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EuroPacBank is a forex broker. Euro Pac Bank offers the MT4 and Mobile forex online trading top platforms. offers over 145 forex pairs, gold, silver, futures, stocks options and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.

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Jan 10, 2019,

Terrible Experience

I too have had a very negative experience with europac that enhances my understanding of the sentiments on this forum. I sent money transfers to Canada and long story short, due to europac's mistake, i'm yet to receive it. Rather than return this $ to my account or do their job and freely investigate my not receiving any of the wire transfer I sent, Devin Baldo and others that I contacted throughout this process blamed the issue on everything but europac bank, and suggested ways to "fix" the problem they caused that will result in my spending even more of my own $. Emails to their support and wires email addresses resulted in 0 responses.

For a while they didn't even know why they hadn't returned the wire transfer I sent 3 weeks ago and suggested I spend even more $ for them to investigate their mistake. I've transferred at least 3 wire transfers to my canadian account within 3 weeks and received none, and europac has been great in blaming cibc rather than themselves.

I will tell you all if they finally fix this issue or if they mess it up further. Let's wait and see if they will finally act right. Whatever the case I will regal you all with whatever further bs europac does. Yes I agree with others, doing business with this bank has become quite questionable. Others who have had bad experience with europac - if europac does not fix this problem for me in a timely manner - and you all want to pool resources together and take legal action against europac, I am happy to join. I will give this a few days first and see if they address my issue or not in a reasonable manner. What a bank!
GTA, Canada,
Oct 16, 2018,
Registered user

back office issues

recent move to a different country by EuroPac required updating info
info ought to have been grandfather by the most part
issues with back office...after checking other review sights ...they have back office problems... best you do your homework before moving forward with a an account

no excuses for bad management!