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Updated: Nov 27, 2018
0.903 · 16 REVIEWS
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September 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with Option500 unless this issue can be resolved.


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0.903 · 16 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom,
Nov 25, 2018,

OPTION 500 Scammed me

OPTION 500 Scammed me out of £30000 They have a conman who calls himself Carl Ericsson who stole my money. I am shocked, angry and surprised that they are stilled allowed to get away with conning people.
Uk, United Kingdom,
Oct 11, 2018,


Invested £1000 and realised that my account manager just wanted more and more to be invested. Advised him no more money on the registered credit card and he basically told me to let him try to get some out of the bank (fraud). It took me countless e mails and 5 weeks to get most of my money back as their requirements to withdraw are so stringent, its ridiculous

Don’t touch this so called broker - stress you can do without - unlicensed and just cheap salesmen! AVOID
James Stewart,
Ireland, Ireland,
May 29, 2018,
Registered user

Initial indications of a scam

I invested €300 and decided to withdraw it on the following day. Option500 have demanded the following for verification of the Account:
1. A copy of my passport
2. A front and back copy of my credit card
3. Verification of my Name and Address.
They claim that they cannot make a refund of my money unless the is information is supplied.
This surely suggests a scam.
Växjö, Sweden,
May 1, 2018,
Registered user


Option500 is a very dirty scanner. Thet stole money from people and do not pay out any money . Stay away from them
belgium, Belgium,
Jan 10, 2018,


Option500 is really SCAM and are criminals, they rip you off and never pay out.
They are thieves.
Hong Kong , China,
Jan 10, 2018,
Registered user

I have found a way to combat Option500.
A few weeks ago I went on this link (https://usa.visa.com/Forms/visa-rules.html) and I advise you to do the same. I filed a complaint with Visa against Option500 and described my whole case and why they are scammers. It is working right now as Visa is investigating and I will need more people filing complaints and chargeback dispute cases against Option500.

Sep 19, 2016 - 1 Star “Carl Ericsson” forcefully made losing trades on our account RIGHT AFTER we sent him 3 emails saying that he needs to STOP trading on the account behind our backs. He made unauthorized and fraudulent trades, ignoring withdrawal or account closure requests. He keeps saying that it would “affect the trades”. I have lost a total of $22,900 USD
Netherlands, Netherlands,
Dec 26, 2017,
Registered user

Fooled by a FAKE CNN page, do not sign up with Bitcoin Mine.. it is Option500!

There is a FAKE CNN page floating around on the internet, allegedly announcing Bitcoin Mine, including a dodgy video, that allegedly is made by mr Sakatoshi Nakamoto himself. It talks a bout phase 2 of Nakamoto's great plan to wipe out the dollar and euro...

Just out of curiousity I signed up, with what I thought was Bitcoin Mine.. but in stead I got signed up with Option500!!.. Within 20 minutes I received a call from a sales person, and he want me to deposit immediately and this way activate my account.. I told him I wanted to investigate first before depositing and activating.. Well, my investigation was done in 5 minutes... This is the FAKE CNN page:


I tried to find the allegdl CNN article about Bitcoin Mine via the official CNN website... Nowhere to be found! and when I try to go to that same article again via the original link, I am redirected to money.cnn.com.. with no sliver of info or news about Bitcoin Mine... When I go to the root of the page (cnn.com-cat.tech) I get to the index page of a apache server.!!... owkee, this is enough to tell me... FAKE FAKE FAKE...

My strategy is very simple NEVER trust any company that fools you like this.. this is equivalent to lying and SCAMMING!

Removed my phone number and changed my address on the Option500 page, but there is no simple way to delete my account.. I sent them a hard message to delete my account and personal info, I hope they will listen and do that. Of course I will NEVER deposit, they lost me as a potential customer for ever!
Gauteng, South Africa,
Dec 21, 2017,

scam scam scam

Option500 is a scam, I have invested with them and I saw that their robot is not working as they promise it to be....then I withdrew my money until today I have not received it and when I leave emails to their support or managers they do no respond.
Sep 7, 2017,

I deposit 250eur to them to start trading with binary robot 365. After 16 hours they have not verified my account. I send mail to them without any answer.
Michael Schwarz,
at home, Germany,
Aug 9, 2017,
Registered user

I am it sacrifices become my account of option500.com was I open €25000 highly then wanted to withdraw. My consultant prevented the withdrawal payment and this further forced me to Trade. This organization amounts with a criminal scum simply draws her money from the bag more humanly of on the part of the employees.
These consultants should go to prison because these are criminals and not bank clerks.