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Updated: Jul 30, 2018
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Amstelveen, Netherlands,
Jul 4, 2017,
Registered user

when i started tading with this company they were very eager to get my deposit.afterwards they gave my a account manager who was not allowed to trade with more then 10% of my money.after about 3 weeks he made a trade with all my money .i lost all.14.000 euro.since then i have been trying to get in contact .they are not responding at all

Jun 28, 2017 - 1 Star april 2016 i made i deposit of 14000 euro.they gave my a accountmanager.they told me he was not allowed to invest more than 10% of money.This guy(his name is John) did invest all my money without my permission. I LOST ALL.I have been trying to get in contact with them, but no reaction at all.
United Kingdom,
Mar 13, 2017,

Avoid UBO Capital like the plague

Steer well clear of Ubo Capital well known scammers David Harris was my broker drained my account with bad bids in minutes
Jan 5, 2017,

Don't invest with UBO Capital they are SCAMMERS

UBO Capital is a scam, please people stay away from this company, they are a bunch of thieves. A broker by the name of Ben Cooper will talk to you and encourage you to make a large deposit and every month you will get a return but it is a lie. I deposited $500 dollars but decided to withdraw it because I figured out that they were scammers. He locked my account and did a long time trade for 8 months. I watch the trade and sold one and get $43.00 I let the other $250 trade go to expiration date of Dec/31/2016 and won $435. I requested withdrawal and then they cancelled it and traded all doing 60 seconds trade and lost everything. I am glad that I did not agree to give thief Ben Cooper my credit card information to charge $5000 on my account. I hung up on him and did not answer his call anymore because I figured out that they were scammers. I am glad that my loses were only $500. Please people stay away from this BROKER, YOU WILL GET SCAM
Jan 5, 2017,

To Richard Caldwell, unfortunately your story mirrors my own almost word for word, only I went to log onto my account only to find it non existent! My brokers name was Alex Reed, I lost a substantial amount of money. A huge big scam!
United Kingdom,
Nov 16, 2016,
Registered user

Avoid UBO Capital like the plague

UBO capital will scam you, my broker who called himself David Harris drained my account, plenty of good regulated sites do yourself a favour stay away from UBO
Perth , Australia,
Oct 11, 2016,
Registered user

UBO Capital are scams

This company is on a scam watch list with the CBA bank of Australia and they wont return my money.
Definitely a scam. Watch out for Jack Ficher. They are based in the Seychelles which is where the whole binary thing was conceived. I deposited $250 and then I got a phone call and he had the audacity to ask me what my credit card limit was and that was the "holy crap" moment. LEAVE them alone.
Qld, Australia,
Aug 6, 2016,

UBOCapital is a rip off scam straight out. Their so called brokers are lairs and scam artists who should be put up against a wall

UBOCapital is a rip off scam straight out. Their so called brokers are lairs and scam artists who should be put up against a wall
Richard Caldwell,
Newcastle, Australia,
Aug 3, 2016,

Hi every one
I have a problem and would like to hear from anyone who has had dealing with UboCapital ( I`m not sure If I can put my e.mail here ) but will put it at the bottom anyway
To start last November I got an e.mail that was about an auto trading software that was going to make me lots of money so I funded my account with @250 and turned it on only to find it didn't do as I expected, it lost more than it made I was then contacted by the broker and was assigned an account manager Ben Cooper He told me after a few phone calls, that if I put in $5000 he would trade for me and make me good money things where going fine and doing fairly well He then called me and said why not get a credit card and use some one else`s money He then told me he would trade my account on a monthly basses and that I would be able to withdraw every month to pay the credit card and some for myself I thought that was a good idea and got a credit limit of $20.000 and deposited it into my account Everything went fine for the first couple of weeks and he made me just over $5000 which was great So just before Xmas I called Ben on Skype And said I needed to make a withdrawal to pay the credit card, His words were, Alright buddy, I have to run off to yet another meeting. have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. So I waited but no money So I logged into my account only to find that all of my entire balance had been put on to 12 trades But here`s the crunch line The trades had been put on for one whole year So in other words with maturity dates the 30th December this year My heart sank How could this happen, Its a bit of both Disappointment and Rage I now have to pay my credit card out of my own pocket which I cannot afford I then tried to contact the company and try to speak to the manager All I was told is that I had to wait for My account manager to come back I tried sending him e.mails with out success So I had to wait until the 12th January by this time my blood was boiling So when he did contact me I let him have it I won`t say what I called him But Mongrel Bastard is a couple of words I used among lots of others I then told him to cancel the trades which I know he can But I can`t, he refused He told me that everything was ok and not to worry and that he had got me into the VIP club and I am going to make lots of money He didn't like it when I called him a lying bastard So I had to leave it at that I then sent him an e.mail about a month later with my credit card bill for nearly $400 He called on skype I told him again to cancel the trades but he refused again but he did say he would cancel but I would only get back about $200 and I would lose the rest He didn't like it when I called him a thieving F!@#$ing bastard. However I must admit he called me the next day and told me he had talked to the finance department and had sent me some money to pay the credit card for the month which did arrive a few days later I have tried to log in to my account to change the password because I don`t want him trading my account ever again but it has been blocked I sent him a message on skype asking why but he never replied
I have been in touch with my credit card company, they were very helpful and are doing all they can I would like to take this further but don`t quite know how or what to do next So any further information would be helpful
I look forward to your reply's
Regards Richard Caldwell
Email support@ubocapital.com
Website UboCapital.com

UNITED KINGDOM - LONDON : +442038082378


AUSTRALIA - SYDNEY : +61283105790

CANADA - TORONTO : +14378868253

Martin Nicholson,
Mur , Switzerland,
Jul 1, 2016,

I opened an account with UBOCapital in December 2015 with a small amount to start off with ($300) - just to see how things go. My account manager (Richard Edison) promised to manage my account and trade for me. It started off well and he brought my account up to $365 within a couple of weeks. Then all of a sudden he stopped. When after one month, I mailed him to ask whether he was still trading on my account, there was no reply. I tried again a week later: still no reply. Nor from the Support Department. So I wrote to Edison, asking him to open no further trades on my account and placed a withdrawal request - this was totally ignored.

During the following months I repeatedly placed withdrawal requests (for only my invested amount), and tried to contact the compliance department. They just ignored my e-mails and kept cancelling my withdrawal requests (all 4 !). Then suddenly I got a mail from Edison this week saying that he was going to place trades on my account (even though I had already expressly told him not to !). I wrote back again saying Please no more trades, I just want to withdraw and quit ! But he completely ignored this, opened several trades, most of which lost, wiping out a third of my account.

In my eyes these are downright scammers - not only do they never bother to reply to e-mails, but they completely ignore clients' wishes and don't let you withdraw your money. Their Support (online chat etc.) is absolutely appalling - if at all it can be called "support". So my advice to anyone who's considering "investing" their hard-earned money with these people: Stay clear and RUN AWAY as fast as you possibly can !