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Updated: Aug 29, 2019
2.933 · 23 REVIEWS
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Forex4Money is a forex broker.  Forex 4 Money offers FXnet Platform and Mobile trading platforms.  Forex4Money.com offers over 5 currency pairs, CFDs and Binary Options for your personal investment and trading options.


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Forex4Money.com profile provided by forex4money support, Feb 15, 2018

Dear trader,

we have request to all trader if you have any issue kindly mention your trading account number also we are in the global market so we cant do any manipulation.


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2.933 · 23 REVIEWS
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Navi mumbai, India,
Aug 17, 2019,
Registered user

About Forex4money

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I m already trading over here last 7month they are providing the training an tips both which is to help full ...as I get profit also an I get withdrawal on time ...
Maharashtra, India,
Jul 28, 2019,
Registered user

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Forexe4money is a good company for dealing in forex market. Since it was my first tarde in forex market, I found their training support helpful and also the tips given by them proved to be more than 90% correct. However the company's withdrawal process is very slow. i received my starting 2 withdrawals very late but later withdrawals were on time. You can go with the company if you are looking long term investments.
Reply by forex4money support submitted Aug 5, 2019:
Dear Binkal,

Thank you for the update about our service,

Here we are improving our service everyday to Increase the our process about our all service like training withdrawal and tips.

Here about the withdrawal why taken much time in starting because of we verify the documents and Bank account details, for your security purpose so you will not face any kind issue on withdrawal and any kind fraud.

And about the tips we are trying to give good tips to our client to make good profit and here people our making profit 1.5 to 3% per day on there investment .

Here we have request with Our All forex trader before stat the trading with real money take proper knowledge about market and proper plan of trading so you will not lose your capital.

Thank you for trading with us.

And happy Trading
Mumbai, India,
Jul 14, 2019,
Registered user

Forex4Money it's a very good company. when I started trading I was feeling difficulty in trading I made some losses and after that, I contact their customer care number and the people there are very helpful they solve all my queries they give me proper guidance. they taught me how and when to do trading and now I started getting profit on all my investment so my suggestion is that you can trust company.
Reply by forex4money support submitted Jul 23, 2019:
Dear sir,

thank for your valuable feedback about our trading and as you have mentioned you lost the some amount in starting because of that, we give training to the client about the market analysis and in that time only maximum client start trading with real amount and because of not good knowledge people can lose there amount, for avoiding that lose we give training in demo account to the all the client to understand the market moment and understand the risk factor about forex trading, as we every one this market is very high volatile and risk but same if be think in positive manner then there is lot of profit also is there for that we should have proper knowledge.

Haridwar, India,
Jul 9, 2019,

Forex4money is fraud company

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I suggest no one to join this company. U will loose all ur hard earned money for sure.
They will make u invest more n more.
I lost 2000usd .
They told me by investing 500usd more i can recover the lost amount . So i reinvested but lost that amount too
Reply by forex4money support submitted Jul 17, 2019:
Dear mam,

Thank you for the update about our service as we have monitor your account and analysis all deal of your account,
As we have found you have close Maximum Deal Manually in Loss our stop los not reached.
And you have taken maximum deal In XAUUSD ( Gold) doing trading in Gold for making profit, we should do the trading with higher amount like 5000 dollar for better profit as everyone know XAUUSD Market Is high volatile market .
If you follow Our team guide line then here our profit % is approx 80 to 90%.
And here we suggest to client to make target for profit per day 1 to 3% on the investment but you are taking risk so in that we are Help less
As this is Forex trading market so we have to keep some patience also the balance to hold the deal .
If you are taking high risk on your balance then no can give the profit in this market .

Hope this help everyone do the trading
Delhi, India,
Jun 21, 2019,
Registered user

Fraud Company

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I have invested 20000$ in the company via my friend back in April 2016, initially they have given the withdrawal up to 6-7 months but after that they started doing fraud and not picking up the calls, and the same situation is running till date..they dont give withdrawal..they try to distroy your account,i was waiting up to 2 years so that if they have any problem in the company then they could overcome there problem, but recently i hv placed my withdrawal of 100$ on 31st May 2019. But till date we didnt get my withdrawal...i suggest u guys..stay away from this company..they r fraud..Akshay or Jitendra is fraud...i can show everyone ,he will not reply your msg as well...pls stay away...
Reply by forex4money support submitted Jul 9, 2019:
Dear sir,

thank you for the update as we have seen your 100 dollar withdrawal which is in process and your account ifsc code was wrong we have sent mail as well but we didnt get reply on that kindly send your bank account details on cs@forex4money.com so you will get update for the same and we have not get any mail form your side about withdrawal or any conversion on chat you are talking about your that person name there are many people on team and some are on leave how we can update if we didnt get any mail or you can request, you can contact us on our given number which is given on website or you can contact us via live chat or with contact us form and also we request to mention your trading account number so we can find out all the details of your account. and your withdrawal request is this F4MWD002038 kindly conform
thank you for your kind update so we can improve our service.

Note: Dear trader here we want client trading account number then only we can get the details of your account and we can help and resolve the issue.

Hope you understand our concern.

thank you for the trading with us.
Mar 4, 2019,
Registered user

When the time comes for withdrawl the process is very slow and lengthy. Moreover the support team promises that the amount will be credited within 2 to 3 workings days after the first withdrawl but the same doesnot happens at all. They try to avoid the process of withdrawl at the same time they offer various lucrative schemes for making money and get an account opened so that an amount of money gets credited to their account. People should not go with this company.
Reply by forex4money support submitted Mar 6, 2019:
Dear Ranit as you have got the withdrawal in your bank account as we have mention for first withdrawal will take 5 to 10 working days and form 2nd withdrawal 2 to 5 working days also you have given wrong bank details your swift/IFSC code was wrong so for that we cant help and for that we have send mail to you for correct bank details also give us your trading account number we can find out your trading account details because we have many client with the name of Ranit if you are taking withdrawal in your home currency it can take s 5 t0 7 working days and if you are taking withdrawal in USD then same day it will get process and if you are taking withdrawal in Paypal skrill or netterl then its happing same day

send mail to us for any query for withdrawal deposit and fund management account

Email id is account@forex4money.com
Mumbai, India,
Nov 17, 2018,

Forex4money widral

Forex4money is good company amazing amazing experience buy Forex money Maine profit kiya trending maine profit widrol kiya 2 se 3 din me widrol Mila forex4money good experience
Reply by forex4money support submitted Dec 3, 2018:
thank you for the kindly review
Mumbai, India,
Oct 16, 2018,

Good side forex4money.com

Forex4money good trading side. I am good profit and withdrawal.my withdrawal 24 and 48 hours in deposit my account. my trading account is made good profit
Reply by forex4money support submitted Nov 16, 2018:
thank you for doing trading with us update your experience
BHILAI, India,
Sep 4, 2018,

forex4money is fraud, cheater and big fraud company

all f4m team you bastards all be ready to go to jail you all are fraud and cheaters i know all about you and soon police will arrest you all pigs and see you soon behind the bar. i will not leave you bastards bad luck you all

Feb 15, 2018 - No Rating Hello All Friends,
F4M is a 100% fraud and liar , cheater dabba trading company and not reliable, all persons are cheater in this company never trust them, be alert they only deposit money and will not give you any withdrawal , they will not withdraw your profit money, total scammer and fraud company,
they will not withdraw more than your deposit, both demo and real accounts are same, they are just making fool to public,
they will only deposit money and will not withdraw your money. be alert from akshay singh, rahul jain, ankita, anita all these are biggest fraud, never trust them, it is my duty to alert you all as i am victim.and i am filing a criminal case against this fraud company.
The website platform is fake and they manipulates their clients account to make them in loss, i have all proofs,
do not waste your money and time with this fraud forex broker.

Feb 12, 2018 - No Rating hello F4M Fraud Team,
I am not fraud Ok, I am responsible citizen of india and it is my duty to alert public from your type fraud and scammer company which is cheating innocent public. The biggest fraud, Liar and Cheater is your Director and CEO Akshay Singh who is operating this fraud company using fake name, I know his real name is Jitendra Singh not Akshay Singh.
I know you cheated me and many people and you will not return our money easily that is why i and other victims are going to file a fraud criminal case against your fraud company. We have sufficient proofs to prove that you are a fraud, liar and cheater company, Do not worry i will see you in court soon.
I will take my full deposit money with double interest with mental harassment charge.
I will send you all in Jail IPC 420.

Hello all,
Do not waste time and money with this fraud dabba trading company they are not going to pay you your profit so do not waste time.
They will do all effort to make you loss, they will do website manipulation , they will manipulate your account balance and when you ask for withdrawal they will reject your withdrawal request and will not give more than 100 - 150 USD.
The real and demo account both are same. they are making fool to innocent public and cheating their hard earn money. I am a victim and it is my personal experience.
So alert from this type of dabba trading company.

Reply by forex4money support submitted Feb 15, 2018 Dear Sir, We are able to comprehend your apprehension however we are the VFSC base broker and whatever name you are using are our employee and we are totally unaware from the fact that what they have done and we don't do any management on the platform for the reason that we are working in global market and weren’t getting any complaint from our customers irrespective from India. So, if you face any problem you can contact us through our email Id which is support@forex4money.com or you can also contact us on our customer support number which is mentioned on our website. And we will entertain your entire question. Please do mention your trading account number and in the case of any deception you can take legal action but our company is legally verified by Certification of Forex. You can also search our license. If you have trading account, we will suggest you to do trading and we give assurance of your profit. Which you can get within 2-8 hours in case of paypal and in case of bank you can receive profit in 2-3 working days in USD.

Reply by forex4money support submitted Feb 20, 2018

When came to know from someone who that he said that the company is fake and along with that he gave negative comments to the customer and mislead him. Moreover he also asks customer to invest in some other company and he also make promise that he will help him to earn profit. As a responsible and good citizen of country it is his responsibility not to mislead client and he should not give any assurance of profit a well. Mr. Ashuotsh is requesting to start the trade according to the terms and conditions which are stated under company mails

and here we are trying to put the image of his mail which he has done the conversion with but here si no option for attachment
Reply by forex4money support submitted Sep 10, 2018:
Dear dealer,
Our company has come to know about the scammers who are indulging in giving false feedback and they also give their numbers. And as a result when you contact them they will provoke you to join their company. And you also lose your amount while investing in that.
Therefore, don’t trust any such person as the company has a good reputation and the company is giving its service to all the people since one year. And have gained much respect and trust of the people.
We Hope you can understand this.
Shona marathe,
Mumbai, India,
Aug 11, 2018,

Am doing trading in forex4money n getting profit.....it's prafact way to get profit in dollars.
Reply by forex4money support submitted Aug 14, 2018:
thank you for the comment and feedback for us