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Out of business Capital Markets Banc Joshua Consulting
Updated: May 13, 2024
CapMBeu is a forex broker. Cap MB eu offers the Mobile forex trading platform. offers over 45 forex currency pairs, commodities, indices, stocks and binary option for your personal investment and trading options.
Scam Confirmation

Capital Markets Banc is related to  The FPA Scam label applied to AxeCC applies to all related companies.  The FPA warns against doing business with AxeCC, Joshua Consulting, or any related companies.
Scam Confirmation
Was at  That site went down and now the company is at
June 2017:  The UK FCA has issued an unauthorized firm warning against Joshua Consulting Ltd, trading as Solid FX Pro and Capital Markets Banc.  CLICK HERE to verify.
Other websites of this company appear to include,,,, and

Related websites include and
Site is down.  One less scam site in business.
1.157 • 8 REVIEWS

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Just someone
Tirana, Albania,
Nov 29, 2021,

A Complete Scam

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
I do not need to add much information to what is already known as a scamming company. A little less known info is that this company has a call center based in Tirana Albania closeby to the train station road which is quite close to the center of Tirana. Most of the people working there are students and the managers or brokers have no qualification or actual knowledge in forex and trading. They are hired and trained with little to no information or experience on how basic things work and how to convince people to deposit money. Their only purpose is robbing people and they mostly target Itali, The Scandinavian countries, UK, Germany and South Africa. Whoever reads this review, never invest or do any kind of business or talking to these people and report them immediately.
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May 3, 2019,


With date I made a transfer of _tot._24.717,71 ____ € through its payment gateway to the IBAN account ___DK3878720006600337___________ of the bank KOBENHAVNS __ANDELKASSE BAKU ________________
The final destination of this transfer seems to be that of Capital Markets Banc belonging to the group of companies Joshua Developments ltd and Joshua Partners EOOD.
These companies are allegedly engaged in the activity of brokerage.
Although in the account that was opened in that company with these funds do include __- 5000______ € to you sent when you try to withdraw them using the form by this company required "withdrawall request form" I have not received any refund, neither company nor to my mails neither whatsapp nor telephone calls having to all the effects MISSING. Inquiring about it I discovered that I am not the only case being this society denounced for fraud before various police and Forex defense associations. All with date before the transfer to Vds sent. That is why I claim to you the refund of this amount, not having received the service contracted, considering you as necessary collaborators of this fraud.
If after a week I do not receive a reply from you and no one contacts me, I will proceed to extend the complaint I made to the Spanish national police, and I would like to include you as collaborators of CAPITAL MARKETS BANK, JOSHUA CONSULTINGS, etc.
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Zero X
Apr 28, 2018,
Registered user

Capital Markets Banc is a Scum

I started trading with Capital Markets Banc a few months ago. In the beginning everything was fine, my broker conducted me very often and started having profit in my account. I invested alot of money. In the beginning of april 2018 suddenly i could not see anything in my account. I could not see the trades, if i had profit or loss. My broker Richard Collins told me that the problem was a bug in the system. The problem was going on and after a while i could not conduct with nobody there. I asked for a withdrawal but i had no answer..
I have all the documents and im ready to inform the police.
Stay away of this company.
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Forli, Italy,
Feb 20, 2018,
Registered user

Did anyone succed in closing a CMB account?

I have a long story about Capital Markets Bank .I oppened account nr.5773598 in november 2016,usual 250,then deposited another 1000$ as they said there was no way to trade with small sums,they called me two times during a week,then trading the deposit went up&down, then they asked for more money to recover funds then I arrived at a total deposit of +5000$ and they considered it a managed account after changing the broker three times.In settember I made a withdrawal recquest,no answer,then another, then wanted to close the account for family reasons,filled in doccuments they asked for but there is no way to contact them,appart of the automatic responses from the site.I tried on facebook as well: Hi. Please respond to this message in this format: Your Client ID -> Your problem We will assign your problem to an expert and you will get help in no time. Thank you.
Not responding to calls,emails,no contact whatsoever.The account is +24000 4,virtually but no activity since the 20 of November 2017.I do not know what to do anymore!Please stay away from Capital Markets Bank if you do not want to loose your money.
Markus N.
Jan 26, 2018,
Registered user

Betrug "CMB Capital Markets Banc ( Firma Joshua Consulting Ltd)". Betrug

Ich bin leider auch darauf reingefallen .
CMB Capital Markets Banc
Habe 300.-Dollar einbezahlt und habe mich dann drängen lassen das ich auf ein Standard Konto komme und zahlte wieder
1000.-Dollar ein bekam dann einen Bonus von 1000.-Dollar . Es wurde gehandelt und jetzt steht mein Konto bei 3880.-Dollar .
Vor 6 Wochen wollte ich eine Auszahlung von 1250.-Dollar machen aber nichts passiert , anfänglich hieß es noch der
Finanzvorstand ist zu 99% bereit aber nichts passierte . Jetzt ist der Kontakt komplett abgebrochen. CMB Capital Markets Banc ( Firma Joshua Consulting Ltd).
Ich habe denen sogar verboten mit meinem angeblichen Verifiziertem Konto weiter zu Handeln bis mein Geld zurück bezahlt wird. Aber selbst das wird einfach Ignoriert .Ich sehe auf meinem Konto das immer wieder mal ein Trade gemacht wird aber ein Auszahlung seit 6 Wochen passiert einfach nicht .
Einmal kam noch ein Anruf das ich jetzt wieder einen neuen Broker habe der dritte schon . Ich sagte Ihm ich möchte mein Geld und solange verbiete ich es mit meinem Handelskonto zu arbeiten , aber wird auch Ignoriert.
Ich werde mir jetzt sämtliche Behörden Mail Adressen im In und Ausland suchen und den Fall zur anzeige bringen . Wenn mir jemand ein paar Behörden nennen kann wäre ich sehr Dankbar .

Unfortunately, I fell for it.
CMB Capital Markets Banc
Have 300.-Dollars paid in and then let me urge that I come to a standard account and paid again
1000.-dollar one then got a bonus of 1000.-dollars. It has been traded and now my account is at 3880th dollar.
6 weeks ago I wanted to make a payout of 1250.-Dollar but nothing happened, initially it was still called
CFO is 99% ready but nothing happened. Now the contact is completely canceled. CMB Capital Markets Banc (Joshua Consulting Ltd).
I have even forbidden them to continue trading with my alleged Verified Account until my money is paid back. But even that is simply ignored. I see on my account that a trade is made again and again but a payout for 6 weeks just does not happen.
Once came a call that I now have a new broker the third already. I told him I want my money and as long as I forbid it to work with my trading account, but is also ignored.
I will now look for all authorities mail addresses in the country and abroad and bring the case for display. If someone can call me a few authorities I would be very grateful.
GIRONA, Spain,
Oct 29, 2017,


Good afternoon everyone
Look at Santiago informed that the platform CMB CAPITAL MARKETS BANK are very dangerous and scammers.
In the first place you try to capture with very good words RAQUEL DAVIS manager of the company. Telling you that you have been very lucky to meet them. He says that putting 1000 euros is already good and sicarga vasa putting, but you will earn a lot of money with FOREX.
Then it happens to you with the Canadian account MAnager SANTIAGO BERMUDEZ. very bad and dangerous person.
He promises you that he will make you rich if you donate money.
My case is that I get to put 19250 dollars and his promise would be true.
Well look at the first 2 months I put the account in 90000. From here you are asked again my money to credit or sell your house.
If you do not see what is normal
Then they blackmail you and put a lot of pressure on you.
Then that's when, and you lose everything. And they do it in bad faith and you are left with nothing, for not wanting to access your extortion and scam.
Friends make it run on the social network that CMB merchant merchant Banc are scammers.
They never return the money you put in.

Buenas tardes a todos
Mira osSantiago informo que la plataforma CMB CAPITAL MARKETS BANK son muy pEligrosos y estafadores.
En primer lugar te trata dela captar con muyel buenas palabras RAQUEL DAVIS gerente dede la empresa. Te dicemando que has tenido mucha suerte en dar con ellos. Dice que poniendo 1000 euros ya esta bien y sicarga vasa poniendo, mas ganaras muchoque dinero con FOREX.
Luego te pasa con el account canadiense MAnager SANTIAGO BERMUDEZ. persona muy mala y peligrosa.
Este te prometehe que te hara rico si vasno poniendo dinero.
Mi caso es que yo llegue a poner 19250 dolares y su promesa seria verdad.
Pues mirad los 2 primeros meses me pusieron laa cuenta en 90000. A partir de aqui ya te vuelven a pedirmi dinero bien a credit o que vendas tu casa.
Si nono accedes que es lo normal
Entonces ya te hacen chantaje y te presionan mucho.
Entonces esya cuando, tey hacen perder todo . Y lo hacen de mala fe y te quedas sin nada, por no haber querido acceder a su extorsion y estafa.
Amigos haced correrlo en la red social que CMB capital merchant Banc son unos estafadores.
Nunca devuelven el dinero que pones.
Saudi Arabia,
Feb 1, 2017,
Registered user

Capital Markets Bank cheated me a lot, high recommendation to stay away from Capital Markets Bank

Capital Markets Bank is completely scam company, I didn't meet any honest person there, I have all documents revealed my story, they did each and every effort to let you deposit money, Brokers are always careless and every one week, they ask you to deposit more, I started with 250$ on 18/06/2016, then added 500$ on 01/09/2016, I made a profit of 374.35$ by myself without their help, when asked for withdrawal, a broker named John Berg called me trying to let me continue trading, but I insisted, then they asked me to fill an application form, which done by me for several times until they said, now it's ok and withdraw process started, when the process delayed for a long time, I contacted them but received an email that I should be patient, finally, A female broker called me(her name is Ida Scotti) who said, she will help me but asked me to say thank you Ida for your helpI, she insisted each time calling me to express my deep thanks to her for her help(it was amazing me being each call, she told me you should thank me for the help because am not from support but broker). Finally, I got an email address of the Director named: Damian Lorusso, who also cheated me a lot, in fact, he is too much lying( emails are ready for future investigation), he even asked me to continue invest in the company although I didn't receive my money.
Now, I didn't receive a dime, my balance was 1124.35$(of which 750$ deposited, while the remaining is a profit)they stated that 750$ will go to my credit card, while the profit will go to my bank account which is not happened yet.
I prepared a complete file with every document for that issue and plan to spread the story in all forums and websites.
Reply by CMBsupport submitted Mar 17, 2017:
Dear Ashraf,

Please note that we aware of your situation .

As we have checked all your operations has been closed on positive which it means that you have done profitts.

Than as a prove of our loyalty you has requested to withdraw your actual deposit with profit . The actual deposit we have preceded please note that you have requested also the profit , which has totally different procedure to withdraw, that the actual deposit .

We will always be available to assist you.
You can write to us on support (chat, open ticket,email) or call at our phone numbers.

You're welcome anytime.

Best Regards!
Marcel Pinto
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Dec 1, 2016,

My account is handled by brokers and I am sure it is misused and purposefully closed in negative making me at loss, I want to get justice and money b

I have opened account in CAPMB as per recommendation from Mr. Mark Farrell who was contacting me for more than 6 months. I deposited USD 600/- on 8th August then on 12th again Mark asked me to deposit more money i deposited USD 400/- then one broker named Mr. Andrew Grace contacted me and started communicating through SKY-PE. He opened some positions and then he started insisting me to deposit more money promising me that i can withdraw the month end and he will open good positions, I deposited USD 2,000 on 17th August, he showed some profits and on 1st September he opened 1 position for GBP/JPY which started going high on negative, on 7th September he opened another position of EUR/USD which was in negative. 15th September suddenly one Mr. John Berg started communicating with me. I insisted him to get confirmed from Mr. Mark Farrell who called me and I explained that 2 positions are on high negative, he told he will personally look into this account and John Berg will make good analysis and get good profit. But to my surprise it was negative till 25th October, then Mark Farrell & John Berg told me to deposit more money I deposited USD 1,000/- since Open P&L was just 350USD. to protect my account and save my total deposit. Then on 7th November John Berg told he has transferred to another broker and one Daniel McCain started contacting me and asked me to deposit more money and the positions were still negative.
on 10th Of November I deposited USD 750/- again. then on 17th November he opened position of again EUR/USD and another in Gold even the account had in negative. on 15th November he closed GBP/JPY with -750, even though it was coming to positive. next day it went on high. He was asking to send me the paper of deposit done, I submitted on 23rd November, immediately he closed EUR/USD with -6793/- & Gold - 3649/- with this I was shattered and I asked him to ask Mark Farrell to call me, I sent mail to Support team and accounts team next day I received call from Daniel stating that I have to contact only him and no one I should contact he asks me to deposit USD 250/- to open new fresh account. I am lost completely and now I am in debt I cannot do anything. So I need advise and support how to get this money back
Reply by CMBsupport submitted Mar 17, 2017:
Dear Marcel,

We are sorry to hear that you had bad experience with our company .

Two times that you have requested the withdrawal we have started the procedure of withdraw it but you have cancelled it by yourself.

Your broker also offered you an education of market but many times you refused it because you had no time.

As we can see you have changed your broker and has done even new deposit, we hope everything goes well now .

You are always welcome at our society.

It's our pleasure to assist you,

You can also write to our support team on email,chat or also call on our phone number.

Best Regards!
Fredrick Otieno
Nairobi., Kenya,
Sep 29, 2016,

Great work from there support

I am fairly new to trading with CAPMB, but there services are great so far. The response from the persons I have interacted are satisfactory. Great support from Catherine Anderson. No complaints so far. My manager gives correct signals, rate him at 85%. The MT4 platform works well, havent tried the web trader.

Reply by CMBsupport submitted Oct 4, 2016:
Dear Fredrick ,
CAPMB team always happy to provide you any kind of support you may need.
Thank you for your review ,
Best Regards .
Sep 1, 2016,
Registered user

Bad signals & support - stay away.

I am not a paid scammer, just a trader from Denmark who is learning to trade forex.

My experience with CMB is terrible:

Their website is laggy & errors when you want to trade, both on their binary and forex platform.

Andrew Grace is one of the worst account managers I have ever had, his recommendations/signals are very bad - he really doesn't know what he is doing, 10 out of 12 signal totally wrong, don't think he is using technical analysis.

Support: I asked for server name to MT4 on Android, 1 week no answer.

Stay away from them.

/Jesper Hansen, Denmark
Reply by CMBsupport submitted Sep 27, 2016:
Dear Jesper ,
We are sorry to hear that you had bad experience with our company ,
We aware For Andrew Grace bad signals but you cannot gauge for 12 signals that you received as he had good statistic from that.
The analytics can be done in different way , we don't create the signals for clients , Andrew has used the signals which we bought form one of analytics company, and no company can assure you that their analytics are 100% correct .
Our company using MT4 platform which is more reliable than web trader .
The website works properly as we have checked , the reason you have had errors on our web page can be different ( from browsers which have to be cleaned from cookies and cache, to slow internet or overloading of the page ) .
Our Support team ready to help you online by email , phone or chat in working hours from Monday to Friday , no clients stay with out our attention . In your case the support team answers to all your question as we have checked it , if you had some more questions which was not solved from our side , we are sorry for that . And our Support team will work even harder to make sure that all of our clients are satisfied .
We, as a company, are working on our mistakes, and want all of our customers to feel professional care about them .