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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Mar 1, 2017,
Registered user

B4Binary will not authorize any withdrawals...they stll have my $35K U.S.

More info on SICOM and B4Binary.com
Company name in Israel: SICOM MARKETING LTD.
Registry number: 515403889.
Address: Alon HaTavor 20.
Owner's name: Itzhak Ben-Ela.
Owner's ID number: 301305322.
Owner's date of birth: 4/1/1988.
Owner's mobile phone number: +972545453804.
United Kingdom,
Jan 28, 2017,


Please, is there anyway I can be helped also. I was scammed also and every effort to get my hard earned money have proved abortive. I would be glad if you could give an insight on the way forward. Thank you
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Review moderation team note
If you have been scammed, please join the FPA forums and open a thread about the problem in the Scam Alerts folder.
Poland, Poland,
Dec 7, 2016,
Registered user


B4BINARY are actually SICOM LTD that are located in Quesaryia, 20 Alon HaTavor st. ISRAEL.
The owner is actually Izhak Ben ela.
To make a long story short, B4BINARY (SICOM) gave me false promises about profits, ignored me, took my money and lost it.
When I discovered their real identity, they started taking me seriously and confirmed in writing that I will get a refund only if I will speak to the CEO of the company and so I did.
The CEO OF B4BINARY THREATENED ME that if I will not tell him where I got the information about them he will not refund me and by that he was actually blackmailing me after approved that my funds will be refunded if I will speak to him.
I must say that the Hebrew accent was very clear and the information I am posting here made the CEO really stressed.
Therefore, I would like all of you to have the same information so all of us can shut this company down, open chargebacks and get out funds back.
I also have a picture that proves my information is 100% true and willing to send it to everyone who wishes to have it.
B4BINARY - SICOM - IZHAK BEN ELA, this is what you need to know. Good luck!!!
Australia , Australia,
Dec 5, 2016,
Registered user

These brokers are scammers. Stay away they stole 18 k Aussie from me. They gave 8 signals in a row that failed resulting in the loss of half my money. So I tried to withdraw the rest of the money and they said we will trade for u and get your money back , without written permission they traded my account and gambled most of it leaving me with 1 k so as I slowly brought the account back up and attempted to withdraw. They would not let me and when I tried to contact them no response. Then I made a discovery and found they were manipulating the trades to loose. So I took some photographic evidence of trades on the app and the web based platform. I executed trades to go up using the app and it got changed to go down and lost so when I checked the history on the web based platform it indicated I placed the trades in the call position and they lost as well, so no matter which way the trades went they would loose.
U.K. Frauds squad had been notified but nothing has happened that was August .
At this stage I don't no what else to do, other that taking matters into my own hands and hunting them down. I have phone numbers of the main broker Robert Young and his cronie Robbie Issa who used to work for 24 option and went bye the name Vinny Michaels.
These stupid barstards have left me a nice bit of evidence.  Time is running out and they will pay dearly.
If someone knows any more information about them, olease submit the information u have on the discussion thread linked to this review page.
Kind regards.
Hamilton, Canada,
Aug 20, 2016,
Registered user

They may be scamming me.

I am not sure where I stand with this binary options trading company. I do know that they have not kept their promise to allow my withdraw of profits and/or my investment on August 9th, 2016. My deposits total 35K USD. A brief synopsis...I opened my account in January 2016 with a deposit of $250US. They contacted me and wanted me to invest a large amount to make the best profit. I told them that I can't do that and so they offered me this "ROI" program were I would deposit 5K USD every month for 6 months. They said it would be at least $100K at the end of the program on July 9th, 2016 and at that time I could withdrawal all of it. I agreed to go with it. Trader named Mike K did all the trading and got my balance up to $35k in just 2 months with my investment of only $10k. I was pleased. By the time June came around, my balance (investment plus profits was 86,900 USD). BUT, Mike said there was a problem with my first deposits in January; they did not have a total of 5K deposited at the end of the month so there needed to be one additional deposit of 5K and the ROI would then complete on Aug 9th. I decided I would make the extra deposited. Mike reassured me it would be over 100k by August 9th. After that, I had a hard time contacting Mike. On July 25th he told me that he had to protect my balance because we almost lost it and he put my money into long term trades that will expire September 30th. That story doesn't fly because I had no outstanding trades at the time. I became very upset with him and contacted his CEO Zack P. Zack told me I would have to wait until Sept 30th now to access the money. After exchanging further emails, Zack agreed to send me a wire transfer of 5% of the balance. That was supposed to happen this week (Aug 15th) but I haven't seen any wire transfer yet. The long-term trades are so far doing well but I do not trust Mike anymore and am now afraid I will see no money at all. I will update this thread next week.