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Updated: Nov 21, 2016
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Toronto, Canada,
Nov 21, 2016,
Registered user

Be carefull very big scam 23 traders

Back in June i opened my account with 23 Traders based out of London. On the begging things were sort of going ok. I invested 5k. When sending email or asking my broker questions via skype i had difficult time getting answer. Than my broker Nena Leon ( if that was her real name ) asked me that if I want to see profits i need to invest about 20k. I said we can get to 20k with better investing plan of the 5k and if we do more short term ( like weekly trades or daily ) and not monthly as she prefer. She said no problem ill ask Mike ( Thompson ) to call you. It was on September 21st when feds were suppose to announce about the rate hike. that morning this clown Mike called me and said " now you will see how we are making money". He said invest all your money on USD/JPY as put and ill call you in 5 min. That was positive trade. We did couple more scenarios. When i had 16.7k he called me and he said ok put 5k 3 times in put position with 15 in interval. When i invested those 15k he said ok put 5k more. I said i dont have 5k more but 1.7k and you know that. he said well if you dont give me 3.3k in the next 5 min from your credit card you will lose all your money. I said what do you mean ill lose my money how do you know that? ( he knew exactly that i will lose them cause he did it on purpose ). When i said i dont have CC on me to pay he said ok ill call you in 10 minutes. That was his last call he never called back. Next thing I know my broker Nina Leon message me on skype saying " what have you done you lost all your money". said what??????? Than i asked her i said ok i have one more open trade for DOW what will happen if I sell it before expiry. She said if you sell 24h prior expiry you will get your investment back. It was 1k. I sold the position earlier. That was September 26th. Till date i never see the money on my account even after multiple emails, skype messages.
Spread the word about those idiots as much is possible before anyone else get robbed.