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August 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with BinaryOnline until this issue is resolved.
2018-01-26:  The Estonian Finantsinspeksioon has issued an alert against Binary Online.  CLICK HERE to verify.
2017-07-14:  The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued an investor alert against  CLICK HERE to verify.
2016-12-14:  The Canadian BCSC has issued a warning against BinaryOnline.  CLICK HERE to verify.
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0.954 · 23 REVIEWS
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Portugal, Portugal,
Jul 28, 2020,
Registered user

If you are reading this is because you have already been cheated

Length of use: over 1 Year

I opened an account at BinaryOnline on 10/05/2017, now called Finarix, totally unaware of the Forex market and much less of the scammers out there.
I let myself be carried away by ambition and easy money, I was a perfect idiot and to this day I still punish myself for it.
My shame, my stupidity and my indecision have led me to try to negotiate with these gentlemen to this day, but to no avail, basically they get into a strategy to buy me time not to withdraw.
My health, family and financial problems have been terrible since I sadly realised I was being cheated.
However, unlike most Forex accounts, my account after a bad period in which I didn't notice anything about this market, performed very well, something that this broker certainly didn't want to happen.
I started this account with 250€ until reaching 22850€ of investment, after being fooled with a bonus and blackmailed and psychological torture by numerous people of that company to invest money if I wanted to make withdrawals, how could I be so stupid, don't forgive me for that.
Until 3 months ago, my account was being traded for a software called "Algotrader", my account until the termination of the contract with the software reached more than € 257,197, started with about € 140,000 through manual trades.
However, according to the person who allegedly is or was managing my account "Mr. Jim Holt", to complete the the endless turnover (they started with the bonus 30 times and then demanded the bonus 60 times), i needed to make more than 480 lots in order to make a withdrawal.
Obviously I did everything to achieve this and concluded within six weeks 1005.50 lots, with my account reaching Balance of € 381,059.88 and an equity of € 346,240.42, I had open positions in the amount of -34346,42 euros.
Two withdrawals of € 20,000 each were requested in June.
It was at this moment and after a number of emails sent to the support team, finance department and Mr. "Jim Holt", wanting to know why they were taking so long to process the withdrawal that I was contacted by "Jim Holt", this warned me that I had made a lot of money in a short time and made lots of lots, warning me that my account was going to be analysed in detail.
They did so for the third time in the history of my account (Under investigation).
I was contacted again by Mr. "Jim Holt" and to my amazement he tells me that I practiced scalping on my account, he sent me an email with 9 trades, 3 of which I made a profit in less than 1 minute and 6 trades placed by my error and closed immediately afterwards without any positive or negative result (0). It should be noted that in about 6 weeks I made 593 trades.
It follows that they forced me to close all the trades I had open in the negative amount of € 34346.42 (24 trades), as well as they removed (stole) from my account all the profit obtained in this period in the amount of € 89,240.42 and they warned not to negotiate further until otherwise ordered by them, something that I no longer do until today, because the fear of further reprisals is predictable.
Regarding trades that closed in less than a minute, they had a take profit of 30 pips, having explained to Mr. "Jim", that it was impossible to predict or prevent Gaps.
Regarding the remaining six trades, I explained that it was a mistake in inserting the pairs and that it did not cause any harm to anyone (I remember that I made 1005.5 lots when I only needed 474.79 lots).
Since June 16, 2020, I have had no response to the emails I send almost every day to contact me. In these emails I ask several questions that Mr. "Jim Holt" has not even answered me by phone, namely the definition of scalping and obviously when I can go back to making trades on what I already consider a puppet account.
It is evident and clear that I will be facing a large-scale fraud, where financial crime prevails and above all there is also a crime of psychological torture that I think has never been mentioned in the FPA and that affects everyone who claims their rights here.
We cannot forget that taking into account Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which determine that no one will be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. So we are facing a crime that can be perfectly prosecuted by the United Nations.
I reinforce that all this treatment given by Zolarex Ltd. (Finarix / Binaryonline), had caused me irreparable health problems.
For God's sake don't trust these people.
Health to all because mine is no longer what it was.
Sagunto, Spain,
Oct 9, 2019,
Registered user

Terrible life experience for years

Service use: Live

Length of use: Have not used

By sharing my review I would like to know also if someone would be able to help me to try to get back my funds. Please let me know.
To get the long story short, I have naively registered to this company some years ago without checking (at this time I think researches were not so deep and my knowledge and experience zero), thinking I would do some profits. I have started investing 250€. Then it increased little by little, up to reach 13 500€ in total. Like many clients, they told me I would have good results and give me bonus to be able to trade more and earn more. But this was a trap, with their bonus turnover rule (of 30 times, which is huge) I was blocked. Since then, like 5-6 years, I can't withdraw and they even always ask me to invest more or put the funds to Algo trading. Of course I don't trust them anymore. But how can I get out of this situation and is there a hope to get back my money, I don't know.
If this review can help others and also make someone contact me to help resolving this case legally and get rid of this world of trading, I would be enchanted.
Thanks for reading.
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London, United Kingdom,
Sep 17, 2019,

Horrible scammers

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I have been with them for 3 years, they have never allowed me to withdrawal. At all, they have passed me on to so many account mangers which I have reason to believe are the same people with different names, my account manger steward poles did not inform me of the bonus policy and told me to agree before finarix sent it to me, once I found out he quickly turned form being nice to evil. And finarix blames me. Now my new account manger which I think is the same person dan Morris as refused to call me and said we communicate through mail. This is a scam, I wish I had theses reviews when I opened an account and when I deposited again this summer.
Adelaide, Australia,
Jul 25, 2019,
Registered user

Finarix use to be binaryonline Bigtime Professional Scammers

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I am also a victim of this Finarix all the reviews below are very accurate and the same thing happened to me. If you read a lot of the reviews using google and search (finarix review) you guys will see all the negative reviews which shows that this website finarix/binaryonline and algo are all part of their scamming business. These people are basically criminals so to speak. They have to be stopped before another victim falls into their scams. The thing is they still continue victimizing people and this has to stop. Their websites should be brought down. This kind of stealing money from honest investors and giving them all the headaches n worries are unacceptable. They have to be shutdown.
South Africa,
Mar 6, 2019,
Registered user

Stay away

Previously BinaryOnline, rebranded to Finarix in Feb 2019.

I had a comically bad experience with BinaryOnline before, and following the call from the Finarix representative this morning it looks like it's the same people still working their scam. I've dealt with them for over 14 months, and felt I need to leave this review as the new company probably think they'll get away with a clean sheet and no bad review baggage. May this help innocent folks look elsewhere with their hard earned money.

So here are some things that you need to look out for:

- Once your money is in, it's near impossible to get it back. From my $30,000 deposit I made an initial small withdrawal to test things out, which worked fine once "approved" by their finance department, but subsequent attempts had the most incredible excuses and rejections. You can try get your money back through VISA or Mastercard if you paid by card.

- Whatever you do, do NOT accept a "risk free trade" or a "bonus trade". This is where they hook you and your money then becomes their money before you can say "unethical scammers".

- They are based out of Bulgaria are not regulated by anyone like the FCS. They operate by their own laws. This morning I had a call from someone there who told me that "there's not enough activity on your account, we have to close it because of money laundering regulations." I said I completed a winning trade for $200 6 days ago, does that not count? The person replied "No there's still not enough activity on your account". The conversation ended with him telling me "Good luck losing your money". You can't make this stuff up. I've resigned that I'll never get my money back, and just trade there for practise as you would with a demo account.

- You will have the most incredible conversations with people trying to pressure you into whatever their latest "product" is, usually algo trading, and they will use pressure tactics and eventually aggression to try convince you to invest more money. They will pass you from one account manager to another over time, and they will all one way or another pressure you to invest more money.

- The two biggest con artists in their team are Viktor Bokrov and Peter Thompson. Both I believe are using fake names (some of the BinaryOnline reviews calls this out as well) - I thought I'd leave the names here should someone google them that they at least get a heads-up not to trust them.

Another thing I noticed is that they will never put anything in writing, it will only ever be a telephone conversation.

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone. The last review I left for BinaryOnline here magically went away after a couple of days, I've copied the text this time and will put it on other sites as well should this one vanish.
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Zarautz, Spain,
Feb 26, 2019,
Registered user

Scam, new name/brand for

This is the new name/brand for, a scammer broker that kept € 6800,00 from my account to themselves, and scammed many other users. I suggest people to not work with them as you will probably lost your money. Please check the reviews for this scammer here in FPA to get more information.
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Aug 7, 2018,
Registered user

In december 2017 I registered at I invested 250 €. I have made some profits with trading and now have 373,63 € in my account. I wanted to withdraw some money and that's where all the problems started. Due to their terms and conditions, it is mandatory for their adviser to give you a phone call before any withdrawal. So I got that phone call and they wanted me to deposit 2000 €, so I can withdraw 500 €. It was said, that I have to do something for their firm, so they can do something for me in return. I didn't want to invest any more money and got very suspicious. Every time they called me, I wanted to talk only about 2 things - withdrawal and deleting my account. The adviser was very offensive and aggressive, I have been threaten, that the adviser has the power not to grand my withdrawal if he/she decides so. They are making new terms all the time and it is impossible to withdraw the money.

Let me tell you, that I thought, that I have lost all my funds and that i wrote them to close my account. I then tried to log in and I couldn't, so I thought the story was over for me. Last week they called me and said I still have funds in my account - don't ask me how. And because i haven't been trading, my account was dormant. I had to place 5 trades, which I did. Advisors kept calling me and telling, I have to deposit 2000 € so I can withdraw 500 € - it's been said I have to do something for their firm, so they can do something for me in return. I didn't deposit any more money and I surely wont. I think I don't have to mention, that the advisors were offensive, aggressive and they threatened me.

After I read a lot of post here, I filled complaints here: , here: , and here: .
I have been recording the phone calls too.

I have informed them about all the actions I have been taking.

The next day I got an email, that my withdrawal request has been approved. That was on a friday, and on monday the funds were in my account.

So, I can happily say, that my "binary online story" is finished.

I hope, this can help someone, who has issues with binary online.

Aug 3, 2018 - 1 Star Well ... In december 2017 I registered at I invested 250 €. I have made some profits with traiding and now have 373,63 € in my account. I wanted to withdraw some money and that's where all the problems started. Due to ther terms and conditions, it is mandatory for their adviser to give you a phone call before any withdrawal. So I got that phone call and they wanted me to deposit 2000 €, so I can withdraw 500 €. It was said, that I have to do something for their firm, so they can do somenthing for me in return. I didn't want to invest any more money and got very suspicious. Every time they called me, I wanted to talk only about 2 things - withdrawal and deleting my account. The adviser was very offensive and aggressive, I have been threaten, that the adviser has the power not to grand my withdrawal if he/she decides so. They are making new terms all the time and it is impossible to withdraw the money.

Let me tell you, that I thought, that I have lost all my funds and that i wrote them to close my account. I then tried to logg in and I couldn't, so I thought the story was over for me. Last week they called me and said I still have funds in my account - don't ask me how. And because i haven't been traiding, my account was dormant. I had to place 5 trades, which I did. Advisors kept calling me and telling, I have to deposit 2000 € so I can withdraw 500 € - it's been said I have to do something for their firm, so they can do something for me in return. I didn't deposit any more money and I surely wont. I think I don't have to mention, that the advisors were offensive, aggressiv and they thretened me.

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Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Thank you for following up with very helpful advice.
South Africa,
Jul 31, 2018,
Registered user

Scammed by Binary Online

These guys are a bunch of Scammers who need to be exposed. Been with them for over a year and consistently trading that account. They always make excuses to release withdrawals.

Its always the same people using different aliases .

I have been building up a case against them.

I would recommend everyone to stay away as you will never see your money again.

Jul 23, 2018 - 1 Star I have also invested funds with them,been with them for almost a year. tried requesting withdrawal over 15 times and every single time they come up with a different story. They keep moving me from one portfolio manager to another.

This company needs to go down!!

We all need to do this together.

Drop your emails and lets all work together in bringing them down, there are many cases against them already. We just need to make them stronger.
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PT, Portugal,
Jul 24, 2018,

i'm professional an see what they did

Hi (im gonna post with picture in Forum)

My name is Vasco and i am profissional trader. I have my website, i am mentor and teach people how to trade.

Regards this broker doesn't have regulation i deposit the minimum.

And i have no problems to increase, i am a very aggressive trader and i pass from 250€ to 20k€ in less than 2 months.

1- my account was under investigation because i'm a suspicious and fraudlent guy.

2- this excuse is very funny. Do you know when you place an order and you have 2 seconds to cancel?? I have abuse from that feature themselves give to traders. ahahaha

3- i have to place 15 trades a day during a while to prove i didn't understand what! Or to deposit more. I thought to loose something intentionally, about 10k and they will think "ok, we'll give this one to him and block him" . . . mistake of mine.

4- the block and delete my account.

5- after 1 or 2 months i receive an e-mail saying to reset my password (probably them mistake) and i have access to my account. Was good to take some prints and poofs i will expose them in a post.

6- they say my account was dormant because i hadn't trade. "off course . . . . you blocked me, REMEMBER"???

7- i've tried to contact them and hadn't no more answers and i'm deleted again.


Please . . . Stay away from this scammers

And sorry for my English, is not my native language

Success to all
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Jun 25, 2018,
Registered user never pays you back

I started my account in December 2017, my supposedly account manager Victor Bagrov ( who doesn't respond to my emails anymore ), was contacting me many times a day to increase my investment from USD500 to USD20'000 to have a better profit margin. I refused, the after few weeks, he contacted me to join a program called Algo, the investment will be automated and high profit margins will be expected, but in order to enroll, I will need to deposit a further USD4500 in order to have a total of USD5000 in my account, I was sent a contract, that looked so unprofessional, after correcting it, I signed, and had to chase up my copy for weeks. I thought its too late to back off, so lets see where we will end up, the software of course shows you tons of profits, the software made 45% of profits in about 3 months, when it was over, Victor called me to say that in order to continue, I will need to have 250K in my account, I was even going to fall for that, then I thought, let me try and withdraw some money out, and that’s when everything got exposed, first they said I had to wait 30 days because of the contract, while that paragraph referred to the cancelation of the software, you can't cancel it when its finished already, I waited 30 days, and approached them again 1 month later, for them to tell me that my account is in a dormant state, and I will need to do 5 trades in order to take it out of this state and my money will be transferred. I did follow there rules, and after the trades, I made more money, and now I have 12'559.61 in my account, yet nothing is being transferred, I contacted them many times through there chat support, ( this and email are the only ways of contact available!) and they tried to stall me further by saying that my case was escalated to the investigation team, then to top management, later a guy called Peter called who promised to sort things out, he did not! I start to get emails from all sorts of departments, who apparently are not talking to each other, and I keep on getting a different reply from different individuals. I have sent the final email stating that unless all of my funds are transferred, I will follow up this matter legally, I have all the documents, emails, live chats, and screen shots available for more details.

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England, United Kingdom,
May 11, 2018,
Registered user

I trusted BinaryOnline with £20,000 of my savings. A goal and timeplan was agreed (April / House Purchase) I will be homeless within three weeks unles

Issue escalated to Traders Court Kathyb vs | GUILTY
Last November 2017 I gave them my savings £20,000 as they said it would double in no time. I explained to my account manager Andy Klein that I needed this amount in March end of April 2018 at the latest, to go towards a house. He set up two accounts for me, one to be a normal trading account which I he wanted the funds to be in small amounts of £5,000 and the other account he set up for me was their 10% cashback programme and had to be a minimum of £5,000 investment, which he said would run on its own and give me a wage every month.
Several weeks during Feb through to March I didn't hear from him even though I emailed and sent several skype messages to call me. The number I had for them would not connect.
I needed some funds for an emergency in February so requested a withdrawal of £5,000 on the platform and in email. Andy phoned me the next day to say he had approved £2,000 but the rest was needed to leverage my account. I didn't understand really but I said I trusted him to do right by me, knowing my circumstances and accepted the £2,000 back.
Later I began to panic as the time was close approaching my having to fund my house and I couldn't always get hold of him, so I decided then to withdraw my money. They won't give it to me unless my account turns a certain amount of trades I think 90 was the figure thrown but by then I was so emotionally upset I didn't take in all the information.
Andy phoned me shortly after and assured me all would be well and to trust him, so he'd phone once a week and arrange for trades to placed. He didn't always phone when he said he would and I grew increasingly worried I wasn't going to make the date of meeting my estate agent. Later still and a few weeks before I was to meet the agent for my house I emailed support requesting my money back, as was agreed with Andy and thanked him for his help but I needed it then, for my house. I then received a call from a Peter Thompson, who he said was a senior manager and would be taking care of my account from then on.
I explained what had been agreed with Andy and apparently it's not policy but Peter said I will get my money
and mentioned about the account having to qualify first by a few trades and for me not to worry that I would be ok for my house end of April, so I reluctantly agreed.
Well, having lost my first house but since agreed with the agent on another rented one instead, I agreed to pay a years rent in advance end of April 2018 if they reduces it slightly and they did. I paid a deposit £2,500 to secure it.
March came and went and the first week of April I had to tell the agent yet again I couldn't pay for the year upfront as an investment hadn't come through but was due end of April. The owners were waiting on the full amount and were annoyed I broke their first agreement so they asked for two months rent. I had to borrow it from friends but I moved in April 28th 2018 with the proviso I would pay the balance end of June.
I'm still trying to get my money back from Binaryonline and still dealing with Peter and although he doesn't call me when he says he will, I remain optimistic because I don't know how else to feel, apart from numb, shocked and stupid to have been taken in.
Reading these other posts fills me with dread now in that I may never get my money back and I'll be kicked out of my house. I'm a middle aged woman with only good faith in people and this has turned my world upside down and I can't stop crying,

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

Pretoria, South Africa,
Apr 28, 2018,

Binaryonline will not give you any money back

I made a $500 dep and they gave me a $500 bonus, after the broker told me to put $500 on gold I lost it,then I made some profit and try to withdraw some of it with no luck, they told me to make thirty times the amount of the bonus , so after a couple of tradings I made $32OOO !!!! Trying to withdraw they came with some lame excuse telling me there was a problem with the market and platform so they just took $32000 out of my account and left with $1700 and told me to start trading with that again. How can they just take your profit and made some excuse up. THEY ARE SCAMMERS.
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Feb 26, 2018,
Registered user

SCAMED by is a SCAM! Have invested with them in November 2017 and January 2018 19500 EUR. On 16 of Februaromaniary decided to withdraw my money. Although I had chated with them and wrote several emails they still have not processed my request.I decided to take legal action
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South Africa,
Feb 9, 2018,
Registered user

Stay Away from Binaryonline, its impossible to withdraw your money.
Account ID number 309671 i have twice tried to withdraw my money and it was
canceled by
someone called Andy
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Palma, Spain,
Jan 28, 2018,
Registered user

Problem withdraw

I opened my account 3 month ago with 250€. Helen Hart was my account manager (or thief as I would say). 4 weeks later I decided to close my account because I had to change my life completely and I realised that I will not found time to trade online. I contacted them and I send them all required documents. A few days later I tried to sign in my account. For my big surprise instead of withdraw my money they closed my account. Now they ignore all my calls, my emails and anything else... anybody any ideas what i can do?
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Jan 2, 2018,
Registered user

I'm from Italy and I wish to advise the people to stay away from the brand because they will not let you withdrawal from their platform an single euro.
I have joined an robot called and deposited 250 euro with this broker BinaryOnline.
I decided to withdraw my remaining funds of 243 euro and here I can see their real face of them. My withdrawal was rejected two times for non reason. When I contact them on Live Chat they say every time that I will be called by the "Customer Success Manager" to resolve my issue. When the "managers" call they only asking for money to deposit more and in my case they are desperately asking me to cancel the withdrawal because they will make me rich. Today Vanessa which is an account manager called me and when I said about the withdrawal she closed the phone.
The target is to make the clients to deposit all their money and than the account managers make lose all their funds so the client's money become profit of (Zola Ltd.)
I advise all the clients who have an account with this broker to stop deposit any funds on their account and to ask the remaining funds back.

I have checked and found that all traffic of come from funnels/robots promoted by their affiliates. These funnels/robots are forbidden by the regulators like Cysec or others to get clients, but they are not regulated by any financial institution and they can do what they want. claim that are based at this address under the name of Zola Ltd. 14 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. 1000 Sofia Bulgaria but if you go to this address there is no company there. Their company is registered in some offshore country with fake shareholder.
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lincolnshire, United Kingdom,
Oct 3, 2017,
Registered user

BinaryOnline are fraudsters and will not allow you to withdraw

Same for me as other binaryonline victims - was directed to deposit £250 into binaryonline when using the autotradingrobot software (the software is from a source I did, and still do, trust).

Traded a few times but have since focussed my attentions elsewhere so decided to withdraw my remaining funds - £189.25 minus the processing charges etc etc - but still waiting... initial request was placed 14/08/17 but they keep getting cancelled by binaryonline and more hoops placed in front of me to jump through - such as my account supposedly being dormant and that I need to place 5 trades to reactivate it before a withdrawal can be made etc.

I have spoken to many different 'expert traders' & 'recovery team members' following my withdrawal requests (a necessary step apparently) who all try to convince me to let them trade for me - all offers politely declined of course.
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United Kingdom,
Aug 15, 2017,
Registered user

Withdrawal still not approved- (verified account and phone call made)


Almost the same happened to me like ARNOT,
I haven't accepted any bonus, of course!

I deposited 250 pounds and then traded with a software (Epix Tader)-which required a broker account with binary online).

After a while, their web page has changed and was unable to log in to my account with the same e-mail. I had to create a new one and after I couldn't log in to my software anymore.
Ok. Then traded a while on their platform and lost some money, in the end, I decided to withdraw my money.
They required a phone call, too -to verify I am the person who is actually withdrawing my money and not a fraud person( Of course it was an occasion to make you stay with them and treat you like a child).
So I have been waiting for my phone call so long and then a lady rang me telling me their service is so good and trade with Disney...absolutely ignored my request!
That was the second time they called me with the same marketing bs and the same thing happened. Marketing, marketing.....
Mw first withdrawal request is declined and the second is still pending, however, I confirmed my intention to get back some of my funds.

I reported the case to Action Fraud and will take some time to investigate the case by the police. I am sure I will get back my deposit, as far as I have deposited with debit/credit card. This is the one thing I know and would like to prevent anyone else to become a victim.

Don't choose them as a broker. Someone who I have trusted suggested them and now, the best thing is to READ THE COMMENTS here in FPA, and listening to no-one. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH SMALL BROKERS again, this is my 3rd time they fraud me!
First: PWR Second: CT Option and now: Binary Online
I consider myself a smart person but got frauded! so always rely on more and more comments and FPA reports.

Good luck!

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Aug 2, 2017,
Registered user

Well I think I just lost 250 Euro, I can't withdraw I did some trades but decided not to trade with them beause I am not very fond of their platform, you can only get your money back if its 450 euro and a lovely processing fee of 50 Euro. I already tried 4 times and all I receive are weird mails
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Jul 24, 2017,
Registered user

They are calling me by cell phone and they are too much insistence to make you make deposit, this is very unpleasant...
I arrived to them because I was trying a automated trade system, and the system give the option to open account with them to use it for free, but I'm sincerely regretted to started this
London, United Kingdom,
May 12, 2017,

Please avoid binary online absolute fraud!

Me and my parter cannot withdraw our 6k investment. Not only do the account manager hound you on the phone to keep adding funds, stefani Wakefield swore blind if she gave me a 2k bonus that I didn't want it doesn't commit me to anything. Low and behold it commits me to trade 30 times the 2k to reach at least 60k. I did that and suddenly now it's 75 times and 150k. I had Peter Thompson call to explain. He also called my partner and told her he was josh Watson.

When I first allowed binary to take 3.5 k from from account they actually tried 5k and my bank blocked it.

No one at binary gives me answeres except to say Peter Thompson can help. My partner and I caught him and recorded him leaving her a voice message one day saying he is is Peter than recorded his phone call to her the day after saying he is josh. He also called me saying he was Peter. Total fraud and a scam and can't hold anyone accountable and trying to get money back through banks.
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Apr 4, 2017,
Registered user

Do your homework before investing in this company

I have a bad experience also with this company. I initially invested 250 usd and added another 5000 usd because the broker name Jonathan Levin convinced me to. I'm new to trading and was not able to do my due diligence. That I regret.

I had been requesting for a refund since Feb 2017 but they refuse to give me back my money. Different rude "managers" keeps on calling me to start trading but I consistently told them that I want to refund my money.

Recently, I filed a complaint to my CC company and Visa is hunting them and filing a chargeback. Binaryonline called me and insisted that I sign a consent letter about the transactions I made with them. They even told me that they are going to bring this to the court.

I ask for their broker license no and company registration to prove that they are legal because that what they are claiming repeatedly but none was provided to me.

There is an ongoing investigation because of the complaint I filed.

I would suggest new investors to do their homework before investing to this company but at the end of the day its still your decision.
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Mar 2, 2017,
Registered user

Trying very hard to get my deposit back!

I have made a few trades with Binary Online, then I wanted to get out of Binary option trading, so tried to withdraw €162 they wrote an email to me explaining that I could not withdraw €162, but if I continued to trade and get it up to €300 or I could withdraw €250 now, so I decided to withdraw €250, the sum I deposited when I joined, then I get another email, telling me that it is in their rules that I have to get confirmation from my Expert Trader who has been trying to telephone me without reaching me, so I emailed them yesterday and gave them my number and the time to ring me, they didn't ring, so I sent another email and gave them another time today to ring, they still didn't ring, no emails either, so I am waiting for developments!!!!
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Genova, Italy,
Feb 26, 2017,
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BinaryOnline = criminal association

Absolutely not RECOMMENDED

Ript off 2500€ at 26/2 still no withdrawal allowed.
crime of criminal association
crime of embezzlement

Today 26/2 Still cannot withdraw my capital.
Thay do not process my request, always new excuses.

Danger stay AWAY

Feb 24, 2017 - 1 Star Yet still excuses........ they are taking time.
Withdrawal allways in pending state.

Stay away from this unhetical BULGARIAN broker,
it's impossible to witdraw your money.

Very disappinted.

Feb 22, 2017 - 1 Star Fell into their trap.
Angelina Bloom convinced me to pay more money to have more trading room, up here no suspects.
The first question I raise when I made a protected operation, that is of course gone bad,
(she does'nt have reversed nothing of the protected trade) ---- < this is the signal that something is wrong with this company. HAhahaha they claim to be grater then BankDeB......
I started a withdrawal and of course was denied for 5 times.
5 times I have been assigned a personal new trader who has tried to get me to work with him with blackmail,
(I send € 2,000 if you work with me). ...... NO absolutely NO
Now the last withdrawal request was canceled, with causal (postponed next month).

Crimes committed so far.
False in violation of their rules.
6 or more employees all equal = conspiracy

Think to open an international police complaint for cyber crimes.

Follow developments and good Luck

Feb 15, 2017 - 2 Stars From 02/07/17
I was driven to this broker from BinaDroid, After a a few trades I interrupted the activity to avoid falling further damage.
I sent the request for withdrawal. ( processing time 3d )
They seem not hearing

todate 2/15 still nothing
I'm awaiting developments.

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South Africa,
Aug 9, 2016,
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I used to register on their site

Moeketsi: I deposited $250 on binaryonline to trade using BinaDroid, I was left with $194 when I requested withdrawal some two weeks ago. My account is verified but they are giving me the run around. Please I am asking for assistance.