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PositiveTraders.us profile provided by davidshinkel, Oct 2, 2016

We provide premium Forex Signals and Money Management (trade copier) solutions to traders looking to take their trading to the next level. For more information visit our website www.positivetraders.us :)


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4.238 · 40 REVIEWS
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Jan 21, 2017,
Registered user

Just sign up as their premium member this month and i learn a lot from david shinkel. He is really a driven, passion and positive person. There is never 100% win trade but overall we profited. Risk management is important and David always remind us. Never regret joining!
Florida, USA,
Mar 12, 2018,
Registered user


I’m a current live member of positive traders and have been for a year now. My first month with positive traders, the mam lost 13%. Most people are unaware of this because David changed the dates on myfxbook to cover it up. Then he wants to claim he’s a transparent trader but he hides the fact that he lost so much. The next few months he wasn't very active. From march to about august there were hardly any daily webinars or signals. He would sometimes spend more than 2 weeks without posting anything in the group. Apparently his dad was sick, as a paying member thats no excuse for not delivering the service we’re paying for or at least updating us on when he’ll be back. I personally stopped following his signals in september and i'm glad I did because he was breakeven for 6 months until the large 20% loss on 2 trades (at least he was honest about that). I really think David just doesn't care and I don't believe he has ever been a profitable trader. There is no proof of that and based on the way he trades it doesn't seem like things will change. In October, David announced that he’ll be releasing training videos for the members. Its now been 5 months and no videos have been released. He keeps making excuse after excuse. I can't understand how after 5 months your videos still need updating. I doubt they’ll even be worth the wait. He also increased the membership fees because of all the new “content” which doesn’t exist. I doubt this company will exist in the next 12 months and if it does there will probably be very few naive members left.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Oct 11, 2018:
Thanks for your review Bloodhound 774. While it is true there were a few slow months and missed webinars for 6-8 weeks while I handled personal matters, I still came back. Sometimes life throws curveballs and I was never expecting to have to take a short break. I've been running Positive Traders since May of 2016 and that is the first time ever I missed daily webinars and giving signals. If you would have stuck around (CHECK OUR MYFXBOOK), all the losses were made back and everything is winning. Matter of fact we're currently 400+ pips up on a trade as we speak (CHECK OUR MYFXBOOK).




The problem I find with people like yourself is you lack the long term vision of Forex. I'm in this for the 10-15 year compounded returns, not what happens in 1 or 2 months. We're now over 350 members strong and better than ever, I hope to earn your trust again in the future!
Apr 24, 2018,

Stay Away

Everything started out good and then the guy disappears. Do not buy this service. You have been warned.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Oct 11, 2018:
We're still very much here and very much growing and profiting, check the reply to the previous review BELOW, thank you!
New York, USA,
Apr 2, 2018,
Registered user


RUN AWAY, RUN VERY FAST! DO NOT SPEND A SINGLE PENNY ON POSITIVE TRADERS OR ON DAVID SHINKEL. This PONZI is a LIAR and will take your money and run. In the year of 2018, there have only been a couple signals, and MULTIPLE failed signals, resulting in losses. He claims he has a successful past trading history, but he is a huge liar. David has been uncommunicative recently which smells fishy that the company is going through difficulties. He refuses to answer your questions or interact with anyone in the group. AVOID working with POSITIVE TRADERS or giving your money to him and his Kangen Korean waterboy boyfriend Brenden Tiger. They are both known to take people's monies and run away. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. RUN QUICKLY.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Oct 11, 2018:
Thanks for your review fxtraderboy. Like the previous review underneath, yes there was a 6-8 week time period at the beginning of 2018 when I was going through some personal matters and I run my company, signals, and trade copier by myself so I took time off to take care of that. Now that was the first, and ONLY instance to this day where I had to take time off since May of 2016. For over 2 years I've ran my group successfully.

To address you calling me a liar for not having trading history, here are TWO, DOUBLE-VERIFIED, MyFxbooks, one with over 19 months and counting history:



To your surprise I am STILL running Positive Traders, STILL doing a daily webinar every monday - thursday for my students, STILL providing new updated training content monthly, STILL running a successful trade copier, and STILL growing with over 350+ members. I hope to earn your trust in the future!
Aug 20, 2017,
Registered user


Positive Traders is not what is seems like. David is a slick person, do not be fooled by him. I joined Positive Traders in November, I stayed there for 3 months. During the three months I was there, constant loss signals were sent out.
After loss signals are sent out, he always starts ripping on everyone other than himself as a little crazy kid, either the market is wrong, market makers screwed him over, the fundamentals are wrong, but it's never his fault.. Childish behavior!
He may disappear for several weeks without any notice when he has paying clients waiting for analysis, signals or one to one teaching. He does not care.
All he cares about is your money. He will take your money and gives you the middle finger.
What he is doing is illegal !!! He will always defend himself and never admit he is wrong. Watch out he might even try to steal your kidney.
Stay away from anything this guy does. Do not trust him.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Aug 21, 2017:
I really am blown away at the past 3 reviews. There seems to be no sense of long-term investing. Since when was it okay to review an investing service based on 3 months? At least 1 year would be fair. Did you know that the BEST traders in the world average 3 months of losses per year, most of which come towards the end of the year? It's traders that expect 100% wins and practice improper risk management that make Forex look bad. I will let my verified MyFxbook do the talking to prove to anyone reading this that this review has no weight and I actually provide 75%+ accurate trade signals, but just like any trader I have losses which I take complete responsibility for:


Also, as stated in the previous rebuttals to the 2 previous reviews, what I am doing is 100% legal, I run a fully licensed business in the State of Arizona. Scammers and crooks don't last more than 2 months in this business and would never license their business. Positive Traders has been running for 15 months at this point so I must be doing something right. You can find all my documents pertaining to the legality of my business here:


I would like to conclude that not once did you confront us and ask for a refund or voice your concerns, which we are happy to still refund you if you can provide us with your trade history showing you practiced proper risk management during the trades places at your time in our group. Unfortunately people that over-leverage their account and don't practice proper risk management WILL get burned even if you had 9/10 winning trades. The key to success is risk management to sustain losses ;)

Thanks for your time Waleed,

David Shinkel
John W,
England, United Kingdom,
Nov 11, 2016,

Absolute clown.

Absolute clown.

No appreciation for risk management, over leveraging, martingale to recover and trading £100,000 of sheeps money on a PAMM account using strategies from a book called NAKED FOREX. Question his drawdown or staking strategy and he will abuse you and block you.

If TRUMP gets in BUY GOLD --- what sort of analysis is that.

Come David Shinkel, give them their money back.

Reply by davidshinkel submitted Nov 15, 2016:
Thanks for your feedback John!

In regards to your comments, we'd like you to review our MyFxBook live progress of our MAM (not PAMM) account found on our websit.e. As you can see, we provide clients with a fully transparent and verified low-risk investment solution.

You can view the full transparent history of our trades and see that each trade exceeds no more than a 2% drawdown, so unfortunately we don't see any facts to back up your claims of "no appreciation for risk management" and "over leveraging".

Furthermore, hedging 1 out of every 20 trades is not considered a "martingale strategy". Hedging is very common, and also quite different than a martingale strategy. We hedge sparingly and only it's used in rare cases to avoid unnecessary drawdown, while always respecting our 2% drawdown rule.

Lastly, regarding questioning my strategy, my strategy is written in detail in our Forex Survival Guide found for free on our website or Facebook Group/Page. We gladly accept feedback and we're happy to answer serious questions but unfortunately we don't tolerate just hate without facts so that's why you might find yourself blocked on our social media.

We strive to be the most transparent trading group on the internet and we're sorry you feel negatively about our service!
Aug 11, 2017,
Registered user

I was one of the first members to join PT. Almost all have left because of the BS David pulls with the group. He closed the first MAM after it tanked. Then changed the dstes on the current MAM to make it look like it's up when in reality it's barely at break even. He lies about situations all the time and over promises and under delivers on a regular basis. I was actually a life time never that left. That's how much I got tired of his lies. Honesty and integrity are very important to me and David lacks both. I gave him a 5 star at first but once I got to see his true colors I had to correct it. Beware the forked tongue.

Oct 9, 2016 - 5 Stars Positive Traders has been the catalyst to kickstarting my path to becoming a full time trader. David Shinkel, the mastermind behind Positive Traders, provides top notch forex signals with logical analysis to back them up. The educational videos,periscopes and everything else David does is above and beyond a normal trade group.
Like all great leaders, David surrounds himself with the best in the field, Cal Bachand and Louis Bachour. The traders in the group are second to none when it comes to helping each other out, bouncing ideas off each other and genuinely want each to succeed.
To top it all off Positive Traders provides a MAM, all openly transparent, to group members at no extra cost. Positive Traders can and does change lives.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Aug 17, 2017:
Hey Justin!

Thanks for your review, but unfortunately your claims just simply aren't true. A new MAM was opened in January of 2017 after we were experiencing connection issues with MyFxBook updating properly. If you look at the history of the previous MAM you will see it closed with a 15% loss before connecting to the new one, quite far off from "tanking". The end of 2016 was far from a normal end of the year and was no doubt a difficult time to trade with the US Presidential Election, and December/November are notorious for being rough months to trade being that they are near the end of the year but never did we get anywhere close to "tanking" the accounts. The best part about Forex is that it is a LONG-TERM investment (5-10 years) so if you weren't up for the challenge of persevering through the rough patches I don't blame you because 95% of traders can't either! The current MAM has more than 6 months of continuous history and we have not had any connection issues. Regarding over promising and under delivering I am assuming you are referring to the Daily Live Sessions that were put on hold for about 2 months while I took care of my father that was ill. Luckily we are back to doing the Daily Live Sessions religiously which you would see if you were still here. It's a one-man army here at Positive Traders (hopefully not for much longer with our team growing!) and sometimes life situations affect my ability to do a Live Session every single day but I do my best! If there's anything I can do to resolve this situation to have you back on the team let me know brother!

Best Regards,

David Shinkel
CEO Positive Traders, LLC
Ohio, USA,
Aug 11, 2017,
Registered user

Not what it seems.

David brainwashes his users and always talks "transparency". If David was transparent then he would inform his users he is not licensed, and what he's doing is illegal. He learn from, and incorporates strategies from a free book and charges people money for this free knowledge. David is egotistical behind closed doors. Stay away from this group, this guy has the same personality of the current U.S. President. He's a false trader. When he blows an account, he takes it down and replaces it with another. If anyone has feedback or criticism David blocks them. Forbid you ever request your money back for this bait and switch. Because he'll just block you and act like a child.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Aug 18, 2017:
Hey EstonV!

Thanks for your review but I would like to address many of the multiple false claims as it seems the user below you have enticed you in some way to leave a false comment as you were never a member of Positive Traders from what I can find. To start, Positive Traders LLC is a FULLY licensed business in the State of Arizona, our Federal EIN is 81-4103903 (http://ecorp.azcc.gov/Details/Corp?corpId=L21283399). Also, there is no license required to run a MAM because I do not have access to investors funds. You may be thinking of a PAMM which DOES require a series of licenses, but I am not running a PAMM so they are not required. Secondly, you are correct with saying I am self-taught and have learned everything using free resources, but using those free resources I have built a proprietary strategy that uses bits and pieces of what I have learned from the free resources but also incorporates things I have learned on my own from spending endless hours on the charts. The money I charge for Positive Traders is for signals, my trade copier, and daily webinars where I mark up the charts live and explain analysis and strategy, far from quoting books. Lastly I have never once blown the trade copier account. As mentioned to Justin (WallaTech) below, in January of 2017 we transferred our clients accounts from one MAM to a new one because we were having connection issues with our 3rd-party verification software MyFxBook updating properly. We have had no connection issues since and have been running the MAM successfully for over 6 months. I would just also like to add that I am very open to any criticism, providing it has a factual basis to the claims, and just like any investing company there is risk involved and if you think every month will be profitable then you probably also believe in unicorns. If you have followed me since the beginning of the premium group in August 2016 we are very much in profits since beginning.

Best Regards,

David Shinkel
CEO Positive Traders LLC
Germany, Germany,
Apr 25, 2018,


Member since September 2017 to march 2018. Over 22% loss. Every time there where exceptions: Trading is a long term invest bla bla bla.
No activity from David since a long time now.

In your case I would stay away.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Oct 11, 2018:
Thank you for your review asdfgawe, even though it looks like you mashed your keyboard to make a fake review.

Trading is long term. I don't know what else to tell you. Check our MyFxbooks and you'll see we have losing months but long term we are profitable, JUST LIKE ANY PROFESSIONAL TRADER.

I'm not sure what it is with people expecting every single month to be a winning month. The average professional trader losses 3/12 months of the year but they use proper risk management to mitigate the losses.


Double Nah, USA,
Dec 12, 2019,

Absolute joke of a service

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Been a member literally over 2 years paid for a lifetime membership (which he now has a seperate 'scalping' service that somehow we cant use.. hm okay) Between his poor trade management costing me 20% of my account at one point (which he blamed FxChoice for), to the 7 months he disappeared, to the more recent losing streak with literally 2 profitable trades this entire year. ( despite him trying to say 'long term profitability' Anything else he says is pure nonsense. He brags about trades he gave 'advice' on to take. Lol what kind of garbage is that you run a f*** SIGNAL SERVICE if you didnt send a signal dont f*** brag you made everyone money. I'm just sick of him still parading around like Positive traders is this big success. What ever happened to the course?? Oh yeah you're charging your lifetime members to access it? I cant get the point across enough that David is a piss poor average trader. Tells me my EA isnt profitable long term, here am I one year out completely profitable almost doubled my account.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Dec 17, 2019:
Let me start with this, if I'm such a "piss poor average trader", then why do I have a fully-verified transparent Myfxbook of 12+ months with NET profit year/year? My returns outperform that of any traditional investment. I can tell by your comment "here am I one year out completely profitable almost doubled my account" your ignorance of the Forex market. Congratulations for you that you've doubled your account this year, that's not what Forex is about. The TOP hedge fund of 2019 in the world did 15% ROI the ENTIRE YEAR. I'm not in a race against anybody and it seems that you simply don't mesh with my trading style of being ultra-conservative.

Myfxbook: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/Dnshinkel/david-shinkels-trading-account/2568738

Secondly, the course has been out for MONTHS now, and this proves you aren't even an active member otherwise you would have seen it posted months ago, and you're more than welcome to message me for it, Nah.

Your review is filled with lies and personal attacks because we spoke on December 12th, Nah, and you took much offense when I said I wasn't interested in learning about your EA because I don't trust them. That is a personal opinion, you don't need to take it personally and attack me with lies. I've never disappeared from the group, I've been actively running this since 2016. If you're talking about the 2 months at the beginning of 2018 when my activity was decreased while I took care of my brother that attempted suicide, my involvement was decreased but never "disappeared". Saying I've only had 2 profitable trades this entire year is a complete lie and Myfxbook backs that up.

Documentation beats conversation Nahl and it seems like you have a personal vendetta against me because you see other's in the group getting results but because you haven't focused and are looking for shortcuts (using an EA) you aren't getting any yourself. I can also verify that you don't attend or even watch the replays of the daily live webinars so you don't even know that I give out exact entry, stop loss, and take profit on them.