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Updated: Oct 7, 2019
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Taiwan, Province of China,
Sep 8, 2016,
Registered user

Don't trust Marketlive365. Marketlive is a big Scam

Please dowmload my doc. My English is not good.

I am foreigner. My English is not good. So I try my best to tell everyone the terrible company in English (I could not express myself rightly in English)But I need to tell a truth. When I join the Marketlive365.

But NOW I need to said do not trust their boast. If they did not said “promis”,do not trust him.

Do not trust they said “ they can......”. Can is not = Promis.

They tell me lots of thing. But some I can show you because I record the chat on skype. But something I can not show you because they talk to me by phone and I did not record the chat by phone.

All of my record I will show you on the final

First .
A man sell his forex product.
They told me I can get 2~3 signal(only forex) / per day .and earn 50pips /a day.

but it lie to me.I seldom get more than 2 signals/days.

And My balance is lose(profit – lose =lose) when I join the company first month and second month.

I tell him my capyical is 986usd and he said I can earn upto 1500 on first.

But my first month is lose. Balance is NO Profit


When I complain the bad profit. A new man appear.
another seller. He said he is the head of his company. And the windows name is Marketlive365.

[2016/2/26 下午 01:07:55] MarketLive: Good Morning
[2016/2/26 下午 01:08:08] MarketLive: David this side from Marketlive365 ,How may help you

He said he can help me earn 1000 usd before 3/18.
and they will try to earn 1700usd before 3/31.

2016/2/26 下午 11:36:08] 曉奕 Hear me: i need you know my forex account only 700 usd now. you sure it will be recove next month 15th.?
[2016/2/26 下午 11:36:13] MarketLive: tell me how much you want me to recover for you next month.. i will drop email to your expert team.. if that doesnot happen i will give you 1 year service absolutely free
[2016/2/26 下午 11:36:47] MarketLive: i know that
[2016/2/26 下午 11:37:27] MarketLive: we will make gradual effort to recover you the money.. and that is the reason that i am giving you 8 months services.. you need this..
[2016/2/26 下午 11:37:50] MarketLive: you have 700$ only so you need lot of time to make money gradually
[2016/2/26 下午 11:38:22] 曉奕 Hear me: before 3/15 can earn 1000.
[2016/2/26 下午 11:38:34] MarketLive: let me check
[2016/2/26 下午 11:39:33] 曉奕 Hear me: correct : before 3/18
[2016/2/26 下午 11:39:41] MarketLive: okay we can do that between 15/18
[2016/2/26 下午 11:39:44] MarketLive: yes
[2016/2/26 下午 11:39:45] MarketLive: done
[2016/2/26 下午 11:40:04] MarketLive: 1000$ done before 3/18
[2016/2/26 下午 11:40:11] 曉奕 Hear me: yes!
[2016/2/26 下午 11:40:17] MarketLive: Yes! Done
[2016/2/26 下午 11:40:37] 曉奕 Hear me: but basd on 700 forex account.
[2016/2/26 下午 11:40:53] 曉奕 Hear me: right?
[2016/2/26 下午 11:41:00] MarketLive: that's my job i will manage by 3/18
[2016/2/26 下午 11:41:06] MarketLive: yes
[2016/2/26 下午 11:41:32] 曉奕 Hear me: wait i type
[2016/2/26 下午 11:42:59] 曉奕 Hear me: And
i/people/ customer buy the service because i trade forex at parttime (not full time).
so if i miss signal which is excuted fast with few time, it's not all my fault.
[2016/2/26 下午 11:43:10] 曉奕 Hear me: do you agree?
[2016/2/26 下午 11:44:10] MarketLive: yeah that's why i m giving you 2 team of expert.. it will not be your fault
[2016/2/26 下午 11:44:21] 曉奕 Hear me: ok
[2016/2/26 下午 11:44:22] MarketLive: but you have to be serious with your trading
[2016/2/26 下午 11:44:36] MarketLive: we will make your maoney as said
[2016/2/26 下午 11:44:49] 曉奕 Hear me: yes!! but now i only lose one . it's ok
[2016/2/26 下午 11:44:58] MarketLive: :D
[2016/2/26 下午 11:45:04] MarketLive: no worries
[2016/2/26 下午 11:45:43] 曉奕 Hear me: but if it will happen ,don't blame on me.
[2016/2/26 下午 11:45:48] 曉奕 Hear me: ok~~
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:00] 曉奕 Hear me: but i need tommorrow
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:13] 曉奕 Hear me: nono this sundy
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:13] MarketLive: yeah but sometimes not always.. we are working for you only right?
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:23] MarketLive: do it today men
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:28] 曉奕 Hear me: no
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:42] 曉奕 Hear me: i have no credit .
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:43] MarketLive: i have to send lot of email for this for approval
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:50] MarketLive: how much you have now
[2016/2/26 下午 11:46:57] MarketLive: i have to book slot for you then
[2016/2/26 下午 11:47:44] 曉奕 Hear me: wait ten mins and icheck it.
[2016/2/26 下午 11:47:51] MarketLive: okay please check
[2016/2/26 下午 11:48:18] MarketLive: if possible we will finish today itself.. i have to draft so many email to all the team for this proposal
[2016/2/26 下午 11:48:23] MarketLive: hope you understand
[2016/2/26 下午 11:48:28] MarketLive: thanks!!
[2016/2/26 下午 11:48:41] 曉奕 Hear me: ok
[2016/2/26 下午 11:54:29] 曉奕 Hear me: wait i need to add one thing 3/31 can earn total 1700.
[2016/2/26 下午 11:56:00] MarketLive: will try for that as well dear.. if 1000$ i can give.. then your equity will be 1700$, then we can make 700$ easy profit on that account
[2016/2/26 下午 11:56:15] 曉奕 Hear me: ok

Marketlive365 do not keep his word.


David said I can get 4~5signals(comex+forex+indices)/day. But I sure I never or seldom get more than 4 signal /day.

And I get less than 4 comex signal. They are lier.

[2016/2/27 下午 02:37:08] MarketLive: (party)
[2016/2/27 下午 05:42:50] 曉奕 Hear me: I buu this pack(forex + indices+comex).
How many signal will i receive forex +indices+comex in a day?
[2016/2/27 下午 05:48:18] MarketLive: 4-5 signal
[2016/2/27 下午 06:00:43] 曉奕 Hear me: Thanks i like it.
[2016/2/27 下午 06:01:10] MarketLive: (ninja)

so if the you got a head of the team,he also could not be trusted.

But when I complain this. They always said they do not said promis. And there is no refund policy

I am tring mr best to show online about my proof.