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Updated: Aug 13, 2018
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Doha Qatar, Qatar,
Oct 9, 2017,
Registered user

Skyline Big Scam Company

Skyline market is a big scam company. They steal all your money never believe binary traders

Sep 5, 2017 - 1 Star Skyline Markets is a big scam binary company.
I opened an account in Sept 2016 and started with small amount USD 2000/- Later they asked to invest more to get good profits based on their word i started investing the money through visa card and they showed in my account that my profits rose to 30 percent of my deposit and they taught me to invest in different areas like commodities/ assets/oils etc that was in the beginning stage and all the investments they have done through my knowledge only at the starting stage but at the last month March 2017 they started doing my investments without my approval and knowledge. when my account money getting reduced I was surprised and contact the account manager Miss Jane Moore for the reason and quick action and sent an email continuously and Skype also but there was no response and finally the account closed and show there is no even single dollar in my account.
I have all proofs for deposits and email transactions and conversation with skyline markets

Aug 30, 2017 - 1 Star Skyline Markets traders give you sweetest promises to make you millionaire step by step when you involved with them to invest huge money they start ignoring you and show you that your trading is in loss and finally they stop all ways of communications. They are one of the worst binary trading company.
Feb 23, 2017,
Registered user

update to my last posting

Just an update to my last posting. Finaly after months I got the repayment of my deposit.
Many Thanks to forexpeacearmy.com for let me posting here.

Jan 12, 2017 - 1 Star On 2nd of November 2016 I've signed up with Skyline Markets. From that moment I got several phonecalls from their advertisement staff pushing me to make a higher payment than the minimum deposit and to pay with creditcard which I denied because of a bad experience with another broker. So I got payment instructions from their payment system MoneyNet and a bankaccount number of a recipient named Fisher Clayton Moss.
After I made the payment at their bank with all the datas they gave including the Reference Code.
I was waiting for verification of my Skyline account and after one week I turned to the customer support Julia Jones and she responded to me that she will take care of this, but I didn't get any answer since then. Suddenly all emails to them were rejected.
I tried several times to reach someone by email or on telephone.
Until I went public with my problem they responded to me. First someone from the customer service with name Amy Green told me that I have to go to the bank and ask for the cancellation of this transfer. I had the bad feeling that this was a joke but anyway I did what she told me. At the bank they told me that this is not possible and showed me the receipt that they already got the money.
The next few days I became telephone calls from a lady named Patricia Wilson who offered me a managed Trading Account, I wanted a evidence of this conversation and I told her that I can't hear her very good on the phone, so she sent me an email.
I was sending a responce to Skyline Markets and got answer from someone named Mia Ross who told me they never received the payment in spite of the admissible evidence of the inpayment receipt.

So I have enough now and give up. I was wasting too much time on this.
I only want to warn other peoples especially newbies don't get fooled by them and always start with the minimum deposit, so the loss will not be too much in case they are gangsters.

In case if more complaints will show up in the furure and there are further investigations by FPA against Skyline Markets I am willing to tender with evidence of my case. I have kept all the conversations, emails and of course the inpayment receipt from the bank .