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2021 5:03 PM
To: 'Nurasyima' <>
Cc: '' <>
Subject: RE: FW: FW: Balance transfer

Hi Nurasyima

The agreement clearly states in black and white that Fort FS will transfer the balances of my trading accounts and open orders to the NPBFX broker.

As I said from the start I am not interested in any bonuses only in my trading balance. If you don’t have it where is it.

Kind regards
Martin Rees

From: Nurasyima <>
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2021 3:46 PM
To: M Rees 
Subject: Re: FW: FW: Balance transfer

Hello sir sorry i not know what you mean, as before I told you that your money which is in the fort is not with us, the fort said that your balance has been transferred with our broker but we did not receive any balance from fort, what I know I will get a client from the fort and we will give a bonus. i already transfer the bonus to your account based on the statment you sent. u cant start your trade using the bonus but you cant withdraw the bonus, if you want withdraw you need make deposit and you need hit the lot. thats all

Message @Rosni Sabran

On 12/19/2021 4:28 PM, Martin Rees wrote:

Hi Nurasyima representative from NPBFX brokerage and the Principals Fort FS brokerage :

As I have had no reply to my e-mail then that silence from both NPBFX and Forte FS means that I am 100% correct in my statements.

Thank you both for confirming by your silence that the balance of my funds in Fort FS was transferred to the NPBFX broker by the Fort FS broker and that it is able to be with draw from the NPBFX brokerage at any time whilst it is not being used as a margin in trading.

Kind regards
Martin Rees

From: M Rees 
Sent: Friday, December 3, 2021 4:25 PM
To: 'Nurasyima' <>
Cc: '' <>
Subject: RE: FW: FW: Balance transfer

Hi Nurasyima

That does not sound right I understood that the balance of my funds in Fort FS was to be transferred to your company.

I stated at the outset that I was not interested in the bonuses you offered and only interested in my balance of funds at Fort FS going to your company.

Bonuses are generally not able to be withdrawn, therefore I have no need for them as your due diligence with Fort FS will show that I have not traded for the last nine months or so and don’t intend to in the short term.

If that did not happen then your need to discuss it with Fort FS – reverse what ever bonus you have put in my account and get the funds from Fort FS.

I highlight in yellow the key sentence which states that the balance I have at FortFS will be transferred to your firm. This is very clear and its is a balance that I can with draw from your firm at any time whilst it is not being used as a margin in trading.

Please immediately go and confirm this with your Directors – if is not the case then the e-mail below is fraudulent and misleading and any transaction is void.

Again please confirm – has the balance of my account been transferred from FortFS or not – and is it withdrawable without conditions?

Do I make my self very clear.

There is only one reason why I agreed to the transfer - I received no correspondence from FortFS other than this e-mail and there website was locked off and they would not reply to my requests for information. In other words they did not leave me with any choice but to agree to the transfer of funds to your to your firm. As I have no choice I was coerced into a situation that I objected to from the start. This makes me very angry as I would have just preferred that my funds were returned to me – but they did not do that. As I am in a situation I object to I will take a very aggressive approach to obtain the return of the small amount of my funds including litigation if necessary.

Kind regards
Martin Rees

From: Payments Department
Sent: Tuesday, September 7, 2021 8:53 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Balance transfer

Dear Client,

We inform you that unfortunately, due to financial difficulties FortFS ceased to provide services and stopped operations. However, we offer you the great opportunity to transfer the balances of your trading accounts and open orders to NPBFX broker on special unique conditions prepared for FortSFS customers only. Thus our clients can continue trading on financial markets while maintaining a trading account balance.

NPBFX is a universal brokerage company providing customers with trading on financial markets for more than 25 years. NBPFX deserved traders confidence from various regions of the world. You can transfer balances and open orders to NPBFX up to September 30, 2021.

How to transfer the balance of the trading account and open orders?

1. Register and open a trading account in the company NPBFX with the link: Registration of a personal account.

2. Request the statement of your trading accounts from FortFS by e-mail: In the query, please indicate the following: "Please provide me the statement of my trading accounts in FortFS to transfer balance and open orders to NPBFX" *. Requests for the statements are processed on a first come, first served basis within 10 business days.

3. Provide the statement of your FortFS accounts to your personal manager at NPBFX or send it to email:

4. Expect balance and open orders to be restored on your NPBFX account in accordance with the FortFS's statement within 10 business days. **

5. Restored account balance will be available for trading without any restrictions.

6. Account balance will be available for withdrawal, if within 30 days after its restoration, the trading account has been deposited with an amount of at least 25% of the restored balance.

7. Account balance is available for withdrawal after the trading turnover will reach the number of closed lots determined by the formula: the number of closed lots = 0.5 * The sum of the restored balance sheet.

8. The proposal is valid until September 30 for FortFS customers only.

* The request to email to initiate this transfer of data and account balances, means that the client expresses its intention to transfer balance and open orders to NPBFX broker, client understands the transfer conditions, gives its voluntary consent to FortFS to transfer the personal and account data to NPBFX and rejects all financial and other claims to the FortFS company after the transfer of balance and open orders to NPBFX is done.

** Recovery is subject to only open market orders without taking into account the financial result of swap operations. Pending orders can be restored by the client by himself. If the equity value of the client's trading account in FortFS exceeds the balance of the trading account, then the sum of the equity will be restored on the trading account in NPBFX without restoring of the open orders. Orders can be opened by a client at current market prices. Balance, equity and orders of FortFS cent accounts will be converted to standard accounts in NPBFX.

From: Nurasyima <>
Sent: Friday, December 3, 2021 3:34 PM
To: M Rees 
Subject: Re: FW: FW: Balance transfer

Sir actually, we only give you bonuses based on you balance in fort, we do not give the balance, we just give the bonus. about your balance in fort you need refer to fort. we have nothing to do with your balance in fort.

On 12/2/2021 4:36 PM, Martin Rees wrote:

What bonus the only funds in my account are the original funds from Fort FS.

As I said before I am not interested in any bonus.

There is no need to deposit more funds when I already have sufficient funds to trade.

I am still developing my EA’s so won’t be trading until after Christmas.
North Sumatra, Indonesia,
Aug 20, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Stay away from NPBFX, you profit will never pay by this poor broker.

I just become victim of this broker, I have live account (173894) deposit with real money 500$ and did trading with the usual technique, do not trade balance or hedging. I got profit 553$ at the time and request for wd. Suddenly my profit was cancelled by NPBFX unilaterally without any evidence that my style trading was violate their rules.

May be their motto is PROFIT NO, MC YESS. Never trade on NPBFX.

Your profit will be just a NUMBER in your account, never be REAL MONEY even you deposit with real money.

There are a lot of good brokers out there, stay away from NPBFX
indonesia, Indonesia,
Jun 24, 2021,
Registered user

Profit No, MC Yess

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Maybe that's one of the principles or motto at NPBFX. Never trade on NPBFX.
You profit a lot, definitely will not be paid. NPBFX has prepared its flagship weapon. I trade with the usual technique, do not trade balance or hedging. But they thought I had committed an offence. They don't like clients making big profits. They are too sneaky and underhanded for a novice client like me. It is very clear they are brokers. Again, never trade on NPBFX if you want your profit to be safe
riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Jan 25, 2021,
Registered user

Be careful

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I haven't received my money yet
More than three months, I claim my money
Theft, swindling and fraud
Europe, Serbia,
Apr 22, 2020,
Registered user

Refuse to pay withdrawal

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I am going to explain my case exactly what happened so everybody can understand. My trading account number 132128.

I have lost on first two accounts with NPBFX where I have received their bonus. Deposit amounts were 1000 EUR and 2000 EUR, and I received 25% deposit bonus on each deposit, 250 EUR and 500 EUR bonus. I made third deposit of 3000 EUR on new account and got there 25% bonus of 750 EUR as well. This time I was successful with trading and earned profit of 8004 EUR. I requested withdrawal of whole amount of 11004 EUR, deposit + profit which I had on account, and NPBFX processed my winnings without any issue. Everything was fine. After that I continued to trade with them. Burned 3 more accounts where I made total deposit of 10900 EUR and received their bonus in total amount of 3065 EUR. I did not give up and opened 4th account and made new deposit of 2300 EUR to it, they again gave me bonus, this time 35% in amount of 805 EUR. With this account I was successful and made total profit of 7028 EUR. That means my total funds available for withdrawal is 9328 EUR. As before I requested NPBFX to process my withdrawal and that was moment when problems started to happen and NPBFX to reveal its real face. They refused to pay my withdrawal with explanation that available funds for withdrawal are not 9328 EUR like it should be, but 9328-total bonus they gave me in past on all accounts. That is completely absurd because I got only 805 EUR bonus on my last account, and completely opposite from what had happened in past when I made my first withdrawal request with them. They said they are willing to pay me 9328-total bonus, total bonus on all accounts was 3815 EUR, meaning they are willing to pay me 5513 EUR instead of 9328 EUR. In other words, they try to steal 3815 EUR from my completely fair winnings! All explanations they provided are invalid and not in course what have happened in the past. They tried to make excuse that they have new rules about bonuses, but that explanation also can not be accepted because those new rules apply from 1.4.2020. and my only deposit after that date was my newest deposit on my winning account. That means, however you look at this incident only fair and possible option is to pay my full winnings of 9328 EUR which they continue to refuse.

I strongly advise all traders to stay away from NPBFX, on first sight it looks like trust worthy broker, but it is not.

Also, I am going to escalate my case to court in quest for my full winnings.
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