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November 2017:  There is a second FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with 53 Capital Trade unless these issues are resolved.
November 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with 53Option unless this issue is resolved.
Website is down.  Company appears to be out of business.

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0.775 · 16 REVIEWS
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Sep 28, 2018,

You never have your money back.

It is a totally scam. I lost USD 3.000. They demmand 35% for Taxes deposit to obtain your balance and transfer it to your bank account.
United Kingdom,
Jun 21, 2018,

Ican't leave a star rating for this company because there's is not anything good about it I've lost over £30k with these scammers after promising so much they screwed me over. Keep an eye out for these names in the future. James Walker, Adam Grace, Hillary rich and so called CEO Micheal McFee. They will rinse you out of as much money as they possibly can. I don't need to say anymore. Just don't even pay then a single penny. Have a look at all the reviews on this company. Then make the right decision. Professional scammers is too good for these criminals there is no word in any dictionary in the world to call them. Don't do it!!!!!!!!
Forex Peace Army
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Jan 3, 2018,
Registered user

Total scam I must say

These guys are absolute spineless, people blood sucking scammers, I was told to invest 1000 usd by DIANA KOVAC and ffered another 1000 $ as bonus. trading flew nicely for 7 days reached to 5022$ . When I press for withdraw it could not be processed says a lady from finance calls that I should deposit 1000 $ the bonus I recd. And till I clear it.. they won't process my withdrawal. Although still knowing abt the risk after reading the reviews I managed to establish contact from Diana and she insisted that I should cover 1000$.. i asked whether was there anything else to be paid after this and she clearly mentioned as "NO".. Now my account balance is 13,000 $ but I can apply for 7800$ only for withdrawal. I paid the deposit of 1000$ and then asked why my withdrawal was still pending for few days.. then says Diana kovac that she spoke to finance dept saying I have to pay withdrawal commission of 1042$ .. I mean how cruel can these people be.. I took a chance 2nd time.. but I failed to get money back.. so now I feel that I won't get single $ back bcoz even if I pay commission I still doubt these ppl will process my withdraw
Can any one comment on this? I have the proof of the mails in conversation of me and Diana.
United Kingdom,
Dec 18, 2017,
Registered user

These guys are out and out crooks!! I invested $30000 and although they claim to have made all successful trades and my account now shows $129000 I am unable to get any of it. They first asked me to pay $34000 to get $60000 back. Then when I told them where to go it went down to $12000. When they finally understood I wouldn't be giving them another penny, I was told that I wouldn't get anything. The reasons for my "taxes" make no sense to anyone including them. They are liars, crooks, and many more rude words I will refrain from using! I just hope one day I get to meet these people face to face. As for getting my money back, I am working with Mychargeback.com who although it is too early to know weather anything will come back or not, they are legit and see very good!
Nov 15, 2017,
Registered user

I was also conned in the similar way for EURO16000, using by credit card and pretending keying in the wrong OTP. Remember never give out your OTP. Those guys that I talked to are Leo Gray, Sean Price and I even spoke to the Insurance dept and required me to pay for a fee for the insurance to recover all my monies. By this time I no longer trust them and requested my bank to do a chargeback. The bank said my chances of recovering the money is slim as I have given them the OTP. Nevertheless, they advised me to submit a dispute form and I am keeping my fingers crossed to get my EURO16000 back .I am doing all I can to get my money back through a lawyer. The lawyer requires all these info to get my money back and at the same time to bring these scammers down too.
Oct 19, 2017,
Registered user

53 Capital Trade - Stelionate Company

Issue escalated to Traders Court rebecca.ungaro vs 53capitaltrade.com | GUILTY
A better explanation:

On 21/09/17 I received the first call from the company 53 Capital Trade, where the saleswoman Sophie Davies presented the company, the services, and explained the workings. Explained by saleswoman Sophie initially was: I would send the money for investment by credit card, a Broker (experienced branch professional) would do the operations, I would pay 3% commission to the Broker only on the profit obtained, and I could make withdrawals at any time. As I already had interest in investing in this market and researched about companies like this, I sent on the same day USD 500 to start the work. On the same day the broker Helen Kinsky called me, introduced himself and started operations with an immediate profit. On 25/09/17, I received the contact from Broker Helen informing me that there was a good opportunity to obtain an excellent profit, but for that I should invest another USD 3,300.00. On this same day I realized this investment by credit card. On 28/09/17 I had a total of USD 6,260.24 in my account, in other words, I had already earned USD 2,460.20 and I decided to make a withdrawal of the money that I initially invested. Until this day, I had daily contacts with the broker via telephone and skype, where she informed me the investment opportunities, possible profits and she always asked for my authorization to proceed. All right! That's where I got a call from Rachel Jones from the finance department, saying I should pay a commission fee of 17% of the total amount on my balance, which would be USD 1,064.00. This fee I should pay in advance so that I could make the withdrawal and that within 3 days after payment, I would receive the money back. However, on September 29 the broker made some more profitable trades, and on that day it had a balance of USD 7,494.20 on the balance sheet, and therefore, the value of the commission was USD 1,275.00. Also on September 29th I sent an email to Helen and Rachel requesting the stoppage of operations, so that the amount did not vary and the fee increased. I asked them to go back to business only when I received the money back. As I was totally suspicious of the suitability of the company, I requested the full amount of USD 7,494.20. On 02/10 I was able to pay the commission fee of USD 1,275.00. Only on 09/10 I received a phone call from Rachel saying that she has made the credit on my credit card. I asked her to send me some proof of the transaction, but she said there was not. From this day began the problems of communication, where I received no return neither from emails, or by skype or phone. I tried several times over the phone, but the callers said they could not transfer the call, just ask to be returned, but no contact has been made so far. Every day I try to contact by skype, email and phone, but without any success. I contacted Mastercard on 18/10 to check if there were any launches awaiting release, and they confirmed that there was no credit of this amount. Do not invest in this company !!! They lie too much and I very much regret having believed these thugs.

Oct 18, 2017 - No Rating On Sep.21th I received a call from this 53 Capital Trade Company, offering investments services. The name of the seller was Sophie. As I already had interest in this type of investment, I made a payment for them of USD500 to star the job. On the same day, I received a call from Helen Kinsky, who was my broker and she would be my account manager. On Sep.25th Helen called me talking about an opportunity of big profit, and asked more USD3,300.00 and I payed. She made some trades and on Sep.29th I had on my balance USD7,494.20 and I asked for withdrawal. On Oct. 02nd I received the information that I should have to pay a commission fee to get my money back. With much reluctance I paid more USD1,275.00 (17% of the balance). I have a document signed by them with some informations and also guaranteeing the return of the money after the payment of the commission. According to Mrs. Helen and Mrs. Rachel from the Finance Department, the deadline should be 1-3 to complete the transaction of withdrawal. On this same day Rachel confirm the withdrawal to my credit card, but I already confirmed with Mastercard and don't have nothing from this company. All the transactions are made by a credit card. However, after Oct. 02nd, I could never speak with them again, and nobody answer my e-mails and skype messages. This is a scam company committing stelionate with peoples. I'm from Brazil and don't have other way to contact this company.

Rachel Jones (Finance Department)
Michael McFee (CEO)
Helen Kinsky (Broker)
Sophie Davies (Seller)
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 11, 2017,


This trading company has shown extensive signs of being a financial scam. Its website seems genuine on inspection, however there are many discrepancies in their code of conduct towards clients. They don’t give explanations of what they do, they are constantly asking for deposits, you may see your profit increasing but it is hard to tell whether it is genuine. When requesting a withdrawal, they then come up with bonuses that need to be paid, insurance claims that needs to be paid, and once those are paid even though assurances are made that once these are paid they then say that a tax levy needs to be paid.
I have viewed many reviews on this company and not one is good, all say the same thing, after several payments clients are still not able to withdraw their funds, even after paying the so called tax liability.
Tax is paid by the client on profits, not by the trading company, so this in itself is a huge warning, I have not seen any other trading company adopting this tactic. They don’t know any individuals tax liabilities so how can they be taxing the profits of so called money won through trading.
They are a registered company, but anyone can register a company, they are not registered with any financial body as most of the legitimate trading companies are. They obviously aren’t registered because their trading techniques are in question and they would have to abide by the financial bodies requirement.
So it all points to being a scam basically, they give no assurances, they are unscrupulous in their methods, they lie, they even fumble when asked questions as they did with me when I enquired about the tax levy they imposed on my account, they couldn’t answer me, they told me that they had to register my funds with the London Stock Exchange, why? They couldn’t answer me why, and they threatened me with a 14 day deadline, then the tax would increase, mumbling something about money laundering. Which is obviously a ploy to get you to pay up. There is no doubt after all these things that one can only come to one conclusion, they are acting fraudulently, and they are scamming people of their hard earned money. With no remorse for doing so, it’s like they only have one goal in mind, and that is to rid you of as much money as possible.
As a last attempt to get my withdrawal, I demanded my money, told them that I had appointed lawyers, which I have, and had them on standby, I said that if they were indeed genuine then they would make an immediate withdrawal after which I would pay them this so called tax, I have yet to hear from them.
South Africa,
Aug 16, 2017,
Registered user

I lost $ 146 000 to these scammers

I registered with 53 Capital trade via internet. Over time paid more than USD 146K into their account. Each time I request a withdrawal somethig happens that requires me to pay more money. They trade without my permission after written instruction not to. Latest is that I must pay insurance recovery of $23 000 on a trade that was lost for which they had no authorization.

I insisted on a bank gaurantee from them undertaking to refund me almost $400 000 after receiving the insurance recovery of $ 23 000. They issued me with a fraudulant letter on a Post Bank Germany letterhead. I did not pay the $23000. Total loss to date is $ 146 000. Big scammers! Stay away. The should be locked up in jail
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Jul 5, 2017,

53 Capital Trade
Never trade with Capital Trade.. They do not have any scrupule. BE VERY BECAREFUL, they are not honest people. BEWARE !!!!! CAUTION !!!!! My broker was Diana Kovac and I`ve lost a lot of money. My case was exactely the same as the one described by the guy from Selangor (Malasya). The broker was the same - Diana Kovac - and exactely the same strategy and the same argument. once more, THEY ARE NOT HONEST AND DO NOT HAVE ANY SCRUPULE.
Southampton, United Kingdom,
May 20, 2017,

Total Scammers dont part with your money.

I was with these people (53 Capital Trade) only for a short time. Initially the was gains to be seen on my account. Then things started getting weird - my broker started avoiding questions I had. Eventually he asked me to send money (£2050)to a designated 53 Account for a trade. I did this, and lo and behold he calls back to say they had not received the funds. After several Electronic traces from my bank to theirs confirmed that money was deposited. 53 still claimed no receipt, and froze my account at $1082 profit still there from previous trades on my initial deposit. Obviously couldn't withdraw or trade (not that I wanted to at this stage). I instigated multiple recall notices (Bank to Bank) for the £2050, the third time was with a Crime Number. This then revealed that the account had since been closed.
I fear I shall never see any money from the Bank nor Police (unless someone has other information) - but I do hope for a conviction and or justice.