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August 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with BinaryOnline until this issue is resolved.
2018-01-26:  The Estonian Finantsinspeksioon has issued an alert against Binary Online.  CLICK HERE to verify.
2017-07-14:  The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued an investor alert against  CLICK HERE to verify.
2016-12-14:  The Canadian BCSC has issued a warning against BinaryOnline.  CLICK HERE to verify.
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0.954 · 23 REVIEWS
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Jan 2, 2018,
Registered user

I'm from Italy and I wish to advise the people to stay away from the brand because they will not let you withdrawal from their platform an single euro.
I have joined an robot called and deposited 250 euro with this broker BinaryOnline.
I decided to withdraw my remaining funds of 243 euro and here I can see their real face of them. My withdrawal was rejected two times for non reason. When I contact them on Live Chat they say every time that I will be called by the "Customer Success Manager" to resolve my issue. When the "managers" call they only asking for money to deposit more and in my case they are desperately asking me to cancel the withdrawal because they will make me rich. Today Vanessa which is an account manager called me and when I said about the withdrawal she closed the phone.
The target is to make the clients to deposit all their money and than the account managers make lose all their funds so the client's money become profit of (Zola Ltd.)
I advise all the clients who have an account with this broker to stop deposit any funds on their account and to ask the remaining funds back.

I have checked and found that all traffic of come from funnels/robots promoted by their affiliates. These funnels/robots are forbidden by the regulators like Cysec or others to get clients, but they are not regulated by any financial institution and they can do what they want. claim that are based at this address under the name of Zola Ltd. 14 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. 1000 Sofia Bulgaria but if you go to this address there is no company there. Their company is registered in some offshore country with fake shareholder.
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Feb 26, 2018,
Registered user

SCAMED by is a SCAM! Have invested with them in November 2017 and January 2018 19500 EUR. On 16 of Februaromaniary decided to withdraw my money. Although I had chated with them and wrote several emails they still have not processed my request.I decided to take legal action
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England, United Kingdom,
May 11, 2018,
Registered user

I trusted BinaryOnline with £20,000 of my savings. A goal and timeplan was agreed (April / House Purchase) I will be homeless within three weeks unles

Issue escalated to Traders Court Kathyb vs | GUILTY
Last November 2017 I gave them my savings £20,000 as they said it would double in no time. I explained to my account manager Andy Klein that I needed this amount in March end of April 2018 at the latest, to go towards a house. He set up two accounts for me, one to be a normal trading account which I he wanted the funds to be in small amounts of £5,000 and the other account he set up for me was their 10% cashback programme and had to be a minimum of £5,000 investment, which he said would run on its own and give me a wage every month.
Several weeks during Feb through to March I didn't hear from him even though I emailed and sent several skype messages to call me. The number I had for them would not connect.
I needed some funds for an emergency in February so requested a withdrawal of £5,000 on the platform and in email. Andy phoned me the next day to say he had approved £2,000 but the rest was needed to leverage my account. I didn't understand really but I said I trusted him to do right by me, knowing my circumstances and accepted the £2,000 back.
Later I began to panic as the time was close approaching my having to fund my house and I couldn't always get hold of him, so I decided then to withdraw my money. They won't give it to me unless my account turns a certain amount of trades I think 90 was the figure thrown but by then I was so emotionally upset I didn't take in all the information.
Andy phoned me shortly after and assured me all would be well and to trust him, so he'd phone once a week and arrange for trades to placed. He didn't always phone when he said he would and I grew increasingly worried I wasn't going to make the date of meeting my estate agent. Later still and a few weeks before I was to meet the agent for my house I emailed support requesting my money back, as was agreed with Andy and thanked him for his help but I needed it then, for my house. I then received a call from a Peter Thompson, who he said was a senior manager and would be taking care of my account from then on.
I explained what had been agreed with Andy and apparently it's not policy but Peter said I will get my money
and mentioned about the account having to qualify first by a few trades and for me not to worry that I would be ok for my house end of April, so I reluctantly agreed.
Well, having lost my first house but since agreed with the agent on another rented one instead, I agreed to pay a years rent in advance end of April 2018 if they reduces it slightly and they did. I paid a deposit £2,500 to secure it.
March came and went and the first week of April I had to tell the agent yet again I couldn't pay for the year upfront as an investment hadn't come through but was due end of April. The owners were waiting on the full amount and were annoyed I broke their first agreement so they asked for two months rent. I had to borrow it from friends but I moved in April 28th 2018 with the proviso I would pay the balance end of June.
I'm still trying to get my money back from Binaryonline and still dealing with Peter and although he doesn't call me when he says he will, I remain optimistic because I don't know how else to feel, apart from numb, shocked and stupid to have been taken in.
Reading these other posts fills me with dread now in that I may never get my money back and I'll be kicked out of my house. I'm a middle aged woman with only good faith in people and this has turned my world upside down and I can't stop crying,

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

Mar 2, 2017,
Registered user

Trying very hard to get my deposit back!

I have made a few trades with Binary Online, then I wanted to get out of Binary option trading, so tried to withdraw €162 they wrote an email to me explaining that I could not withdraw €162, but if I continued to trade and get it up to €300 or I could withdraw €250 now, so I decided to withdraw €250, the sum I deposited when I joined, then I get another email, telling me that it is in their rules that I have to get confirmation from my Expert Trader who has been trying to telephone me without reaching me, so I emailed them yesterday and gave them my number and the time to ring me, they didn't ring, so I sent another email and gave them another time today to ring, they still didn't ring, no emails either, so I am waiting for developments!!!!
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Apr 4, 2017,
Registered user

Do your homework before investing in this company

I have a bad experience also with this company. I initially invested 250 usd and added another 5000 usd because the broker name Jonathan Levin convinced me to. I'm new to trading and was not able to do my due diligence. That I regret.

I had been requesting for a refund since Feb 2017 but they refuse to give me back my money. Different rude "managers" keeps on calling me to start trading but I consistently told them that I want to refund my money.

Recently, I filed a complaint to my CC company and Visa is hunting them and filing a chargeback. Binaryonline called me and insisted that I sign a consent letter about the transactions I made with them. They even told me that they are going to bring this to the court.

I ask for their broker license no and company registration to prove that they are legal because that what they are claiming repeatedly but none was provided to me.

There is an ongoing investigation because of the complaint I filed.

I would suggest new investors to do their homework before investing to this company but at the end of the day its still your decision.
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