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Updated: Aug 16, 2018
2.8 · 3 REVIEWS
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November 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with Pruton Capital unless this issue can be resolved.
PrutonCapital.com is part of Pruton Group. Pruton Group includes PrutonCapital.com, PTFXCapital.com, PT Pruton Mega Berjangka, PT Pruton Mega Global, PT Pruton Mega Futures Limited.

PrutonCapital is a forex broker. Pruton Capital offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. PrutonCapital.com offers over 25 currency pairs, Metals, Energy, Indices, Stocks and Binary Options for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.8 · 3 REVIEWS
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Tan Ai Ling,
Johor, Malaysia,
Oct 30, 2016,

I have no problem with PT PRUTON MEGA BERJANGKA . The brokers are responsible and good. I have make huge profit from this broker. And I fully recommend this PT PRUTON MEGA BERJANGKA.
Oct 30, 2016,
Registered user

Highly recommended

I'm 40 years old with 10 years trading experience. Joined Pruton Capital for a manage account for 1 years+. Their analysis, service, withdraw are excellent and efficient, they making good profit for me every month. Highly recommend them for others traders or investors.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Aug 11, 2016,
Registered user

PT Pruton Mega Berjangka is a real SCAM

Issue escalated to Traders Court Elaine007 vs prutoncapital.com | GUILTY
I am from Malaysia. We had been scammed by Pruton Mega Holding Limited, a team of people from Indonesia (2 persons) & together with few people from Malaysia (3 persons). In July 2015, they came to Malaysia and set up a training center (Phileo Damansara) to recruit people or IB to work for them. I also came to check on that. I met Mr Erick Li, he showed me the CFD trading result database, there were plenty of members in the MT4 list. I never though that MT4 can be shadowed. Based on the result, mostly were wining trades, sometime you can see the losing trades. Average out of 10 trades, 3 to 4 are losing trades, overall the trading result is very convincing. He said all trades were handle by the professional team with over 20 years experiences (the senior leader). Previously they were in forex trading, now they are into CFD because it gave good profit if someone can trade well. So i joined the scheme, it was 9 months contract with monthly rebate/bonus from company of 8% to 15% according to monthly trade performances. I was asked to sign the agreement and he said that the agreement will then send to Indonesia for sealing by lawyer then sent back to me. Anyway untill now, i still yet to get back the agreement. At the beginning, the trades were running smoothly with profit trades in weekly basis. Every month, there were month bonus or rebate deposit to my account as well. Based on the convincing result, i was then starting to introduce people including my friends in this scheme. Ahhh ... now i am really dragging my friends in this deep s***. I was my fault and got them involved in such trouble. Now all of us were stuck and lost all our hard earned money. 1st October 2015 joined the contract. October and November, there were 8 winning trades, monthly bonus given for 11% and 15% respectively for Oct15 and Nov15. No trade for Dec15, he told me that there was company trip so no trade for the month. Everything was working so well, after the Chinese New Year in Feb16, then there was losing trades in all my customers accounts. Hedging position was placed to secure the accounts. We all lost confident in this because i cannot contact him at all during the 1 week period. I called him to ask any solutions from traders. After few days only he informed us to funding in (better USD10K, if not the lower will be USD5K) in order to secure the situation. In the same time, HQ will support us by funding as the same amount as us our funding. After that, the amount will pull out after they settle the hedging position. We felt something fishy and no confident with them, so we decided not to fund in, just lets the traders to handle the situation. Therefore the hedging position still there, in the meantime traders still continued to trade. We can see the equity level was back to healthy condition, but they still not cancel the hedging position, Erick said traders update its not the time yet, market trend was not good to unlock. Then the hedging position was dragged from Mar16 till even now. swap charges are there eaten the equity. The first contract should be due in Jun16, but he said due to the hedging position then need to drag for another 1 month or further. i stared to worried and since the lost trade and unsettle hedging position, i not dare to introduce to any person. My client account remain as 6 in total. In early Jul16, he called again to inform there is news from HQ that, the withdrawal date will be somewhere in middle July. i was so happy and exited, finally we can withdraw our money. So he asked me to get customers to fund in if they wish to renew their contract. I did ask him about the reason on fund in, why not just pull some fund from the old account to activate a new account. Firstly he asked for USD10K for renewal but i negotiated to USD3K. For whoever continue the contract, the next monthly rebate will increase to 20% with minimum level of 11%. This is to reward the old customers. However in the same time, the new comer investor monthly rebate will reduce accordingly. After funding, the hedging position still there. So we still cannot withdraw our money. Ahhh ... i was starting to get worries. Kept texing him to ask about the withdrawal date. He kept giving me so many excuses of he is not handing the trades, it was traders decision, then the boss decision ... bla bla. Till early Aug16, i started to call to the HQ, phone was ringing but no one pick up. My heart is sinking down and feeling sick with such condition, How am i answer to my friends and clients? i sent emails to HQ to ask about the explanation and withdrawal. But more than 3 emails, none of them reply to me. i had no solution but to bark at Erick. Called to his mobile number, its disconnected, only once a while he read my messages the only reply. But still not giving the withdrawal date and date to cut the hedging position.  My Godness ... everything is late, we already sinking deep in the dark. Erick is keep changing his mobile number from previous +6017-610 5988 (Malaysia line), Thailand line (+66 94 264 5693) to +66 62 931 5077 (new number, but seem cannot be contacted). On 9th Oct16, 3 lots SELL were put to BRK.A.pro, all our accounts were burst. i Text to Erick the day after to inform him about this situation and asked for our capital back. He never reply and the number cannot be contacted then. I not sure how can we can go about to get back our money. I did call to PT Pruton Mega Berjangka office, the phone number showed in Bappeti website, the receptionist girl told me that Pak Erick will be lated in. Is this show that the official Pruton HQ also behind the show? The office number given by Erick which is totally different then Bappeti website is still ringing but no one pick up since i called at end Jul16. FPA team, we really need your kind support and helping hands to get back our money. I really feeling bad to my friends and clients. i was invested USD50K in the scheme, but i just hope that you guys can help them, priority to my friends and clients. Awaiting your reply here. Humbly hope that there will be solution for us & also awareness to public to stay away from this idiots. They are enjoying with people effort and hard earning money ...

Aug 10, 2016 - 1 Star Hyrid Secure Fund for 9 months contract is a total SCAM. Minimum investment of usd10k or above. I and my friends joined this scheme since Oct 2015. After 9 months company should pay us with the trades profit & monthly bonus of 8% to 13%. In the beginning, the trades were running smoothly with profits (1 trade a week or twice a month). However in March 16th, there were lost trades with hedging position. Half of our capital is at RED LINE. Then we were asked to add on fund around usd 5k to 10k, whereby company said they will support double of our funding to gain back the position. We felt something fishy & less confidence. So we decided not to funding &let's traders to handle the situation. Within 2 months, traders put in trades, little by little they had build back the equity. We can see our accounts were back to healthy condition but daily swapped still charging in our accounts. Even I asked the guy Erick Li (Chief Oversea Consultant) when to close the hedging position. He always feedback with, no he in charge, traders will do their job. After 9 months already, I asked him about the withdrawal & the hedging position. Again he came back with the same excuses. Till early Jul16, he asked us to put in some capital if we wish to renew a new contract. For the new contract, company is decided to give monthly bonus of 10% to 18% only for renewal customers. Whereby any new comers from Jul16 onwards will have less monthly rebate. This is to reward the loyalty customers. Again, some of us funding another usd3k to renew the contract. After middle Jul16, hedging position still there & we receive no email or calls from HQ about our money. This worried us. So many excuses were given, waiting for traders to check the market condition, boss yet to decide etc. Very frustrating, even passed 10 months going in 11 months, still no news on the withdrawal. Then I checked here, only know it was a SCAM. 7th Oct16, trades performed & we lost all our hard earned money. We are so depressed & frustrated. We left no other solutions & no channel to complain. Feeling angry with this bunch of idiots, never thought that company can shadow the MT4. We all collapsed & frustrated when came to know this is a Scam. Ahhhh. ..