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Updated: Feb 17, 2020
Michael J. Huddleston
3.996 · 56 REVIEWS
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3.996 · 56 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Iowa, USA,
Jan 21, 2020,

He is the best

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I’m too lazy to make an account but just wanna do it for the future person that may see this that is seeing all the bad stuff about ICT. Tbh I saw all this too literally a day after joining the mentorship and I was pretty bummed out cause I thought 155USD was a lot of money especially since I was broke. That was nearly 5 months ago. I’m almost a month 5 student now and I got to say, the level of precision Michael can you teach you is insane. I’ve caught trades where I would get my entries right to the pip if it wasn’t for the spread, and I’m only just moving onto month 5... he gives you an understanding of price action that’s just makes you see it super clearly I really don’t understand how he has so many complains and bad/ negative reviews, I’ve yet to run into anyone else that teaches what he teaches with that level of precision. If you’re in the mentorship you’d see that he’s calling where price is going to go lots of times right to the pip sometimes he’s off by a few and people will stilll criticize him for it, find me anyone else that is calling price right to the pip
PTA, South Africa,
Aug 14, 2019,
Registered user

Ict is the Best

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Personally Michaels content is puzzle and that the pieces need to be placed in order to understand the content I going, to be frank, and honest I got kicked out of the Mentorship for sharing on social media Ah well enough about that but I was part of the second wave I did Ten Months of the content but still managed to get the rest Thus Far

Personally, I will not ridicule Michael cause everything I know is because of him and nothing else I still share even now cause I would rather see people get the content than come here and talk A whole lot BS about the content They just don't understand it or they didn't go through it and they cherry-picked what the wanted to get from his content and I guess if you are bitter about Tough luck but I can tell you its the best content out and I'm still rating it . regardless of how Michael acts at times that shouldn't hinder you from the success of the content so go into it and dig deeper it will be fruitful don't give up on it . some will say I have been brainwashed but the truth is the truth

the last Piece of help I can give is that steer past Michaels Obnoctiousness listen to what he is trying to get across XO has always been like this since 2009 even on baby pips and he generally likes the sound of his own voice but that should not hold you from success with his content as I will say again ARIGATO SENSEI (bare in mind English is not my tongue and I generally don't what you think about my context of words)

Mar 6, 2019 - 5 Stars I'm still saying, he is the Best Mentor out there and I'm not Sucking up or anything.
he is still holding out but for those who can't join his Mentorship due to it being cut off get the free material all of it there is a reason he deleted them the first time on his web site it's just That ,the Free stuff has info But they are limit to being Sugar Coated mentorship is just more refined. well as for taking other people to work and repacking it whoever you are, you are wrong many might think Larry Williams or Chris Lori's work is there and repackaged. that's not the case his work is light years ahead. all id like to say is ( Arigato sensei) and don't worry I'm not bitter.

Aug 17, 2018 - No Rating Now here is that truth I have been is the mentorship when it opened up again this Year , This mentorship is by far what I was hoping Being from the free content the concepts in the mentorship whipped the mud off my eyes and it start to be clearer than the content ICT shared to Public For free

I think that this mentorship is Great and I have found the fruits Within it to be of
Class Grade A. Now I have always been Vivid fan of ICT even Prior to the mentorship.
Now to Finanly Get a chance to be Taught By this Amazing Genius Has Changed My life around. I mean Many Want to Whine and Cry and Feel the Need to Held by the Arm and complaining that Micheal is Not a Good Mentor, Well I beg to Differ
and it is Through his Lack of ability to Spoon Feed that I actually Became Great In
Understanding What He actually Wanted Me To Grasp.
The Only way That You Are Going To get These Concepts Is by not trying to Michael
and ask yourself Questions, as to Why he says a particular things Or do a particular things in the Mentorship.

well that What I did I have been consistent in My trades ever since Cause I unraveled the Why and just trying to Mimic the man at every thing he Does
I would recommend that you Think out of the Box in approaching his Mentorship
and I am living Proof Of that.

Now Finally @ trader 101 I accept your A challenge to proof that you can get Consistency Through Michael's Work For the Proof Please Check My Twitter Handle @Kabelomalatjie2 to see the consistency

and the Funny thing about this is that I have been in the mentorship in a lesser period than you have. Which Makes me wonder (sorry but I have to say this) What f*** have you been doing all this Time.
United Kingdom,
Mar 18, 2019,


I can partly vouch for Mad Max in most of the things he has said but not all since my perception is Micheal does actually have something to offer - but won’t.

What Micheal is doing is actually SICK and UNETHICALLY and indeed he should be ashamed of himself ! I absolutely cannot believe people like this are able to sleep well at night knowing they are playing with peoples lives, trust and hard earned money.

For me the money isn’t the issue, I would have payed 10x the amount the Mentorship cost because I completely believed that since it was now a paid Mentorship, we would get what we have all been following Micheal for since 2011 (and some people from before). We were explicitly told that in 12 months he would teach us how to trade and give us what we paid for in his first couple Mentorship videos. It has been more than 2 years and this STILL hasn’t come ( I’m not making this up: I challenge any original Mentorship student to debunk this - Micheal even confirms this nowadays by saying we don’t even know 1/4 of it). Here is the timeline :

•Sincere followers pressured into joining a one off Mentorship with a cut off time for joining
•Explicitly promises that ALL would be taught in 12months
•Began miserably failing in live trades
•Opened Myfxbook and failed at that claiming he got hacked
•Promised that at the end of the Mentorship we would have a solid Yes/No trading plan
•Entered and Promised to win the Robbins World Cup - failed miserably
•After 12 months- promised that he gave us all he knows
•Stated that all his knowledge could actually have been taught in 3 months but he has dragged it out to ensure people pay the whole 12 month instalments
•Later on back tracked and said it will take several years to teach all he has to give
•Extended the Mentorship for another 12 months to give us Step by Step fill in the blank trading models
•Rehashed free material and old Mentorship videos presenting them as new trading plans
•Lied and said the Mentorship was never marketed as only 12 months and is now a life long programme ( this is when I finally knew I got duped).
•Finished 2018 without delivering 12 trading plans (even though the 10 were of limited help anyways)
•Has now said we should expect to ‘get it’ after 5 years or more.

Micheal has no respect for his paying customers. We are being toyed and tossed around like rag dolls. He doesn’t value our trust. He doesn’t value us as sincere customers and he doesn’t value us as fathers, husbands and real life human beings with responsibilities and souls. All he cares about it trolls and trying to show them he is great at trading. It’s been more than ten years, when will he understand that if they don’t believe you by now, they never will!

When will he understand that (although I 100pc don’t agree with this) people like Saeed and the the South Africans are only rehashing his material because although trading the concept themselves can make them way more money, they understand that you will never really teach them the real concepts and so they have made a way to make it profitable themselves? Then Micheal gets offended and drags out the Mentorship even further. ITS A NEVER ENDING CYCLE!

He gets joy seeing others struggle which is why to date, there is no Mentorship student who can demonstrate consistent profitability.

Just look at Troy, Saeed, RoC and all those who entered the 1k challenge. All students he has previously bragged about... but non consistently profitable. Shame on you Michael for your deceit.

How dare you tell people that if they practice enough they will ‘get it’ knowing fully well that they will never meet these Men you have been exposed to?

How dare you market your Mentorship to last 12 months then 2 year and now slap us in the face by saying we knew it would continue on indefinitely before taught the real deal?

How dare you go through extreme length to prevent any refunds but then turn around and not deliver on what you originally promised?

You are an immoral man and I am so sad to finally have to admit this.

I understand that you don’t want people stealing your material but a moral man would not treat those who actually are sincere in such way.

Ive heard this said before and will reiterate it: Since Micheal is so concerned with trolls and proving time after time how great he is at calling the highs and lows with precision, TEACH YOUR PAYING SINCERE STUDENTS AN ACTUAL SOLID TRADING PLAN THAT ONLY PROVIDES CONSISTENCY. Then you can keep all the really precise information to yourself so that you can show off forevermore to your trolls and we can get on with our lives finally attaining what we paid for: consistency!
This will:
1. Protect your best material from ever being sold off by others
2. Provide your paying students with an actual trading method what works (without it requiring you to fill in the blanks all the time)
3. Leave you to happily play with your trolls and let us happily leave with the true knowledge that we came for.

And By the way, before anyone say I am just Entitled..... no I’m not! I HAVE PAID for this based on YOUR PROMISE. I am willing to work hard on the real knowledge promised but you have not kept your word.

With regret,

  3 traders have found this review helpful
Mar 11, 2019,
Registered user

ICT 2017 Mentorship Review – LIFE IN THE CIRCLE

ICT 2017 Mentorship Review – LIFE IN THE CIRCLE
The is an overdue review of the ICT Mentorship, if I only save one person from wasting their time and money, then this review is well worth it.
Since the completion of Michaels J Huddleston’s aka ICT 2017 Mentorship, I have felt the need to provide an open and honest review of the 12 months in the Inner Circle. I waited another year before writing this so as to look over the material again to provide a fair and complete review that includes the 2018 release trading models.
Originally, I was very interested in expanding my knowledge of price action and have always enjoyed ICT concepts. So even when Michael went back on his promise never to charge for his teachings, I really believed ICT when he said that in a private setting he would show and tell all, this seemed like an opportunity to good to miss. I did also feel pressured to join as ICT said this will be a one off and only a limited number of applicants would be accepted. I was also more than happy to join believing that the money paid would go to help with housing the poor or to battered women which Michael made mention of prior to the Mentorship commencement. There was also a promise of a bonus monthly gift equal to the subscription fee of US $150.00 that was only provided in the first month.
Since completing the course, I feel completely let down by Michael. He has continued to lie to everyone about a great many things and I have found it difficult to trust a mentor that treats people with such disregard.
Shame on you Michael! Selling us on the idea that you would use the money from the mentorship for a women’s shelter and helping the homeless. Lying to us from day one and using high pressure sale tactics, telling everyone that this would be a one off opportunity never to be repeated.
ICT said “In this mentorship, I will teach you everything I know about trading price action” and perhaps he did but 2yrs later he continues to dribble out information without any concise usable method the results speak for themselves. I am yet to see anyone from the mentorship posting consistent trading profits using ICT methodology.
ICT will more than likely labelled me a troll (His only course of rebuttal as many of the positive post here are probably from his family.) but please read this carefully. My only reason for taking the time to post this review is to give the reader pause to reflect on whether you seriously want to trust such a dishonest and deceitful person to teach trading. You would benefit more from saving your time & money and learn from a professional with actual experience in the investment banking industry. Not from some random person that blatantly makes up unsubstantiated stories on the internet of getting secret insider knowledge, please…
Ask yourself why trust a person with, a zero proven track record, with no professional trading experience and has never even shown consistent results in a Myfxbook, as promised numerous times publicly & privately inside the mentorship. Only to make pathetic excuses that the account was hacked as to why this didn’t happen. ICT never traded his concepts consistently, and throughout the 12 months displays none of the trading precision or capabilities that he professes to have.
Michael can always find a way to show that he calls the market to the pip, but only after the close. In the weekly reviews he systematically calls both sides of the market and then takes credit for his prediction. Michael’s so called precision trading abilities netted a Mentorship trade success record of less than 50% at best and rarely if ever shows how to trade the plans he teaches.
Do not believe him when he tells you that he can show you the high & low of day beforehand or that he did it at all during the mentorship. This is another well-crafted ICT lie to lure in newbie subscriptions. He did not prove any form of consistency throughout the 12mths and in fact traded like a complete amateur, second guessing entries & closing trades before they had any chance of developing. Indicative of a demo trader with no skin in the game and that lacks any real professional trading skill.
ICT shows winning trades in a demo that is not always the same account, which as most know can easily be manipulated and in fact Michael has been caught doing exactly that. Regardless of his explanation re US laws, I am sure he could teach in demo and still provide live account statistics.
The vast majority of the mentorship is rehashed long winded version of the free material and any new material is not ground breaking and is actually so confusing to implement in any form of successful trading plan. After stringing us all along for 12 months, with the promise that at the end, we would receive a concise binary plan that clearly defined a yes/ no trading strategy. Even he could not make useful sense of the material and provide a plan that would give students consistent results.
The 12 trading models released over 2018 are in my opinion are of very little value and still do not provide a consistently profitable trading method as promised and were probably created by ICT to keep students quite while waiting for all the questions to be answered. Another year gone and most are none the wiser. You can learn much faster from proven professionals such as Mike Bellafiore at SMB or Anton Kreil. They provide true mentorship coaching at a similar cost and don’t waste years of your life in the process.
I also wonder why someone, as wealthy as Michael claims to be, wastes so much of their time with admin work, processing students and employed incompetent family and friends. This had to be the most unprofessional online course I have ever undertaken. Ridiculous monthly red tape delays and a constant threat of membership cancellation if anyone dared complain, did not comply or god forbid questioned Michael.
After doing some research on ICT, I discovered more untruths and hypocrisy.
ICT has spoken so often about his trading abilities. Why then the numerous blown accounts? After bragging how he can time the markets and beat any trader alive, he never even placed on the leader board in a Robbins World Cup all the while saying that he can win it easily. If he is as proficient as he claims, why doesn’t he? When asked in the Mentorship a ridiculous excuse was made that the broker knew that it was ICT, so deliberately interfered with his trades, else he would have won Robbins World Cup.
Michael has manipulated the truth for so long that he can’t even keep the lies straight, often contradicting himself. He promised to tell all… but outrageously proclaims to this day to have held back the best and has yet to tell. Leaving us without the complete understanding we originally paid for.
WHY, does he seem to consistently trade successfully on twitter in a demo but not at all throughout the mentorship? Has never satisfactorily completed any of the trading challenges and in fact was thrashed by a trader over 12mths after beating his chest saying that he will put up any cash amount and all the time never risks a single thin dime always hiding behind demo lies.
Why does someone so experienced and wealthy waste time trying to convince people of his success? Why does ICT throw a tantrum whenever anyone speaks out against him and or calls him to task over the great many failed trading accounts, and lack of professional trading record?
Seriously before undertaking his mentorship you need to ask WHY…
Why do the vast majority still fail to be consistently profitable after 12 months in depth training?
Is ICT holding back? is it simply that there is no consistently profitable methodology in his teachings.
After this disappointing experience, I really wish I would have used the free lessons in understanding price action and then paid to learn from a professional trader with real experience in the banking industry, someone with a proven track record and a complete understanding of how to trade financial markets.
This man is clearly not what he portrays to be, you cannot trust him. I can substantiate and prove all of what I have said here as the majority is well documented in the ICT Mentorship itself.
I urge anyone that completed the course that feels deceived by this so called Mentorship to contact the US Ombudsmen and make a formal complaint.
Buyers BEWARE! And, if you don’t believe this review, join the Mentorship waste loads of time and money and find out for yourself, just don’t say you weren’t warned.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Wisconsin, USA,
Mar 9, 2019,
Registered user

Decide For Yourself

I read lots of negative stuff about this person before I even dug into his free material. To be quite honest......I decided to be purposefully naive and spend tons of hours learning what he so generously made available to us.

You see........I didn't care what masses of failed traders said about him. I decided to form my own opinion based on my hard work and application of what was presented to me.

I've seen many say his free material cannot make you profitable. I've found the truth to be the exact opposite of that.

I'm new to his mentorship program. I've already learned something of immense importance that will help me screen out lower probability trades. (3 nuggets actually).

I'm in no way affiliated with marketing for this program. It's also pretty clear King ICT isn't interested in mass marketing his program either. Logic says he doesn't really need my $$.

The generosity to share the results of his struggles (which he's stated have caused family and health issues) is a precise example of why I'm so grateful to be studying with him as my teacher. The guy has 20+ years of effort into learning to interact with the markets. He didn't quit. I won't either.

Mr. Huddleston, in my view, is a blatant example of generosity with respect to sharing information with aspiring professional traders.

I must admit I'm befuddled with the level of hate this person receives lol. Perhaps it's because he "let's his ego snap" on a social media account? I could care less about how others perceive his ego. I'm interested in one thing.........that being material that I can achieve positive results from. It's real. It's legit.

I'll close saying this: If you are willing to do the required work.......yes REQUIRED LONG HOURS OF that will push you to the precipice of tears and that will challenge all that you are.....................If you are willing to do this work..........your rewards will transcend the $$ that by all definitions of success MUST follow.

Good luck folks! And remember........don't ever let anyone make your decisions for you. You have a brilliant mind. Use it and gain insight as to why the most successful people around the world all have one thing in common.............they don't EVER QUIT. NEVER. EVER! :)
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Mar 7, 2019,
Registered user

Best trading mentor

Best teaching about trading all markets. Michael teaches you all you need to know about markets but you have to really invest your time if not it does not come with a silver plate. He tells you as it is. No indicators but pure price action.
Couldn't have asked for more. Its worth your money and time .
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nyc, USA,
Feb 9, 2019,

tldr hes a boomer with great vid editing skills makes like 600+ k a year mentoring lol

ict is a great video editor for a boomer his free stuff makes it clear he's holding out but i feel like majority of his stuff is already laid out in his old pic vids
Limerick, Ireland,
Sep 1, 2018,
Registered user

ICT The Journey

There is a "cost" to trading. Time, Execution Costs, Capital Costs... but mainly a lot of TIME. Time you could be doing something more constructive perhaps, like a job where you make sure money or wages which find there way to your current account weekly.. Think carefully and prepare yourself for the journey.. trading is not for everyone.
This first paragraph is to remind me and anyone reading this review that many inspiring traders will fail, to become a full time trader, or part time for that fact. If your nature is never to give up and persevere, and you can forgive yourself for being stupid more times than you care to count... and during this process you do not run out of money and learn to stop repeating the same mistakes.. there s a chance if you find a good mentor you may make it into this coveted profession. There is a reason why 97% fail to find consistency in this profession..(Fear and Greed)
So why didn't I do a review before now... because its wasting my time... why am I doing one now? Im on holiday and I have gone over all the ICT material I wanted to look over again (model 5). Every time I watch a video again I glean another nugget of information I somehow missed in the first, second and even third place... so I have some free time to give away for nothing...
I don't mean to be harsh or condescending but many of the reviews I have read here on FPA good and bad in relation to Michael's ICT mentor-ship, many potential traders will end up on the side lines as mentioned on earlier paragraphs.. not because they did or didn't get the information supplied during the mentor-ship, but because the practical application of this information and concepts will not only take time and effort to LEARN, but a lot more TIME to practice and perfect in real time going forward on actual charts. (IE) applying concepts and methods around the type of trader you find that you are becoming.. anywhere from scalper to swing position trader.. or all or them..
The amount of information supplied by Michael during the mentor-ship, is absolutely huge both in time and content... Was it sold cheap? ABSOLUTELY!! I would not of put in the effort and time Michael has in this course, makes me think he is either foolish with his spare time, idiot (sorry Michael ) or he has Karma in play and he is genuinely giving back, making him one of the good guys. Personally I don't believe Michael is an idiot..
I have opened a small account to practice entries and take profits while applying various concepts methods recently. To be fair and transparent I was also testing a EA which I had to intervene before it blew out the account.
So a summary of history..
400 gbp ran some ICT concepts for 2 weeks, in which time I added 72.00 pound from winning trades taking the amount to 472.00. I also ran the EA over the same period and made a further 108.00 taking the account to 580.00. Not bad for 2 weeks, however something went wrong with the EA the following week, and put me into a draw down of 430.00 which I closed out to stop further damage to the small account. Now trading with 150.00, I decided to push myself to use only ICT concepts during the next 2 weeks actual trading (Day Trading) risk raised to 2% targeting either 3:1 or 4:1 dependent on resistance to open trade.. I did post a few of these trades on the forum on my journal (another day in paradise) before the move happened, as I wanted to show real time trades.. I'm now sitting at 280.00 which is not realistic growth on a large account but does show that the concepts work well. That said I will return to add to this post, which will be time related as and when I return original 400.00. Depending on my own discipline and ability to work through the concepts on a real time basis as I'm currently focusing on when not to trade and studying and learning much more every week, as I have set aside a year to practice on the ICT concepts and real trading.
And finally for real transparency, I do not know Michael personally, he has not induced me to write this and I don't care what anyone else on here thinks.. Im a member of his mentor-ship since Sep 2016, this is my review which at this point has wasted enough of my time.. I would say good luck and good trading, but it has nothing to do with luck, unless you know how to create consistent luck..
Earth, USA,
Aug 22, 2018,
Registered user

He's the worse mentor ever and in my opinion a fraud who's took other peoples material and repackaged and sold it....Sellout...

So I was there day 1 post 1 of his on Babypips. Followed him for 8 years. Mastered his concepts... He frequently said he would never charge money for his concepts and anyone who did wasn't him... Second. Most of the material he teaches isn't original to him. For example MM profiles is Wycoffs theory but REPACKAGED for sale to you all. Stopruns have been known about before he was born and he even says he got the idea Turtle soup from the Turtles concept. His infamous OB concept was beat by Supply and Demand but claims his is more than that but lets be real...It's completely vague in subject to discretion which isn't consistent.. His OHLC theory or OLHC basically was deemed buy the morning sell off in stocks and hold for the daily range...Much before he came a long. His power of three concept. Congratulations you took a 5 bar fractal and made it 3? Liquidity pools and run on Stops have been known about for ages, much before his existence on the net. He's basically failed at everything he's said he would do or dodge or kick any opposition against him for even questioning him. His mentorship showed a straw count where most his traders are not profitable. His Q@A Forum on his mentorship hasn't been used in months even though he claims to have 1000's of subscribers which is super weird considering with 90 people in a chat we do about 6000 messages a month. This combine with public records on him its obviously clear this guy is worthless ranting POS... Who claimed with his concepts you can have a 10 year plan, that sounds a lot like bait to keep subs coming back. Also he recently just admitted after teaching for 8 years no one had been teaching for the previous years before the mentorship will be profitable? That's concerning and thanks for wasting everyones time! Your ethically terrible allowing people on your twitter be ok with you telling people who oppose you to go put a gun In their mouth an pull the trigger. You demean your followers and wife by calling them munchkins and "warden" . You Blew up on a podcast when some tried to question you about all your recent failures and you tried to belittle him by saying you pay more in taxes then he makes in a year? Classy.... Well There's so much more I could say but I think you got the Jist now.
301501 OUT!
John S.,
Manchester, CT, USA,
Aug 17, 2018,

ICT's precision concepts will make you a master in trading the markets

I've known Michael (his work) for years now. I can say with 100% honesty that his material is the real deal. He teaches concept upon concept that leads to a very in depth understanding of the markets. He shows how you can "predict" the market with extreme accuracy and with extreme precision.

I am a student and I can say with confidence I would pay double the cost for his mentorship and trust me when I tell you it is worth far more!
Lebogang Hlongwane,
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 17, 2018,

The Inner Circle Trader is the greatest of all time....Trust the process,it takes time, hard work and great,great effort....Believe.

I have been trading for 5 years. The first two years I struggled until I a friend came to me with Michael's tutorials. He said the videos are little did that f*** know..I studied his teachings for three years,non stop.. I listened to him "rant"(great insight in his rants) I wrote down everything he taught me...I never stopped believing...
ICT I believe...Thank you Michael. Thank you. ;-(
All Hail The Inner Circle Trader.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 17, 2018,
Registered user

ICT is the best

This is the best course you'll ever find on the net, I'm not in the mentorship but the free content is enough to guide you through but be careful with wanting instant change, you'll get frustrated,you'll feel like it doesn't work but hey I've been on it for over a year now and no move surprises me. Hindsight studies helped me a lot. Just give it time,commit to it and trust the process. Thanks to Michael J. Huddleston
101, United Kingdom,
Aug 14, 2018,

The lack of Student Reviews (out of 865) or Consistent demo proof says it all

So here is the truth: I am from the first wave of ICT Mentorship students and have become a Chartered member even till today.

The Mentorship is like a Magic Show. We all came out to see the Magician at work and hoped to learn a few of his magic tricks only to ultimately reached the end of the show with more questions than answers. The magician continues to wow the crowd but the students still don’t know how he does it.

What I mean by this is, we all know that ICT can trade well (thats the very reason we entered the mentorship to begin with), and anyone that says that he can’t is an idiot or lying out of jealousy. The problem is that he continues to rant on about how everyone should disregard every negative review of the mentorship based on HIS success when using the concepts. But unfortunately being a successful & profitable trader doesn’t make one a good mentor nor does it excuse a poorly delivered mentorship!

I mean this with no offence but just look at this forex peace army page! Out of 865 original Mentorship members only 44 have written a review. JUST 44! Thats 5% and not all of them are even positive or real. This is after ICT sincely asked us all to voluntarily leave an unbiased review of how we found the mentorship once the 12 months were over. If the master himself asked for unbiased reviews to 865 people and only 44 replied what does that really say about the mentorship? Where are all the consistent demo traders to show their improvement?

Further to this, I challenge just 5 of these 44 reviewers to post proof of consistency here (DEMO of course, doesn’t need to be a live account). I bet this won’t happen. It will be blamed on the fact that proof doesn’t mean anything and blah blah blah but the real reason is the mentorship delivery was not designed to teach you consistency - only to teach you pieces of a puzzle taught no where else.

I want to reiterate once again that I believed (and still do) that ICT can trade but that is not what matters here, its us - the students.

Im sure I will get bashed and called stupid and lazy like everyone else who leaves a sincere by relatively negative review of the mentorship but once thats all done If you do read this ICT, I hope you can see things from the students eyes just this once.
I have decided to remain anonymous in this review because I’ve seen you harshly lash out on anyone who leaves anything negative but you did ask for truthful reviews in the end of Mentorship video and here it is.

Wish you all the best nonetheless.
Reply by ICT Michael submitted Aug 16, 2018:
I almost liked this review... it started out like it would have a chance to come over as balanced... but sadly it was laced with numerous embellishments and snide smears.

I agree, I wanted to see more participation in the reviews from the members... but while 865 signed up... 200 did not stick with it and quit. Some of the remaining are reporting to me, that their development is improving post Core Content and it is up to them to make their unique experiences known publicly.

I believe there are students who share on Twitter that their results are inline with what I promised and while there might be a few on this forum voicing their development is still ongoing and not where they hoped to be... I find it more encouraging to see the lack of multitudes posting similar "reviews".

My advice... stick with it. I have covered recently more precision content and used it beforehand and explained it in the Price Action models and that is not my shortcoming as a Teacher, if the students that just learned it, are not genius or expert level ... yet.

Manchester, United Kingdom,
Aug 14, 2018,

Not a trader, calls both sides of the market, captain hindsight

I paid for the whole membership and really wish I didn't, I really wish I didn't spend so much time making notes on all his videos as it's all very unclear and he can't trade at all. After 2 years from when the mentorship started I am still utterly clueless as to how ICT trades. I think I was brainwashed from the way he talked and was easily manipulated by him because I was a beginner. Like the other users said there is not any proof he can trade and yet he slates everyone else for not providing proof. It's so annoying to see how he kept of refusing to show any myfxbook even on demo because he couldn't trade. It was also frustrating to see him call out so many people on twitter about winning the trading competition, but he couldn't even get a positive result and then declined to show his results.

Also all the lies he has told his followers, this guy is a snakeoil salesman.

List of Lies
1) Donate all mentorship fees to charity (He didn't)
2) Only one Membership
3) Delete Twitter and focus on the mentorship (Resumed to use Twitter nearing the end of the first mentorship to market the next mentorship)
4) Clearly said at the start of the mentorship that at the end of the mentorship everything will be provided in a plug and play format (at the end of the mentorship he said he never promised anything will be plug and play)
5) Promised to help those who didn't understand everything at the end that he would personally help them (He hasn't everybody is still floundering cluelessly)

I have since paid for other tutorial services including Chris Lori, TraderSZ and found them to be far more educational and practical. Looking at Chris Lori's material it's quite obvious that ICT just stole them from him as he was also a part of his membership for years.

To anyone who is in his current mentorship or is planning to join please be aware and do not do it, it's not practical at all and ICT himself cannot trade. Ask him for proof otherwise. Honestly there are so many better traders and educators out there even for free like FuturesTrader71 and Adam H Grimes, please do not join ICT's mentorship and go through the free material provided by these 2 gentlemen as they are far more practical and straightforward with greater depth as well and when you see ICT's material you will think it is garbage in comparison, I really wish I had seen their material before looking joining the membership.
Reply by ICT Michael submitted Aug 16, 2018:
I find it amusing you cited paying for sztrader or Trader1SZ as he is known on Twitter... as 99% of what he talks about is my content and everyone knows it.

Secondly, Chris Lori can be contacted and he will tell you I have not been a continued member of his group, but I did look at his material years ago and everyone knows I recommend his course work apart from mine. Those who have studied his work and mine... will tell you, I go deeper and it is not Chris' material or course work that I teach. I publicly shared my understanding of the Asian Range was supplied to me by Chris... but the rest is not his... so you are incorrect or simply sowing lies.

You can reach out to him via and Chris you have my permission to make my past participation with you and all of our conversations public knowledge. I trust your responses will be truthful and in agreement with this post.

The other things you posted here is either none of your business or nonsense.

Connecticut, USA,
Aug 6, 2018,
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Don't waste your precious time

I have watch (painfully) many of this guy's videos over the last few years. They are absolutely useless. First, he drones on for an hour or two in each video, most of the time telling you how wonderful he is and how much everyone sucks and that he is the best. Yet he has NEVER shown one iota of proof of his so called expertise. Just sounds like a pompous ass who talks down to everyone.
His so-called teachings are just WAAYY overly complicated yet useless views on the market. I just watched another video (an hour of my life I cannot get back) about his genius view (not) on using Fibonacci. Again, useless other than I will give him some agreement that price does sometimes work back to major numbers like 00 and 50 levels.
I will agree with him on one point: the market is not random. But his reasons for how and why the market moves are flawed and over complicated. The bottom line is what moves the market is a combination of sentiment, fundamentals, and technicals. There is no need to sit and listen to hours and hours of this garbage.
I would venture to say if he makes money, it is hocking his mentorship program and not on trading.
Either way, there are much better ways to learn these markets than spending hours and hours listen to someone who apparently just likes to hear his own voice.
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Jul 4, 2018,

There were only a couple of honest reviews about this Mentorship. Everybody else is hoping ICT will finally let the cat out of the bag by giving 5 star reviews. If you have any sense about you, you'll know that nothing out here is perfect.

I finished the Mentorship program. It has almost been a full year upon completion. I wanted to actually give this a chance and not jump the gun. I am no better off now than I was before the Mentorship started. There are people who have been following ICT for 5 years and through the Mentorship and i honestly can count on one hand who MIGHT be profitable.

We were NEVER shown how to use the concepts or setups. He doesn't provide clear examples, even in demo. I've seen massive moves in his favorite pairs, EUR and GBP, 1000+ pip moves...only to have the guru chip away 30 pip moves here and there once a week. TWO years after the Mentorship and it's still a chore just to even think about putting the material together.

Nothing is linear about the lessons in his paid program. These concepts are all over the place. One month you'll learn about Macro analysis, the next will be how to scalp. Only to come back next month to learn from a macro standpoint once again. This spaghetti style of teaching is ridiculous. It's almost as if he suddenly thinks of something to "teach" and he'll throw up a video.

Not once has he taken a swing trade, which we were promised. I myself have not seen a short term trade. Maybe only 2 OSOK, and that's only because he only requires 50 pips or so a week for himself, so it's done in a day. Never seen a live example of catching the weekly high/low and trading it through Wed/Thur.

The mentorship is full of rehashed material and empty promises. There is WAY too much fluff and repeated topic discussions along with cryptic tweets that mean absolutely nothing to the student as a trader. The mentorship forum is all but dead now. I don't think anybody is really making any headway with this stuff, if they are, they aren't saying anything about it.

I'm not one of those guys to troll ICT anywhere on social media, but i'm going to have to be honest. Either he has no idea how to use this stuff or he's not planning on really teaching how to use it, that's apparent by now. If you're thinking about paying to join this mentorship, THINK LONG AND HARD. The guy has been teaching since 2010 (his words). He promised on a YouTube video he'd never charge to teach, if he says otherwise he's lying...and i have to video saved to prove it. This mentorship is horrible, learning curve is ridiculously steep, repetitive, filled with fluff and he's basically dangling a carrot in front of your face.

Extremely disappointed in this mentorship and am having second thoughts about this supposed "teacher" who's supposedly a guru in the markets
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Reply by ICT Michael submitted Aug 16, 2018:
I have tried to respond to a few of these "reviews" but strangely - my responses never make it to the Forex Peace Army forum page what host the "reviews" of my content. I am screen capturing [recording] to prove I am writing responses to this website and I have no problem sharing the continued censorship it might be practicing.

With that said, I respect the opinions of others concerning me and my content. To each his/her own. I will not be the panacea silver bullet for everyone... and I believe any mature independent thinking person would agree... this is realistic.

The same complaint is... "you said you would never sell or charge money". I have addressed this many times and even on this forum. I will not sit back and watch others repackage my content and creations and sell them as "new approaches". If anyone will profit from them... I will before anyone else. That is my right and prerogative, regardless how you and/or anyone else feels about it.

I believe those that are doing their own thing post Mentorship Core content... yes the Mentorship still continues after the 12 months preliminary lessons are completed... aren't concerned about proving to anyone how they are doing. They are busy keeping their focus on themselves and their personal continued development.

This forum is getting silly as anyone who wants to write a mock review can... and I want to respond to the most recent ones and leave it to blossom how it may... I don't care frankly.

This review is baseless and frankly laughable.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Every one of these comments tied to reviews that you have submitted has been approved within 1 or 2 business days.
May 27, 2018,
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I've come back to leave another review. The mentorship ended 8 months ago. When it ended i did the very thing Michael said NOT to do and i deposited a bunch of money and started trading like i was some kind of guru ignoring all of the advice and suggestions he made and rushed the process and went into -90 % drawdown within 2 months. During the 12 months with him i was working 60 hour weeks going to the gym after work, cooking and cleaning when i came home and then I started watching the daily videos he provided when i couldnt keep my eyes open and falling asleep at my desk. I recall in one of the 600 videos that he said not to go Live straight out of the mentorship and specifically said that the material wouldn't come together the way it should for us until 6 months to a year after the mentorship ended. I quit my job and went and found a part time job so i could have more time focusing on the charts and content he provided the past year. I have went through the mentorship 3 times now retaking notes each time. I have consistently traded my way back up cleaning up almost 50% of my draw down over the last 2 months. I did 18% last week. I'm right on track in between the 6 and 12 month mark that Michael said it would all start to come together more clear.. Mind you that my losses mostly came from over leveraged " IMPULSE TRADING" as i still struggle with an impulse trade at least once a week I'm working on cutting that out. But now Im not worried about a loss or dumb trade and as i know now what exactly it is that im waiting for and developing the patience to actually wait for it to form. When i do that, it works! All of my winning trades now come by actually applying the concepts there is never a lucky trade anymore for me. I know why it should do it and when it should do it.. It's also about "trusting " the concepts. If the rules say to short it, you short it.. I paid this man to teach me how to trade and be my mentor I don't understand why i did things he told me not to do. For whatever reason i thought i was different and when he told us to just focus on 6% a month for right now i was focusing on 200% and not listening to him cost me...
United Kingdom,
Apr 7, 2018,

Very hard to rate.

I have just come back from vacation and finally finished watching the rest of the mentorship content.

Pros: The content provided in terms of concepts, tools and components are world class, unique and can not be found no where else period. Micheal has truly highlighted through his explanation of the tools that the markets are well and truly manipulated. Even-though ICT lost about 75% of trades during the mentorship, I still absolutely believe he can trade and just attribute that to the fact of him hiding the real context behind trades and only trying to trade using the tools revealed to us. I can truly rate the content 5 stars.

Unfortunately, after years and years of following Micheal, he STILL hasn't taught us how to actually use the tools and concepts and so me amongst most other mentorship students still cannot trade consistently.
I'm yet to meet one who can show CONSISTENT (quit your job) type trading that is not in the form of simple words after all these years.

It's quite evident for those who have been following Micheal for a very long time now that we will never give the full content of what Micheal knows or how to apply what has been given consistently. This may not be apparent to the new followers but I think it's fair to say by recent commentary, Michael is not willing to fulfil his Vow to God any time soon (I'm happy to be wrong and hope I am).

The sad thing is I actually trusted Micheal this time after so many years of giving us fragmented pieces of content that he would finally give us all that he knows and tell us and teach us how to trade. And this point, I would be more than satisfied to know just how to string the tools together for consistency and leave the precision to ICT so that he can continue to shine there alone! Unfortunately the trolls on Twitter and a few scrupulous members where more important then the vast majority of us paying customers. Initially we were assured that we would become well- rounded traders (minus the experience required) after the year was completed but slowly this turned into repeating concepts and vague explanations with no context behind them and then finally the news that now the mentorship will be extended for years with no definite end. This was absolutely not expressed to us at the beginning of the mentorship.

We have now started the Trading Models which promised to bring the solution that the mentorship couldn't - showing us how to use the concepts and tools correctly but so far there are still huge gaps and all subpar to what was first described and expected. Please note, there are only 3 models out so far and so this evaluation is premature and subject to change.

Micheal is a good man and has taught us what no1 anywhere else has or can teach us regarding trading. He has gone further than any guru out there. I personally believe he can trade very very very well, there is absolutely no denying that and anyone that does is just stupid.
Nonetheless, after 7 years I know we will not be taught how to use his tools consistently. The proof being that all of his once praised students including top student Saeed have been exposed by ICT as not knowing how to trade even though previous ICT himself praised Saeed as being an example of what you can do with the unstructured tools already given.

It's very hard to score this.
Content given: 5 out of 5
Delivery understanding promised: 2.5 out of 5
Mar 3, 2018,


I want to say thank you to Michael. It has only been 1 month since I began the mentorship. I was a system jumper before I took the mentorship. So what is the value for me in the mentorship vs a 1000 others courses out there.
1. Marking your charts everyday.
2. Daily analysis I make.
3. Using a DEMO account vs always before the mentorship using live funds.
4. Putting in to practice what Michael is trying to teach for the month.
5. Making a difference outside of the mentorship in people's lives.
Judge for yourself if the mentorship is the best fit for you or not. It was right for me.
London, United Kingdom,
Dec 13, 2017,
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Too much theory not put into practice, ICT can't trade, Manipulates peoples emotions

Lots of promises were made at the start and lots left to be wanted. I was rather new to trading and was hoping this would be the course where I wouldn't be scammed and learn to actually trade.

My review of this course will be based on the course material, ability of Michael to trade and the teacher Michael himself.

Most of the Price Action stuff is basically Supply and Demand stuff. The Course Material was a rehash of 95% of the free stuff but just dragged out over a 12 month period, this was confirmed by Michael himself, and as such there is no real reason to pay for the mentorship if you have time to go through the free stuff. He says that the mentorship cuts out all the fluff and random topics, but I promise you many of the videos will be 2 hours long with 10-20 minutes of actual content and Michael talking about his kids soccer games, how his wife is hating him for doing this, how he's a one man team doing this alone etc (solution: Why not hire an admin?). There is an enormous amount of theory with some good lessons and some not so good, but ideally what everybody wanted was for you to actually apply the theory so we can see how it is done. He only ever applies 5% of the theory if that and the rest you wonder why did he ever add this in? Things like IPDA data ranges where he promised in January and February he would put into practice every single day was never done. Which leads me to believe he just made this concept up to fluff up his mentorship. The only months with actual new content was January the rest of the months he has taught before in the free content, but to be fair. Commodities, Stocks and Bonds had some new stuff, but the commodities and stocks is mostly based of the books 'How I made a million dollars trading commodities' by Larry Williams and the popular 'CANSLIM' method. I would not recommend these months as you can probably find an actual mentor in these methods who would actually show you how they day trade these markets instead of just ICT spouting theory and never seeing it used in practice.

In summary there's too much chaff to separate from the wheat.

The Ability of Michael to Trade
Now this is where Michael fails big time. He cannot trade, this was shown in the mentorship. In the initial 3 months of Sep - Nov ICT had some good demo wins and managed to show a good equity increase in his account. After Christmas he told everybody to start a myfxbook and he will start one too to log his progress. Well when he started to lose he deleted his demo accounts and also the myfxbook was never mentioned again. He would also never show his demo account balance in his videos there after either.
He started a Robbins contest proclaiming to the world he would win it despite the us mentees telling him not to as he should be focusing on us and not on winning a robbins cup, but against wisdom he carried on, because he wanted publicity for when at the time he wanted to start a signal service. However as we all know he failed miserably, never even made it onto the leader board, -60% drawdown in the first 2 months and deleted his twitter promising never to return onto Twitter.

For the rest of the mentorship he had promised us many examples of OSOK's, Daytrades and Scalps. Well there were 3 OSOK's in the whole mentorship with the rest of them being day trades and scalps whereby most of them were unsuccessful. The one good thing was he did show how to cut losers early before the full stop was hit.

Michael in General
Michael tells a lot of lies, and emotionally manipulates people into staying in the mentorship.
List of Lies:
Will never charge Money.
Only one mentorship.
Quit Twitter forever.
Win Robbins Cup.

He has a good understanding of human psychology and the fear of missing out. When people were dropping out of the mentorship many times he would say I am not forcing people to stay but those that left are 'missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime'. You can even see it now with the free videos he is releasing, in the free videos he promises it like that the new free videos are all that the newbs will ever need, however in the mentorship videos he would state that they will never get it, he is leading them with a better understanding of price action but it's not the whole picture and they will never be profitable, whereby he is basically leading them into his 2018 mentorship like 'good little sheep' which is one of ICT's favourite analogy.
In another video of the mentorship he even admits he could have done the mentorship in a significantly shorter amount of time, however he knew that there will be some smart people who will understand the needed concepts and just leave before it was over.

The mega trades month (11) was just a rehash of previous months topics and month (12) was just bad. He promised the final pdf will bring everything together but it was just a rehash of his previous pdf's. At the start of the mentorship he promised that the final pdf will be like a flow chart and be plug and play, and in the final month he said the pdf will not be plug and play.

In one of the threads started now post mentorship a poll was conducted and 92% of the members are still confused and feel hopeless with trading post mentorship.

As somebody who has been through the mentorship, I feel I could have done worse and paid for a more expensive course that is true, however I spent 12 months on something which was mostly theory, not practical and watching the teacher flounder about on 20 pip scalps Mon-Fri is not beneficial for my learning.

This is not to say I don't think there is any validity in ICT concepts I think there is, just look at some of his students who trade well with them. It is just that ICT cannot trade them and he is an abysmal teacher who gets sidetracked too easily and starts talking about his family.
Reply by ICT Michael submitted Dec 15, 2017:
I have no way of telling if you are a verified Member and who isn't on this website. However, you clearly have a lot of negative things to say and it took this long to post it?

The dead give away is your post concerning any -60% drawdown on any account by me. You are clearly a Troll and have only the interest in spreading lies. Majority of the time active study over charts is encouraged and not Trading.

This website should be forced to verify Membership to things they give reviews on. I can accept a Member not being happy about not being given signals that were not promised. You cite a supposed lie that I would never charge... and yet you are posting that you were a Member of my group? Why did you pay if you felt I was a liar?

Sorry your review is too suspect for me to waste any more time on.

Billy Crouwkamp,
South Africa,
Oct 2, 2017,


First of all Michael thank you for your hard work and effort.
This course is priceless ,there is no way that there is a course out there that can beat this one.
This is precision at your best.
There is one thing that you still need to do , work hard.

Montreal, Canada,
Sep 18, 2017,

Amazing course.

Amazing course.
Michael J. is the best teacher I ever see.
Thanks for your patiente and all the info. you give us
it's the first and the last course I need.
He change my life.
Sep 16, 2017,
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It's been amazing. I learned so much here, and I'm really thankful for the whole process. Bloody brilliant..

I feel very happy and also fortunate to have had the opportunity to have participated in the mentorship, and that Michael even took on this monumental task in the first place. There is nowhere you would get this. The quality is self-evident, and I don't mean to be malicious when I say that if you cannot see that, then you are likely going to be the biggest problem in your own development. It's very apparent that Michael is the real deal. He's a hard-working and genuine dude with good integrity, and it's incredible to have found a mentor that possesses these qualities to such a large degree while also being as exceptionally skilled and experienced a trader as he is. Real rarity.

This was high-quality craftsmanship and dedication. Proper learning taught by a great teacher. Thanks ICT! :)
Alicante, Spain,
Sep 16, 2017,
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Best trading education I have done .

This mentorship has been truly an opportunity to really learn to trade and ICT has delivered and more on anything he sais he was going to do.

I joined in mid January 2017 so right from the start I felt behind. In August I received all the content and completed the mentorship. They way the mentorship
is delivered is that each month there were new topics but it did not had any connection. So at times I have felt overwelmed and did not know when to use what however it all came together in August. It is now 2 weeks after the end and I am forever grateful for ICT.
I truly believe in time it will change my live. Thank you ICT!

Aug 31, 2017 - 5 Stars Michael shared his life work and he did it topic by topic. Throughout the 12 months I have been lost and overwelmed several times with all the content. However at the end of the mentorship it has all come together.
Michael has been providing the content in such a way we can be independent traders and think for ourselves. It covered bonds, commodities, forex, indexs and stocks. From price action to the mental game. I am forerever grateful of this opportunity and know I will have this for the rest of my life.
CapeTown, South Africa,
Sep 15, 2017,

ICT Mentorship

I cannot thank Michael enough for his willingness to share his hard found trading material content in the ICT Mentorship.

Never in all of the Trading and investment world, have I seen such effective and applicable knowledge to understand markets. Throughout the Mentorship, I have been “testing” ICT principles alongside my own previously accepted principles as I am not the “copycat” type, haha. Your work comes up true every time.

I have come to realise and consider your work as SOURCE. No derivatives.
It took long and hard work to uncover this, same in studying it. The Market will not have it otherwise.

I promise and commit to guarding and use your materials as intended.
I am staying with you as I reach milestones of trading maturity. Thank you.

Please convey my sincere and heartfelt appreciation to your family and dear one’s, allowing your valuable time spent with us.

Best wishes and Regards