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Michael J. Huddleston

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The Inner Circle Trader

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3.958 · 65 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

london, United Kingdom,
Aug 31, 2017,

ICT Review

It was an amazing experience, full of energy, enthusiasm. the last session was today
no matter what I write or I say you will never know what I am feeling, Lord Micheal I am proud to be one of you student , thank you so much for all of your efforts . it is hard to say Good bye ,my tears drooped today with your last word, finally Good bless you Lord Micheal. # ICT student # ICT loyal #ICT junior
United Kingdom,
Aug 31, 2017,
Registered user

I have been privileged to have been part of the ICT Mentorship over the last 12 months. I have nothing but praise for the his work. The attention to detail and commitment of Micheal has been phenomenal with lengthy live sessions everyday and teaching every week. He teaches different styles of trading and multiple asset classes.
During the last 12 months I have progressed from a breakeven trader to become consistent, profitable and now more confident trader. The course has been a goldmine. I believe ICT to be a man of great integrity and as a trader genuinely one of the best.
Coffs Harbour, Australia,
Aug 31, 2017,
Registered user

Michael is an Honest, has high moral values, down to earth, very hard working and trustworthy person.

ICT Mentorship program has been the best Financial Market training program of any description I have been in ever. It was also the cheapest ever. It was the easiest to get to and review ever ... it was all online. The content was incredible, the subjects spoke about I have not seen anywhere else. ICT was clear about the programs goals and objectives. He surpassed ALL reasonable expectations greatly. I now have all this content to pass on to my children and grandchildren.... Wisdom and Knowledge from Micheal - more precious than much fine gold.

Michael is an Honest, down to earth, very hard working and trustworthy person. His course of US$1800 or $2400 AUD is at least 10 times cheaper than it should have been. The work load in creating around 500+ videos alone in 12 months was and is amazing let alone all the other work and content provided. I have paid many times the cost of this course on other courses and got 5% of the content that Michael produced and took 3 times longer "in getting" for just that 5% as well.

I thought I knew a lot about the markets, compared to Michael I knew nothing. Now he has shared ALL his knowledge, I and other members of the ICT mentorship can know all that he knows and more and for those that did his mentorship and were new to trading can do it without the pain, stress, grief and ill health that learning the markets brings..... .

Thanks be to a honest man in the world he has helped many! If he ever does free videos again my advice is you get your pen and paper out and you analyse what this man says, word by word, sentence by sentence AND study the content very hard indeed and repeatedly. Thank you ICT
Indiana, USA,
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

ICT Mentorship was phenomenal...I am forever thankful.

I am a former CBOT floor trader. I've struggled getting use to trading of the charts and computer. I have just completed the ICT Mentorship; it was phenomenal. Michael added reason and context to what the best floor traders "feel". And, more insights than I thought possible. I can only say that I am extremely grateful to Michael for his efforts, generosity, and sacrifices. He will never be forgotten. Thanks again Michael.
Bronx New York , USA,
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

The best mentorship to have ever existed

This mentroship has been life changing. I've seen the free material Michael had put out and I can say the mentorship was 100x's more powerful than that. I've been blessed to be taught by Michael. The internet can say what they want about him but as someone who has been part of the full 12 month ICT mentorship he is genuin, loving and caring human being and a kick ass trader ! And now completing the mentorship I can say I know how to few every asset class the proper way and became extremely knowledgeable on the markets.. its was the best 12 months of my life and my family will be good for the coming generations... Michael Huddleston has had a HUGE impact on my life!! Now it's time to go rape these markets !!!!
Phoenix, Az, USA,
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

Excellent mentorship no complains at all

First off I would like to thank Michael for his constant dedication to the mentorship for the whole 12 months with minimum if any missed days, that surprised me. ICT is a very genuine guy and an excellent trader/teacher/mentor. I have no complaints as I learned so much more then i expected. He taught us why the market moves how it does and showed us how/why with examples of teachings or lessons. I'm very thankful from a traders perspective of him but the most powerful thing I learned from him was when not to trade and how not to lose money. I would do another mentoship with Michael if he would do one again but with how much time/energy/sacrifice/ and dedication i don't blame him for ending it on this one. Again Thank you Michael your one hell of a trader and and even better person.
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

Mentorship ended, I only trade at breakeven so why five stars?

Mentorship ended, I only trade at breakeven so why five stars?
Because after the mentorship I have no problem finding the trend, I have no problem combining various timeframes to an overall picture, I am reasonable able to predict price movements and when price don’t do what I expect I am able to find the reason in hindsight – this is a humongous improvement for me.
I kind of understand why some members have been disappointed, but I think, no disrespect, that they didn’t get the point of the mentorship. It was not the point to take successful trades, the point was to get better at trading and I think it funny that one review states that loosing 10% of the members during a year is sign of failure. I would think that keeping 90% is a sign of success (actually, I really do not understand those that dropped out).
ICT has provided a ton of material to use for further study, we videos, lessons, pdfs and a forum filled with insight both from ICT and the other members, this material is a gold mine where I expect to find a lot of treasures. As other members has stated in reviews, Michael has done an insane amount of work to provide the material needed for success, now we “only” have to do the work to understand it, that’s what is needed for success, not Netflix or GOT.
Thank you and GLGT to ICT and my fellow mentorship-members

Jun 20, 2017 - 4 Stars I'm in mentorship and I dont understand negativ review. Each month you sign a document stating that you are happy and want to continue or you stop. There are lots of new material but most of it has been presented these last months as the first months was used to get everbody on the same page so those that quit already dont have the full picure. Anyhow, the mentorship runs for 12 months and has been closed for new members since it started except for a few people who got in later. Anyway - I have to say I am very happy as the mentorship.. As for the rest of ICT's stuff its free so whats to complain about?
Cape Town, South Africa,
Sep 1, 2017,

From someone who tried to disprove his concepts

I have completed the 12 month mentorship and I am completely satisfied.

When I was first introduced to his concepts i spent the majority of time quietly trying disprove them, which admittedly when you start seems rather easy as they fail quite often for people who have not put in the time to properly understanding the concepts. But the more I tested his concepts in trying to disprove them the more my understanding, to a point where I now only employ his concepts.

The purpose of the mentorship was to refine these concepts and expose us to them for an entire year, which worth way more on than the cost of the mentorship. even before partaking in it I would have gladly paid several times over what he was asking for the free content he provides.

There is an insane amount of time required to understand his concepts, but we as traders are essentially trying to beat some of the smartest and most powerful people in the world at a game where they determine the rules. You cannot realistically expect to undertsnad this by simply watching some videos, but with time and the information provided you can come surprisingly close to understanding what these markets are really doing.

Thank you for everything ICT
Sep 1, 2017,

Thank you Michael! Year ago I was struggling to get 20 pips in a week from currency markets. Yesterday as the mentorship program ended I celebrated with 260 pips in a single day. Everything is coming together nicely as promised. Can't wait to study other asset classes using your superior teachings.
Sep 1, 2017,

A complete course, which, with the proper amount of work invested, SHOULD change your career as a trader

Michaels everyday commitment has exceeded every expectation I had from this mentorship.

Strangely enough, I managed to improve my trading in far different ways than I anticipated. Michael doesn't give you a clear cut algorithmic black-white approach to finding a trade (if this, then that etc.), which is a good thing to me.

The methodical thinking and emotional challenges that have been engrained in me over the course of months have changed me as a trader, and not so much the specific tools that have been used throughout the course.

In regard to the negative press Michael has gotten over the time, I can understand that. There is lot of repetition in there which is paramount to ones success as a trader, and there are many who are simply not put up for the task.

I have been thankful for the past 12-months' experience

5/5 would rate again

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What is TheInnerCircleTrader?

TheInnerCircleTrader is a Forex Education company founded by Michael J. Huddleston.

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How is TheInnerCircleTrader mentorship payment paid?

TheInnerCircleTrader mentorship is charged on a 12-month base. The payment can be paid through 12 installments.

Where is TheInnerCircleTrader located?

TheInnerCircleTrader is founded by Michael J. Huddleston from the United States.

Does TheInnerCircleTrader offer video courses?

Yes. TheInnerCircleTrader offers over 100 video courses.