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Michael J. Huddleston

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Free Tutorials & Opinions from 24 years of observation in the markets.

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3.958 · 65 REVIEWS
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Connecticut, USA,
Aug 6, 2018,
Registered user

Don't waste your precious time

I have watch (painfully) many of this guy's videos over the last few years. They are absolutely useless. First, he drones on for an hour or two in each video, most of the time telling you how wonderful he is and how much everyone sucks and that he is the best. Yet he has NEVER shown one iota of proof of his so called expertise. Just sounds like a pompous ass who talks down to everyone.
His so-called teachings are just WAAYY overly complicated yet useless views on the market. I just watched another video (an hour of my life I cannot get back) about his genius view (not) on using Fibonacci. Again, useless other than I will give him some agreement that price does sometimes work back to major numbers like 00 and 50 levels.
I will agree with him on one point: the market is not random. But his reasons for how and why the market moves are flawed and over complicated. The bottom line is what moves the market is a combination of sentiment, fundamentals, and technicals. There is no need to sit and listen to hours and hours of this garbage.
I would venture to say if he makes money, it is hocking his mentorship program and not on trading.
Either way, there are much better ways to learn these markets than spending hours and hours listen to someone who apparently just likes to hear his own voice.
  3 traders have found this review helpful
Jul 4, 2018,

There were only a couple of honest reviews about this Mentorship. Everybody else is hoping ICT will finally let the cat out of the bag by giving 5 star reviews. If you have any sense about you, you'll know that nothing out here is perfect.

I finished the Mentorship program. It has almost been a full year upon completion. I wanted to actually give this a chance and not jump the gun. I am no better off now than I was before the Mentorship started. There are people who have been following ICT for 5 years and through the Mentorship and i honestly can count on one hand who MIGHT be profitable.

We were NEVER shown how to use the concepts or setups. He doesn't provide clear examples, even in demo. I've seen massive moves in his favorite pairs, EUR and GBP, 1000+ pip moves...only to have the guru chip away 30 pip moves here and there once a week. TWO years after the Mentorship and it's still a chore just to even think about putting the material together.

Nothing is linear about the lessons in his paid program. These concepts are all over the place. One month you'll learn about Macro analysis, the next will be how to scalp. Only to come back next month to learn from a macro standpoint once again. This spaghetti style of teaching is ridiculous. It's almost as if he suddenly thinks of something to "teach" and he'll throw up a video.

Not once has he taken a swing trade, which we were promised. I myself have not seen a short term trade. Maybe only 2 OSOK, and that's only because he only requires 50 pips or so a week for himself, so it's done in a day. Never seen a live example of catching the weekly high/low and trading it through Wed/Thur.

The mentorship is full of rehashed material and empty promises. There is WAY too much fluff and repeated topic discussions along with cryptic tweets that mean absolutely nothing to the student as a trader. The mentorship forum is all but dead now. I don't think anybody is really making any headway with this stuff, if they are, they aren't saying anything about it.

I'm not one of those guys to troll ICT anywhere on social media, but i'm going to have to be honest. Either he has no idea how to use this stuff or he's not planning on really teaching how to use it, that's apparent by now. If you're thinking about paying to join this mentorship, THINK LONG AND HARD. The guy has been teaching since 2010 (his words). He promised on a YouTube video he'd never charge to teach, if he says otherwise he's lying...and i have to video saved to prove it. This mentorship is horrible, learning curve is ridiculously steep, repetitive, filled with fluff and he's basically dangling a carrot in front of your face.

Extremely disappointed in this mentorship and am having second thoughts about this supposed "teacher" who's supposedly a guru in the markets
  3 traders have found this review helpful
Reply by ICT Michael submitted Aug 16, 2018:
I have tried to respond to a few of these "reviews" but strangely - my responses never make it to the Forex Peace Army forum page what host the "reviews" of my content. I am screen capturing [recording] to prove I am writing responses to this website and I have no problem sharing the continued censorship it might be practicing.

With that said, I respect the opinions of others concerning me and my content. To each his/her own. I will not be the panacea silver bullet for everyone... and I believe any mature independent thinking person would agree... this is realistic.

The same complaint is... "you said you would never sell or charge money". I have addressed this many times and even on this forum. I will not sit back and watch others repackage my content and creations and sell them as "new approaches". If anyone will profit from them... I will before anyone else. That is my right and prerogative, regardless how you and/or anyone else feels about it.

I believe those that are doing their own thing post Mentorship Core content... yes the Mentorship still continues after the 12 months preliminary lessons are completed... aren't concerned about proving to anyone how they are doing. They are busy keeping their focus on themselves and their personal continued development.

This forum is getting silly as anyone who wants to write a mock review can... and I want to respond to the most recent ones and leave it to blossom how it may... I don't care frankly.

This review is baseless and frankly laughable.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Every one of these comments tied to reviews that you have submitted has been approved within 1 or 2 business days.
May 27, 2018,
Registered user

I've come back to leave another review. The mentorship ended 8 months ago. When it ended i did the very thing Michael said NOT to do and i deposited a bunch of money and started trading like i was some kind of guru ignoring all of the advice and suggestions he made and rushed the process and went into -90 % drawdown within 2 months. During the 12 months with him i was working 60 hour weeks going to the gym after work, cooking and cleaning when i came home and then I started watching the daily videos he provided when i couldnt keep my eyes open and falling asleep at my desk. I recall in one of the 600 videos that he said not to go Live straight out of the mentorship and specifically said that the material wouldn't come together the way it should for us until 6 months to a year after the mentorship ended. I quit my job and went and found a part time job so i could have more time focusing on the charts and content he provided the past year. I have went through the mentorship 3 times now retaking notes each time. I have consistently traded my way back up cleaning up almost 50% of my draw down over the last 2 months. I did 18% last week. I'm right on track in between the 6 and 12 month mark that Michael said it would all start to come together more clear.. Mind you that my losses mostly came from over leveraged " IMPULSE TRADING" as i still struggle with an impulse trade at least once a week I'm working on cutting that out. But now Im not worried about a loss or dumb trade and as i know now what exactly it is that im waiting for and developing the patience to actually wait for it to form. When i do that, it works! All of my winning trades now come by actually applying the concepts there is never a lucky trade anymore for me. I know why it should do it and when it should do it.. It's also about "trusting " the concepts. If the rules say to short it, you short it.. I paid this man to teach me how to trade and be my mentor I don't understand why i did things he told me not to do. For whatever reason i thought i was different and when he told us to just focus on 6% a month for right now i was focusing on 200% and not listening to him cost me...
United Kingdom,
Apr 7, 2018,

Very hard to rate.

I have just come back from vacation and finally finished watching the rest of the mentorship content.

Pros: The content provided in terms of concepts, tools and components are world class, unique and can not be found no where else period. Micheal has truly highlighted through his explanation of the tools that the markets are well and truly manipulated. Even-though ICT lost about 75% of trades during the mentorship, I still absolutely believe he can trade and just attribute that to the fact of him hiding the real context behind trades and only trying to trade using the tools revealed to us. I can truly rate the content 5 stars.

Unfortunately, after years and years of following Micheal, he STILL hasn't taught us how to actually use the tools and concepts and so me amongst most other mentorship students still cannot trade consistently.
I'm yet to meet one who can show CONSISTENT (quit your job) type trading that is not in the form of simple words after all these years.

It's quite evident for those who have been following Micheal for a very long time now that we will never give the full content of what Micheal knows or how to apply what has been given consistently. This may not be apparent to the new followers but I think it's fair to say by recent commentary, Michael is not willing to fulfil his Vow to God any time soon (I'm happy to be wrong and hope I am).

The sad thing is I actually trusted Micheal this time after so many years of giving us fragmented pieces of content that he would finally give us all that he knows and tell us and teach us how to trade. And this point, I would be more than satisfied to know just how to string the tools together for consistency and leave the precision to ICT so that he can continue to shine there alone! Unfortunately the trolls on Twitter and a few scrupulous members where more important then the vast majority of us paying customers. Initially we were assured that we would become well- rounded traders (minus the experience required) after the year was completed but slowly this turned into repeating concepts and vague explanations with no context behind them and then finally the news that now the mentorship will be extended for years with no definite end. This was absolutely not expressed to us at the beginning of the mentorship.

We have now started the Trading Models which promised to bring the solution that the mentorship couldn't - showing us how to use the concepts and tools correctly but so far there are still huge gaps and all subpar to what was first described and expected. Please note, there are only 3 models out so far and so this evaluation is premature and subject to change.

Micheal is a good man and has taught us what no1 anywhere else has or can teach us regarding trading. He has gone further than any guru out there. I personally believe he can trade very very very well, there is absolutely no denying that and anyone that does is just stupid.
Nonetheless, after 7 years I know we will not be taught how to use his tools consistently. The proof being that all of his once praised students including top student Saeed have been exposed by ICT as not knowing how to trade even though previous ICT himself praised Saeed as being an example of what you can do with the unstructured tools already given.

It's very hard to score this.
Content given: 5 out of 5
Delivery understanding promised: 2.5 out of 5
Mar 3, 2018,


I want to say thank you to Michael. It has only been 1 month since I began the mentorship. I was a system jumper before I took the mentorship. So what is the value for me in the mentorship vs a 1000 others courses out there.
1. Marking your charts everyday.
2. Daily analysis I make.
3. Using a DEMO account vs always before the mentorship using live funds.
4. Putting in to practice what Michael is trying to teach for the month.
5. Making a difference outside of the mentorship in people's lives.
Judge for yourself if the mentorship is the best fit for you or not. It was right for me.
London, United Kingdom,
Dec 13, 2017,
Registered user

Too much theory not put into practice, ICT can't trade, Manipulates peoples emotions

Lots of promises were made at the start and lots left to be wanted. I was rather new to trading and was hoping this would be the course where I wouldn't be scammed and learn to actually trade.

My review of this course will be based on the course material, ability of Michael to trade and the teacher Michael himself.

Most of the Price Action stuff is basically Supply and Demand stuff. The Course Material was a rehash of 95% of the free stuff but just dragged out over a 12 month period, this was confirmed by Michael himself, and as such there is no real reason to pay for the mentorship if you have time to go through the free stuff. He says that the mentorship cuts out all the fluff and random topics, but I promise you many of the videos will be 2 hours long with 10-20 minutes of actual content and Michael talking about his kids soccer games, how his wife is hating him for doing this, how he's a one man team doing this alone etc (solution: Why not hire an admin?). There is an enormous amount of theory with some good lessons and some not so good, but ideally what everybody wanted was for you to actually apply the theory so we can see how it is done. He only ever applies 5% of the theory if that and the rest you wonder why did he ever add this in? Things like IPDA data ranges where he promised in January and February he would put into practice every single day was never done. Which leads me to believe he just made this concept up to fluff up his mentorship. The only months with actual new content was January the rest of the months he has taught before in the free content, but to be fair. Commodities, Stocks and Bonds had some new stuff, but the commodities and stocks is mostly based of the books 'How I made a million dollars trading commodities' by Larry Williams and the popular 'CANSLIM' method. I would not recommend these months as you can probably find an actual mentor in these methods who would actually show you how they day trade these markets instead of just ICT spouting theory and never seeing it used in practice.

In summary there's too much chaff to separate from the wheat.

The Ability of Michael to Trade
Now this is where Michael fails big time. He cannot trade, this was shown in the mentorship. In the initial 3 months of Sep - Nov ICT had some good demo wins and managed to show a good equity increase in his account. After Christmas he told everybody to start a myfxbook and he will start one too to log his progress. Well when he started to lose he deleted his demo accounts and also the myfxbook was never mentioned again. He would also never show his demo account balance in his videos there after either.
He started a Robbins contest proclaiming to the world he would win it despite the us mentees telling him not to as he should be focusing on us and not on winning a robbins cup, but against wisdom he carried on, because he wanted publicity for when at the time he wanted to start a signal service. However as we all know he failed miserably, never even made it onto the leader board, -60% drawdown in the first 2 months and deleted his twitter promising never to return onto Twitter.

For the rest of the mentorship he had promised us many examples of OSOK's, Daytrades and Scalps. Well there were 3 OSOK's in the whole mentorship with the rest of them being day trades and scalps whereby most of them were unsuccessful. The one good thing was he did show how to cut losers early before the full stop was hit.

Michael in General
Michael tells a lot of lies, and emotionally manipulates people into staying in the mentorship.
List of Lies:
Will never charge Money.
Only one mentorship.
Quit Twitter forever.
Win Robbins Cup.

He has a good understanding of human psychology and the fear of missing out. When people were dropping out of the mentorship many times he would say I am not forcing people to stay but those that left are 'missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime'. You can even see it now with the free videos he is releasing, in the free videos he promises it like that the new free videos are all that the newbs will ever need, however in the mentorship videos he would state that they will never get it, he is leading them with a better understanding of price action but it's not the whole picture and they will never be profitable, whereby he is basically leading them into his 2018 mentorship like 'good little sheep' which is one of ICT's favourite analogy.
In another video of the mentorship he even admits he could have done the mentorship in a significantly shorter amount of time, however he knew that there will be some smart people who will understand the needed concepts and just leave before it was over.

The mega trades month (11) was just a rehash of previous months topics and month (12) was just bad. He promised the final pdf will bring everything together but it was just a rehash of his previous pdf's. At the start of the mentorship he promised that the final pdf will be like a flow chart and be plug and play, and in the final month he said the pdf will not be plug and play.

In one of the threads started now post mentorship a poll was conducted and 92% of the members are still confused and feel hopeless with trading post mentorship.

As somebody who has been through the mentorship, I feel I could have done worse and paid for a more expensive course that is true, however I spent 12 months on something which was mostly theory, not practical and watching the teacher flounder about on 20 pip scalps Mon-Fri is not beneficial for my learning.

This is not to say I don't think there is any validity in ICT concepts I think there is, just look at some of his students who trade well with them. It is just that ICT cannot trade them and he is an abysmal teacher who gets sidetracked too easily and starts talking about his family.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by ICT Michael submitted Dec 15, 2017:
I have no way of telling if you are a verified Member and who isn't on this website. However, you clearly have a lot of negative things to say and it took this long to post it?

The dead give away is your post concerning any -60% drawdown on any account by me. You are clearly a Troll and have only the interest in spreading lies. Majority of the time active study over charts is encouraged and not Trading.

This website should be forced to verify Membership to things they give reviews on. I can accept a Member not being happy about not being given signals that were not promised. You cite a supposed lie that I would never charge... and yet you are posting that you were a Member of my group? Why did you pay if you felt I was a liar?

Sorry your review is too suspect for me to waste any more time on.

Billy Crouwkamp,
South Africa,
Oct 2, 2017,


First of all Michael thank you for your hard work and effort.
This course is priceless ,there is no way that there is a course out there that can beat this one.
This is precision at your best.
There is one thing that you still need to do , work hard.

Montreal, Canada,
Sep 18, 2017,

Amazing course.

Amazing course.
Michael J. is the best teacher I ever see.
Thanks for your patiente and all the info. you give us
it's the first and the last course I need.
He change my life.
Sep 16, 2017,
Registered user

It's been amazing. I learned so much here, and I'm really thankful for the whole process. Bloody brilliant..

I feel very happy and also fortunate to have had the opportunity to have participated in the mentorship, and that Michael even took on this monumental task in the first place. There is nowhere you would get this. The quality is self-evident, and I don't mean to be malicious when I say that if you cannot see that, then you are likely going to be the biggest problem in your own development. It's very apparent that Michael is the real deal. He's a hard-working and genuine dude with good integrity, and it's incredible to have found a mentor that possesses these qualities to such a large degree while also being as exceptionally skilled and experienced a trader as he is. Real rarity.

This was high-quality craftsmanship and dedication. Proper learning taught by a great teacher. Thanks ICT! :)
Alicante, Spain,
Sep 16, 2017,
Registered user

Best trading education I have done .

This mentorship has been truly an opportunity to really learn to trade and ICT has delivered and more on anything he sais he was going to do.

I joined in mid January 2017 so right from the start I felt behind. In August I received all the content and completed the mentorship. They way the mentorship
is delivered is that each month there were new topics but it did not had any connection. So at times I have felt overwelmed and did not know when to use what however it all came together in August. It is now 2 weeks after the end and I am forever grateful for ICT.
I truly believe in time it will change my live. Thank you ICT!

Aug 31, 2017 - 5 Stars Michael shared his life work and he did it topic by topic. Throughout the 12 months I have been lost and overwelmed several times with all the content. However at the end of the mentorship it has all come together.
Michael has been providing the content in such a way we can be independent traders and think for ourselves. It covered bonds, commodities, forex, indexs and stocks. From price action to the mental game. I am forerever grateful of this opportunity and know I will have this for the rest of my life.
CapeTown, South Africa,
Sep 15, 2017,

ICT Mentorship

I cannot thank Michael enough for his willingness to share his hard found trading material content in the ICT Mentorship.

Never in all of the Trading and investment world, have I seen such effective and applicable knowledge to understand markets. Throughout the Mentorship, I have been “testing” ICT principles alongside my own previously accepted principles as I am not the “copycat” type, haha. Your work comes up true every time.

I have come to realise and consider your work as SOURCE. No derivatives.
It took long and hard work to uncover this, same in studying it. The Market will not have it otherwise.

I promise and commit to guarding and use your materials as intended.
I am staying with you as I reach milestones of trading maturity. Thank you.

Please convey my sincere and heartfelt appreciation to your family and dear one’s, allowing your valuable time spent with us.

Best wishes and Regards
Sep 12, 2017,
Registered user

ICT did it, 12 months non stop of material and lessons, day in day out. All for the price of what you could make in a single few trades, Unbelievable if you think about it. For all those who dont believe in his concepts, I challenge you to come up with anything similar, even fake, anything at all, even if it deosnt work. do it just for one week. Men and boys. No chance. What a great teacher, performer, story teller, articulate throughout and always on the ball, a man of his word who came up with the goods, very sexy indeed.
Thanks ICT. Oh, and thanks to all those people on the forum who gave lots of their time in helping thickos like me. Some decent, kind and very sharing people out there. Thanks again.
Portland, USA,
Sep 8, 2017,
Registered user

Going through ICT mentorship withdrawal

Wow- I can't believe the mentorship is already over....

Michael gave hundreds and hundreds of hours of his time- the volume of information was enormous. Not only was his live commentary amazing, but his prepared presentations were so very professional and polished, I constantly felt that he wasn't charging enough for the value he was giving.

I cannot look at the markets the same again, My eyes have been trained to see these concepts that he demonstrated consistently, over and over again.

Truth is, that I feel like I found a friend in him. He made himself available to all of us every day, and I got used to spending time with him. I am now going through ICT withdrawal. :)

Thank goodness, I still have access to the forums and can still watch and study.

I don't know if he will read this, but if so, thank you, thank you for what you gave me.

For any of his trolls who may see this, (because you are obsessed with him in an unhealthy way) you really missed REALLY missed out.
Michael W,
St. Pete FL, USA,
Sep 4, 2017,

ICT is very well known for his ego, but he's also known for a lot more than that. It's funny... He took what he learned in his 24 years of trading and defined his own edges with it, he then shared that with the communities, and the people who bash him use the same material in some type of way with their own edges. I honestly don't understand negative reviews, like I said, he can have fun with his ego and that fuels certain people, however, if you ignore the noise and just focus on the material you will create your own key. I was a part of the mentorship for the whole 12 months and this dude took on a serious work load, executed, and truly showed he cared while following ALL legal rules. Because of ICT I now have the tools in my mind to feel I can transform my reality with what he has shared and hard work on my part. That's an honest review. Thanks, ICT.
Charlotte, USA,
Sep 4, 2017,

ICT Mentorship – Going the Distance (Iron Man) - The Difference Maker to Trade Successfully

I ‘ve been a member of the ICT Mentorship over the past 12 months (start-to-finish). Staying the course took staying power for all involved (self-included). Anyone not staying the course, would be like making it to the big meet and quitting somewhere along the back stretch, and excusing self why it makes no sense to continue, to assuage one’s conscience why it would be best to bail. This is a losing mentality: losers never win; winners never quit. The richness in the material far exceeded my expectations, especially down the stretch…it will take me another 12-24 months to assimilate /digest the detail we covered as we neared the finish line…and I expect to be the difference making in my trading successfully.

The ICT Mentorship was an extraordinary experience! The best investment I’ve made over the years in the world of trading. I knew when Michael made the offering it was a chance of a lifetime, and I jumped headlong in to be a part. I’m forever grateful that I did. Michael’s unique trading style and no-nonsense approach to trading is one I can appreciate, especially in a world of so much trading psychobabble. An inimitable style of trading, mixed with a unique blend of how to approach the markets for high-probability/low-risk trade setups.

As a recognized expert in my own line of work, IT, I appreciate Michael’s commanding knowledge and understanding of price-action across all asset classes. Michael’s yeomen’s commitment to we, the learn...was ever present with each session, including patience with the challenges that came with all the diverse learning scotomas that each student brings into the classroom.

In closing, I’m deeply appreciative to Michael (and family )for the commitment he has (they have) made to invest in me, and to see this mentorship through to its successful conclusion. ICT has gone the distance, persevering, casting their bread upon the waters, and in due season, it will return back many-fold. I am blessed to have been a part, and look forward to giving you the good report on the difference this mentorship has made in my life, and for my family. May God continue to richly bless you and family, and many thanks again…Godspeed!!
Adelaide, Australia,
Sep 4, 2017,
Registered user

The Real Deal

Teaches the underlying mechanics of the markets. Free tutorials provided are enough to become profitable, the Mentorship just expanded on the concepts and refined them.
In an industry full of scammers, misdirection and bu*** ICT is where you need to focus your attention if you want to succeed. You've found what you are looking for, now you just need to put in the hours...
Baltimore, MD, USA,
Sep 2, 2017,
Registered user

Blessed for the opportunity. Thank you ICT, THANK YOU!

Just finished ICT's 12 month mentorship and am beyond pleased. Teaches by the guidelines, follows all the CFTC rules and teaches us on a demo account. He is the best trader and mentor I have ever met. I offered to give him one of my livers if he needed one, but he denied.
The teachings are a lot more advanced then his free tutorials. He answered our questions, was prompt every session, and even gave us daily recap videos. What more can you ask for? He's a great guy with a good heart. He is one hell a trader and he is a great mentor.

Thank you for these 12 months Michael and hope to stay life long friends. Now its time to implement what we have learned.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Sep 1, 2017,

Michael is the King of Financial Market

Let me share my experience with you all.
I just finished the 12 months mentorship with Michael. simply he has proven that he is the king of Forex. I learned everything I needed about the financial market by following his instruction and applying his tools. It has been a great and fruitful experience not only in the financial market level but also in many things that he shared with us on almost daily basis. I would never think someone else would be able to deliver such structured and concise as well as projected result in the world of financial market. He knows it all. I admire him and very thankful for the luck that lead me to join his private mentorship group. So thank full. God bless him and his family.
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

Two decades of experience over 12 months of content,. A genuine Trader and mentor.

I've completed the course and I have to say Michael more than delivered on his promise. I have been through multiple courses from several mentors but there were multiple times during the year where I genuinely felt like I've severely underpaid for the wealth of information passed on to me.

There are always going to be haters, success will always attract those types of individuals but Michael makes no promises of instant success or a magic formula of trading. It's just honest methods of two decades worth of research from his reading of Price action and successfully trading it.

You still have to put in the IMMENSE effort yourself to make a success out of it! The market is unforgiving, there's a reason why only 5% of Traders last in this business.

Overall I am more than happy with what I've paid and frankly, Michael has helped me shorten the years it would have taken me to reach my Financial freedom goals and for that I am extremely grateful.

Mexico, Mexico,
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user


I have learned a lot with Michael. The concepts he applies in Reading the market certainly work.
During this my results in trading have improved obtaining an average return of 7% per month, and if I olnly count the last months I'am consistently making more than 10% a month. Trading is far from easy, but appliying ICTs concepts make it certainly easier.
Thank's Michael.
kent , United Kingdom,
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

Michael, the course over the last year has tought me so much, i may not say much during the live sessions but i came from knowing nothing to having a good understanding , i hope to put this to good use watch this space.
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

Absolutely priceless.

Michael's original way of teaching price has action has entirely changed the way I see the markets and I can see steady improvement in my trading performance. No other trading book or course has helped me see what the market is likely to do next on my own like ICT has.
Merlin Mathew,
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 1, 2017,

Best Trading Mentorship

I was introduced to ICT teachings about 6 years ago whilst learning to trade in another group. Since then, I have been following ICT teachings and rigorously watching his videos , taking notes and practising non-stop.

About a year ago, I had the privilege of joining the ICT Mentorship, and yesterday have just completed it, and wow I must say his Mentorship has taken me to another level of viewing and understanding price action. Before joining the Mentorship, I already knew how to trade but this Mentorship has helped me to refine my trading techniques to precision.

The Mentorship not only taught me how to trade forex properly, but to trade all other different asset classes such as Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Bonds etc..

I am extremely pleased with the Mentorship both with the contents and delivery of it.

I am also very grateful to Michael for everything.
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

Nothing but good things to say about ICT. Michael teaches real effort is required to understand the markets. Acclimating to his teachings is not a cakewalk, But neither is becoming profitable. Thank you ICT.
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

Michael Huddleston deserves a pat on the back, and 633 more after that.

Shout-out to all the trolls and haters who left and will regret it for the rest of their lives.
I'm so grateful for learning so much valuable information.
Me, my family, my children, my children's children and their children will be able to live a loving, stress-free, slave-free life because of what I have learned, and they will learn from this mentorship.
Those leaving negative comments about the mentorship have either not finished it, or have not done the work and study necessary to see and use the concepts.

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TheInnerCircleTrader mentorship is charged on a 12-month base. The payment can be paid through 12 installments.

Where is TheInnerCircleTrader located?

TheInnerCircleTrader is founded by Michael J. Huddleston from the United States.

Does TheInnerCircleTrader offer video courses?

Yes. TheInnerCircleTrader offers over 100 video courses.